Civil War veteran, Alabi Isama, replies Obasanjo; says ex-president an ‘incredible opportunist’

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo

A Nigerian civil war veteran, Alabi Isama, has reacted to details published by former President Olusegun Obasanjo in his new book, lambasting Mr. Isama as a notorious figure who was fired from the army for being incompetent and deceitful.

Mr. Obasanjo’s attack came in his book, My Watch, where he responded to claims made by Mr. Isama in his 2013 book, The Tragedy of Victory.

In the publication, Mr. Isama had dismissed Mr. Obasanjo’s civil war account, published in My Command in 1980, as lies.

Mr. Alabi specifically questioned Mr. Obasanjo’s war claims, saying the former president only made to the war front after the war had ended.

In Mr. Obasanjo’s latest book, My Watch, released last week, the former president launched a blistering attack on Mr. Isama saying he was fraudulent and deserved not to have been in the army.

“I have known Alabi since he was an officer cadet at the Nigerian Military Training (NMTC) along with Akinrinade, Obeya, Danjuma and others. At first Alabi claimed he was from Ilorin, as he felt that saying he was from the North would bestow some advantage for him,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

“When that did not work he claimed he was from Ibadan. Being from Midwest was his last claim, and added Isama to his name. What is this if not fraud? As an officer, Alabi was the only one in the military that I played a game of squash with who cheated on the court by counting more points for himself. What character! Alabi’s reputation was notorious when I took over the 3 Marine Commando. He could be in bed with a woman and yet radio his commander to say that he was in pursuit of the rebels.

Mr. Isama has responded to the former president.

Read his reaction below:

I’m gravely pained to be trading words with General Olusegun Obasanjo once again on the history of Nigeria-Biafra War. He is an elder and a former ruler who, ordinarily, should be treated with utmost respect.

But how can one genuinely respect an old man who tells lies like a badly raised child? Obasanjo has obviously not recovered from the shock inflicted on him by my book, The Tragedy of Victory, in which I exposed the tissues of lies in his civil war memoir, My Command.

It is said that a lie may travel for a thousand miles, but it takes just one step of truth to catch up with it.

I’m alive to stand up to him on the lies he has told on the war because I was a major participant in it. I kept records. With facts and figures at my fingertips, I have debunked Obasanjo’s lies in part three of my book, consisting of one hundred and sixty five pages, sixty nine pictures, thirteen military strategies and tactics, maps and documents. This was the same Obasanjo who published a fake Federal Government gazette that I was found guilty by the Army when I was never tried. I have proved that Obasanjo was an incompetent commander. I have proved that he was a wily and cunning fellow, and an incredible opportunist who reaped where he did not sow.

I have proved that he was an ingrate and a hypocrite. More importantly, I have proved that he was a coward, who ran away from the war front to go and look for phantom ammunition. Rather than respond to my claims the way a gallant officer should, he has now responded like a motor-park tout, impugning my person and questioning my ethnic lineage. I never said I was from Ibadan. I only schooled there.

General Obasanjo, this bolekaja style is so demeaning. You live in a glass house, so stop throwing stones. We, who have facts, pictures and documents, meticulously kept over the years, can tell the whole world one or two things about you.

Have a look at this attached picture at your wedding to your first wife Remi. When the photographer wanted to take the picture of the bride and groom and their parents, you said a few things about your parents which I still remember. It was only Remi’s mother that took the picture with us. Please, don’t mess with the memory of my dear parents. You know my mother, an Ilorin woman, and you also saw her at the war front. She told me who my father was and she spoke his language, and took me to his home town when he died. I went to primary school in Owu, so I know your family very well. You should be honest enough to tell the world the story of the man who was your father.

I told you and wrote in my book that any person who does not appreciate the efforts of women has had no good mother. Please, don’t go beyond military tactics and strategies when dealing with me.

You say in volume three of your book My Watch that I could be in bed with a woman while radioing my commander that I was in pursuit of rebels. Hundreds of thousands of those who have read my book The Tragedy of Victory——a six hundred and seventy-page book, complete with four hundred and fifty pictures and thirty nine military strategies and tactics, maps and documents—- will call you a liar. I am so surprised and even embarrassed that a man of your status is still trading in gutter rumours. An elder with a filthy mind, a leader who lacks wisdom of age, does not deserve any respect.

I’m the same Godwin Alabi-Isama that commanded the troops that liberated today’s Cross River State in thirty days of battle from Calabar to Obubra with no single casualty. This is the same Alabi-Isama that advanced 480 kilometres in 30 days from Calabar to Port Harcourt, liberating today’s Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Bayelsa States with 35,000 men and women with 15000 on logistics, building roads and pontoons, with 8 men and 2 officers as my casualties. Obasanjo ordered the attack of Ohoba, a mere 24 miles from Owerri, in one hour of battle, more than 1,000 Nigerian soldiers were dead.

Obasanjo claims that when I once played squash with him, I cheated. This incredible liar has forgotten that there were witnesses to that game. Those witnesses are still alive, and they remember what really happened. I played squash with him once in my life. He could not make a point because I was not one of his sycophants who would allow him to win a game just to massage his huge ego. Look, General Obasanjo, there was no way you could have beaten me in any game. You do not have the physique and agility to do that. Apart from being a popular sports man and soccer captain in Ibadan Boys High School, I was Sports Officer in the Nigerian Army, playing games from soccer to tennis, athletics etc. You never played any games at school let alone in the Army. If you had been diligent at your physical exercises as we were taught to be, your protruding tummy would not have become a butt of joke to many officers and men of the Army.

General Obasanjo may try but he cannot deny the evidence of the civil war tragic history. While he got over a thousand soldiers killed at Ohoba, myself, Alani Akinrinade, and the brilliant and hardworking Pincer Team of Ola Oni, Iluyomade, Isemede, S.S. Tomoye, Salawu, Okwarobo, Sunny Tuoyo, etc. did a better job at the Third Marine Commando. I have stated how it was done in The Tragedy of Victory, by writing to set the Civil War records straight. Obasanjo says I only wanted to make money that was why I wrote my book, after all I was broke. I thank Obasanjo for unwittingly giving credit that I did not steal money in the Army. I believe that this country Nigeria ought to know by now all the crooks parading themselves as saints. Now I know why Obasanjo was surprised at my financial successes abroad, and then sent his wife Stella of blessed memory to me.

She was my guest in Houston Texas for a week. We have video and pictures of the visit with witnesses like Jack Gonsoulin, Rod Anthony, and Tom Britton. I challenge Obasanjo to a debate on military tactics and strategies on the Nigerian Civil War. He wrote about his team.

Who were they? George Innih went the wrong way to Arochukwu when Akinrinade needed reinforcement for the final battle to capture Uli Ihiala airport. Akinrinade told him that he would shoot George Innih anytime he showed up. Where was Obasanjo’s fake Apollo Battalion that operated behind enemy lines, when he could not capture Ohoba? When Akinrinade called him that Biafra troops had surrendered to him and the Pincer team, Obasanjo, who was coming from a party, got lost looking for them, as he did not know where to go and did not know the way to Amichi.

I am not qualified to comment on Obasanjo’s political achievements, if any, for this country. The people and posterity will do that.

There is no president in this country that he has not condemned. Haba! He always thinks that he has the preserve of knowledge on how to rule this country. Did the country move forward when he was Head of State or President? He destroyed the heart of the national security. We can see the result today. He destroyed education in many ways. We see the result today. He destroyed a lot of other things. As for how he has treated his family shabbily, his wife and children have openly made their comments. Those comments are in public domain today and forever, even though Obasanjo cleverly brushes them aside in his current book. I implore Obasanjo to stop lying before he dies.


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  • Marine Commando

    A Question For Obasanjo

    Which single town did the then Colonel and now General Olusegun Obasanjo liberate
    throughout the 1967/1970 Nigerian civil war – just ask him one town he liberated – none!

    • Rickshaw

      “Obasanjo is the most toxic leader that Nigeria has produced so far.
      A country that took him out of jail and made him a president, he abused
      Nigeria, deceived Nigeria, and now, deserves a second term in prison,
      and, we will make sure he ends up there”

      ……….Lt. General Yakubu Danjuma
      (Former Chief of Army)

      [December, 2007]

      • Gwarinpa Palace

        …and the same obasanjo thinks he can hoist APC upon Nigerians?! Can you imagine that man!

    • igboham

      Liberate from what and who sir?

  • chukzee

    Isama is referring us to his book, so we should buy his book too and read abi? Ok Contunu!

    • David

      You do not have to buy any book. My children schooling in USA where History is important for their tomorrow know the history of American Civil war, names of officers and how each performed. That is History for you. Nigeria civil war is not a story only for today, it is for ever. If you do not read it, at a point in the life of your off springs when Nigeria will start teaching History again, they will read it and see how elders of yester years managed the Nation called Nigeria. That is why people always say that posterity will judge. Whatever names you call these officers today will not matter. They are part of our History and posterity will judge them. The truth will always prevail

      • igboham

        Nigeria is not a nation please. I also remind you that the Germans were the aggressors in the world war.


        It gets very complicated when elders turn to prolific liars and self praising megalomaniacs who beat their own drums at the expense of truthfulness.
        These illicit publications should be placed in public toilets not in bookshops or libraries

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    This two war criminals need to put down
    the story is hurting

    • Funso

      Igbo people published war stories too-So they are also criminals.Right? Just asking based on your thought! Chinua Achebe is also a criminal since he wrote on the civil war-abi? Bring it on.

      • tsunami1earthquake

        What do you people gain from conflict, especially conflicts based on ethnicity? Just pass and move on!

        • Funso

          Can you please direct your question to Nwa Aba (Biafran)? Please check his post first. Okay?


        We are talking about the master-minds of genocide who go about writing books about a criminal act and reaping financial gain….that is why Jack Gowon refused to publish a book,he knows it was a huge genocide !

        • Funso

          Shut up, it means Chinua Achebe IS A CRIMINAL-Why? If those who wrote on Civil wars are criminals, then Chimamanda Adichie is a criminal, and Chinua Achebe is a criminal because they wrote on the civil war. Bring it on baby and let us play! I am loving this. Next!


            Do not get worked up and frustrated over historical facts.I would love to bring it on but you have since departed into a delusional tantrum and it appears you have lost all sanity !

          • Funso

            One more time , take this: Odumegwu Ojukwu your leader who led you into an insane war is a criminal. Tawanda you have revealed yourself. Stop moaning Igboman. It is a criminal that will use the suffering of his people as a negotiation bait. So? Your leader Ojukwu and Chinua Achebe are criminals. Bring this on baby, and I’m loving it!!! We will list your criminals for you and thrwo them at your face. I am enjoying this!!!! Lesson? next time do not dip your hands into something bigger than you that may burn you. bring it on. You will get it precisely in the right measure.


            A certain Yoruba lawyer Obafemi Awolowo owned up in a 1975 newspaper interview that he was the brain behind the illegal policy of deploying hunger and starvation of civilians as a weapon of war,an act which contravenes the Geneva convention on the conduct of armed conflict.The evil blockade which meant the shooting down of humanitarian relief planes of the International Red Cross and the Harassment of pilots deployed to fly in food and medicines by the international community cost the lives of 2 million innocent civilians mostly children,women,the elderly and disabled.
            This unprecedented act of genocidal savagery happens to be unique in the sense that Awo himself accepted guilt but claimed he had no regrets because he had to do the needful.If not for his obvious suicide,he would be a candidate for the ICC…………PURE HISTORICAL FACT !!

          • Funso

            I am happy you are revealing yourself-Tawanda alias Reno Omokri alias the “truth” alias otile alias oleku alias Nwa Aba (Biafran) we know you, you can rub your mouth the way you want , you can change your name the way you want 100 times. When your criminal leader Odumegwu Ojukwu starved you to death in the civil war for propaganda purposes and the criminal propagandist called Chinua Achebe the one that went to his grave a lonely, sad , dejected and rejected man-went to town hypocritically you forgot that all these are documented. Okay? In contemporary times, there are other younger criminal ones writing useless self serving garbage on the civil war. All these are criminals. You can bring it on baby Tawanda and we will list your criminal self serving opportunist tribesmen and women for you.


            What do you stand to gain from your heartless defence of genocidists who write and publish their macabre escapades in a desperate attempt to defraud history ? There are two sides to this issue,the genocidists and their innocent victims.
            You are clearly on the wrong side of history !

          • Funso

            I am just wondering why you will defend your Chief Genocidalist “leaders” Odumegwu Okukwu and the other sad one called Chinua Achebe who made millions of dollars out of your self inflicted misery. If you were not ready for a war, why did your genocidalist and dubious leaders deceive you? Take that and bring the next historical garbage from your dubious civil war archives. Being below moral and intellectual contempt, you do not deserve anything but intellectual and moral scorn. Bring it on and yu get it in right and proper measure. I dey kampe dey enjoy myself! next Igbo historical garbage?

    • David

      This is called History. It hurts the Germans in the world wars and they moved on today. Read the books on both sides analyse them, learn from them and move on. However anytime fresh information is available in the world, History is updated. It is forever


        I would rather place the Igbo in the same basket as the Jews,we were on the receiving end of genocide and pogroms. The Germans were the perpetrators of genocide,you are rightly in the same basket with them……the only difference they accepted history with equanimity while you are busy attempting to wish away history albeit impossible !!

  • Baba Messi

    I have said it countless times that the only place ‘Captain’ Obasanjo can NAVIGATE the APC ship will be into the Bermuda triangle.
    This Obj’s self seeking book seems to be having a boomerang effect on its author! I hope he will not have to rush to join Kashamu and pray the court to halt the release of that his book.
    Yawa don gas o!

  • Gideon Orkar

    The Navigator should be killed

  • Ade

    Nigeria is “blessed” to hvae leaders like OBJ. He grossly abused his second chance. Is obvious he will died in prison!

  • BlackieUmukoro

    An elder with a filthy mind is a dangerous elder indeed

  • tsunami1earthquake

    But, Mr. Isama, was Obasanjo’s accusation correct? If yes, then address it but if no, then recourse to law is there. But remember that Obasanjo has been in government almost all his working life; so he must have been in a position to see all secret files of people around the country. That’s why many people fear to cross swords with him because he has a reservoir of dossier on almost everybody, and might even access those not in his possession.

    • kenny

      Did you read all he said?

    • David

      Tsunami, OBJ was expected to respond to issues raised in The Tragedy of Victory, not calling names. The issues were Military Tactics and Strategy, not women or squash games. These are issues that will outlive the participants like those of the world wars. They are not issues to be brushed aside. OBJ has been in government all his life I bet you like what you got today eh!

  • kenny

    A leader who lacks wisdom of age, does not deserve any respect. What a good talk.

  • igboham

    I just hope that my people will once again think deeply of how these people planned to kill us off for being Biafrans . We were unable to defend the Calabar – Ogoja axis due to lack of arms and now it is a mark of bravery for these savages who raped and plundered our village. Never again. – we must be better prepared now

    • David

      I have seen people succeed from failure but not excuses. Did Ojukwu not tell the world that no power in black Africa would defeat Biafra? It was superioe military strategy and tactics. Read the books from both sides.

      • John Graves

        Your judgement is highly suspect if you believe the Nigerian army would’ve defeated the Biafrans without the help of soviet,Egyptian and other foreign pilots flying MiG jets over Biafra.

    • Okikiola Beckley

      You better do and don’t forget the popular axiom of war by the great military philosopher,Sun Tzu,”Don’t start a war if you are not sure of victory”.

      • igboham

        We had never started a war before and not about to start one now.
        However it is our duty to defend ourselves and must be fully prepared for that.

  • D.A

    Some things needs to be noted here. Firstly, Alabi Isama along with
    Akinrinade and the host of other commanders mentioned by Isama were all
    subordinates of and subject the direct orders of OBJ from June 1969 to
    the end of the civil war. All actions taken by Isama once OBJ assumed
    command were done in accordance with the orders of OBJ. Comparing 1,000
    dead soldiers to your no casualties is somewhat daft! OBJ carries the
    failure of the 1,000 dead soldiers in OWERRI who were commanded by an
    unnamed officer and the success of your (and all his other sub-ordinate
    commanders) gallant forces commanded by you. You, Mr Isama, was not the
    head of any division. You were a sub divisional commander!

    the fact that you have pictures of various battle fronts does not mean
    that there were times that you were not in the bossom of woman whilst
    pretending to be in the battle front.

    thirdly, it is also true
    that for the most part, your name was Alabi and you only recently
    started to include Isama to your name. Nothing false about that.

    It is silly to presume that because obj was shot in the bottom he was
    running away from the action. Generally, in the heat of war soldiers
    come from different sides. If a sniper is hiding in a building and
    soldiers walk past him, at a point the sniper will have the rear view of
    those soldiers in his sights even though those soldiers are walking
    forward not running away from anything. Your inferences are wild and
    somewhat silly. If you are saying that when in battle and fighting in a
    theatre of war people do not move around to ensure that no enemy troops
    are lurking in the front, side or back of you, then you are truly a
    soldier divorced from reality!!

    Fifthly, the fact that you may
    have spent some time in Owu as a child in primary school does not mean
    you know the history of anyone! I barely know the history of the people
    in my street unless they are family friends. The OBJ family were not
    your family friends when you were a little boy in primary school. In
    fact OBJ did not know you when you were in Owu in primary school. I
    doubt OBJ’s mother or his farmer father will have the time or reason to
    sit down and discuss anything of note with a primary school student!!!
    You met OBJ whilst in the army as adults!

    It is very clear that this writer is a megalomaniac with an axe to grind with OBJ.

    into details about his sporting history as an indication of why you
    would win a game of squash seems so bizarre to me! Anyone that knows
    anything about sports knows that they very best can be beaten by the
    average sports man even if on average they tend to beat most people
    under normal circumstances!!

    On the issue of whether you being broke in 2013 is an indication that you did not steal money whilst in the army and before you were retired from the army in 1978 is bewildering!! If this is the type of inferences you were drawing throughout your book, then it is no better than toilet paper! Lehman brothers, bear stearns and Abiola’s wealth have all disappeared between 1978-2013. Even OBJ went from rich to poor to rich within that time! That you may be broke in 2013 is all about the financial decisions taken between 1978 and 2013 than any conclusive evidence of your probity or otherwise!

    • David

      You need to read OBJ’s book and that of Alabi. I am not sure that you have. All OBJ needed to do was to respond to the expose of his book My Command in The Tragedy of Victory. Simple. I was at Alabi’s book launch in Lagos and all officers of 3MCDO alive spoke. Read the books not assumptions. Ago Owu is not a big place families know families. Alabi was in the wedding picture.

      • D.A

        The man was in primary school. His mother did not live in Owu (his mom lived in Illorin) and Isama’s father died before Isama could be aware of who he was. Primary school students do not know the entire people in the adugbo unless the troublesome ones. Do you know the lives of everybody in your neighbourhood? Do you discuss your family business with 10 year old boys in the primary school near your house? How many families near your primary school did you know their history?


          You are a liar !! You are disputing a man’s history as told by him and without facts . You are a mess !!

          • D.A

            It is called using common sense! The man’s story makes very little sense. The man is talking like he was independent of OBJ. The man worked under OBJ towards the end of the war. The other two GOC’S were bisala and whichever man took over from Murtala! Isama absconded from the war front under Adekunle, fought for a brief period with Biafra before defecting back to the federal side! The man is simply not credible. The nature of his sack from the army also calls into question his credibility!


      Every sane person knows that Alabi Isama is the honest one while OBJ has been and always will remain a lying megalomaniac who publishes one pack of lies after another .

  • Wähala

    Why did Alabi Isama end up in the US on self-imposed exile?
    He stole the money the military sent him to procure equipment with and never returned.
    Most of his writings are about the Biafra War which most Nigerians have moved on and away from.
    Between the two men, Obasanjo definitely has more credibility and respect locally and internationally.
    This Isama character sound everything but honest and should be disregarded as an attention seeker. Who reviewed or read Isama’s comedy book? He claimed in it that Baba took a bullet in the butt yet, here and today is claiming Obasanjo never saw the battle front… forgetting that it was to Baba that Effiong surrendered to. Liar! What a character, indeed!

    • 3 Marine Commando

      You must truly be one of OBJ sycophants. A commander does not leave his troops to look for ammunition. Where did Alabi say that he was not in the war front?

      • David

        General Alabi was 3MCDO strategist, not procurement officer Where did you get that story from? The man Alabi does not need to seek attention at 74. He is putting our country’s record straight as far as he knows. Let other elders do that for posterity not gutter talks.

    • Es3

      Maybe you need to know this: The fact that General Philip Effiong surrendered and handed over the instrument of surrender to Obasanjo does not mean that Obasanjo fought or won the war?!!!

      Such events are handled by any officer who the c-in-c has chosen to represent him at the ceremony and Obasanjo had recently relieved Black Scorpion at 3MCOD of the Nigerian Army and General Gowon did chose him (Obasanjo)!

      The point here is, it could have anybody else chosen by Gowon or Gowon himself!

      • Wähala

        Now, answer my first line about why Alabi ended up stranded in the US.

        • Es3

          Someone else answered you on that and I’m not holding brief for your question nor the answer provided, rather reference to a pointer to the truth – Obasanjo’s wife visit and one week stay at Alabi-Isama’s house over there?!

          Mine is on who is qualified to receive surrender instruments! If you have further questions on that, then you are welcome?!

          • Wähala

            You cannot direct my line of thought as I never offered you odeku to respond to my initial comment… so, buzz off!


            When did you register any “line of thought” as a personal franchaise ?….stop being ridiculous !

          • Wähala

            So now you’re crawling out of the shell of yet another handle, ba? Who invited you in our dialogue if you’re not Es3? Fraudster, the only ridiculous person online is you basically bcos of your desperation. I’ve told you, I will no longer contribute to your daily crumbs ny responding to your rants, so… vamoose!

          • Es3

            No problem!

            Feel free to return to your odeku and attempt to console yourself with it?!


    Whenever OBJ kicks the bucket,a lot of sacrifices will be needed to appease the gods if he is not buried with his ancestors across the Niger bridge which he decided to sit upon and frustrate a replacement of ! It is better he tells the world the truth now and avoid the calamity which may follow !

  • Intrepid

    You liberated Qua,you liberated Iboe, you liberated all and sundry, but gave away Bakassi. You think the people of Akwa Ibom and Cross river will clap for you. You are all criminals. The real tragedy are you criminals displaying your psychosis in writing below par memoirs.

  • James

    We don’t want ethnic sentiments!!! This we all say so often but how do you want the victims of such genocide to feel when the perpetrators’ only achievement in life starts or ends in killing Igbos, for a reason that remains or will ever remain unresolved? Is ‘one Nigeria beneficial to the average Nigerian’? What’s the glory to celebrate that we remain one but will never progress? No sympathy but a deep thought should tell us the truth.

  • igbiki

    This was the type of individual Mr Jonathan should have left OBJ with. instead of trying to ban the new bible he wrote.

  • luku

    Hope these thieving pastors and bishops who continually fleece us through tithes and offerings are reading this truth?

  • Johnson

    God comes across as a spirit who never learns nothing owing to the pride of He created or spoke everything into existence. Human scientists appear better than God in reasoning and behaviour in that they subject matter to different conditions,and make useful observations and change where necessary. Scientists,unlike God,don’t say because they made the matter go through some conditions of experiment they know all,and won’t learn and change to become better. Pride of He made and spoke everything into existence won’t allow him sit to read books,and to read and critically study humans to learn how we behave under different conditions. Pride of all power belongs to him is the reason he misapplies his power;what I call power abuse. What sort of a God will keep repeating same thing under the guise that things aren’t perfect yet? It is a God who never learns anything because of the pride of he spoke everything into existence. Therefore,he never changes. Hiss

  • Igwe Bu Ike

    45% of Nigerian soldiers who fought the Nigerian-Biafran wars were recruited from Benue and Plateau and they were mostly christians. 25% were recruited from Yorubaland and Mid-Western Nigeria, 15% were northern christians from north east Nigeria and kaduna south, 15% were northern muslims and 2% were recruited from Ijaw Land and 3 % were recruited from neighbouring states such as Niger Republic, and Chad. Most chadian soldiers were wiped out by Biafran soldiers.

    The question now, is why did Nigerian christians waged genocidal war against the Biafrans who were 99.9% christians. If you went through names of Nigerian military commanders during the war, you will discover that they were few muslim commanders. It is a known facts, that most of the atrocities committed against Biafrans were carried by Nigerian christians military commanders from middle-belt, yorubaland and mid-western nigeria,

    President Buhari, once said that if anybody wants to know more about the civil war, the person should ask Gowon and Danjuma. To my knowledge, Danjuma and Gowon are Christians from Middle-Belt, who committed heinous crime against humanity, during the war.

    This Alabi Isama, where did he come from? What is the name of his tribe? This Alabi was around when Murtala Mohammed and Ibrahim Taiwo ordered the execution of 700 unarmed civilians in Asaba after which Nigerian soldiers went on raping spree of women left behind by Asaba men who were executed on the orders of Murtala Muhammed and Ibrahim Taiwo. Funnily, both men (Murtala and Taiwo )were killed on the same by Colonel Dimka and co. during the abortive coup that brought Obasanjo to power.

    In today’s Biafra, Organisations like IPOB AND MASSOB are pointing fingers at muslims for committing atrocities against Biafran during the war. The truth, is that they were few muslims commanders commanding Nigerian army during the war. The crimes committed against Biafrans were carried by christians military commanders from south-west Nigeria, mid-west and middle belt.