Tompolo’s battleships may be turned against Itsekiri – Group

Photo Credit: Vanguard Newspaper

The acquisition of seven decommissioned Norwegian battleships by a company believed to be owned by an ex-militant, Government Ekpemupolo, is threatening to fan the embers of ethnic hostility in the Niger Delta, as a pan-Itsekiri organisation, the Warri Study Group, WSG, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to revoke the security contract granted Mr. Ekpemupolo’s company and place him under watch.

In a statement signed by the group’s Chairman, Edward Ekpoko, and Secretary, Tony Ede, the WSG warned that if Mr. Ekpemupolo, popularly called Tompolo, turned the weapon against the Itsekiri or other ethnic nationalities in the Niger Delta, the international community should hold Mr. Jonathan accountable for failing to act.

On Saturday, PREMIUM TIMES reported that Mr. Ekpemupolo’s security company, Global West Vessel Service, which was awarded a multi-billion-naira contract by the Federal government to secure pipelines in the Niger Delta, procured seven decommissioned Hulk class battleships from Norway. According to the report, the battleships with capability to carry missiles have been re-armed.

The procurement appears to violate Nigeria’s law. Part II Section 17 of the Private Guard Companies Act forbids private security companies from procuring or carrying deadly weapons.

“No person approved under the provisions of this act shall bear or possess any firearm or ammunition in the course of his duties,” the act stipulates.

WSG says it fears that Mr Ekpemupolo, who is from the Ijaw ethnic group, as Mr. Jonathan, may use the weapon against the Istekiris who have a long history of ethnic rivalry with the Ijaws.

“President Jonathan, Tompolo and the DG of NIMASA are all of Ijaw extraction and we therefore see a script being acted out. Nigeria is the only country in the world where individuals – a rehabilitated militant for that matter – is awarded a contract to oversee the security of the coastline of a nation and with powers to import warships and sophisticated arms,” it said in the statement.

The group said it observed that since Mr Ekpemupolo’s company was awarded the contract to protect pipelines in the region, oil theft and bunkering have been on the increase. It, therefore, suggested that the battleships may be meant for intimidating other ethnic nationalities in the region rather than for what it was ostensibly procured for.


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  • endingNaija

    Because Nigerian Christians from various ethnic groups have been deceived by President Jonathan and his campaign team to believe that President Jonathan is “fighting a christian cause”, I think the joke now is on these christians who PDP and President Jonathan have successfully deceived. President Jonathan is basically an Ijaw candidate. He is not even popular in the Niger Delta, South South beyond his Ijaw enclave, yet he is able to hoodwink “christians” when he quickly positions himself as the “christian” candidate!!! I am sure Pastors such as Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God must be writhing now to see how deceptive President Jonathan and his marketer-Pastor Ayo Oristejafor are in selling Goodluck Jonathan as the “christian” candidate. With the revelations whereby his Ijaw tribesmen continue to acquire deadly weapons ready to commence another round of terrorism when he loses in 2015, can this President-Goodluck Jonathan-be truly said to be a “christian” candidate -beyond an Ijaw candidate-as he has dubiously sold himself? is he not just and Ijaw president first and last? Me I dey laaf ooooo for those our Ijaw president has deceived! I expect President Jonathan online campaigners as coordinated by Reno Omokri to once again Ruuuuussshhh in! They are akpos1/otile/oleku/Tawanda/the truth/mpitikwelu/mani-kay/Temmie/Deacon etc.

    • George

      Nonsense has GEJ ever told you he is fighting for Christians or you are looking for who will fighting for Muslims you got one already because your boko haram are doing just that is only they have short of Christians to kill hence using you people to test runs their guns why crying

      • endingNaija

        Shut up. “Pastor” Ayo Oritsejafor of Christian Association of Nigeria is one of Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign managers. You people have told us that your Ijaw man is the “christian” candidate. Seeing the WARSHIPS Goodluck Jonathan is buying thru fellow Ijaw man Tompolo, the JOKE IS NOW ON NIGERIAN CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE BEEN HOODWINKED BY GOODLUCK JONATHAN!

    • taiwo

      Abegi. Where is Manikay these days? Him tire? Abi him don change side? And you didn’t mention Deri

  • tundemash

    When Dumbo left Boko Haram to run riot in the North-east, you were all clapping. The stick (Negligence/Divide and rule) that was used to beat the North-East is now coming down South and you are making noise. Now you know injustice anywhere is injustice to all. Itsekiri people, I wish you “goodluck”

    Under Dumbo, Nigeria is a crime scene (cr. @Dare)

    • King Carlos

      Its called KARMA. Law of KARMA.

    • George

      OUR boys hear us when we called not your boys who shit and clean their bootock with your korea

      • tundemash

        I see a monkey carrying a dog in that your avatar …. was that you carrying your son or your father carryng you?
        Only in Nigeria do animals mix with humans !

  • nigerian

    Nigerians should wake up from sleep and make rational decisions devoid of sentiments come February 2015.

  • Wähala

    It is easy to throw bone to the dog… but impossible to retrieve it without getting bitten. (Ndigbo mouth)
    Just like Ali Modu Sheriff recently found out that the Boko Haram he negotiated a cease-fire with are out of his control, no longer the ECOMOG political thugs he armed, it dawned on Dr. Dumbo recently that the Tompolo he armed to the teeth to protect our waterways remains un ungrateful, unrepentant and blood-thirsty terrorist and psychopath. The Itsekiris and any SS clown groups mouthing-off now should soak themselves in ‘Sapele Water’ and drown away their sorrow. Where were their voices when Dumbo turned the other way as other ethnic groups are being slaughtered up North? Didn’t they claim it’s the Northerners kidnapping and killing themselves? Well, this is also regional, ethnic discrepancy Nigerians cannot be bothered with, when we told them Dumbo is an “Ijaw President” they called us names… Now, ‘Goodluck’ with your local brew. Hahaha chei!

    • King Carlos


    • tundemash

      lo ba tan !
      When the dead count is up to 30,000, we will set up a committee to investigate if this story is true. For now, na only this Itsekiri group waka come .

    • George

      Boko haram has become Ali Modu Sheriff property now not BUHARI because Ali Modu Sheriff has left the expired APC SHAME ON YOU ALL

      • Wähala

        Shut up dia, oponu. It was back-to-sender on Modu Sheriff, he was never welcome in the APC bcos he was a plant that didn’t work. Good riddance since it has neutralized the Janjaweed tag from Olisa Metuh… Dumbo is the real terrorist that God has exposed, his days are few and then, it shioo to The Hague. A sadistic psychopath without common sense… and Amnesty miscreants like you and Deri will be sent back to the Zoo in Otuoke enclave. Animals!

      • tundemash

        I see a monkey carrying a dog in that your avatar …. was that you carrying your son or your father carryng you?
        Only in Nigeria do animals mix with humans!

    • taiwo

      Wahala! Nawa for u sha! I don laugh tire sotay! water dey comot for my eyes and ppl inside public transport dey wonder wetin dey happen.

  • Magenta

    Tampolo is not after the itsekiris but igbos whom may want to take advantage of the Deltans if Nigeria breaks. The war ships will finish half of them in one day if they messed up because of their greed so itsekiris hold u r worries

    • Wähala

      Tompolo the illiterate who has no JSS certificate… who do you think operate his armada for him? Bros, better to find out who armed the Naija Delta militants and MEND before mouthing off at the only ethnic group who have survived war and understand the calamities of one. It will take only a handful of “agberos” from Onitsha Head Bridge to chase you Aborigines into deep brown sea… as your contaminated waters are at the moment. If the psychopathic terrorist is only after Ndigbo, why did your moron Dumbo, who’s a fellow Ijaw, balk at visiting Delta State last month bcos of the thug? Many people, not just you, must be banned from thinking… it’s a waste of time reading gibberish from drunkards!

      • George

        What are you worrying for you people have armed your boko haram now take yours and we take ours.

      • igboham

        You had to jump right into that garbage. I feel sorry for that.

  • djay

    Okay, the same people they claimed to be their brothers( Niger Delta) have been complaining about Tompolo for some time now and yet the president is pretending he is deaf. If they in Niger Delta don’t come out overwhelmingly to oppose BADLUCK as we march towards 2015, they should know that what will befall them will be child’s play compared to what bokoharam is doing in the North ,for Gej and Tompolo will start with them. This is a confirmed notorious terrorist, not militant, in possession of battleships with missile capability procured just 8wks to general elections and yet no word from the president. Gej should know that come 2015 he won’t have his cake and eat it if he should rig 2015 elections as Nigeria is greater than anybody cos a lot of patriots fought and died to keep this great Nation as one.
    You won’t find them coming to say that Tompolo is a terrorist( just like Sheriff, Gej their Boss)rather they will tell you more of what they don’t know about Buhari.

    • George

      Name one person who is complaining about Tompolo and I will name 300 people complaining of TINUBU

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    Premium Times should know that this divide and rule th at w as used in the 80s and 90s by the military does not work any longer and will never work again.

    The people of the littoral South of continent Nigeria otherwise referred to as the South South have long realized that there is one common enemy….and that common enemy is the Nigerian state that illegally drill its resources while polluting the ecosystem. So, to begin to publish a story that Tompolo or any other combatant will fight its own fellow South South peoples is simply disgusting mischief and quite irritating. Nigerians should go about their normal businesses.

    The protection of the resources of the Niger Delta is in the hands of its people…and I guess that is exactly what Tompolo is doing…and it is at tandem with the call to self defense by the Randy Emir.

    • segun

      Ol boy see Tompolo!!! Dey buy warships!!! Nna Dis Terrorism pay oooo. Chei! Terrorism na real money making trade! For Naija today terrorism be di fastest growing business! Chei see tomopolo illiterate see money for him hand yafunyafun courtesy his fellow Ijaw man Goodluck Jonathan. Dis terrorism na big business oooo e pay well well oooo!

      • Proudly Niger Deltan

        Please take time out from that your Cyber cafe attendant job, and take some lessons in Pidgin English bcos your Pidgin is horrible…and you made no sense.

        No be by force to write or speak Pidgin. Next time try use your Yoruba. Orhue!

        • segun

          dis ting don pain you well well oooo. Ol boy make you tell me where Tompolo school of terrorism dey? Dis ting , dis terrorism dey bring money yafun yafun, terrorism pay well well now for naija yeparipa ori mi o… na money be dis 4 tompolo hand courtesy of Ijaw president -Goodluck Jonathan!!! Ori mi o! Terrorism pay ooooo, na real business now for naija, no need to go school again oooo abegi. If illiterate like Tompolo fit get dis kind money from Ijaw president -Goodluck Jonathan, why terrorism no go pay ?. E pay well well!!! Chei Ijaw terrorism pay well well for naija!

          • George

            You better join TINUBU own because its close to your mama motel room

          • segun

            But the Ijaw and Tompolo terrorism get oil well well, the oily oil 4 una backyard!!!

          • segun

            Tompolo ati Goodluck Jonathan dat your (terrorism) own get oily oil ati warship! na im I want plus I no go go school b4 I join una terrorism. Money dey inside una own yafunyafun! Una terrorism get SWEET oyele (oil) 4 una backyard. ol boy dis ting pay well well ooo. Money dey inside. Tompolo ati Goodluck Jonathan na real Ijaw heroes. See how dem come turn terrorism to big money 4 una!

          • igboham

            Does that mean you have transfered your hatred of Ndigbo to the Ijaw. Some of have known long ago that we are same family including the Itsekiri.

          • segun

            Di only ting I know be say Ijaw /Tompolo ati Goodluck ‘school” of terrorism dey pay well well. E get oily money inside. And Naija don spoil well well. na only terrorism money na im we dey chase now my broda ndigbo. Yu know now. Sebi na yu SE ati SS dey kampe with di oyele (OIL) for una backyard wey una dey take buy WARSHIPS. Hm hm na im make me talk say dis terrorism pay well well. School? 4get dat one. Na terrorism NOW, na im pay well well na dia money dey yafunyafun. Na i make me talk say Tompolo ati Jonathan na real ijaw heroes becos dem give dis money yafunyafun for terrorism 4 NAIJA!

    • igboham

      I am glad to read from at least one sensible individual but we must now come together to confront the real enemy instead of the phantom which we are constantly presented with.

  • Igweee!!!

    Senator John McCain was right when he said in April that Nigeria does not have a government or a President under Jonathan. We have an ethnic chairman who is on overdrive of cowardly paranoia.

    But this Tompolo disaster didn’t just happen today. It happened on the day your President awarded security contracts to a criminal militant from his tribe. This eyesore on national security happened on the day you heard of that horrible presidential decision, but closed your eyes and ears in support of the President because of ethnic and religious sentiments.

    I will warn again. If Nigeria starts burning in an orgy of violence and armed conflict, the Jonathan and the Tompolo that set it on fire will be the first to escape the country in their warships and rented private jets. You, your loved ones, your friends and relations will be the ones to be slaughtered like chickens and goats.

    Therefore, you can act in your best interests by voting out this curse of a leadership called president Jonathan or you can continue to blind yourselves with Fooollish ethnic/religious sentiments. But when this country turns into another South-Sudan or Rwanda, you will remember this advice and weep for your stuuupidity.

    Some idyots are here chanting war! war! because they have never seen war. Those who have seen war are eagerly looking forward to an end of the unspeakable horror. Many of them don’t even want to live through the scars of just remembering what they saw and felt, let alone living through the event itself.

    • Leadwell

      True words. Am changing my mind abt Jonathan, this guy is truly clueless. It is our moral responsibility as patriotic citizen to vote him out. Pls let us rise above sentiment and ethnic/religious bigotry, we must make it our solemn mission to rescue Nigeria from Jonathan.

    • igboham

      Nigeria deserves to burn since the have refused to tell each other the truth.

  • Chris1408

    Politicians armed thugs with guns and rifles, they became armed robbers, kidnappers and terrorists. Now GEJ is arming a notorious criminal with warships the Nigerian navy can’t boast of. This notorious criminal will soon turn it against the Nigeria state.

    • George

      Do you have Nigeria state minos oil money

      • amazing2012

        Nigeria is not relaying on oil. Only Nigerian leaders from all the region relay on oil money which they hide outside the country. With or without oil poor Nigerians feel the same.
        Nigerian oil is a curse to us not a blessing . Hope it will dries off !


    Well. yes ls giving room to this bastard terrorist. All in the name of securing . All is we want is Change and not Jonathan. We are demanding for Change In government .We Cant wait for APC to emerge as the President . We are tired of Jonathan and Its Cohort.

    • George

      Go to hell the firearms Mudakeke and Ife used where do they got it from?

    • igboham

      Please join your brothers in Benin republic up to Kwara and form your country. Why do you want the one created by Britain?

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    When did we arrive at this? GEJ has ridicule this country to the extend of militant buying warship. For what, I ask?
    God give us hope next year during the next elections.

  • Ahmadbtm

    Looking forward to it

  • MushinSpeaks




    • igboham

      Ijaw people are not your enemy. Ijaw cannot be safe while your cities get destroyed. A missile does not differentiate. Please think – The bearers of this news are the enemies of our people creating the same old lie of divide and conquer. Please do not fall for that lie.

  • igboham

    The Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba axis of evil would again try to use divide and conquer to create enmity between the Ijaw and Itsekiri – again we all loose everything. Nobody has seen any frigates or weapons. We will kill each other before any proof shows up. Why can’t we think like human beings and just defend ourselves like brothers and sisters as done all over the world.

  • abc

    Hmm. I said it for long that, this fools Niger deltans that always use to abuse people that they own the petroleum and they want to seperate from Nigeria if ever made the mistake of allowing them self fooled by this militants South Sudan case will be a child’s play for them. Your only salvation is to stay in Nigeria where you all perceive Hausa/Fulani as your common enemy.

  • favourtalk

    Who is funding this wicked man more than the power from the center, where setting aohu only for? To buy a machine that in army can’t even lay thier hands on….wit million in Nigerian not having anything to eat every day, so hestorserohestorserowhwhestorrrhmiseningt the heshestorserohestor
    ………….we need a change

  • G4

    GEJ does not posses the personality to withstand the back lash from a seriously rigged election, he doesn’t have the fortitude to lead his people, people from Niger Delta don’t like him and are embarrassed by him my self included, have no confidence or respect for him, his contractor kinsmen threatening fire and brimstone if he is not elected are fighting among them selves already like the low level touts that they are. Nothing is going happen we have seen these useless people before they are consumed by their own stupidity, Nigeria will survive.

  • dduvwode

    The hunter’s dog.