Democracy not about quarrelling like Motor Park touts — Jonathan

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday called on politicians to shun “ceaseless quarrelling” and engage in robust political debates that would strengthen the country’s democracy.

Mr. Jonathan made the call at the public presentation and official launch of the Kukah Centre, founded by prominent cleric and Catholic Bishop‎ of Sokoto Diocese, Rev. Fr. Matthew Kukah.

‎‎Among other aims, the centre was established to strengthen national debate, improve governance and encourage Nigerians to take an active role in the country’s leadership.

The centre also aims at promoting conversations among Nigeria’s faith communities, as well as between leaders in faith and public policy.‎

Mr. Jonathan ‎said Nigeria’s democracy should be deepened by robust debates, stimulation of innovative ideas and healthy engagements by all actors.

“I call on everyone, the political class, our citizens and more importantly, the academic community to rise up to these challenges posed by this initiative (centre),” he said.

“I think we are over defining our democracy today by quarrelling as if democracy is about competitors quarrelling just like motor park workers,” he said.

The president urged politicians to use the 2015 elections to renew their commitment ‎to the country’s unity.
He said: “As elections draw close, I call on all politicians to see this as another opportunity for us to renew our commitment to deepen our democracy and strengthen our bond of unity.

“Democracy is not about ‎political parties and politicians alone, it is not just about winning or losing elections; it is about freedom, about development and above all a forward march of our civilisation and encouragement of creativity.

“It is in this regard that we must seek to identify and support the growth of structures and institutions that will help strengthen our democracy to‎ meet our aspirations as a people.”

Mr. Jonathan noted that policy research institutes like the Kukah Centre had been pivotal to the social economic transformation of leading countries of the world‎.

According to him, such centres have served as the laboratories of the development, inter-relation and the refinement of key government policies.

He likened the Kukah Center to the Brooklyn Institute in America, which pioneered fact-based studies of government policies, using science as a key to analysis.

The president then challenged Nigerian politicians to draw inspiration from it.‎

“I’m personally convinced that the centre could not have finer mentor than the revered gentleman of long patriotic standing, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah,” he added.



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  • iCubed

    Brilliant, enlightened and mature!!!…. he just refused to bring himself down to play their dirty games….

  • Can’t Care Lord

    So Motor Parks workers are now the degraded in Nigeria? NURTW, NARTO, NUPENG……seriously waiting to hear your response. At least we now know what he thinks of you and your votes!!


    Good one, but let the President lead the way! What he is calling for negates the anarchic actions of his administration, either in the way the Speaker – the nation’s number 4 man – was treated by the police, or the way the APC office was invaded by the SSS, which then resorted to torturing innocent citizens.

    Let Pres. Jonathan engage in leadership by example, rather than by precept!

  • Sword of Damocles

    “As elections draw close, I call on all politicians to see this as another opportunity for us to renew our commitment to deepen our democracy and strengthen our bond of unity.” President Goodluck Jonathan, 12/9/2014
    Now can one of his virulent sychophants, explain to us how a reasonable person can square the above statement with his IGP’s invasion of the NASS(co-equal branch of Govt.). And please no half-wit responses.
    Do you now see why Honor matters? When the President’s statements are compared to his actions, it is apparent even to a child, that he is not a man of his WORDS.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, please forgive him for he knows not what he reads!

      • Sword of Damocles


    • Sadiq Garba

      Don’t blame a grown up with kindergaten brain.

  • Ogunjimi Dipo O

    Mumu don…King Nebu…You are fooling yourself with deceit… 447billion…$20billion and etc…I dont know which democracy you talking about and the quarrel when you are giving thiefs pardon and stealing is not corruption in your book…

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    This is a good one coming from my president but who started it? Recall the treatment you gave River State governor, Kano State governor and recently the speaker. If you were that tolerant we could have a different world today.

  • Mosaku 147

    The same motor park touts and Okada riders who supported and gave his godson Fayose ‘victory’. Na wa for this una presi. I hear he plans to punish them by banning the use of Okada as a means of transportation anywhere in Nigeria if he is given a second term.
    National union of motorcycle operators,please beware!

  • warry

    Good one from Gej. I know that for some of us that. Is all we know as politics. Lying and deceits

  • Ikechi Ngwube

    This is a good one which will best suffice as a self advice for Jonathan needs this more than any person else. I hope the array of motor park touts like Reuben Abati, Doyin Okupe, Olisa Metuh, Labaran Maku’s, Reno Omokiri and all the known touts who manage his public image hear this. Never in the history of governance had such an array of bare hustlers and hungry touts been brought to represent a presidency and never has presidential communication been reduced to the language of touts, market women and paraga patrons like in this Jonathan presidency. So he and his attack dogs need this badly!


      GEJ is just advising his friends Akpabio, Fasoye and Wike

      • Ayo Yussuff

        and his former friends like Ameachi, Kwankaso. and el-Rufai

    • Anthony

      People like Reuben Abati have earned their pedigree. They are one of the finest breed and should be respected even though they are in national service. Being in National service does not demonise you. It could be anyone in service, and I am pretty sure that if you get a letter from the Presidency today of a national appointment, you will declare a big thanksgiving.

  • Dumbo

    Obanikokoro, GEJ has finally called you a motor park tout. He used and dumped you. Better go and beg your master Tinubu if there could be any opening for you.

  • JonathanPHOBIC

    Mature, cool and calculated. Clearly, Dr Jonathan operates at a level of consciousness far above the pedestrian thoughts and utterances of many power drunk aspirants who have no manifesto but to keep churning out insults at a noble and wealthy President who has been able to keep Nigeria alive despite the clandestine activities of the opposition to scuttle every and any thing about Jona’s govt.

    …as a well educated PhD holder, Jona knows too well not to join issues with the scallywag aspirants who have made it their past time to perpetually cast aspersion on the office of president. But Gold should be sold to those who know the value…and it is doubtful if someone like Kwankanmanason will have the capacity to comprehend Dr Jonathan’s statements and advice.

  • Akiika

    Exactly!, i agree with you….it’s not about rigging too…so, let the election be free and fair, no mago mago, no wuru wuru!

  • craig

    This man lacks everything presidential.

  • Gotlieb Adebayo

    Yes i quite agree with the President,the more reason i pray Oga Atiku win the APC presidential primaries,because i know the debates would be more about growing our economy and a robust debate on ending the insurgency.I know Mr President is better informed,but i just want him to have a good challenger.

  • zygote

    I agree with Jonathan, democracy is not about quarreling like Motor Park touts, but about cluelessness and corruption.

    • Sadiq Garba

      Tell him also to call those touts to order. Or is it he can not control them anymore that he now decide to advise them through media. I was thinking they are all employed to attack his opponents.

  • Thepeople

    Look around, who are the politicians? They all touts. No clue, corrupt, no morals, illiterate, no principles, crude rogues that are littered all over the country. You can wear the most expensive Agbada in the world. You still a tout.

  • Adoki Achine

    Precisely my president! It is not about that, but it is about getting your paid agents and paying your aides to abuse people and divide society.

  • Kitunde

    No Sense of Irony…..

  • Dr. Kay

    This Dumbo is so dumb ,abi beko? Who is a tout between the uncouth Metuh ,the outrageously loud but no substance Okupe, the lying and stealer of others glory parading it as your boss’s own Abati and the e-rat ,cheater of polls Reno Omokri. Now compare the above with the measured ,calculating,refreshing, educational ,on point and engaging Lai Mohammed , the difference is chalk and cheese ,Dumbo stop lecturing us with untruths and innuendos that you know is completely outrageous. Dumbo you are the weakest link , bye bye.

    • Anthony

      Evidently the Dr. you added to Kay must be a nick name, and not an earned title. Because those who went through institutions to earn it have certain decorum and manners when they make reference to other people created by God. What has the President said here that warrants your cheap insults. You must be the Dumbo to express yourself in such manner on a national reputable media such as this. And somebody like you would wish to lead an institution on day. This country must not burn due to reckless statements, no one is insured of the impact if it does.

    • Ibanga

      Dumb ass

  • Awarawa

    Dr. Kay, why are you complaining when you and your janjaweed are called by your real name? That’s some hard truth from GEJ bro…