Kwankwaso considers Senate after losing APC presidential ticket

Gov. Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso of f Kano state and APC Presidential Aspirant addressing delegates from Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom states at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos, today, Wednesday. He was accompanied by his deputy, Dr. Abdullahi Umar, Ganduje, APC BOT member, Chief Sam Nkire and former governor of Kogi State, Prince Abubakar Audu. Photo: Govt. House, Kano.

Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano State has said he might be heading to the Senate after failing to clinch the All Progressives Congress, APC’s presidential ticket Thursday.

Mr. Kwankwaso lost the party’s primaries to former head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, despite a surprisingly impressive performance that saw him receive more party votes than former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

The governor said he might consider calls from his supporters to bid for a seat in the Senate in 2015. If he so decides, it would be after consultations, Mr. Kwankwaso said.

“I will consult with my people, friends and political associate on my future politically. And you should know that my being in the Senate will help in no small measure in tackling those talkative who have nothing to offer for the unity of the Country,” the governor said.

The governor said his immediate concern is to deliver Kano the APC and to ensure PDP loses in the state “hands down”.

“I’m back to the ground to ensure that PDP defeated in this state and the country. Now I will be fully on the ground to continue with what I am doing for the development of the state,” Mr. Kwankwaso told reporters in his office Friday. “I will make sure that PDP loses in Kano and I will deliver 100% victory in the state to the APC because it’s the party that everyone is supporting across the country.”

Mr. Kwankwaso said he was satisfied that Mr. Buhari won the APC ticket for February’s presidential election.

“Whoever voted for Buhari in the just concluded presidential primary is just like he voted me. I and Buhari are the same and I believe that he will change this country to better from this mess caused by the PDP,” he said.

“I would like to use this opportunity and congratulate General Muhammadu Buhari for his victory; he is an experienced person who will better the lives of people and bring an end to this mess that is going on in the country.

“I want to say that Buhari with his military background will try his best to ensure that the security challenges facing this country will be overcome. Buhari is the best person to handle this country at this crucial time”.

“Buhari is a full-fledged politician. He worked like any other politician in this country and he earned the ticket by his commitment. He is a polished and experienced politician. We must rally round our support and cooperation towards his victory,” the governor said.


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  • jogobonito

    God bless you Kwankwasiyya Amana! You will have your chance in the future! Go and tighten the loose ends at Kano and help ensure a rain of votes for Gen Buhari come Feb 15 to enable us conscript the clueless one in Aso Rock into a sea of political irrelevance

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    I like this guy!

    The sense of principles, he and the Turakin Adamawa has exhibited is truly outstanding.

    There is indeed hope for Nigeria when our politicians start to deal in principles.

    • elmok

      how would they have behave they dont have option than to go down low they fail in pdp they fail again in apc ,kwankwaso will go to senate what of atiku house of rep i dey laugh

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Elmok, there are so many other ways Atiku can serve Nigeria.

        Not everybody can be President.

        Personally, I would not let Mr. Kwakwanso go to the Senate. If it was my choice, I would make him Minister for Defence under an APC government, but let him and his people decide what direction for him.

        He deserves that much respect after his showing nationally.

        In the meantime, keep laughing, but remember that he who laughs last it is, and not he who laughs loudest.

    • jogobonito

      Infact i am the more happy that Buhari emerged contrary to PDP hawks postulations that he wouldn’t win an Intra-party contest flowing from their silly knowledge of how delegates are normally bribed by aspirants in PDP hence the highest bidder always wins but the APC delegates rose to the occassion by jettisioning any need for filthy lucre and pecuniary interest for money to elect a man of integrity in Buhari

      The fact that no one steps down for him made the contest and outcome very sweet to savour unlike the coronation that happened with the El Clueless in Abuja

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Jogobonito (whispers: I understand Oga at the Top has been drinking Ogogoro non-stop since that “unfortunate event” happened o)

        That was the day they never thought they’d see in Nigeria.

    • Chris1408

      APC actually surprised me with all their primaries and convention. They’re very organized. Unlike PDP, where the members are crying and fighting.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


        APC has actually exceeded all indices associated with Nigeria; at least, the negative ones.

        I swear to God, if there was a way PDP could take the credit for it, they would!

        Won”t be surprised if they are already thinking of ways they could tell @Oleku, Otile, Tawanda and others to go and propagate!!

        • Screw-em

          “I swear to God, if there was a way PDP could take the credit for it, they would!”…….just too funny but appropriately succinct!…………lol

        • Progress

          Sir Kay you people on ground made us right thinking Nigerians proud. Never mind Reno and his e-rats Goebbels! For every rubbish and shameless lies they spew out, many of us will respond in kind but with facts, at least on newspapers comment pages. Be it vanguard, Thisday or whatever, they will meet us there.

          ONLY AN UNGODLY CRIMINAL WILL NOT BE HAPPY WITH PRESIDENT BUHARI. Our battle cry should be VOTE FOR MR INTEGRITY! INTEGRITY 2015, CHANGE 2015, HOPE 2015. It is about 21 years ago in 1993 that one feels the yoke falling off during MKO campaign. Hope, liberation, freedom was in the air. This time by the special mercy of God, THE DREAM WILL COME TRUE WITH PRESIDENT BUHARI OCCUPYING ASO ROCK in 2015 NOMAKANJANI.

          We are doing all these for the young ones and the unborns. I am more than comfortable where I am now neither am I a partisan politician and definitely past job seeking age. Very satisfy with the academic world. But we owe it a duty to make it possible for Nigeria to realize its destiny. Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Peter Tosh, Jesse Jackson etc even Nelson Mandela tied the hope of black race to Nigeria. How come such a nation ends up in the hands of the Jonadafts, Fayoses, Metuhs, Tukurs, Okuugbes, AbatiAlapas, Dani Elebos, Bode Georges, Koros, Omisebis, Kashamus, Yugudas, Irokokirokos, Anenihs, the dirty lots?

          #TakeBackNigeria ; #RestoreHope; #VoteBuhariMrIntegrity

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Many thanks, Sir.

            The truth and righteous shall prevail.

            Our Nigeria shall stand on its feet once more and be a beacon of hope for the black man again.

  • Wähala

    Gov. Kwankwaso was my man for the job but although he lost to the candidate with a better chance at chasing away “the talkative who (has) nothing to offer for the unity of the country”…I believe Kwanso had a good outing by trashing Atiku and dumping Owelle into a distant 3rd. He deserves to be rewarded with a seat at the Senate to ‘check-n-balance’ David Mark’s excesses. Yet, I admire his mindset on the immediate need to flush Dumbo into the soakaway, to float with other sh*theads that have purged Nigerians for 16yrs non-stop. Gov. Kwankwaso’s attitude of “whoever voted for Buhari …voted for me” is simply classic, mature and refine. But again, here’s an engineer with proven track record that dates to his days as Defense Minister. So, if he says Buhari is best equipped to tackle insecurity in Nigeria… he knows his froundnuts, biko. Sai Buhari!

  • Mosaku 147

    I can not help PDP to believe what has been happening in Nigeria since yesterday. First it was Atiku with one of the best conceding statement I have read in recent it is kwankwaso. I wonder what will going through ologogoro’s mind now.
    Someone should please help me tell patience to look under the bed and the guest room to be sure they don’t forget any bottle as they pack their belongings.Ah,oma se oooo!

  • Otile

    La ilaha illala. I am saying this for the first time – I dey lafu oo, like my Ogagun Obasanjo. Awon omo APC parapo E ku rire o. E ku se folks your comments so far are most hilarious, most entertaining, and most upbeat. Right on, bros. Gbogbo awon APC a gbe yin oo.

    You wish national elections were won on the pages of Premium Times. Awon omo APC parapo ma praise your long dicks until you grab the women’s legs in your hands. It isn’t over until it is over.

    • Screw-em

      Even if Buhari were to pick a greased mouse with stolen clothes as his running mate, his VICTORY is assured come February 2015. No point debating this, the firmament has approved it.

      • Otile

        Good for you bro, hope is better than no hope.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Ndo, Otile.

      I understand how depressed you are at the moment.

      That is why you laugh when you feel like crying. Go on, don’t bottle it up, let out your emotions!

      It would help.

      Forget our “long things” while you moan over your own “shortcomings”.

      Na your oyel, na our time!!

      • Otile

        You are the one depressed not me. I am not running for anything. Whoever wins will have little to no impact on my life. I do not depend on Buhari or Jonathan for my living. Whatever shortcomings you are talking about is your problem. Buhari, Jonathan or any other person can rule, life goes on. Nigeria has not had a decent government since the amalgamation. It will be foolhardy to rejoice after the primaries that Nigeria is finally out of the woods.

        Rejoice, Kayode Soyemi. APC is your life. Remember I did not insult you, so I expect you to keep your insults to yourself.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Otile, my good friend!

          It is nice to know you have come out of your somnambulism!!

          Please drink some more and be merry. Mama Bomboy may even may even manage to forget your “shortcoming” tonight.But who knows what, you may come back in another life and be blessed with “longthings” that will allow you to grab laps!

          As for me, upfront, I hope APC can come in and reduce the number of poor people on the streets. That would impact greatly on my life because it would reduce the amount of criminals and potential kidnappers on the street who may see me as a potential “customer”.

          I trust you get my drift – we are all victims of poor governance.

  • kwango

    Have you bought the APC convention CD? The organisation, motivational speeches, voting, counting etc. Please don’t miss out. APC – we need that CD all over the country. It will help guide the youth on how to play politics and lead without bitterness. It is first in Africa. The Peoples Deceitful Party should hide their heads in shame – Largest disorganised and mediocre party in Africa with voodoo membership.

  • Alhaji Lai Mohammed


    “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria …. I will continue to show openly and inside me the total committment to the Sharia Movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria ….. God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of Sharia in Nigeria. …… It is a legal responsibility which God has given us within the context of One Nigeria to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly and to educate non-Muslims that they have nothing to
    fear. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to redouble their efforts, educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law in Nigeria.”

    (Former Military Head of State, General (Rtd.) Muhammadu Buhari, speaking in Kaduna at a seminar organized by the Supreme Council of Sharia in Nigeria, August 2001.)

    UP APC ………. ON ISIS WE STAND !!!



    • Rose Ankeny

      Accept my condolence

    • Dalhatu

      Premium times should screen out individuals like this one for identity theft, fraud and misrepresentation.

    • sharp shape


  • Progress

    Fellow Nigerian, THE TIME HAS COME to put an end to this backwardness, stealing, insecurity, lawlessness, ethnic and religious bigotry, cluelessness, avarice etc of Slow Poke and PDPigs. Like the Zulu will say, Sekunjalo ukuhamba phambili

    • Otile

      If the Zulus are saying all that, where is Chief Buthelezi?

    • sharp shape

      Just want to show off as one of the morons bringing down our reputation in South Africa ! Ode of all 250 nigerian languages ! Na Zulu you wan take pose ! No worry SA police go soon nab you mumu wey de hawk Chinese products for Jburg street wan show himself ! No worry next time I go tip you small change as I always do anytime I see a suffering nigerian on the streets of Johannesburg but it will take some time mumu !

      • Progress

        U re completely off, I dont live in Joburg? Dont you read and watch African movies. I actually picked up the phrase during the 2010 World Cup. That I am always sober and reflective unlike Slow Poke should have been obvious to you if you are discerning enough!

  • Marquis di Gorgonzola

    The ONLY reason kwankwaso and the other rebel Govnrs scampered out of PDP Was because the position of the president was not zoned to the north and it was obvious GEJ was going to get the ticket.
    That was the reason why four out of five of those rebels were from the north..the fifth, Amaechi was there for the VP slot. Only brain damaged APC e-zombies will pretend not to know this. This was the reason for kwankwaso doing better than Atiku; The delegates from the rebel Govnrs states voted for kwankwaso.
    After all said and done, the ill-fated voyage of the rebel-5 can best be described as

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Only a zombie would also be afraid to start a fight or contest it is bound to win. Fact.

    • sharp shape


  • GbemigaO

    So what happens to the senatorial candidate that you will now displace. Is that position your birthright?

    • Otile

      When did he give up his birthright as a born to rule?

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    • Northerner

      Scam! U ain’t Aisha! Change that name now! My people don’t cheat!

      • Frank

        But they behead..

      • sharp shape

        But they kill and rape toddlers !

  • Northerner

    Allah taimaki baba Kwankwaso!

  • favourtalk

    It was a good fight sir.i really admire you with all the good supporters of progress. APC all the way

  • A Aminu

    No Kwankwaso did not loose at the APC primary election. He won second place in the contest. A great achievement which if you ask me a day to the event I will put him third place or even 4th knowing that Rochas is a fighter when it comes to politics. Remember Rochas was second in the PDP primaries of 2007 when he contested against Obasanjos candidate Umaru Yaradua of blessed memory.

  • Clay

    Hear Kwankwaso “And you should know that my being in the Senate will help in no small measure in tackling those talkative who have nothing to offer for the unity of the Country,” the governor said. This is the problem with this arrogant and self centered man. He thinks he is the best and I thank God he lost. He wants to go to the senate to cause trouble, he believes he is most qualified for every office and better than others. This is his problem, very parochial and deluded. Only Kwankwaso has something to offer Nigeria but others don’t have, sorry for you. Very loquacious, arrogant, insensitive to the feeling of others, regional bigot and living in self adulation. You have lost it and lost it forever.