PDP slams Buhari over delayed choice of running mate

Buhari and Osinbajo

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has described the delayed choice of Yemi Osinbajo as running mate to the All Progressives Congress, APC’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, as the height of incompetence.

The PDP also declared that the eventual choice of Mr. Osinbajo is a confirmation of its stand that the APC is the personal project of a cabal commanded by former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu, to expand its political and economic frontiers.

The ruling party, in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, on Wednesday said, “should power get to this cabal, who is desperate to control the political and economic power centre of the nation, then Nigeria is finished.”

“By the choice of Osinbajo, a well-known acolyte of Tinubu, who served under him as Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, the APC, General Buhari and Tinubu have boldly recreated their well-known notoriety for sectional and personal interests, the PDP said.

“It is particularly worrisome that General Buhari has surrendered his first official responsibility of choosing a running mate, invariably his powers, to Tinubu even before he goes to the field to ask for votes.

“This is not surprising of Buhari, who has consistently exhibited a track record of incompetence. This is the same man who as military head of state surrendered all his powers to his second in command. The story of his headship of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) is not different, as he also got lost before the flurry of portfolios of paid consultants.

“In 2011, as the leader of the CPC, Buhari failed woefully. His whimsical interference in the choice of candidates for his party not only muddled up the process but ended up creating an electoral malfeasance and confusion that eased out federal lawmakers elected on the platform of the CPC from his native Katsina state.

“Our citizens should indeed be concerned about this: that it took the APC six days to produce its vice presidential candidate and that the founder and funder of the party, Tinubu, as always, had his way. No doubt, this is how Tinubu is going to impose his mercantilist interest on major decisions affecting the entire country.

“This is the problem with the APC, a political party built on the narrow interests of very few individuals. Any political party that subjects its collective will to the whims of an individual, as it is with the APC, is indeed not ready for leadership.

“Fortunately, the PDP offers to all Nigerians a truly national party and a Jonathan/Sambo ticket ready to build a better tomorrow.

“In PDP, the focus remains to ensure that we continue to deliver on our promises and put the interests of Nigerians first in all our party decisions and policies of our government.”


Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary


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  • amazing2012

    What is the problem of PDP ? Is this a campaign ? Tell us your manifesto, what you achieved and what you want to achieve if voted ! Surely we are not practicing democracy, why attack on person? Are you to dictate what and how other party should behave ? Losers and confused people.

    • Frank

      You asked ‘why attack on person’? Yet some of us here have read how you attack and abuse the whole igbo race! Go to your comments on disqus aboki. See how many times you wrote; “igbos are cursed people”! Mallam, you curse a whole tribe?? Why this hatred?? What manner of bigotry is this??? What a wicked black bigoted soul you have!

      • Xman

        I click like on ur comment not because I like PDP or GEJ, but because I saw some senses in the way u respond to someone castigating a whole tribe.

        Having said that, the Igbo have not understand the politics of Nigeria, and I doubt if one of them can ever become the president of Nigeria. AD was formed at the beginning of this republic, and they swept SW, no APGA then, but APGA was formed later, which is good. But after all said and done, the country was going back to a semblance of 2 party State, minority of the Igbo choose to remain in APGA and majority choose PDP even though they gained nothing since the ruling of the PDP except some few people.

        To make the matter worse, they said Ebele Goodluck is their own and start cursing people who are in opposition. Later they will clamor for Igbo presidency. The politics shld be that nearly 50% will be in APC and the Remaining in PDP, by so doing, they’d better because all their eggs are not in one basket. Frank, go write it down, PDP will be a SE and SS party, it is a matter of time. They are calling APC an Islamic party, abusing people for being Muslims forgetting that there are Muslims in PDP.

        Finally, even if PDP/GEJ win, in 2019, power MUST go back to the NORTH and it is as sure as the coming of tomorrow, the next president will be a Muslim and a Northerner, what will happen then? GEJ is not helping Igbo’s cause, and Igbos are not helping themselves neither.

        • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

          True talk,frankly you are very sincere withouth bias or prejudice to all ethnic interest involved,we have be able to discuss our strength in our diversity as Nigerian.

          Thank you

          • engr.sam nwokoye

            I hope that nigerians would equally vote against the criminal dependence of our economy on the niger delta petro dollar.Many nigerians are so wicked,tribal and insensitive as to become very foolish.If GMB wins the niger delta will give him hell,just as the northern Boko haram is sabotaging his achievements.Buhari is an overated,weak, half intelligent leader,who allowed IBB to flush him out like a boy scout,despite his foreknowledge of the coup.A presidential debate will force him to answer questions he comtep arrogantly refused to answer at the Oputa panel.He has no descipline,except a headmaster vs pupil kind of rulership.

          • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

            Ok,wait for the. Presidential debate. Bad belle. One Nigeria.

          • JibrilBah

            I just pray GEJ will be there also for the debate, let see how he defends PDP hahahahaha

        • Otile

          To hell with your fuccking presidency. Nobody is going to impose any insensitive Fulani bigot on Igbo again. Who in his right mind will like to put up with insults and abuses from parasites to be a president of Nigeria. Presidency for stealing my foot.

          • Kamal Kamaru

            Allow the clown to keep deceiving himself. His horrible English is the same as amazing2012. They are one and the same. Now he has shown the world Xman is his second name wen he wants to release his bigoted views!
            Just a bigoted hypocrite!

        • Frank

          I am also from the north and the choices igbos make really has nothing to do with me. All that I found distasteful is a so. Allen fellow Nigerian constantly cursing a whole tribe. There are some igbos, even if they are few that do not support GEJ. Yet the amazing2012 guy goes on to curse every igbo man, woman and child??
          That is the issue for me..not who the igbos decide to follow.

        • Harry

          Mallam, why all this dogo turenci? This long comment does not justify that amazing2012 cursing a whole tribe! There are igbos who support APC. Like joe ibokwe and so many others? So why abuse the whole igbos? It’s obvious he has deep rooted ethnic and religious sentiments which keeps showing itself.

          *mallam Xman, stop lying to yurself, this your jaga-jaga english is exactly the same as amazing2012. Stop hiding under another name to clear yurself! Go and read your own comments on disqus. You will see it yourself.

    • Kelechi

      I just read the the comments the guy below talked about. Your hatred for a whole tribe is very interesting. Please my friend, can you explain to us what the igbos did to you for you to keep cursing the whole tribe? You see why some of us don’t trust you Abokis? Is this what is really in your heart?
      Wow. It’s good to know.

      • amazing2012

        All Igbos are willing to go to war for Biafra. Only a curse mind think of death of women and children .
        No body is happy with what happen during the civil war and no one is wishing such to happen again but IGBOS keep teaching, praying, assuming, planing and preparing for war. I repeated only a cursed mind can wish war !!

        • Kamal Kamaru

          You said ‘all igbos are willing to go to war for biafra’???
          Hahahahahaha! Aboki aboki! Just give up! The more you comment, the more yur bigotry shows forth!
          ‘all igbos’???? All???
          Do you read the comments of several igbos here?? Haven’t u read some who say they have tasted war and don’t want to tow that path again??
          Yet you struggle to justify cursing a whole tribe?? Wow!
          Mallam, you are a fanatic. It’s obvious. Keep struggling..u keep sinking lower with each comment.
          Shame on you, hypocrite!

          • amazing2012

            I am not malam and will never be. Any tribe that 90% of them think the same way can be categorical as “all”. If 90% of Igbos wish Biafra, act Biafra on follow citizens and believed in second Biafra.
            The death of millions innocent igbos, women and children abandon by coward Generals is not enough. Thinking of another deaths of millions and destruction of trillions of Igbos assists outside their shore. The best word to describe this is CURSE !

          • Bala

            90% is all?? Wow! Hahahahahahaha! Bigotry is a disease! See how warped yur brain is because of fanaticism??
            If u are not a mallam, u must be a terrorist! Your hatred is too much! It was glaring the way you even abused your brother in Hausa when he showed interest in PDP. I mean murtala mohammed’s son! That shows yur INTOLERANCE! A sign of fanaticism and bigotry!
            You have exposed yourself bro..keep battling to clear your name.
            Words are like water on the ground..once they drop, they can’t be taken back!

          • amazing2012

            Ok I see your level of ignorance: for Using Ausa, go to google or itranslate translate and proverbs sites you can see how to speak in any language.
            For Murtala’s bastard son I will only answer you by the statement of obasanjo when PDP governors visited him last week. He looked at Northern Governors and tell them ” your people are murdered every day and you are here for me to support this government”?

        • Otile

          Boko Haram bloodsucker.

          • amazing2012

            Juda, antichrist !

    • Kolawole Obafemi

      The.problem of pdp? Remove madam Okonjo Iweala and one or two others from GEJ government and pdp, the rest are people who have no brain. They have no idea of positive thinking. They have no achievement to showcase. People like that see others doing well as their enemy. So they resort to abuse, mudslinging, dirty talks and the likes, with a view to running down their perceived opponents. Nigerians are getting to know the truth and catching up with the CHANGE REVOLUTION. That is their problem

    • Otile

      A bigoted_fag like you like you who has nothing to contribute should keep quiet. Parasite.

      • amazing2012

        Ok contribute ! Tell us why will PDP’s comments on Buhari’s delay on choosing his VP will add to us as a nation or a party?

        • Kamal Kamaru

          Their comments help us see that Buhari will not be independent as people think he will be!
          He headed PTF And see the monumental corruption he allowed take place by Salhijo Ahmed of Africa projects!!
          Mallam, some of us can’t be fooled. Keep fooling yourselves..

          • amazing2012

            Ok I see, let me inform you that no body can rule alone without aids to assist such person. The problem is not who control what but how you control or influence issues. Jonathan in person is good and excellent, the problem of his leadership are people around who he has the right to fire but allow them to continue. the Buhari we know will never allow someone to control him negatively. But uncle Jona has his government control almost by everybody in a negative way. Recently the CBN governor devalue our currency, introduced ATM charges on poor people etc
            Indeed I repeat, Jonathan has no problem as person but his weak point is that of lack of control over the affairs of the nation which he allowed quacks to override !

  • adekenny

    Has the deadline of submission of the list of presidential candidate passed?one has to study,examine,seek advice before taking decision! You don’t need to rush to take a running mate just like that! You will also seek for GOD’s guidance! Our politicians in this country are funny! GOD help us

    • Frank Bassey

      So, there is God’s guidance in conceding the appointment of a running mate to BAT? When did BAT become one guided by God – an individual whose personal company was the sole Tax Consultant to Lagos State for years?

      • MM

        Please Bassey, you are not an APC supporter but why are u and ur PDP leaders disturbing urself on the choice of an opposition party. U guys should just face your own business and strategise on how to win 2015 election and not succum to the decision of another party. God should help PDP because am still wondering what their concerns are as regards to APC.

      • adekenny

        To choose a partner to work with you among many people,you will have to pray for the Almighty GOD to guide you!

      • Otile

        The devil is a lair.

    • New Nigerian

      Shows how PDP have been “rushing” all decisions in the past 16 years…and see where that have landed us…

  • Frank Bassey

    So-called APC leaders know it that the ‘party’ belongs to BAT. They are only interested in dislodging the occupant of Aso Rock even if it means licking up BAT’s anus.

    • MM

      But am still amazed with the statement of PDP. Why are they using PANADOL for another man’s HEADACHE? They should leave APC alone to face the wrath of their actions to choose a VP candidate. It is none of their business biko!

      • Otile

        You may say that it is none of their business, but if Imam Buhari is elected his whole cabinet is going to end up in Tinubu’s ampit. Tinubu is going to break their arms and recover his money and make profit too. In the end we in the SE SS will lose out badly to Yoruba Fulani predators.

        We are tired of losing our God given resources to our oppressors. Do you mind?

        • bib

          Just the whole country ended up in Patience’s pocket

          • Otile

            No proof, bro.

        • AGA

          The way PASTORS Dizeni, Patience and Ngozi pockets Billions of Dollars.

          • Otile

            No proof

        • New Nigerian

          I like your insight. The fact that you are concerned that Tinubu will have a sway on the selection of Minsters infers that you, like all Nigerians believe that God willing come May 2015 Buhari/Osibanjo will be President/VP of Nigeria. So I acknowledge and say Amen to that – and assure you not to worry about the selection of Minister too much – as Buhari will ensure, like the VP selection that no Nigerians with corruption-baggage would be selected and that they will be people of unassailable integrity

    • Yusuf

      I pray Tinubu will select all the Ministers and advisers, at least he seems a very wonderful selector. what we need is positive change not basket mouth

      • Otile

        If Ebola Tinubu is such a good picker how come his boy Fashola is accused of all kinds of theft including dipping his fingers into Lagos treasury funds?

        • babatope

          Do you mean to say Ebola Jonathan? Lol.. your income will soon be cut off by Feb 14 2015 and there will be no need for you to jump around websites like saharareporters, premiumtimes and co! Reno omokri. If tinubu can select ogun state governor, Osun state governor, Oyo, edo etc and they are all working then tinubu surely need to select the head of your family Atleast things will start working in your family such that you won’t need to get paid writing comments online again.

  • Mike

    This goes to show the level of desperation in the PDP, because it’s not your business who ever they decide to choose. Nigerians are wiser. Keep making them popular by attacking every move they make. Even if apc drink water, you critique if they drink coke you critise. Can’t you face your own and allow Nigerians to decide? If they pick area boy it’s there own Wahahala .

    • MM

      My brother I tire oooooooo. I dont know why they are concern about another party’s choice.

  • wode

    Who is really listening to these bunch of failures? They have failed Nigeria and Nigerians. The only thing they know how to do best is propaganda. Nigerians are tired and are no more ready for the PDP deceptions. Where is power supply that they have spent Trillions on? Where is Security? Has stealing and corruption not become virtues? Is Nigeria not now a laughing stock in the committee of Nation due to the ineptitude and incompetent leadership? What happens to the failed promises? All these are enough achievements for PDP/ GEJ to showcase. We appreciate the immense damage they have caused thus far? We also appreciate their advice that we should not vote for APC, however they are people that can not be trusted. It’s better for them to start preparing their valedictory services come 2015. We want a change.

  • tundemash

    Clearly Metuh is jittery.
    Deluded party ….. what is your business if it took APC a year to get their V.P. candidate? There is deadline for submision of candidates and that deadline was met so why take panadol for APC’s headache.

    Apparently Olisa has no PDP track records to show. I thought Dumbo said 3 days ago campaigns should be issue oriented ….

  • Dr KKk

    PDP and okupe has taken the position of opposition so early. somebody should tap him to wait a little after February when nigerians will consign them to minority. these vicious and unnecessary attacks are a signs of desperation and nigerians know your antics too well to be deceived again. certainly we can not continue with the statusquo. At least 7of 10 nigerians you interact with will share the idea of change!

  • Mcson

    What is Mr Metus’s stress?

  • murty

    Yes it took forever to decide the vp of APC,, you guys that can do it in a second, please show us what we gained from it as a nation. Please the guy is tinubu’s lackey, but dose he have the credentials. Please don’t forget easily that fashola is also tinubu’s boy o. Kai this tinubu can select good materials o, may the vp behave like the other tinubu boy, FASHOLA, please say AMEN.

    • Yusuf

      ameeeeen my broda


      Buhari, a presidential candidate, took six days to present his running mate, Osinbajo, to Nigerians whereas, it took GEJ, a sitting president to ten days present his Vice President, Sambo, to Nigeria. This means that Buhari, at 72, believes he is in a race against time to solve within the shortest possible time what PDP could not solve in 16yrs

  • B.B. Ayoola

    Olisah Metuh & the PDP calling the revered GMB incompetent. Hahahahahaha! I dey laugh ooooooooo! Is this how Metuh & the PDP could be so blind & illogical. Anyway, it is out of BUHARIPHOBIA.

  • djay

    Bastard Doyin said Buhari’s candidacy is an error, now Metuh is slamming Buhari again for delaying in choosing his running mate. Nigerians now see how Buhari is already a torn in both Pdp and Gej’s supporters flesh.

    • d1

      Djay….cant you see this set of niccumpus are confused, the combination of this well reputed duo is a mater stroke for the fools. The whole Aso rock should be smelling for OGOGORO now becauss they surely need something to cool their tension.

  • Yusuf

    a’ah! PnDP, na wa for u honestly, u are definitely getting lost; u have not mentioned one ‘1’ single problem with the man (Osinbajo), your only problem is that it took six days or he is close to Tinubu. it is clear u have nothing more to hold for your satanic propaganda

  • ogechi


  • Peter Irene

    If Tinubu man can give Nigeria Light it is ok. For 16 years PDP Ahas been unable to achieve any visible thing. Fashola is arguably the best Governor in Nigeria today and was chosen by Tinubu. No point has been made by one customer party who picked the wickets link omoung five.

  • King Carlos

    But PDP said if APC presents both Buhari/Atiku that Jonathan will defeat them together. Why have they become so jittery since Buhari/Osinbajo emerged? We know PDP will not go down without a fight, hence their constant and ill-advised attack on APC. They have suddenly turn themselves to the opposition party while APC now appears like the ruling party.

    Did anyone notice that this statement does not mention anything like Islamizaiton of Nigeria. That’s how confused Pdpigs are. Spreading false rumours to gain public sympathy.

    • AGA

      Shame on PDP

  • Otile

    Many of you are saying that it is none of PDP’s business who Tinubu hands to Buhari, but if Imam Buhari is
    elected his whole cabinet is going to end up in Tinubu’s ampit. Tinubu
    is going to break their arms and recover his money and make huge profits.
    In the end we in the SE SS will lose out badly to Yoruba Fulani

    We are tired of losing our God given resources to our oppressors. Do you mind?

    • Bbb

      We are okay wit it, all we saying is we need a change.

      If mr A said stealing is not corruption.

      And mr B said he will fight both stealing and corruption. Who will you vote ?

    • bib

      Tinubu as one master is better than Patience,Clark, diezani, iweala, oritsejafor, dokubo, SAS as masters to GEJ

    • New Nigerian

      Respectfully, Can you for a second think that public service is just that – serve the people and mind their resources ethically for them…..and that public service is not buy-and-selling? God willing you’d become a believer in true public service and servant leadership after Buhari’s 2 terms as President…

  • Alhassan

    To me this is good for bola tinubu, because it shows pdp are so afraid of the man as if he is tue president now, continue making him popular to Nigerians. Bastard

  • Bbb

    Olisah metu and demonic doyin okupe, if you guys has nothing to say again , why not park your load before febuary .

    • AGA

      These are Guys who cannot even pick tickets of their party if they were to contest elections, typical example is Maku. To tell you that they are just making noise in Abuja, while Nigerians are tired of the jonta.

  • Tione

    Almighty God will prevail against the evil stronghold that is PDP…what sort of party allows armed-robbers and thieves to take official posts in their party? Bode George, Fayose, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, etc, etc….PDP aka Power to D Pockets, your end is near. AMEN

  • d1

    you have failed already. Ire ooooooo

  • favourtalk

    PDP is crying on ooooo. It pained them enh, many nigeria are insisting on change which must come by force, we need that country our own back. Shame on PDP

  • AGA

    Pdp your propaganda of muslim/muslim ticket is now over, and what else then……even if Buhari choose Pastor Ayo, CAN president as his running mate, yet some of my igbo bros whose mind are already poison by Jona and their soul are over taken by sentiment and their eyes are blinded.Shame on PDP

    • wode

      It’s okay. Let them go ahead with GEJ. We cannot afford to give Jona zero vote. He would get little votes, may be from those comfortable with the status quo. it’s just that, it wont be enough to retain him in office.

  • Cookie247

    Mr Methu is gradually learning how to be an opposition spokesman.

  • Olubisi

    This is nonsense! Delay suggests careful throught and planning. These proclamations by PDP are crass and desperate.

  • Felix Omoragbon

    Does the governor have a legacy? If he had he would have thought twice before forcing his way through a judgement over schools built by christian missionary.

  • Fuzio

    The Yorubas have practiced a brand of Islam that is tolerant of diversity for a long time. It has somehow managed to coexist peacefully with other religions for ages. You should not allow disgruntled fifth columnist to upset this balance. The consequences will be too grave to contemplate.


    The problem with this judgement is that it is viewed from the perspective of the Muslim. There are traditional worshippers in Osun state. If they applied to a court requesting that some of their paraphernalia like beads or white chalks be used by their students to school, would it constitute a problem to other people? Why should a Muslim lady use Hijab in school? Why can’t she wait till she gets home to use it? Mr Ogbeni should avoid this religious imbroglio and ensure students concentrate on the reason they come to school-which is to learn.

  • John Wayne

    I agree with this piece. I think the governor of Osun state has constituted himself as a problem to Osun state. He has not paid salaries in months but has launched from one religious crises to another