APC thanks Nigerians, security agencies, media, for successful convention

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has expressed its gratitude to the security agencies, the media, party members/supporters and indeed the entire people of Lagos for their immense contributions to the runaway success of the party’s two-day national convention that saw the emergence of its presidential candidate without rancour.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Friday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said going by the efforts and perseverance of these groups, it is now clear that Nigerians are ready to make the necessary sacrifice for change.

It said the military, police, DSS, Civil Defence and the various Lagos state security agencies, among others, went beyond the call of duty in carrying out their assigned tasks during the two days that the convention lasted.

“What this shows is that with proper political leadership and guidance, our security agencies can be the best in the world. We are indeed gladdened by their sacrifice,” APC said.

The party said the media also did not disappoint, as many journalists reported at the venue from 9 a.m. on Wednesday and did not leave until the results of the voting was announced at about 6 p.m. the second day, all the while reporting the event as it happened.

“As always, the Nigerian media played their watchdog role with a rare commitment and impressive professionalism. They were there for us all through,” it said.

APC said the entire people of Lagos made a great sacrifice by bearing the inconveniences imposed by the convention without much complaints.

“For a city prone to gridlock, there is no doubt that the convention brought about extra inconveniences for the residents as they moved around to perform their daily duties. But based on the feedback we have received from across the state, the people believe that whatever inconveniences they suffered while the convention lasted were just a little of the sacrifice they have to make in the collective efforts to build a new Nigeria. We appreciate this very much,” the party said.

It said the party’s members and supporters, especially the delegates who came from all over the country, were simply outstanding in their contributions to the success of the convention, a development that has given the party much hope and confidence that it can always count on its core group (members and supporters) for support APC said with the fairness, transparency, violence-free and the overall success of the convention, the party has shown that it is indeed ready and able to bring the much-needed change to Nigeria and make the country, once again, a proud member of the comity of nations.

“In the tough task ahead, we have no scintilla of doubt that we can always count on all those who have made our convention a success,” the party said.


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  • Oleku

    Thank you, APC, PRO. Don’t forget, Buhari has not answered the UK government for his govt’s attempt to sedate and kidnap Dikko from UK in a diplomatic luggage. UK govt is waiting, I know he dare not step here

    • Abdulkadir

      Such a hypocritical remark! It was during Buhari’s regime that Dikko returned to Nigeria after the then Head Of State (GMB) persuaded him to. It was during Shagari’s tenure of office that he embezzled Nigeria’s budget and ran to Europe in fear of apprehension by the Nigerian authorities. Under GEJ’s government, the need to run to Europe would not have been there as GEJ and his cronies would have celebrated him, and most probably, invite him to share the loot. It is one thing that this administration has excelled in, and for which they have comparative advantage. STEALING IS NOT CORRUPTION. One then wonders what corruption is?

      • Oleku

        Corruption didn’t start under GEJ regime–aware OBJ who’s now been giving irrelevant attention by the janjaweeds media house ati Sahara Reporters ati Premium Times looted $16 billion electricity funds, IBB diverted not less than $12 billion of Naija funds–how about cocaine Lord Tinubu ati Atiku ati the so called men of timbre and calibre in their progressive party–aware all these funds were derived from Jona’s ancestral back yard oil–Nigeria is not a country and corruption can’t be dealth with without ethno religious sentiments and playing of victim card–hence we yearn for Biafra-we seek for freedom so we can be able to deal with any criminalised politician as we deem fit–I expect you to fight for the freedom of Arewa Republic or don’t you want to be a self sufficient Mohammedan under the sharia dictates of Allah?

        • Jujubeans

          I’m proudly Igbo, I love Nigeria and don’t yearn for Biafra. This “we” you are talking about… I take it that’s just you, your driver and gateman?

      • tundemash

        The m0ron is UK govt’s spokesman !

      • Garrincha

        I cannot help but notice the fact that you FAILED to address GMB’s attempted kidnap of Dikko from the UK. Do you know that under the laws of advanced nations, corruption nets you a few years behind bars. Kidnap, you’d be lucky to see the light of day again! That is the problem with most Nigerians — you want a job by all means, but lack the capacity to properly research issues/persons. I mean, who in this modern era fails to see that GMB is an economic baggage, a tyrant for that matter?!

        • Sword of Damocles

          It is a shame that you used the name of the revered Garrincha to dey talk your dribble. Umaru Dikko should have being made to do komaguru-komaga(frog-marched)back from london to Nigeria. Do you have irefutable evidence that the Nigerian govt. of the time was involved? PS do you think that “advanced nations” do not engage in “black Ops”? Humor me, do a google search on the term “Rendition”

  • Oleku

    Buhari was a governor, a federal commissioner for Petroleum, PTDF chairman and military head of state. What were his achievements, now he want to steal money for his great grand children like your father OBJ. Nigeria is not ready for an Islamic state ati Jihadist president

    • Ijogbon

      i hate when i see people talking rubbish like this. For all the positions you mentioned above this man still best your ogoro leader. The man with no shoe that want to cut off other peoples leg

      • tundemash

        Ignore the f00l. He’s on something stronger than his brain since Buhari merged as candidate yesterday.

    • Bulala

      Oleku i hink you are a dead rat… Go back to history… one simple advice is to go back to school


      Too late to demonize Buhari. If you can’t smell change in the air, your nostrils are blocked!

  • Wähala

    The convention was peaceful and successful because there were no PDP involved. If it had been even a LGA contest between the Parties, I’m certain Lai Mohammed would be singing a different tune by now. Lagos is not just the Center of Excellence, it is the Center of Civilization as far as Africa is concerned. Lagosians can deal with and accommodate all without recourse to ethno/religious sentiments, but if they’re confronted with thugs like Koro and Bode George are wont to do on behalf of the PDP, or Lady Hippo locking down an entire city because she wants to meet her “fellow widows”. Sha, great to know the APC appreciates the reception Eko offered and are civil with this vote-of-thanks… so to say.

    • Abdulkadir

      Every stadium has complete set of toilet facilities for it users. The Journalists are recognized in the occasion and definitely will be allowed to used the toilets. Did anyone complain to you?

      • Wähala

        Just wondering out loud, pal.

  • Oleku

    Some people say Buhari is not corrupted. But he Buhari allowed 52 suit cases to passed Murtala Muhammed airport without check. Anyway, let campaign start first and let start to open Buhari yash and his corrupted regime.

    Buhari will fall as usual. He is a habitual failure. 97 percent of people around him are corrupt. Corruption is what unites us. Every thing about Nigerians is corruption. There is no saint in apc . Those criminals will steal more. That’s we want out of Naija–what we yearn for is self determination–not to be govern by Sharia ideas from Mali akin to Egyptian Muslim brotherhood–lets go our separate ways biko

    • Abdulkadir

      Who is stopping you. Nigeria has never been in short supply of bushy lands. Go and inhibit one and colonize it like your fellow Boko-Haram did in Sambisa forest. There after, you can call it whatever you like.

  • Abdulkadir

    The idea that APC is bringing; CHANGE! is salable only in an instance where present conditions are uncomfortable; and believe me, conditions are more than uncomfortable. To cap it, the fortunes of the APC, though depending majorly on the competence of their flag bearers, is also dependent on the equitable distribution of positions among the various interest groups across the country. There are persons who had no sleep thinking of how they can attack the goodwill APC is enjoying from Nigerians; well such is not unexpected but change must come and it must be the desired change. I salute the patriotic manner in which persons, who ordinarily one would guess will never mix, drop their differences and fought for the good of the nation. It is a historic event and as time unravels your true position on National issues, peoples confidence in you is building. APC, you’re welcome.

  • Alcindo Satori

    “It said the military, police, DSS, Civil Defence and the various Lagos state security agencies, among others, went beyond the call of duty in carrying out their assigned tasks during the two days that the convention lasted…What this shows is that with proper political leadership and guidance, our security agencies can be the best in the world. We are indeed gladdened by their sacrifice,” — Lai Mohammed. Wow!! Talk about endorsement of the GEJ government security apparatus!! UP GEJ!!!!

  • Ette

    The convention was refreshingly different from NIGERIAN ways of doing things. Very proud that we can do the right thing as demonstrated by APC, and this should form the benchmark for subsequent outings and when government is formed. Let us enthrone fairness, Justice, equity, transparency as witnessed during the event. PDP with its wicked ways has been sent to the grave in our national welfare. God bless APC for showing very good example and doing the right thing. Keep it up.

  • favourtalk

    It was a wonderful experience. Free and fair election and a lesson for PDP that APC has brought in a real change for all nigerians