South West will vote massively for Jonathan — Mimiko

Ondo state governor, Olusegun Mimiko

Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State said on Tuesday that the South West zone would cast their votes massively for the Jonathan/Sambo ticket in the 2015 Presidential election.

Mr. Mimiko, who was fielding questions from newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday assured that the electorate in the South West would vote for the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, even if the All Progressive Congress, APC, picked its vice-president from the South West zone.

“Well, we are waiting for APC to pick their (Vice-President) candidate. But there is no question about the fact that in terms of enlightenment, especially in terms of appreciation of issue of politics, in terms of a long history of progressive political engagement, you give it to South West, that they know their onions,” the governor said.

“Don’t forget, even in 2011 when Mr. President did not have any governor in the South West, he won in all the South West states apart from one; and I tell you in the South West we can see issue from propaganda.

“We know the difference between propaganda and the real stuff.

“I’m telling you that in the South West this election will be about the real stuff, about issues not about propaganda.

“I have no doubt in my mind that the South West will vote massively for President Jonathan to continue along this path of very useful engagement and productive governance.”

Mr. Mimiko congratulated the President for inaugurating the Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP) and Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria (FAFIN).

He expressed the hope that the two programmes would boost agricultural activities in the country.

“Let me congratulate Mr. President and his teams in the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance.

“You should have seen that this is a very innovative and impactful way of addressing the problem of youth unemployment in Nigeria.

“Again, it is moving our economy away from this mono-cultural dependence on oil. I think this is very innovative; it is definitely impacting this nation positively.”

He assured that state governments would key into the programmes with a view to addressing the challenges of unemployment among youths in the states.



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  • emmanuel

    Before nko?

    No mallam until 2035 if Nigeria remains. Natural justice rotated the fulanis out

    • amazing2012

      You are Mumu !

      • Giganto

        Sometimes it pays to ignore these bigoted morons that are making some uneducated and offensive comments in this forum. People like emmanuel should be put in otueke zoo

    • WALE

      Senseless tribalism.GMB FOR PRESIDENT.MIMIKO is making a false statement.

    • Precious

      Ur comment is just like d mumu u are, goat come n take. U’ve forgotten dat Sambo is still very close 2 gej n anything can happen at anytime. Guy use ur brain.

      • Smith Scott

        You don’t know Buhari has terminal disease. Means any vp he choses will emerge the nation president. Punishment from above for Hausa Fulani.

        • Worried by age

          Honestly I’m afraid If the VP to Buhari will not take Over before the expiration of First term talk less of Completing the 2nd term. That is why the battle for VP slot is so intense. It may be a short cut to become president again.

  • Giganto

    Delusion is not a universal human right but a sickness. Someone should please advise Mimiko to find a cure quickly.

    • Basir Musawa

      Thank you.

  • Smith Scott

    I am sure northern senators and reps will turn suicide bomber themselves when they lose the presidency this time.

    • Jika

      I beleive Jonathan does need the votes of Northerners for the next election!!!What do you think?

      • Smith Scott

        Northern christian already queueing behind GEJ. Remember 2011 was on religion line…same will continue again.

        • the man who plays alone

          so did he win in the north then in 2011?

        • Precious

          How many Christians are in d North? Besides, d votes gej got in 2011 was by rigging.

          • Smith Scott

            anything good got by your enemy is by rigging. If you acquire same is not by rigging. I will agree that is by ringing only if you agree that your birth was by rigging.

          • Omo Oodua

            Ashawo, go to kaduna and see things for yourself. Kaduna consists 60% christians and 40% muslims. Go to Taraba state, Plateau State, Nasarawa, even Adamawa, all these states consist more Christians than muslims regardless of whoever is governing that state.

    • PROF


  • amazing2012

    Justice and development is what we want not tribalism or religous bigotry. Let it can from anybody including rejected stone. Even you if you can salvage us you are welcome. Are you looking for success for tribe and religon ? Are you going to eat tribe and religion ? Poverty, employment, darkness, killings has no tribe or religion everybody can be victim. Go for success-not tribe !

  • Yemi

    Jonathan will not get 20% in ondo state; mimiko constituency let alone the whole southwest. Mimiko was only trying to suppress the tention and fear in the presidency with the emergency of Buhari and the excitement and momentum it has generated in the country especially in southwest

  • Tunebay

    I am sure Jonathan knows Mimiko is deceiving him otherwise he would readily allowed OBJ publish his book. Mimiko needs a quick therapeutic intervention for his delusion of grandeur

  • Funso

    Mimiko Ode-dindinrin-Mumu-Dadandidi -Omugo- keep dreaming!!! It is your right to dream illusions!

  • Wähala

    Mimiko was making what is called, “politically correct statement” to the press. He knows deep down in his heart that the PDP have never ruled Eko City which is the hob and bane of South West votes… If only dreams come true!

  • kammykazee

    Only Gej and his blind followers would fail to see sarcasm in Mimiko statement.

  • Sina Ajiboye

    Mimiko is a disgrace. He sure knows Jonathan will not win in the South West.

  • Truthometer

    Dream dream dream. Dumbo’s lost in the next presidential election, nationally, is going to be historical and phenomenon.

  • WALE

    Mimiko should never speak for south west,I bet him SOUTH WEST in every Conner does not want GEJ.WE want GMB.

    • tundemash

      He’s meant the South West of his bedroom. ….. he has every right to do that !

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    Governor Olusegun Mimiko is hallucinating and in comatose-state by assuring president Ebele Jonathan,that Yoruba people would massively vote to re-elect him after president Ebele Jonathan deliberately marginalized Yoruba region out of his government since he succeeded late president Umaru Musa Yar’dua.Yoruba people are no fools as there is no single Yoreuba in any top position in Nigeria government led by president Ebele Jonathan.Governor Mimiko too has lost the support of Ondo State people who voted and elected him twice as governor of Ondo State on Labour Party ticket before Mimiko defected to PDP to continue to swim in ocean of massive corruption and scam.

  • Ilesanmi

    Olosi, ole Mimiko. You no die well. If you rig our votes for Otuoke goat you will pay for it with your life, your wife’s life and with the lives of your children. If you, Fani Kayode etc have nothing to hide, why are you afraid of Buhari’s presidency. Ikunle abiyamo awon omoolomo ti enfi aiye won sofun abayinja tebi tara. You are a disgrace to Yoruba land. Woe unto you and your family for calling white black and black white and God says amen to that because it HIS WORD. No wonder wth all our money you have stolen you always look unhealthy and morose. You will never get well. Ole.

  • Precious

    It’s not an offence for 1 to be dreaming but d earlier Mimiko wake up to reality n stop giving gej an empty hope d beta for him.

    • tundemash

      He’s talking about the South West of his bedroom..

  • Truthometer

    Sycophant like Mimiko is one of the main reasons Dumbo has never succeeded.



    • tundemash

      He’s talking about the South West of his bedroom.


    MIMIKO.. let this get to your fucking brain . nigeria is not ondo state . we are not gullible .we dont need People like you anymore in Nigeria.

  • AJ

    Governor Mimiko, excellent premises, terrible conclusion! Yes, the South West has a long history of being highly perceptive in political matters. But to go from there and conclude that the SW will therefore vote for Jonathan? Common Dr. Mimiko! One understands your dilemma but you need not reduce yourself to such fatuous reasoning in the name of trying to protect your seriously threatened flank! That same political awareness that you attribute to the West (prefer that to SW) is what guarantees that Jonathan will perform even worse than Obasanjo did in the West in 1999. Unlike then however, the massive support Obasanjo enjoyed in other parts of Nigeria is nowhere in sight for Jonathan this time around. If anything, Buhari will sweep large swathes of the North while the (comparatively numerically disadvantaged) South South will be split. Even the South East cannot fully deliver for Jonathan (e.g. Imo). Long and short, Governor Mimiko, get real and start preparing yourself for opposition politics at the Federal level. And it might be a lonely place to be. Many of your co-PDP travellers of today will be escaping from under the tattered umbrella in search of brooms – Doyin Okupe, aka AGIP, being a distinct example. Governor, I wish you well but please be real!

    • Maria

      He will decamp to APC…lol! Many of these singing Jonathan now will soon begin to tell us a different story about him. Is it not Nigeria? The same people were singing OBJ then Yaradua and now GEJ…soon it will be Buari.

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Maybe Southwest of Ondo, but definitely not Southwest, Nigeria.


    With erudite Professor of Law , Yemi Osinbajo as APC VP candidate, the chances of South-West voting for Jonathan has reduced considerably. APC only need to avoid complacency, ensure a common front, ensure issue- based campaign that focuses on the upliftment of the commoners and consolidate the resuscitation of the middle class. Personally, i think APC has the ability and track record (from APC controlled states) to win the Presidential election come February 2015. What is more majority of Nigerians are tired of President Jonathan that really do not know how to address the mirage of problems facing the nation. What with legalisation of corruption?(GEJ once said stealing is not corruption!). While all parties are corrupt, some are more corrupt than the other. A typical APC run government may post 10-20% level of corruption, a typical PDP run government will post 40 – 60%. The ideal situation would have been to have a government with less than 2% level of corruption. But what can we do? Its reasonable to go for lesser thieves for now. My thought!

  • rex

    Sure, we expect him to win because of his landmark achievements in the southwest. over 300 youths in Ondo state receive 30k monthly under the Graduate Internship Scheme.