I rejected my nomination as APC Vice Presidential candidate — Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

A leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, has said that he turned down an invitation to be the party’s vice presidential candidate in order to maintain his position as the leader of the party.

In a statement Wednesday, Mr. Tinubu said that as a leader, he would be able to act as a bridge builder across all divides as well as further the party’s interests and campaign ahead of next year’s elections.

“I helped to build this party, giving no thought to seeking an elected office because of it,” said Mr. Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State.

“My contribution to the party was never based on the expectation of a later political handout. Nigeria is in trouble and we are well past the moment for such narrow, selfish games.

“There came a time during the course of the events when our Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari offered the Vice Presidential slot to me. Being a normal human being, I was deeply moved and honoured that he would consider me for the position. Being a patriot, I had to weigh my potential candidacy in all of its dimensions.”

After days of politicking and negotiations, the APC finally announced Yemi Osinbajo as Mr. Buhari’s running mate on Wednesday, just hours before INEC’s deadline on parties’ submission of list of candidates.

Mr. Osinbajo, 55, a professor of law and pastor at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, is a loyalist to Mr. Tinubu.

On Tuesday, Mr. Tinubu had accused President Goodluck Jonathan of scheming to block his bid for the APC’s running mate position.

The “smear campaign” by the president and the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, had been in the works for years, according to Mr. Tinubu, upon a realization that he commands a “powerful political followership.”

The choice of Mr. Tinubu as a potential running mate to Mr. Buhari was unacceptable to some of the APC members who were opposed to the party fielding a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Mr. Tinubu accused the PDP of stoking the fear of a Muslim-Muslim ticket within the APC.

“When my name was raised, the political hatchet men tried to chop it down with rumor and lies,” he said.

“Over the years, I have developed a thick skin. The personal attacks did not bother me. I am used to them. While I have a thick skin, I don’t have a thick mind. There has been one form of attack that has troubled me. That is the attack based on religion.

“I have removed myself from consideration so what I now say cannot be seen as self-serving. I plead with the people of this nation to never allow the power lust of cynical politicians to set brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour. If you look at those politicians who raise this issue the most, they are the least devout and faithful to any religion other their self-interests.”

Mr. Tinubu also said that the nation has too many problems – insecurity, economic collapse, poverty, corruption and mis-governance – to allow inept people use religion as a tool to continue the years of misrule.

“Those who exploit religion should be wary. For there really is a God and he does not like it when you play with his people or use His name to do the opposite of what He intends,” he said.

“I ask the people to remove religion from the electoral equation now that the tickets of both parties are mixed. I ask you to select the ticket best able to end the downward slide that Nigeria has endured since this government took over. I ask you to remember that too many
Christians and Muslims are poor.

“Most of all, I ask you to remember that the true religion of the PDP is poverty, APC came to bring prosperity to the people. Please vote for that.”

Mr. Tinubu described members of the PDP as “jackals in sheep’s clothing” who are ready to toss the nation’s future asunder in order to continue reaping the rewards of their “selfish” ways.

“The Nigeria I see is a nation that shall overcome. The Nigeria I see is a nation ready to sweep aside the broken ways of our recent past and the government and politicians who impose distress upon us,” he said.

“The Nigeria I see and seek is one where each person, every man, woman and child may live free of terrorism, free of the despair of poverty and free of the fear that the government meant to serve and protect them has turned its back to them in cold and utter indifference.

“I see and seek a Nigeria where progressive democratic governance creates the political and economic space needed for each of us to contribute to rescuing and retooling this nation. And, in the process of this benign endeavour, may each and every one of us share in the sound promise and good prosperity that shall describe the architecture of our national revival.

The former governor further said that he would never place political ambition over patriotic conviction, adding that there is no room for emotion to becloud sense of judgement.

“This is a time for cohesion and an overriding sense of mission. We must defeat the foe before us and resist all temptations intended to entice us to fight among ourselves,” Mr. Tinubu said.

“I sincerely commit myself to the rescue agenda of General Buhari and Professor Osinbajo.

“I declare to you, I will work and dedicate myself so that our ticket succeeds and wins the 2015 election – not for his good, not for my good, not even for the party’s good but for the good of the nation we inhabit.

“Some may call what I have done a sacrifice. I call it otherwise. It is my patriotic contribution and duty. I do so with a happy and uplifted heart and clear conscience because I have committed myself to seeking the best for this nation before seeking what is good for myself.”


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  • Ernesto

    Story story STORY. Plan no work this time around…

  • Ade

    Bloody shameless liar.

    You can’t deliver south west to APC. You should have done that in 2011 when GEJ doesn’t have a grip on power and when you have the whole of southwest under your armpits.

    APC is never a threat to PDP especially in southwest. You can’t deliver Lagos to APC. If PDP won in 2011, what the heck do you think will stop them from winning in 2015

  • Frank Bassey

    But you said Jonathan was obstructing your emergence as APC vice-presidential candidate?

    • Oleku

      No mind the mumu–he got no shame really

      • sharp shape

        Real mumu

  • Duro

    Bola Tinubu was roundly rejected by APC (national) presidential delegates – simple!

  • Oleku

    Typical Yoruba–turning true on it–only fools will buy this dummy

    • Outraged

      Yoruba man gave you people the presidency, Yoruba man will remove it from you. simple.

      • ramalan

        “Educated” is a misnomer here.

      • ogbuefiakajiaku

        Educated in chicago. We are waiting

      • TRUTH

        “Most educated” u still sound like u r in conflict with apt decription of reality. Which qualification does a yoruba man posess thar has not been obtained and even supassed by other ethnic groups In Nigeria? U need to pace events into proper perspective otherwise u will be deceptively basking in the agilation of ur own Guatamole.u need 2 check history again to find 4 urslf which is more eduacted b4 d civil war that yorubas just as cunny that they used 2 be took advantage 2 award scholarships 2 their people. D same move dey r preparing again with their hide and seek move. I don’t even know who gave d yoruba man the idea that they r most educated in Nigeria. Which qualification do they have that is not found in other ethnic groups?

        • Outraged

          The truth is bitter,. Well if not the Yoruba wey give the fish brain man presidency, how can a fake PHD come and be president, he nor fit speak better English. God punish Yariba obasanjo. Ijaws nor dey go school, na fish dem dey kill. thats why Jonathan no no anything, Igbo just dey try. Nor talk about Hausa. Na Yoruba dey think for una. Because dem know too much book.

  • Durosanmi Peters

    Look, let’s say the truth. Bola Tinubu must tender un-qualified apology to APC leaders.
    Bola Tinubu said they were under influence of the rival PDP (party) to reject him as V-P.
    That’s a rude way of saying the APC leaders are zombies under the external influence.

  • excel

    the statement is rich Tinubu is a political genius and a brilliant man. Each time i read any statement from him I see mentor and leader. Tinubu has once again shown to Nigerians that the interest of the party/Nigerians supersedes his personal interest.Tinubu knows what is good for the party and Nigeria at large, Tinubu’s name would be written in GOLD of time. He shall be remembered as thr ONE who masterminded what brought about the CHANGE Nigeria is going to get.
    Long Live the Jagaban. APC CHANGE!!

    • Wähala

      If you like roll your agbada in the gutter singing yeye Tinubu songs-of-praise, fact remains that he is the most hated APC chieftain today for his spurious attempt at hijacking a slot he was asked to fill as a mark of honor. Did you know that he even nominated his wife, Sen. Remi Tinubu, for the job after APC members rejected a Muslim-Muslim ticket? That’s how stup*d and self-centered he is… not minding the “mood-of-the-nation” at this divisive times of Dumbo’s cut-n-rule governance style. That’s how insensitive Bola Tinubu is. If you like carve his name on Olumo Rock, quite frankly, I still believe someone should go out to Burdillon Close and thoroughly slap the lights out of that midget and clown… wallahi !!!

  • Benny

    This story line is too infantile! In Fela’s voice “Second Base Jaare”

  • Seachange 2015

    Bola Ahmed Tinubu lacks credibility. By seeking a higher ground here he only provokes laughter.

  • Outraged

    Tinubu, the master strategist….

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      So Muslim/Muslim theory was true
      their Islamization agenda won’t succeed

      their plan is to force Osinbajo to step down for Tinubu if they win

  • Zippo

    @ Outaged,


    Look, my friend, stop looking for small victory amid a rout. This is a complete rout of Bola Tinubu.
    Never in his wild dream did Bola Tinubu expect APC delegates to choose Yemi Osinbajo – never!
    Bola Tinubu in fact never knew how much he (Bola Tinubu) is hated by the APC national cadres.

    Yes, he put forward Yemi Osinbajo but only in the confident belief Osinbajo can never be chosen.
    Bola Tinubu knew Yemi Osinbajo has no value in a presidential contest – not even political thought.
    The APC cadres nevertheless went ahead to choose Yemi Osinbajo despite his obvious demerits,
    rather than be saddled with Bola Ahmed Tinubu whom they must loathe in the extreme.

  • murty

    nigeria is on the move after decade of standstill, tinubu or no tinubu we have a team that is beyond timid brains. Lets look at the issues on ground, like compare jona vs buhari.
    sambo vs osibanjo. Please score them yourself base on competence. And any government that will have the likes of fashola, rotimi, El rufai ,fayemi and likes mind ,I will vote for it anytime, anyday.

    • kk

      Tinubu, you dey lie. who go give you VP? E no go work nah

      • Matters Arising

        Lagos state government has earned $40 billion in revenues between 1999 and now.
        The money – less salary and running expenses – was partly shared between Bola Tinubu,
        and Raji Fashola under corporate guise in the worst scam ever in modern Yoruba history.

        Lagos state last year floated a loan bond of about 80 billion Naira and got public investors to subscribe
        for repayment with interest but once the bond was fully subscribed, Raji Fashola took 40% of that money –
        about 35 billion Naira or so – and handed it over in cash to Bola Tinubu, via a bogus corporate front.

        This patently corrupt deal was ostensibly to buy back Lagos state ‘concession rights’ on the Lekki tolled Expressway, according to Raji Fashola. But what the corrupt and clever by half Raji Fashola did not say is that the land at issue belongs to Lagos state and was never sold to Bola Tinubu’s (bogus) company in the first place. Or did Bola Tinubu’s company invest 35 billion Naira developing that road.

        • Ahoy Seadog

          “Those who unleashed Boko Haram on the nation [Nigeria] are not poverty stricken.
          They are politicians ….desperate for power, intelligent enough or perceptive enough
          to recognise that the cocktail of politics and religious fundamentalism can only yield them
          dividends. They think they have nothing to lose.

          But the foot soldiers have been indoctrinated for years, from childhood. And they believe
          that their religion [Islam] is in danger… but Islam is not in danger. It is the pervert followers
          who are being used and who use others and proclaim that they are fighting for Islam.
          Look at the histories of the world: Boko Haram, if not contained and eradicated
          will be found in the heart of Lagos before you know it.”

          …………Professor Wole Soyinka

        • Omo’oodua

          “Everybody in Yoruba land is looking for a way to liberate themselves once again from (APC)
          – the pretenders who claim to be progressives but are the opposite of anything progressive.
          They say they are ‘progressives’ but they admit all the corrupt people from the PDP
          and bring them together to form the All Progressives Congress [APC].

          What is progressive about ex-Governor Nyako, for example? Now that the Yoruba people
          have known that the APC is worse than PDP – in corruption, impunity, and,
          lack of internal democracy, we have to vote against APC”.

          ……….Senator Femi Okunrounmu

          (Yoruba Leader and Co-orodinator of the last National Conference)

          [July 26th, 2014]

      • Alkalimam

        “We are overdue for a revolution. If you are afraid of revolution, maybe you have
        something to be afraid of. What is wrong with us having a revolution here in Nigeria?
        Unless of course you belong to those who are stealing government money or you have
        something to hide, then of course you should be afraid of revolution.

        After the revolution, there is what we call revolutionary justice; the revolutionaries
        will get you and shoot you. There are many people whom if we shoot,
        Nigeria will become a better place. In fact, if the revolutionaries can shoot dead
        just 500 corrupt people, Nigeria will be a much better place,
        and God will forgive the revolutionaries.”

        .…….Dr. Junaid Mohammed

        March 17, 2013

  • Wähala

    Buhari was being polite and true to his words by deferring to Tinubu to nominate the VC candidate for the APC, only for the cock-eyed criminal to turnaround and try to hijack the slot for himself. Save for the keen eyes of Gov. Amaechi and Bukola Saraki backed by APC Governors, the bubble would have bust on Nigeria’s hopes. This windy story by Tinubu is, “akuko ibadan” as we say in Igbo land, fact remains that Tinubu did not need five days to reject an offer if he really wanted to say no. He wanted to ride the momentum and goodwill Nigerians bestowed on the APC for their exemplary convention to sneak to within arm’s length of the Presidency especially sensing that Buhari may serve only one term. Olosi. As-is, Tinubu must accept that the APC has grown beyond one man’s over-bearing influence. It’s no Party where he can select his wife, son-in-law, nephews and distant relatives to fill key slots… not with the likes of Amaechi, Oshiomhole, Okorocha, Saraki, El-Rufai and others as game changers. Besides, Buhari is resolute ol’ soldier not known to tolerate bullsh*t from any man alive. Gladly, Bola Tinubu has finally been cut down to his pint size and I hope he learns to remain there and be a Team Player… Clown!

    • Plan and How

      But one of his houseboys is the VP candidate for APC. WHat did he loose. Just like his houseboy in Lagos who suddenly forgot that he is a mere houseboy and started sponsoring a candidate without consultation. DId you see what happened to his pick in the gov primary(121 votes out of over 5000 votes cast).
      WHy rejoice when Tinubu has gotten what he couldnt get directly he has gotten indirectly. ALl the people you mentioned are of little consequence compared to Tinubu. Tinubu love oe hate him is still far more influencial than GMB in APC. And now VP ticket is in the Bag. Remember GMB is not cerebral really and is always absent when critical decisions are made check Idiagbon(1983-85) and Afriprojectsz(During Abacha time). Now he is even an Old man at 72 who is going to stabilize world oil price.
      I know you are a comedian but you cannot deny the above facts.

    • Otile

      Before you insult him further, pay his back his money. Asiwaju has spent a lot of his person money to rescue Imam Buhari who was said to be scraped of cash. Be ready to do battle with the Asiwaju, you cannot use and dump him as you did to Judas Rauf. Imam Buhari may be counting his blessing thinking that he can outwit everybody, but soon his cunning will catch up with him.

      Soon you Wähala will abandon him and return to your PDP home base. All of you including: Imam Kwamkwaso, Tambu, Rauf among others originated from PDP, and to PDP you all will return when it is over. The crash of the Imam is in sight.

  • Rondo

    The test is this:- does General Buhari stand a better stand of winning the presidency
    in 2015, now that he’s chosen Yemi Osinbajo as running mate? The answer is, “no!”

  • ogechi

    Chief Tinubu,u have an admirer in me….i wish&strive to be like u everyday….


    • By popular demand

      Bola Tinubu is academically a write-off and a bane on Yorubaland.
      He hasn’t the mental sagacity to lead. He can’t articulate any set
      of political or economic thought with coherence. His personal survival
      is wholly in a coalition of Muslims. That is why he injected Islam into
      Yoruba politics.

      Before he showed up to betray the Christian trust, Yoruba people
      conducted public affairs with regard to merits but without losing sight
      of religious sensitivities. Bola Tinubu exploited that liberalism to invidiously
      create 100% Muslim-led government in Lagos state by stealth.

      He now rather stupidly says religion does not matter, but he himself made Islam
      the issue. The only acceptable path to governorship in Action Congress party is Islam.
      Ditto, the path to attorney-general. It is un-acceptable and that is why discrimination
      on the basis of religion inside APC must be stopped in Yorubaland.

      • Paul Oseretin

        “In Nigeria, the pauperized many have sent a memo to the criminally-rich few: ‘
        We will not allow you to enjoy your ill-gotten gains in peace. We will hound you
        and pursue you everywhere you go. When you buy your Hummers, we will snatch them.

        When you send your children to expensive schools, we will kidnap them.
        When you retreat to your billion-naira homes, you will have to sleep with
        one eye open. With every knock, you will panic and tremble, fearing it could be
        nemesis at the door”.

        ………Femi Aribisala

        (Vanguard Newspaper)

      • ogechi

        Osinbajo Is one of the christians that serves during Tinubus term as lagos gov….the current lagos APC gov. candidate&vice are Christians…tinubu’s wife Is a Christian…
        Tinubu Knows Ur master’s grandplan in the coming élection is to use religion as a pedestal,and has prepared a very bigHAMMeR for him

        …u put Ur hear and get Comatosed,FUCk…

        • emmanuel

          I know someone in Lagos State (now a Christian) whose condition of becoming a top Lagos State officer by seniority was his return to Islam after embracing the Christian faith for over twenty years. The man refused bluntly and he paid for it.

          By the way, you mentioned Oluremi as a Christian? Tinubu has always used her to keep up a contact with Adeboye, yet he will not allow Adeboye members in LASG to experience carrier growth because they are Christians.

          Oluremi nor mind anything as long as everything in Nigeria is owned and in the pocket of her family and every member of the family consume all available office without competence. Abi na only their family get competence? Since you people say you do not care whoever holds any office.

          That was exploited in emasculating Christians until the heat was turned on lately. That God it is beginning to yield small small result, but not for Buhari and the Christmas tree VP candidate

          • Jones

            You just shot yourself in the mouth. If Oluremi is not using her position and being a Christian to help other Christians achieve, why do you blame her husband who is doing so? You people are just pathetic.

  • My People

    My People,


    Nigeria journalists need all the courage they can muster in the next 60 days.
    Roguish politicians in Nigeria are now on rampage to kill; to loot and destroy.
    They would like to crush the truth aground to succeed in a criminal enterprise.
    As such, they’ll put immense pressure on the journalists, and, threaten lawsuit.

    Nigerian journalists must resist both the threat and the politicians’ inducement.
    Today, the fact is that Nigeria did not decline all by itself like withering boughs.
    Rather, Nigeria was asphyxiated by politicians living by plunder as public enemy.
    This generation must do more than expose these criminals to huge public odium.
    It must aid a destruction of this non-system of looting in the name of government.

  • Warri Boy

    This ‘Gbana’ major shout keep shut so that people go hear word.

    But na who give bros Professor? Which University? Shooo! This simple question dey difficult to answer? He could have been an HOD in UNILAG…Does he have a PhD? Which University did he complete his PhD? or is LLM from London = PhD in Nigeria? Someone should answer quick b4 I slap somebody for teeth. Nonsense!.

    We have had Professors as state Governors since 1979…E.g., Professor Ambrose Alli of Bendel State (Now Edo State)…The fellow was a Professor of morbid anatomy (First in West Africa). That was 35yrs ago. So stop calling Professor as if na new thing …Na so the Gbana major forge result full everywhere, then begin dey deceive people up & down. Oluwole people!

    • Udo Udoma

      I fear o o. This guy has a masters from LSE, taught for a couple of years and was made HOD and professor at Unilag? Is this another crisis brewing, in the nature of his master BAT’s “University of Chicago?”

  • Comfortkay

    Let them say, Asiwaju Tinubu is a politician of first class , one of the smartest and a man of Vision, many did not understand this man and many are just talking jazz , all those doing talking beware that something will not rush inside your mouth. I salute you Senator Asiwaju Bola Tinubu , Eko o ni ba je ooo

  • Godstime

    You are very correct the Bar.


    I hold the view that nobody should have immunity from prosecution.

    However, the Constitution gives immunity to governors and their deputies, the president and his vice; therefore, we have to deal with the Constitution we have, not the one we wish we had.

    Your reasoning is good in some areas, and bad in others, therefore a mixed bag. You substituted your opinion in lieu of the law too many times, and where you managed to eke out some good premises here and there, you eviscerated all of them with your conclusion, consequently, I found myself agreeing with some of those opinions, only to be brought back to the Constitution because of your crude conclusion.

    All who enjoy immunity under Section 308 of the Constitution, CANNOT be suspects during the pendency of their tenures; else what use is the immunity? They are better off defending themselves, and then possibly able to save their liberty, and property. To accept your logic means, that these persons can endure the punitive processes of a criminal investigation without ability to defend themselves, because they are not charged, and most of the police-Court activities will be taking place ex-parte, therefore behind their backs, they won’t be able to have counsel (lawyers) to defend them, or protect their interests; they would pretty much be subject to the same teeth of a criminal prosecution, including seizure of assets, without in fact being afforded opportunity to defend themselves, NOT EVEN AT THE INCIPIENT, or during magistrate levels, as to ward of an indictment, but more importantly, seizure of bank accounts, and ruination of reputations, not to talk of public humiliation via media leaks.

    You must submit that the framers of the Constitution intended to shield the named persons from adverse, and intrusive Court proceedings, and the prevent politically motivated investigations and prosecutions, not advance them? If you agree, then, it is clear that no investigation should take place, where any of the named persons is the “primary” subject; period!

    Oh I would love for you to be right on this, because Buhari’s $2.4 Billion PTF fund loot can be frozen right now! His Abuja and Port Harcourt mansions… etc., etc

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      Well, that is not what the supreme court said.