Buhari, Atiku in secret meeting

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress [APC] on Sunday visited ex-Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, days after defeating the later and three others to clinch the presidential ticket of the party.

It is not clear what both politicians discussed at the closed-door meeting held at  Atiku’s  Abuja residence.

Mr. Buhari visited alone with just his orderly and driver while all Atiku’s aides were asked to stay away as the two leaders conversed behind closed-doors.

A source in the former vice-president’s camp however said “the APC presidential candidate came to seek the support and collaboration of Atiku in line with the former VP’s pledge to work for the success of the APC in the general elections”.

“It is also possible that they may have discussed the choice of Buhari’s VP consideration ahead of the meeting by the party tomorrow on the subject in Abuja,” the source said.

Before Mr. Buhari’s visit, PREMIUM TIMES learnt that a chieftain of the party and former Chairman of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party [ANPP], Ogbonnaya Onu, and Lawal Shuaibu, APC’s Deputy National Chairman (North), had visited Atiku.

Their mission to the former vice-president’s residence is also unclear. But the Atiku Campaign Organisation had before the APC presidential primary proposed Mr. Onu to head the party’s Negotiation Committee, which was expected to work towards ensuring that the party went into the 2015 election after its primaries with a united front.

“I cannot confirm if that proposal was accepted by the party and if indeed Onu came visiting in that capacity to discuss the affairs of the party post-primaries and to chart a way forward,” our source in the Atiku camp said.

Atiku had in his concession speech, after losing the primary,  pledged to hand over his policy document to Mr. Buhari for possible review and implementation.

Atiku lost the party’s primaries to Mr. Buhari but congratulated him minutes after the results were announced and since pledged his support.


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  • Okey

    Pithy and sympathy for Turakin Adamawa. The whole “the more you look, the less you see” APC presidential primaries was a grand gang-up against Atiku. It was operation stop Atiku at all cost. Atiku was the only outsider as he was the object of the rounds of night meetings the owners of the APC held before the “show.” Worse still, he has place else to go, I sympathize him dearly.

    • Wähala

      Shut-up dia!
      Atiku was trashed by Gov. Kwankwaso into 3rd Place, your theory would make sense had he finished 2nd. Look at their picture, does Atiku look unhappy to see Gen. Buhari? Go back to ogogoro, intellectual discourse is not for every barga. Olosi!

      • tundemash

        wetin concern agbero with overload. …. why would a PDP e-rat be crying about Atiku being short-changed in an open transparent primaries? NA FEAR OF BUHARI DEY WORRY THE E-RAT ! CHANGE IS COMING !

    • tundemash

      PDP e-rat crying more than the bereaved. An open transparent party is a “gang up” only in the ogogoro mind of a PDP e-rat used to consensus nonsense ! The only person that needs pity is you. Have you considered what you future is without the crumbs ? Have you considered where the next stove and bag of rice will come from once these rogues are chased out of power next year ? Be fearful, the future is bleak !

  • Alhaji Lai Mohammed


    “I believe that the next president of our country, who by the grace of God will be produced by our great party, must be someone who is a unifier, bridge-builder and not someone who bears ethno-religious bias. Above all, he must embody a vision of a Nigeria for all.” (Atiku Abubakar on Quote)

    • tundemash

      this one no work…. try another propaganda Mr. D@ft .

    • Maria

      And why are you faking Lai Mohammed picture…yeye olossi.

  • Chris1408

    With the cohesion in APC, GEJ might as well start packing and head to Otuoke.

  • tundemash

    People’s General need to reconsider his security arrangement. Travelling with just orderly and driver isn’t advisable. PDP has become jittery since his nomination and might just send a few Boko Haram boys after him again !!!!!!

    • Edward

      I think you are right tundemash. Given the way APC successfully handled a well disciplined party primary, it is obvious that President Jonathan is gone. But he will not go down without a fight. With Tompolo’s warships, any opposition figure to Goodluck Jonathan needs to watch his back.

    • Wähala

      I actually wondered why needed to insert that piece of info with their report, doesn’t serve any purpose other than inform evil-doers about Buhari’s security arrangement. I think it’s irresponsible journalism given that same Buhari survived assassination attempt not too long ago… with Dumbo’s goons still investigating. Clowns!

  • JonathanPHOBIC

    “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood…Revolution is inevitable in 2015 if I lose.” – M.BUHARI

    “The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die…”- Nasiru El-RUFIA

    “I am putting Jonathan on notice that he must leave office come 2015.”- Mr Ango ABDULAHI

    “If Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed…His running will amount to taking northerners for a ride. So, there will be bloodshed.” – Junaid MUHAMMED

    “You ‘rig & roast’…” – Malam Bola TINUBU

    • tundemash

      yawn !!!!!

    • segun

      And Asari Dokubo one of the many back up plans by President Jonathan if and when he loses the election in 2015, said “If Goodluck Jonathan is democratically defeated I will lead a bloodbath on the street. I will spill innocent Nigerian blood on the street.” Asari Dokubo Muslim Niger Delta said this on behalf of President Jonathan Christian Ijaw.

      • JonathanPHOBIC

        You can’t pull the wool accros the eyes of people anymore bcos a simple search on Google reveals Sir Dokubo’s statement as shown below:

        ” Replying to comments made by former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, he warned that that “if they say the blood of the dogs and the baboon will be soaked in water on the street, in blood on the street, in salt water on the street, we will help them soak them in blood…”.

        So Sir Dokubo was justified to respond. Buhari who threw the first salvo has only one head.

        • segun

          So “sir” dokubo asari will turn Nigeria into a bloody swimming pool of innocent Nigerian blood if his candidate “Sir” Goodluck Jonathan Nebuchadnezzar loses the election in 2015. I hear you. Thanks a lot!

          • George

            As you decided to turn the statement down everything about your live and your generations born and unborn shall turn outside down, say AMEN.

  • Action_Nigeria


    Former military ruler, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, during his coup speech on August 27, 1985, said what necessitated the coup against Buhari, was his failure to comprehend the plural make-up of Nigeria.

    According to Babangida, it became necessary to change leadership less than two years after Buhari came into power because “The principles of discussions, consultation and co-operation which should have guided decision-making process
    of the Supreme Military Council and the Federal Executive Council were disregarded soon after the government settled down in 1984.

    “Regrettably, it turned out that Major-General Muhammadu Buhari was too rigid and uncompromising in his attitudes to issues of national significance. Efforts to make him understand that a diverse polity like Nigeria required recognition
    and appreciation of differences in both cultural and individual perceptions, only served to aggravate these attitudes.”

    • tundemash

      Really?So IBB is now your oracle you quote; no more part of the born-to-rule north ? YOU ARE AN IMBEC1LE FOR GOING BACK TO YOUR VOMIT!
      “The army after toppling our democratic regime have no option but to install Buhari as head of state so as to avoid credibility problems, especially in the sight of the international community because of his being an epitome of integrity.”
      – SHAGARI.
      “There are only 2 honest & reliable Nigerians. Myself & Buhari. All what PDP is saying of Buhari being fundamentalist is mere hot lies. They just fear, let‘s go to jail “
      – OBJ
      General Muhammadu Buhari as a member of the Supreme Military Council and as Head of NNPC was by nature taciturn and introvert. But he took any work that was given to him very seriously. He is reliable as he is hardworking and honest, his path of moral probity and rectitude” Incorruptible
      – President Olusegun Obasango , in his book, “Not My Will”.
      “Buhari was a big brother & a father to some extent that mean nothing in life & to the nation always other than good. So, I fear no harm from him.“
      – LATE YAR‘ADUA.
      “Buhari was honest & sincere in all his conduct that perhaps, only very few Nigerians could match in integrity.“
      “Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was a true patriot, respected former head of state & elder statesman & a nationalist.“
      “I have realized our collective mistake in over-throwing you. I have seen the terrible damage which our inaction caused to the Nigerian psyche. I am most sorry. Please, come and do what is best known about you. Patriotic service to the nation.“
      –LATE ABACHA (PTF inaugural speech).
      “If Buhari quit PTF job as he promises & as we knew him to mean his words, all along, I support the idea of scrapping PTF as no one else can do the job as him.“ –IBB
      I respect Buhari. He was my Boss.He was an honorable man. And I can say this anywhere”.
      -General Ibrahim Babangida.
      “As a member PDP BOT, I decided personally to donate the #5,000,000 to Buhari‘s campaign organization because of my firm believe in his ability to right all the nation wrongs-
      “Buhari is as clean as the book I am holding”
      – Alhaji Isiaku Ibrahim, a Member of PDP Board of Trustees @ a Book launch in Kaduna
      “The issue of Gen. The Buhari‘s presidency was always being derided by the criminals who looted the nation to stupor by embarking upon a campaign of calumny so as to smear his name with a view to denying Nigerians having a leader who can improve their lots.“
      “If the truth must be said, Buhari remains the only real threat to PDP wether he runs for the presidency or not due to his massive and wider followership among the masses which has suddenly hit the elite circle.“
      -SEN. MAKARFI (recently)

      • Dumbo

        Stop wasting your time with your useless propaganda, it will never work. Nigerians are now wiser and will never vote for a clueless daft Dumbo GEJ. Also start packing your stuffs back to your undeveloped creeks.

      • Dumbo

        Sorry Mistake, the comment is meant for Action_Nigeria .

      • Action_Nigeria

        You are completely off-point ……….. What IBB clearly said is that Buhari is not a good leader …. period.

        We are not talking of Buhari’s personal attributes ….. we are talking about his ability to lead a complex country like Nigeria ….. on this count Buhari is zero ……. that is the point IBB made in his speech.

        • tundemash

          You are a drowning man clawing at any straw. Nigerians will make their choice in 2015 irrespective of your opinion and that of your oracle IBB ! Since when has IBB become a respectable voice Mr. Cl0wn ?

      • blackdove

        God bless you and thank you!

  • The Pink Panther

    Losers meeting.
    Planning how to lose and cry…

    • Wähala

      @Reno aka, @Action_Nigeria, @Dumbophobia, @Alhaji Lai…
      Drop the akpethesi for a bottle of odeku, you’re confused and desperation can be seen in your “comment language”…not even ‘body language’. It’s clear the Presidency is rattled and disoriented, Dumbo is going to The Hague and e-rats in your mold will be free to leave the country as Buhari has promised, “firing squad” to all looters. Hahaha chai! your life (not crumbs) is in danger once you step out of the shadows. At least, Dumbo may escape by hitching a ride with pastor Oletsejafor’s jet, you nko? Stüpid clown!

      • _Proudly Niger Deltan

        @Maria aka @Wahala,

        Shut up my friend. Why pretend to be two persons when you are one? aboki you show you pepper and as you lost Ilorin for life, so shall you lose Osun, Ibadan….5 yrs ago Tinubu went to Kaduna to prostrate before Bokohari, from that time till now, his life has never been the same again. Servitude has no benefit, not even in the grave.

        • Wähala

          I’m not your friend biko, we’re adversaries in different camps. And I’m certainly not @Maria, we simply share the same views…

          • George

            WHO CARES

          • Wähala

            See how easy it is to pry out your other handle… are you also George? Fraudster!

          • Bigzy

            So in being Maria, you also wear the occasional skirt bah? This sounds like a complete demonstration of your confusion. You do not know where you come from and you are not sure whether you are a man or a woman. Sorry your sponsor Atiku, whom you loved and whom you professed to have all the connections and the equipment to win was defated by the incoherent and half baked Jihadist, Bokohari. Could this be a true demonstration of your cluelessness? I hear that your former boss has held a secret meeting with Bokohari. I bet he has sold you as one of his bitches to Bokohari.

        • Progress

          What is this one saying?

          • George

            Dump pls reread to understand him stop drinking raw cow milks oh sorry only food you people have at the moment, see boko haram coming after you for using Western equipment to post comments. MUMU

    • tundemash

      na access to the awoof amnesty stove and rice dey worry you ! It is all stopping. N9b to buy stove … somebody must be jailed in 2015 for this.

  • Maria

    Jonathan and his criminal PDP are now jittery…. they are running from pillar to post… your days are numbered.

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    These donkey and cattle herds men should be told that Aso rock is not Obalende’s Doddan Barracks…He lost twice against OBJ, he must lose twice to Great Jona

    • Col.MH Mariam(rtd)

      Tell that to the fisherman now in charge.
      Change is coming. I smell change.

      • Proudly Niger Deltan

        I guess you have ur BP vests on…and sufficient rounds loaded…We shall meet at Phillipi

        • Col.MH Mariam(rtd)

          The rest of us must stop dealing with your traitors with kids’ gloves.
          Amnesty my foot. Scrap the crap immediately.
          You will soon get what you deserve, private navy ship or not.

          • George

            stop crying mariam we are not the cause of your problem when your parents married you off at 3 yrs of age whose fault

        • don

          U all at fooling itself………

    • OIBO


      • Progress

        What lose sef? No be rig rig elections? Umar Yar Adua no talk so? And Supreme Court split decision! We thank God IBJ s still alive to suffer the humiliation of duch daylight robbery. Slow Poke of all people insulting and relegating Yorubas?

      • George

        Has anybody from the north has ever fix Nigeria you dreamer

    • Omoagunmate

      Jonathan is not great, he is weak and clueless, you moron.

      • George

        You shall see soon

    • Mr. Abdin

      Jona is clueless.

  • Oleku

    Any more school abductions coming up? Naijas should be on alert, the problematic extremists are ganging up. But one thing is for sure, the SS&SE will retain the presidency till 2027, GEJ’s entitled remaining four years and an Igbo president 8years-period

    • Magenta

      Tampolo Is waiting for u with his warships

    • segun

      When will you Ijaws renew the terrorism from the creeks using Tompolo and Asari dokubo’s warships?

      • George

        Nobody will tell you when the time reach. You shall confess it with their ozooooooooooooooo mouth

    • Ade

      Reno Omokri, you are such a hopeless terrorist. You will be worse than boko haram if you had access to weapons.

      • George

        Call him any name you want he has spoken our minds so shall it be.

  • Peter Irene

    We don’t want to di in darkness. We want Buhari to give us light.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Atiku Abubakar is a democrat to the core who really believe in the unity of Nigeria and that is why he will do everything within his reach to move Nigeria forward, the visit of Buhari is a welcome development as that will pave a way for the total fixing and and development of Nigeria. .

  • sir Oscie

    Kudos Atiku for supporting GMB despite losing the election to him.
    Respect to a gallant fighter, I remain loyal to Atiku Abubakar .
    He has shown maturity.


    Atiku is not a democrat. Atiku refuse to congratulate GEJ because he is not from the North and not a mulsim. Instead of contratulating GEJ, he brought out Boko Haram to make Nigeria ungovernable to GEJ. By the grace of Allah Buhari and Atiku will fail.

  • abucheadams

    I must commend Atiku for keeping to his words on supporting whoever emerges as the presidential candidate of the APC, if he loses the party’s ticket. It shows he is a true democrat with genuine intention for the growth of this country.



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