Jonathan replies Kwankwaso, says governor ‘low in understanding’

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday lambasted the Kano State Governor, Musa Kwankwaso, saying he is a political “gambler” who is hallucinating about becoming Nigeria’s president.

Mr. Jonathan, who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES through his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Ruben Abati, was responding to criticisms by Mr. Kwankwaso that the president lacked the capacity to serve as commander in-chief of Nigeria’s Armed Forces.

The governor, who is a presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, had during his campaign fund launch in Abuja on Saturday made scathing remarks about the Presidency.

He urged APC faithful and Nigerians to vote for the right person to replace Mr. Jonathan, who he accused of failing to secure the lives and property of the citizenry.

But responding, Mr. Jonathan said the Kano State governor is an incompetent and clueless presidential aspirant.

“The point must be made very clearly that the kind of comment Governor Kwankwaso made at an occasion where he was doing a fund raiser for his gamble to become the presidential candidate of the APC shows that he is a very incompetent and a clues presidential aspirant,” said Mr. Abati.

“One would have expected that at an occasion where he was raising funds to promote his gamble to become the presidential flag bearer of the APC, he would project himself as a man who has a vision and an agenda for moving Nigeria forward.

“Instead, what he has done at every turn in this his new found gamble and hallucinatory ambition to become the president of Nigeria is to rundown President Jonathan at every opportunity.”

The president noted that Mr. Kwankwaso is one aspirant who believes that by pulling him down, the governor can rise.

Mr. Jonathan drew attention to how Mr. Kwankwaso poured invectives on the presidency when he declared for the presidential ticket of the APC and again at the campaign fund raising, saying the actions were unfortunate.

The president continued, “I think it is a tragicomedy because at every point he goes into this his gamble to become a presidential candidate of the APC, the only thing he does is complain about President Jonathan, instead of using the opportunity to talk about what he wants to do for Nigerians.

“It is obvious that he is clueless and an incompetent presidential aspirant and is not in a position to talk about incompetence. He is even the one that is incompetent and that is masked gross paranoia. He is complaining that President Jonathan is not doing enough to check insurgency and we are inviting countries that we have helped before to come and help us.”

Mr. Abati explained that the Federal Government did not reach out to its neighbours in the fight against insurgency out of desperation.

Rather, as a global threat, he said the only way to tackle terrorism is for countries to work together and exchange intelligence.

He, therefore, described Mr. Kwankwaso’s diatribe as counterproductive and unreasonable, saying any aspirant playing politics with insurgency lacked the basic understanding of the complexity of the problem.

“Any intelligent aspirant will see very clearly that insurgency affects all of us and what is required is for all Nigerians to walk together. Governor Kwankwaso wants to be the president of Nigeria in his dreams,” Mr. Jonathan said.

“He doesn’t understand the nature of our security challenge and I think it is most unfortunate that a person of such low level of understanding can seek the office of the president.”

On the claim that some top PDP members will soon defect to the APC, Mr. Jonathan said the Kano State governor is trapped in a drivel and should not be taken seriously.

While confirming his status as the sole presidential candidate of the PDP, having been endorsed by party members at all levels, Mr. Jonathan expressed confidence that he will emerge not only at the party’s convention, but also during the 2015 polls.

At the time he would again emerge as president, Mr. Abati noted that the garrulous APC aspirant will be nowhere to be found given the way he has so confidently and arrogantly advertised his ignorance.

“His ambition at every point ends up as a tragicomedy and the clearest illustration of the tragicomic nature is to gamble in lies. Mr. Kwankwaso doesn’t even understand what insurgency is all about or what terrorism is all about.

“He makes it seems as if the terrorism in Nigeria is a fault of Mr. Jonathan and everything must be heaped on his head,” the president said.


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  • amazing2012

    Low in understanding how to kill people ? Jonathan ! God of the masses will continue to expose you and cast his curse on you and those who has hand in shedding the blood of innocents !!

  • clairvoyance

    Abati u know quite clearly and without any shadow of doubt ur oga jonadaft is not actually clueless n incompetent but truly a terrorist and a killer. It was a fine strategic plan by jonadaft and his terror squad to destroy the north now that’s not been clueless u know.

    • Alcindo Satori

      …and Abati’s boss SHALL be your president another 4 years! Get that into your thick skull!!!

      • Bishop

        Diaris god O!

  • concerned9ja

    Kwakwanso must be giving these pepper-soup advisers sleepless. Thank God, they now admit their principal is clueless, but Kwakwanso is more clueless. To be honest, GEJ is a disaster in governance. In a civilised nation, Jonathan’s opponents do not need to campaign. Even, his failure to visit Chibok is enough to oust him in the polls. Anyway, God willing, this disaster that is GEJ is on its last leg.

  • GrantUK

    Kwank* should be telling his APC how he is better than the other APC candidates and not GEJ. Kwank* is indeed clueless and incompetent. I think with this kind of rejoinder Kwank* will never try it again. Sure! Ride on Presidency!! Good job!!!

  • Jika

    Really Mr Abati?I would rather have a ‘clueless’ Kwankwaso that has transformed Kano educationally,economically and with massive infrastructural development to show than what is currently obtained by your principal.Most Nigerians know whose name is synonymous to cluelessness.The last time I checked,It wasn’t Kwankwaso’s.

    • Mosaku 147

      I just checked and guess the name I found as nearing in similarities with cluelessness, GEAJ!

  • Followtruth

    I have never seen a president as jobless as GEJ. Must he reply to every roadside talk? Why not reply in actions instead of words. His desperate move to hang onto power has made him even more clueless. He has no damn idea what he is doing in Aso Rock apart from promoting corruption and impunity. May God bless us with a true leader come 2015.

    • martins

      Then all nigerians should go out and vote the right person in respectful of there religious or cultural back ground

  • Kamal Kamoru

    They should just stop honoring Kwankwaso by replying him.
    His(kwankwaso) time is short and running out! He will soon be trounced at the APC presidential polls..if he doesn’t ‘step down’ at the last minute..signaling the end of a chequered political career.
    He is just bitter his defection hasn’t amounted to anything.
    Sorry o!

  • Aliyu Titi

    So RBA (Rueben Bastard Abaty; as u ask us to refer to u if APC last more than one year) it means we have more than one clueless aspirants for 2015…If RMK is hallucinating then what is your clueless boss doing? of course RMK is not competent enough in our own standards but U upon all people do not have the morality to talk about competency

    • Alcindo Satori

      His clueless boss SHALL rule you another 4 years! Better get that into your thick skull.

      • martins

        If morons like u go out and vote for this clown again

  • the truth

    In a civilized country at every juncture the presidential aspirsnt trirs to separate snd differentiate himself from his parties other candidates.When you are nominated by your party u focus on mr jonathan.tell us your agenda,your masterplan and y u are the best man.but in a one and half hour function and uou ise the whole hour and minutes to insilt the president must naffle ev every credible mind.

    • Precious

      Upon all d agendas n master plan of gej, has succeeded in executing any 1. Mumu, na agenda u go take feed ur family.

    • martins

      Romney was already attacking Obama even before He was given the Republican ticket. So Wat are u talking about.

      • the truth

        When educated minds speak it is better for people who are not that all rounded to keep shut.nobody is saying kwankwaso shouldn’t attack jonathan,but when u dedicate the whole time doing that at an important occasion like a fundraiser that shows his let me educate tou on romney.romney declared in iowa and on that platform told americans why obama was wrong for the nation but majority of that speech was directed to the american people on why he is the best choice.romney held 27 fund raiser s before clinching the republican nomination and I was privileged to be at his stop by in dallas,obama was criticized but his main focus was his agenda, he campaigned against rick perry,gingrich,cain,santorum,paul and the lady from Minnesota and why he was better than them take a look at kwankwasos fund raiser,all the time spent on gej but didnt tell u and I how different he was or what his agenda is.if u don’t see nothing in that I rest my case

        • martins

          Allround my foot.

    • mustyfresh

      I hope the comment by Martins enlightens you.
      find Jonathan’s speech in Kano, when he went accept Shekarau, he used the whole time to abuse Kwankwaso.

    • salako

      show us jonathan plan

  • Alcindo Satori

    Alhaji Kwankwaso, instead of being quixotic, just try to explain to Nigerians why every suspicious/criminal plane lands in your state. That’s what I really want to know

    • Bishop

      Don’t forget he is not incharge of the airports. Airports and airspace is solely the responsibility of the FG(DSS,NAF etc)

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Direct to inquiry to the FAAN. That is a federal matter.

  • Frank Bassey

    That was a sound one. Such low-in-understanding reptiles must not be given room to celebrate their ignorance and hypocrisy. He collects billions of Naira monthly as security vote. What does he do with it? Thank Allah he has signed a bond not to leave APC; he is indeed trapped.

    • mustyfresh

      Sound one? after posting the governor’s project and saying it is his (Jonah’s)?
      Where do you thoughts come from?
      Who collects security vote? Kwankwaso doesn’t collect security vote…get your facts right before placing hands on your keyboard. say he collects the security vote, have you been to kano?
      Guy visit Kano and feed your eyes.


    The president thinks that we all ….will be fooling him….well insurgency is a gl8bal problem but wat has our president done to tackle this problem…..the rate at which this insurgency is fast growing is alarming….well most country are tackling theirs in an appropra7te way….unlike pdp government politicing it….nigeria its time to make from our slumber ……the change is now….Apc all thevway

  • Wole

    Just a couple of weeks ago, the Kano State government said GEJ administration wrongfully announced some projects undertaken by Kano State government as Federal government’s project.

    Till today Reuben Abati has failed to utter a single word in regard to that.

    Now that Kwankwanso has played into his hand, the attack dog is at it again, using every crack word he could find to get himself heard.

    In my opinion, Abati is not and has never been competent in his line of duty. Nigeria and the Presidency. Maybe with 12 million signatures, GEJ will be stimulated into doing the needful. What do you think?

    • martins

      I think we should just stage a mass protest and get this clowns out from govt before its too late

  • King Carlos

    Abati doesn’t even spare any words to attack president’s opponents. With hus experience as a journalist, I never thought he could bring so much ridicule to the the presidency. The other day he was accused of posting a kano state project as Jonathan’s, he didn’t reply a bit. Now he’s running his filthy mouth.

  • Bishop

    Kwankwaso has gotten it wrong I believe. His concern should be his manifesto. Mr Abbati,hmmmm,where did the word clueless and low understanding come from? From the abrakadabra of Idris Derby and Ali Modu Sheriff? We need to go to war with Chad, don’t telll us otherwise! Nigerians we need to shine our eyes. Many parties have come and gone, I feel PDP or APC will surely fade someday.

  • Dele

    Bolekaja presidency. responding to every critic in the land. Infantile rankings of a presidency that will go down in history as the worst ever in this land, no matter how you spin it. Imbeciles and prodigals, squanders and wasteful presidency, who main preoccupation is propaganda rather than governing. The verdict of history will be harsh on this presidency, no matter how long you force yourself down the throat of Nigerians. History will be very unkind to you

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  • Abubakar sfada

    A shameless presidency aids, abati ur respond to every comments against Northerners it always sounds U an ur oga sharing the same words, which urs ambitions is to kill an destroy northern, mr abati U a part of destroy mr GEJ administration do to ur militant ideas U are always using in every comments u send on media, rule ur time an go, u an ur oga wil fellow ware Abacha an co has fellow god is waching all our movement seconds by seconds, hrs by hrs, day by day.

  • Akinlade Ammed

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  • favourtalk

    When the GEJ administration progress as a president can’t match the Governor of kano, he has a gut to open up his mouth with all the national resources and power given to the centre, many lives has been lost and our small children are still missing till now. We need a change and a good leader not the clueless ones again

  • Spoken word

    Can GEJ just concentrate on doing a good job running this country rather than wasting time and resources replying to every critic. Jobless people.

  • Oluwadara

    Hahaha, when the two words, “incompetent” and “clueless” we’re mention every Nigerian knows who the words are synonymous to. Why not use another words mr Abati and leave your ogas own.

  • martins

    GEJ is a good man. But unfortunately he doesn’t ve good advisers. He is surrounded by fat pics like abati. Who made a mass of himself in front of the world when he was interviewed on hard talk on bbc

    • Tonnero

      I am sorry to disagree with you. GEJ has not shown that he is good man. As the good book says, a good tree cannot bring forth bad fruits. The works of GEJs hands, his fruits, are bad, very bad. Time to cut down this tree and throw it in the fire.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Rather than take critic to be his close ally, he demonize them and witch-hunt them; use security operatives to harrass them. This is not the kind of leader Nigeria needs. Never.
    CHANGE must continue!

    • Maria

      You call this one a leader? This is not a leader… this one is the biggest accident that happened to Nigeria.It will take time for us to recover from his misrule.

  • Mariana

    Ordinarily, a below mediocre non achiever and insignificantly irrelevant fellow like Kwankanmanso should not even qualify as Local Govt state commissioner or Local Govt Chairman, but alas, he is a Presidential candidate in Nigeria.
    Just imagine! With the array of brilliant men & women continent Nigeria has, it is elements like Kwankwanmanso who come up as aspirants. It is sad.

    This is why many of us are praying & fasting 367 days a year that this our continent Nigeria should break up into its component countries. Where for example, you would have a Presidential election for each of the East, North, South & West of Nigeria where people will not have to vote on the basis of religion or ethnicity. What a beautiful election it will be, for people like Pat Utomi to contest in his country, for people like Oshiomhole to contest, for people like Soludo, Falana etc to contest in their own ‘real’ countries. But as it is now, these persons can never contest and will never contest bcos of they already know the obvious.

    We are not a country. Imagine a clueless aspirant and weapons bunker expert insulting the president at every opportunity. Is that politics? Is that intelligence? Will kwakwanmanso be able to explain the meaning of fiscal policy for example? …and he is an aspirant. Nonsense.

    • Dankadai

      When you use the phrase ” below mediocre non achiever” i know you are blinded by hatred, bcos nobody will say Kwankwaso has not achieved as the governor of Kano. He has tranformed Kano into a modern day city. What is GEJ’s achievement as the governor of Bayelsa state which is no more than local government in Kano State.

      • Mariana

        …and that same Bayelsa sends Kano money to feed…money without which Kano will not be able to pay Salary. If Bayelsa decides not no remit its earnings to that useless federation account for just one month, do you realize the effect it would have on your imaginary giant Kano?

        …and you are comparing my Bayelsa to a local govt in Kano…bcos you chose to count the cows, goats & donkeys as human population in the desert…but una yansh don dey open small small…We know of the ‘official’ population of those people living in the North East as ‘declared’ by your leaders, but your own Boko haram has exposed you people. When Boko attacks, we don’t see the hundreds of thousand people in those towns and villages as declared in census figures. So where did you get the figures?

        Come to Bayelsa and see for yourself…Yeye and lazy aboki..sit there and be waiting for revenue sharing. We are stopping the sharing very soon.

        • salako

          what is there to see in Bayelsa the one room you share with your gogoro farther, your mother and all the house hold or the level of decay in the creek dont remit the money again, whit oil or whitout oil money kano can stand as a nation on its own go ask you kingsmen that live in kano tell them to live kano and come to Bayelsa to survive whit the oil money, you will be the first to arrange for them to be kidnapped.

          • Dankadai

            Thanks My Brother!!!

        • Dankadai

          My culture and my religion does not teach me to insult people just bcos they have different views with mine, i just ask a simple question and you are here ranting and making baseless accusations. My brother Salako has replied you on the issue of oil money. I want to also let you know that i serve in Bayelsa State (Jato Comprehensive School in Yenagoa) so I know what iam talking about. Please learn to respect other people’s views.

        • Tonnero

          You are such an id!ot. Do you even know how oil is found and produced? Did you contribute anything to putting the oil where it is? You sit on your fat asses drinking ogogoro, wait for oyinbo man from Shell, Chevron, Agip or Total to work and then you stretch your grubby hand for handouts and you are making noise. Lazy buffoon. And you have the effrontery to call others who till the land and raise livestock working from dawn to dusk lazy. Wonders will never end. No go find work do o. Keep dreaming about oil money.

    • Maria

      “Ordinarily, a below mediocre non achiever and insignificantly irrelevant fellow …”all those adjectives exactly qualify Mr Jonathan…Mr Jonathan was not only an unknown quantity, Mr Jonathan has no record of success in whatever field. If you have, please publish it. Mr Jonathan was thrown up by the corruption ridden people, starting from Alams, who thought by making an unknown never-do-well his deputy… will allow him to run Bayelsa state as his personal estate. Mr Jonathan, has no business in governance… his performance in all his previous jobs testify to the fact the man is a mediocre.

      • Otile

        Maria, eschew your bitterness. The President is a good man. Reserve your bitter words because after the election you will travel all the way from Bristol to Abuja to hug, kiss, and present your gifts to the President.

        Imagine what continent Nigeria would be like now if APC did not swear to make the continent ungovernable for Great Jona. Imagine how many jobs would have been created with the billions poured in arms to quell the soaking blood of dogs and baboons in Islamic Caliphate.

        Pray that Nigeria splits peacefully, you may return to your new country to assume your post as a minister. All of us including you and I will be better off when the bondage of amalgamation is broken. Rejoice, Maria.

  • Mamapikin

    There’s only one incompetent and mediocre politician up, up the ladder of political leadership in Nigeria and we all know that guy as Ebele Goodluck Jonathan, the grand patron of mediocrity in Nigeria, ie, GPMN.

  • salako

    Who is incompetent btw Abati and kwankwaso? somebody that transform his state whithin short period of time or the one that post a governors project as his oga ‘s project. Abati is an incopetent adviser, and a disgrace to journalism profession.

  • Segun Ajayi

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  • Musa Tanimu Nasidi

    Abati demonstrated his incompetence when he posted North West University as the project executed by Jonathan

    • Maria

      Brother… it is not incompetence …it is fraud. He knew what he was doing…it was a grand design by a fraudulent people running Nigeria… everything about this government is a fraud.

  • sharp shape

    my fellow forumites I am a Muslim, but when a Christian does not even know his own bible it makes you wonder ! just a few biblical quotes for you concerning political leadership
    Old Testament
    proverbs 24:21 ” Fear the Lord and the King my son and do not join rebellious officials”

    Daniel 4:17 “The decision is announced by messenger, the holy one declare the verdict, so that the living may know that the most high is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets over them the lowliest of people
    Jonathan did not have the most basic childhood comfort that most of us had just like APC morons like to refer to him as shoeless because he was of that background yet God fulfilled his word by saying in Daniel the lowliest of people he will set over you !

    New Testament
    Romans 13:1-2 “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authority, for there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God (2) Therefore whoever resist authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who oppose will receive condemnation upon themselves” !
    so my brother just a few passage from the bible
    the hadith also has some passage
    “Hear and obey your (leader) even if an Ethiopian slave whose head is like raisin is made your chief”. Al Bukhari recorded this hadith. Umm Al-Husayn said that she heard the messenger of Allah (pbuh) giving a speech during the farewell hajj in which he said and quote “even if a slave is was appointed over you and he rules you then listen to him and obey him. (Muslim) recorded this hadith in another narration quote “the prophet said even if an Ethiopian slave whose nose was mutilated is made your chief obey him”
    Democracy is a beautiful thing, it gives the ordinary man a voice in governance but that voice must not be misused to denigrate your leader! I have shown by using a few passages from the two dominant religious faiths in Nigeria, to show people of faith that they should be wary of the influence of the religious bigots and read their holy books themselves with understanding. not some fools who call themselves imams and pastors ! my brother ignorance is no excuse : it is also written God does not have patience with fools !

    • Maria

      You are not a moslem…fraud.

      • Otile

        Are you calling him a pagan?

      • sharp shape

        See the reason I call you ashawo nonsense I owe no mortal any explanation about my faith

  • tijan kabba

    GEJ shouldnt even be talking about understanding as it is evident that lacks any. He has taken the wrong turn at every time in this country and we can only wish that election are tomorrow.

  • shamsuddeen

    GEJ camp cannot call anybody clueless. kwankwaso is no match for GEJ, Kwankwaso is a performer, enter Kano and see for yourself. kwankwaso has left behind good land land marks for his tenor as a governor. If GEJ has performed 10% of kwankawso’s achievements he would have been everybody’s choice. please forget sentiment, what has he done as a governor in Bayelsa state. The main legacy of GEJ is corruption and Boko haram, and for the first time in our history an insurgency lasting for years and defeating our military because of corruption and insensitivity of GEJ led government. What a surprise and the clueless government is still looking for another 4 years to finish the destruction of the country. No country will ever survive two terms of GEJ type of leadership.

  • David Efanga

    Fantastic Article! And, very inspirational. The gifts and calling of God upon a man are truly without repentance as the Bible says. The fires of slavery and racism, if anything, drive the manifestation and provide the lustre on the talents. Everywhere these gifts turn, they prosper! This is clearly evident in the history of the African American and his profound contribution to the modern world.