I’ll do everything possible for Jonathan to win in 2015 – Lamido

Former Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State

Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa on Thursday affirmed that he would do everything possible to support the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 polls.

Mr. Lamido stated this in Dutse during a meeting to unveil campaign programmes for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidates seeking elective position in the state.

“I had a frank discussion with the president today in Abuja and I am convinced that he will redeem his pledges; therefore, I will support him.

“Like I have always said, I don’t do politics based on religion or ethnicity; a PDP man in Enugu state is closer to me than an All Progressives Congress (APC) man in Bamaina my village,” he said.

He said that his support for the president was based on his (Jonathan) commitment to fulfilling all campaign promises made to the state in 2011.

The governor disclosed that Jonathan had assured him that the Federal Government would refund the money spent by the state government to construct Dutse International Airport.

He added that the president also promised to rehabilitate and complete the Hadejia Irrigation Scheme and the Gaya-Jahun-Miga road project, respectively, recalling that they were part of his campaign promises. (NAN)


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  • john

    I dont want to hear that GEJ did not redeem is promise o o by that time OBJ we not listen to you

  • the truth

    This is a man with vision and character. A true leader

    • postman

      You lie too much.. your statement is based on what ?

      • the truth

        his achievements

        • postman

          They are?

        • tundemash

          Mr. Career Liar …. do those achievements include the N10B fraud by his sons ?

    • amazing2012

      You will still call him Mumu, malam, cow dung, sharia, fanatic, Boko haram, parasite, ets Or do you change his name ?

      • the truth

        Bro this is a man with vision and character. He is an ardent leader who is not binded by tribal or religious politics. Go and check his achievements in jigawa

        • tundemash

          when did he become a man of vison… was that after his sons were arrested for money laudering ?

        • tundemash

          Yeah right …. vision of embezzling money like Dumbo . Even in your warped mind, the devil himself would be a man of character as long as he supports Dumbo Jo !

        • endingNaija

          “Pastor” the “truth” wey dey lie, how now? Ijaw man So Sule lamido is not looking for the “sweet” oyele (oil) in ya backyard because Sule is lying and praising the Ijaw President!

    • Dumbo

      Your likes only support criminals from the north, or norther oppressors because down your place there is honour in being a criminal hence the reason 99.9% of your kinsmen are nothing but thieves. The same reason GEJ honours theives and cannot prosecute any. Come 2015 people like you, reno omokri, Okupe, abati will spend the rest of your lives in jail. You only have oil in your backyard but your kinsmen basically contribute nothing to apart from crime and sabotage.

    • tundemash

      Really ….. so he’s no more part of the parasitic north …… I am certain the devil will be a man of vision if he supports Dumbo ! So much for neutrality mr. Career Liar !

    • endingNaija

      the “truth” na Reno Omokri and you claim to be an Ijaw “Christian”! Haba, “Christian” wey dey LIe Lie like dis!

      • the truth

        There is no where I told u I am an ijaw man

        • endingNaija

          But you are! Arent you an Ijaw “Christian” campaigning for a fellow Ijaw “Christian” candidate? By thy fruits thy shall be known! I go laaf taya!

        • Wähala

          See how easily you’ve been exposed as Reno Omokri with another handle… does say more about you than where you come from? Sha, you never pfooled me. I’ve tracked your antics from SR and you’re nothing but a fake fraud pastor. Apply for admission into SS Peter & Paul, Badejo, Ibadan, and learn to be a true Man-o-God instead fcuking married women holding the Bible and slapping their nyash, it’s called… “consented rape” in Oyinbo land. Your portion is in Hell for all your lies and fraud. Aschloch!

  • AA

    Lamido u are nothing but a loser ,u are an enemy to ur people & ur dream would not b a reality, all d best GMB.

  • djay

    Otherwise Efcc will revisit you and your sons corruption case. You have made us to understand that your family’s interest its most important to you while you claim to be social crusader.

  • Jika

    Yeah Mr Governor!!!! However,the good people of Jigawa will also make sure that their votes are not only counted but equally count as well.We wait to see who will carry the day sir.

  • Yusuf

    Ga ka nan ga mu ai, wanda bai ji bari ba ai ya ci uwatar..U are a governor in one of the most local states in the world that is why u can open your basket mouth and say any rubbish

  • Yusuf Babangida Saleh

    Do you have a choice than to save your dirty ass from the EFCC.

    • Osogagba

      Lame response. If he had said “Sai Buhari’he would have been a saint, ba?

  • Abubakar sfada

    Baba what a sheme is this? Haba Baba u no u are an old politicians not today politicians seens NPN ur political carrier is looking gud but it seen like u want spoil all the respect u have politically on peoples eyes, bt of political selfish interest, Baba I don’t think is really Baba sule I no before, Baba remember ur age now, what fair do u have,

    • omo lagos

      Aboki cattle rustler, do you mean to say governor shema of katsina state or shame?. For your information lamido is one of the best brains in the north. He don’t play tribal politics like the others. His political future in 2019 when Joe must have finished his second term in office is dependent on the role he played in this election. I still commend you for your tenacity of purpose, realizing that a mixture of almajiri education and nomadic education is a panacea for disaster.

  • Preco01

    This man has one vote+votes from his hangers on, he knows the train has since left the station, therefore no need to tell bro Jona the truth since bro Jona likes ego massaging.

    • Udom

      Keep dreaming.

  • Dumbo

    Lamido, you will do anything to protect your self and children from the loot you have stolen from Jigawa. You are nothing but a common shameless liar and common thief. Come 2015 you and your children will have a palace in jail to cool off.

  • Olu Ade

    The President promised this…The President promised that…campaign promises sine 2011…somebody has been 419d

    • Tabugbo

      Yes. The man, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, has been 419d. Look at what the man he wanted to deputize as president is saying. Had Amaechi known better.

      • Muhammed Ibrahim

        Are u alright? This headline is not about ameachi my friend

        • Essien

          One dimensional thinking shows you have some catching up to do – seriously.

    • goca vic

      no ade it will be refunded

  • Johnson Omale

    Sule, Walahi you are not a good man. You still de talk good mouth to take more money from JO Nothing. The money you looted no do you?

    • goca vic

      you lacked understanding of how refund on projects executed on behalf of FG are handled

  • Tunsj

    This guy is a clown.I bet you will do anything possible for Jonathan to win in 2015 including RIGGING AND STEALING THE ELECTION.

    • goca vic

      one man one vote please?

  • tundemash

    “I had a frank discussion with the president today in Abuja and I am convinced that he will redeem his pledges; therefore, I will support him….

    Lamido, you have just entered ONE CHANCE ! Ask the Igbo man if they have started plying that famed 2nd Niger bridge they were promised 4 years ago……. Dumbo would promise you a one night with Hipo just to get re-elelcted; he’s that desperate not to go to jail next year !

    • Remember the time?


      Why have you hijacked Tundemash’s handle?

      Remember this ?
      “Tundemash, I dey gbadun you”
      Cr: Wahala (SR)

      You are such a sore loser. Only a fruitcake gabduns another man. You will be exposed for the fraud you are if you don’t mind your forked tongue.

      • Wähala

        @Otile Oleku… (‘Oleku’s anus’…in Umuahia Ibo)
        Remember when I told @tundemash the meaning of oyur name in Ibo language? That was the day I also told him to keep feeding @Deri, @Akpos1&2 aka, Otile, Oleku, Curious1, Mkpitikwelu, Ichie Nnwa…etc
        Don’t ever confuse your moma for your masseur and stick your uncircumcised “mbong pipe” into the wrong hole, hia me so? Just concentrate on the advise I gave you on PBN or send over that your sister walking the streets of Italy (like you claimed) let’s begin to rehabilitate her sore hole. Punk, you cam smart all you want but you have nothing to expose other than how ignorant and desperate you are. Prodigal son. The proof of the fruit in the cake is always to ask your mama to come sit on my laps… then, see if I can’t lift her up with my balls. Baztard!

      • tundemash

        shou ! You people will never cease to display your stup1dity ….. give me a reason why he needed to hijack my handle .

  • tuco

    According to Prof. Wole Soyinka, only four sets of people will vote for PDP:
    1) Those who are intellectually blind.
    2) Those who are blinded by ethnicity.
    3) Those who are blinded by corruption & therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands.
    4) Those who are suffering from combination of the above “terminal sicknesses”.

    So Nigerians shine your eye well well ooo.

  • Hassan Zaman lafiya

    “Federal Government would refund the money spent by the state government to construct Dutse International Airport” that is it sule so if jigawa is refund the money all other Nigerians should live under this clueless government? And it is after 2015 election promise made in 2011 will be fulfill? So what about promise made in 2015?

  • abdul

    Sule you are nothing but a big thief and GEJ has covered thief’s in this country for saying stealing is not corruption. Am not surprise if you promise to kill yourself just to see GEJ scale through cos you him (GEJ) and your son are all big thieves. Oloshi buruku mama iyare. God pass you.

  • Smith Scott

    A true party man is talking. These are men of dignity not people like Atiku and Amaechi who run from pillar to post – used them and dump them because no substance.

  • Ette

    Wicked PDP political gimmicks. Do me I do you. Papa Deceiving Pigin. Serve them right. Let us face the new Nigeria with GMB and Prof Osinbajo.

    • goca vic

      to face the, Accursed Primitive Congress?

  • sammyctu ode

    Lamido you backed down from defecting from pdp because jonathan sent Efcc to you by arresting your sons for money laundering, fraud and crimes committed against the jigawa people. When you were opposing jonathan and pdp, your son was arrested and convicted by Efcc then after that you had to back down. You claimed jonathan will pay the money to you you used for the airport, when he does, the FG will take it over, will be poorly run and the Jigawa people are the losers Stop lying and deceiving your people because you are turning your State into a slave state. Our consolation is that by the time GMB takes over power, people like you will be in handcuffs in court.


    Thank you Gov. Lamido. You are true Nigerian. God bless you.

    • dasuki

      @PEOPLE. see this olodo is voting for EBOLA JONA that make 1 to be true nigerian? you are clown

  • Kewve (Ughelli)

    Dutse International airport? ‘International”? ..Wonderful! Who are flying in and flying out? …I suppose the only routes would be Dutse – Dubai (For Dollar money laundry) and Dutse – Mecca (for pilgrimage).

    …and ‘Federal’ Govt will reimburse the cost. Why? Did Federal Govt reimburse Uyo, Delta etc? For about 40yrs that the idiots mismanaged Nigeria, there was no single airport in Warri – a state with so much potential, bustling population and limitless resources. Yet, in the same period, Kano, Maiduguri, Sokoto & Bauchi had airports built by the so called ‘Federal Govt’ with resources solely from the Niger Delta….and now you build an airport with allocation you received from the Niger Delta and you want reimbursement again from the same Niger Delta resouces.

    So what will Jigawa do for itself & by itself? Why can’t you people just keep digging the ground in search of resources? Dig hard. Perhaps you will find something better than lead.

    • goca vic


  • Usman Suleiman

    what d u expect from a governor whose sons have looted jigawa;s money ,he knows Gmb won;t tolerate looters like him. but he should wait for his days of accountability .he won;t scale thro this time.

    • Wise Head

      I am sure that if he was an APC man, he would have been a saint like Tinubu and Amaechi, and the EFCC investigation of his son would have been termed “politically motivated persecution” by you and Lai Mohammed. What a pity. Indeed, Amaechi that was reportedly in Lagos matching Atiku “dollar to dollar” and “naira to naira” during the APC convention to bribe delegates to get the delegates for Saint Buhari did not loot the Rivers treasury. And the reason always becomes virtue once you are in APC.

      • Joseph Babalola Oluremi Fumila

        I can see your username is Wisehead but your comments show opposite dude…

  • ceweeco projects

    However hot the sun, it will never dry the sea. Gov Sule has actually chosen the part of reason, for If you close your eyes while cutting a tree, you are likely to cut human being with it. A lot of interest has to be permutated as wise and active Politian he knows if his mother-in-law does not know how to sit properly, he should know how to watch properly. The governor has played a great role in his party, he must be commended through other assignments. lf wealth was the inevitable result of hard work, then every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.

    • onenigerian2014

      Sir/Ma, That for your great piece all the time, we all find it educative anytime your contribution is read. No matter how hot the sun is, it can never dry the sea. No amount of propaganda can or will ever derail our dear transformation agenda in Nigeria. GEJ for 2015 because their mother-in-law does not know how to sit properly, we should know how to watch properly. Yes o they have been defeated #3+1=4. why not and if not. To love the king is not bad, but a king who loves you is better.

  • favourtalk

    It is because of the set of trap that he found himself, because of the son also that looted the treasury of the state and was caught and that is nigeria money and ordinary state tax money. Yet they care less but to support Jonathan and alow us to continue in this same problems that GEJ brought the nation, we need a change and on buhari we stand

    • Wise Head

      I am sure that if he was an APC man, he would have been a saint like Tinubu and Amaechi, and the EFCC investigation of his son would have been termed “politically motivated persecution” by you and Lai Mohammed. What a pity

  • Mr. Abdin

    The man Lamido is totally a confused man whose life has already been ruined for his selfish ambition.

  • Wise Head

    Gov Rotimi Amaechi has been appointed the Director-general of Buhari campaign and he and his boys are jubilating in Port Harcourt. That is the only thing he gained after betraying his zone for crumbs from the North. And that still makes him only an errand boy and spoiler on behalf of the APC. After the campaign is over, he would still be dumped just as he was dumped after using Rivers money to buy delegates for Saint Buhari during the APC Convention in Lagos. Now my question is: if the anti-corruption crusader, Saint Buhari wins, will he probe the Amaechi regime in Rivers state? Will the holy Buhari resign if the probe proves that the looted billions were used to purchase votes for him at the APC convention in Lagos? And if Buhari loses (as he will surely do) will the Buhari and his Northern warriors like Ango Abdullahi be able to protect Amaechi from the consequences of looting Rivers treasury? At 49, I still wonder Amaech still thinks the way he does. What a pity

    • Clay

      Tell him that.

    • omokomol

      If you have been following what Buhari said, you will know that he will not prosecute current cases of corruption, he will allow the Judiciary to sort those ones out but any new corruption case in his regime will be handled based on the new policy he is going to put in place and I believe that is fair enough so that there will be no witch-hunting.

      • Wise Head

        A kind of escape route for Buhari. He will ask the old thieves to go with their loot and sin no more, but fight the new thieves. That is APC’s face of change

    • Lanus

      Amechi is courageous and brave.
      This was a man that supported GEJ 100% in 2011,but only to be betrayed.
      Jonathan has shown that people of Rivers can be slapped and expected to smile. Any true citizen of Rivers should be annoyed with the seizures of the oil wells and non federal government projects excuted by Jonathan.
      Amechi will continue to be a true leader of the masses regardless of what happens

      • Wise Head

        Amaechi’s problem is his indiscretion and blind ambition, thinking he could easily trade off the presidency in the Niger Delta to the North to get the Vice presidency. As he has found out now, he was very politically naive. More disappointments are on his way. They have turned him into boy-boy of the North.

        • Lanus

          Please be objective!
          Do you blame him after how Jonathan treated him,despite the 2011 support?
          The truth is bitter. People must also blame the president for turning Amechi into a radical rabel


    Lamido…is a confused man….he doesnt knw he has lost his support in jigawa……..no way for underdevelopment…no way for gej

  • Kitunde

    ‘President will redeem his pledges’ of course he will- A man of his words-see power pledge,east-west road, refineries and above all a robust approach to corruption.Good luck to you Mr Lamido…At least your kids caught for money laundering will be freed, this pledge he will redeem!

  • Shenshema dele

    Buffoon!!!! You will not enjoy the loot with your children God willing, you will account for every penny you stole….. Maggots

  • Peter

    God bless you Gov Lamido. GEJ has so many friends in the north than enemies. I can count those states that are still friends where we can be sure of massive votes. Let us name them: Jigawa, Bauchi, Kaduna, Kano, Adamawa and Niger State will vote massively for Jonathan. In the South West, we can count on states like Ogun, Ekiti, Ondo, and a large number of votes from states like Lagos, Oyo, Osun and Kwara. The whole of South south will cast 85% of their votes for Jonathan while the South East and the Middle Belt states comprising Plateau and Benue will vote 90% for Jonathan.

    I want you folks to copy and keep the above predictions for records and quote me eventually.

    • Farinyaro

      Man, you are a dreamer. You seem to be out of touch with reality. Better wake up!

    • trippi

      SE should be upped to 99 percent.. GEJ is our son.. Ndi ofe mmanu make una go commit suicide…

    • B.B. Ayoola

      Hahahahahahaha! I can see how clueless Jonathanians could be. I cannot imagine how a set of people will be deceiving themselves. Anyway, before they realize it will be too late for them.

  • Denis_NG

    Lamido doesn’t even sound convincing. He knows his behind is only playing to the gallery and his tone will change soon, once he wakes up from his corruption induced stupor and becomes aware that Buhari is coming to Aso Rock in 2015.

  • kammykazee

    Mr Lamido, after 5 years in power you are supporting Gej not because of what he has done but on what he promises to do? hmm,,,these pdpigs politicians sha.

  • Ha

    Sule Lamido you have clearly shown your complete ignorance of your political responsibilities. A PDP man in Enugu to whom you are not liable to render account even before Allah is closer to you than the APC people in your village whom Allah placed under your care; whose lives, properties and dignity must be protected by you; who must be treated justly under your administration. What is the difference now between you and the cockroach killer (Shema)? This has nothing to do with politics of religion or ethnicity. We are really in a serious mess to have leaders like Lamido who think they are only accountable to those they share party with. Let me advise you to read your religious book or ask learned people to read to you whether Allah recognizes political parties when it comes to accountability. Bamaina man has claims against you in the hereafter. Lamido you are trying to show that you are a civilised man who doesn’t consider religion in politics. While this is the right thing our leaders should do but see the way you have abused it. It will be fine with any sensible man if Lamido said that Muslims, Christians, Igbos, Hausas, Tivs, Bamainas, Anambras, Bayelsas, APCs, PDPs, etc that live under his administration are equal and will be treated equally with no special treatment for his kinsmen.

    Lamido see how selfish other people are in this forum. Read the comment of one “Wise Head” who is busy castigating Amechi and accusing him of betraying his region for the North. Now you are busy insulting your people just to please the likes of “Wise Head” who can call anybody among them that support even you as JUDAS the betrayer as they now call Amechi. Dont’ you have sense?

    Lamido the Qur’an while referring to those from other religions (and not even political party) says: “O ye who believe! stand out firmly for God, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear God. For God is well-acquainted with all that ye do. (The Noble Quran, 5:8)”

  • Farinyaro

    EFCC are still watching your ass, no sweet mouth will save you. Jigawa people should be shedding tears by now for betraying their trust. If they are really courageous, they should give you Dankwanbo’s treatment for advertising GEJ. Dumb ass fuck-head!

  • Magenta

    Promised EFCC will not prosecute him, he will keep all stolen loot, ministerial appointment



  • B.B. Ayoola

    Sule Lamido, ‘hoho dai’. ‘Jiki magayi.’ Very soon you reap what you’ve sowed.

  • Lanus

    Why won’t you do anything for Jonathan to win, when all you think of politics is how to continue protecting your selfish interest.

  • DrOye

    This man sounds like that dumb guy we all had in class in Pry 2

  • abdul

    He will redeem his pledges as he did with the agreement you said he signed with some of you before 2011 of course.
    Chai! Why is it that some never learn from history…

  • mulikat otevu

    Nonsense man

  • sum

    Nothing good wl ever reach there for u after almost five years of promises no one has fullfilled, this shows that theyre nt ready for d job& d promises wl never& ever fulfill.Lamido relax n c ur ppl & nigerians wl vote out Gej& PDP 2015.