126 dead as Taliban militants take hundreds hostage at Pakistani military school

Taliban gunmen took hundreds of students hostage at a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, and at least 126 people were killed, officials said.

Most of those killed were children. Fighting was ongoing between soldiers and the militants.

Official report says that they heard heavy gunfire from inside the school as soldiers surrounded it.

Helicopters hovered overhead and ambulances ferried wounded children to hospital.

The Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, a sprawling and volatile city not far from the Afghan border, said the hospital had received the bodies of at least 18 people and was treating 40 wounded students and two male teachers.

“Many are in the operation theater now in critical condition, undergoing treatment,’’ hospital official Ejaz Khan said.

Provincial Health Minister, Shahram Khan later told reporters that over 50 people had died, including 16 students, a female teacher and a soldier.

The Pakistani Taliban, who are fighting to topple the government and set up a strict Islamic state, had vowed to step up attacks against Pakistani targets in response to a major army operation against the insurgents in the tribal areas.

The army said in a statement that many hostages had been evacuated but did not say how many.

Military officials at the scene said at least six armed men had entered the military-run Army Public School, no fewer than 500 students and teachers were believed to be inside.

Taliban spokesman, Muhammad Khorasani told reporters that his group was responsible for the attack.

“Our suicide bombers have entered the school; they have instructions not to harm the children, but to target the army personnel.

“It is a revenge attack for the army offensive in North Waziristan,’’ he said, referring to the anti-Taliban military offensive that began in June.



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    The killings,abductions,enslavement and abuse of children through under-aged marriages all in the name of Islam by some Muslims is inexplicable………..Which God are they really worshipping ?

    • djay

      Your God


        You are absolutely wrong !! Amadioha does not spare cruel people who go about killing innocent children !!

    • tundemash

      Guess what ?

      The BBC has just reported “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who has just arrived in Peshawar, described the attack as a “national tragedy”.”

      That is the Pakistani President on ground hours after the attack. Where is Dumbo Jo ? Why Dumbo Jo not visisted the North East since Boko Haram started their carnage or since the abduction of the girls? Could it because he doesn’t want to be seen as working against the interetst of his Boko Haram boys ? Is it responsible to go dabcing Skelewu a day after a terrorist attack on your citizens …… just like the coward Dumbo was schooled buy the 17yrs-old Malala, he also needs some lessons from the Pakistani Prime Minister !!!

      • George

        Has the president resign over there as your wicked muslims brothers of yours inversaged here for our president.

        Do you see the head of mulims cursing the president there rather they directed their anger toward the Talibans not the president as your backward brothers are doing here.

        tundermash you will never see any peace in your life time, Amen

        • tundemash

          f00l , why would the Pakistani President alive to his responsibility be asked to resign ? Why would a President who was onsite hours after terrorist attack be asked to resign? Compare that with your skelewu-dancing Otuoke m0r0n.

          Cl0wn, if your prayers were that effective, you won’t be depending on amnesty stove and rice for survival ….. a miserable lowlife looking for anyone to drag down with him. Keep getting high on that poor man’s opium: religion !


        They took Ironsi for a ride…….it will not happen again,go hang !!

      • emmanuel

        Do you not think Nawaz should resign? Is he not dumb? Is there anytime Jonathan did not call your’s it the calling the incident a National Trajedy that makes him a better leader? Or will that bring back those lives.

        Ask your shallow brain how many times Nawaz has appeared as President in the face of unbriddled violence? Yet Jonathan is not qualified to do even a term on the account of Boko Haram.


        Yeye fowl.

  • Warri Boy

    President Jonathan is responsible for this attack. He has failed to provide adekwaite security in schools. He should resign so that APC can return to power in Islamabad.


      Nah !! Buhari and Tinubu are Muslims with connections in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border tribal areas……they must know a thing or two about this bloody attack on civilisation !!

  • Ayinde

    Indeed something is fundamentally wrong with ISLAM .The earlierits its follower know this & attempt to correct this the better for all. Even a Humanist withBlood flowing in his veins will not do this.
    Imagine in an attempt to promote sharia law or political system, you have to eliminate the same people intend to rule over. Imagine 141 innocent school kids. Na waoooooo

  • emmanuel

    Warri Boy took the keyboard before me with the same comment.

    Na Jonathan and Ihejirika cause am. They should go to ICC and resign for the APC.

    My queation, how many times have Pakistanis sent away their president on the account of these bombings.

    All the noise about incompetence on Jonathan is ethnic biased.

    The USA went for rescue mission in Yemen which failed. I am sure Lai Mohammed would have called for Obamas resignation it it were in Nigeria and Ezekwesili will mobilse her co-clowns to Unity Fountain.

    Nigeria is a combination of Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland dinning on the same table and buying time ti disintegrate

  • emmanuel

    Islam is violence anywhere.

    Mohammed instituted riotous living for his followers

  • citizenka

    The author said It is now clear that it was a mistake to have delayed appointments of ministers.
    Please call a spade a spade it was clear from the onset that it a dramatic error if not crime that can only be linked to incompetence, mischief or sense baseless arrogance.

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    1.Minister of Defence- North Muslim
    2.Minister of Internal Affairs- North Muslim
    3.Chief Of Army Staff- North Muslim
    4.Chief of Air Staff – North Muslim
    5.National Security Adviser- North Muslim
    6.Director General SSS – North Muslim
    7.Comptroller Geneneral Nig Custom Services- North Muslim
    8.Controller of Nig Prisons Services- North Muslim
    9.Controller of Nig Immigration Services – North Muslim
    10.Commandant National Civil Defence Corps – North Muslim.