Lagos 2015: Tension in Lagos as APC governorship aspirants push for suspension of primaries

Akinwunmi Ambode

With less than 24 hours to the primaries to select the governorship candidate for the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Lagos State, aspirants are pushing for a suspension of the exercise, PREMIUM TIMES has learnt.

At a meeting at the Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja, which ended on Wednesday evening, the aspirants insisted that the procedure used to select delegates to Thursday’s primaries is defective.

“Congresses held in April were based on 57 local councils, but the party’s Constitution recognizes 20 local governments. Now they are trying to merge the 57 into 20,” a source who was present at the meeting told PREMIUM TIMES over the phone.

“Also, under INEC’s delineation of wards, we have 245 in the state. But under the party’s arrangement, it is 327. What happens to the excess number?

“So it cannot fly. It breached both the Electoral Act and the 1999 Constitution.”

The source, who does not want to be named for fear of victimization, said that 11 of the 13 governorship aspirants and some party executives from Abuja were present at the meeting.

Abayomi Sutton and Tokunbo Agbesanwa, the only woman in the race, were the two gubernatorial candidates who could not attend the meeting. While the former was said to be held up in Badagry, the latter was said to have lost her father.

Peter Obadan, a former Deputy Governor of Edo State (under John Oyegun, the APC Chairman), chaired the meeting.

The aspirants, PREMIUM TIMES learnt, were also angered by the fact that none of them – except Akinwunmi Ambode – knows the delegates to Thursday’s primaries.

Mr. Ambode is the candidate reportedly ‘anointed’ by Bola Tinubu, a former Lagos State governor and one of the APC’s national leader.

“We (aspirants) don’t even have the delegates’ list. If they bulldoze their way to the primaries tomorrow, any one of us can void,” the source said.

As an alternative, the aspirants reportedly settled for either a direct primaries or a consensus candidate.

“But they are not comfortable with the direct primaries or consensus because they can’t control the system,” our source said.

On Monday, some party members, led by one Olorunfemi Oluwatoin, filed a suit at the Federal High Court in Lagos seeking a cancellation of the primaries.

Joined as respondents were the aspirants, the party, and INEC.

“We have been told to await further directive from Abuja, this night,” the source said.

“But we have already written to INEC, putting them on notice. The party is bigger than what we had in ACN.”


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  • Isi Agwo

    Why are they wasting everyone’s time. The de facto governor will be the ugly bat, Uni Chicago, Idumota campus, alumnus.

    • Lara Omar

      Orishi rishi

  • Kunle Magregor


    It is too late to postpone the APC primary (at 9.00pm) on the eve of election. INEC will not accept that. The notice is
    too short and the basis is groundless. These (11) APC aspirants complaining had rejoiced when Tinubu created 53 local governments. Now that Tinubu is going to use those 53 local governments to sacrifice the aspirants’ ambition on the altar
    of Akinwunmi Ambode, the defrauded aspirants will learn their lesson never again to support the doing of a wrong thing.
    They’d danced when Bola Tinubu’s arbitrariness favoured them. Now that arbitrariness kills, they should take their poison.

    • Femi P. Bada

      Oh, if only these eleven (11) useless Lagos APC aspirants know how much most Lagosians hate them,
      they’ll just shut up and not be begging Lagosians to save them from Bola Tinubu:their Lord and Master.

      • Rondo

        “As a leader of the party (APC) i received petitions against imposition
        on daily basis during any electioneering process; and yet, some people
        would prefer that we must keep quiet. What is the usefulness of featuring
        candidates rejected by the (APC) members of the party only to satisfy
        the political gusto of some few individuals?”

        “This menace has wiped away the needed sense of political responsibility
        among our office holders and now people have been comparing us negatively
        with our opponents.”

        “Our understanding and definition of imposition is more scientifically determined
        than his (Alhaji Bola Tinubu’s) understanding of it. Where in a primaries(?) election,
        an aspirant scored the majority votes, and the loser was rather imposed by an overlord,
        can he (Bola Tinubu) give us a worse instance of scientific imposition than that?”

        ………….Muiz Banire
        (National Executive Officer of APC)

        [November 9, 2014)

        • Olu

          Chia, I have always known Muiz Banire as an intelligent person. If truly this came from him then I am really disappointed in him. I doubt it!!! Is there any rule that says a party leader cannot choose the next Governorship aspirant especially when he has a good track record and when the once he choose also did well? Make them go chill out jare!!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Olu, it is true the statement above was made by Muiz Banire, but it is being quoted selectively and out of context; mischievously, if you ask me.

            I read the full interview and I felt he was superb in his frankness. I would not call it sour grapes at all.

        • Naija man

          Clearly Muiz Banire is bitter because he has always wanted to rule Lagos and has seen his dream blown away with the party’s preference for a Christian candidate and zoned to Lagos East with Epe in mind. Banire positioned himself to replace BRF in 2011 election when there was friction between Fashola and Tinubu but was overlooked after the they made up and buried their differences. Now that he knows 2015 ticket is going to a Christian and he stands no chance, he now wants to poison the same ‘political river’ he has been drinking from. He was Commissioner for Transport for 8 years, after which he became ACN Legal Adviser all by the support of his mentor Bola Tinubu.

          • Lara Omar

            Banire’s case is the case of sour grapes from a disgruntled ingrate,who has decided to set his father’s house on fire,just because the man gave birth to more children.

        • Lara Omar

          What is this one talking about???Banire please wake up and smell the coffee.Lagos has long moved beyond your failed gubernatorial bid,so enough of the sour grapes already

        • emmanuel

          O ma se o!. Fashola was forced on them in 2007 and the trend has always been there.

          Northerners in APC knows the power of a Jagaban, so they are handling him with care.
          Atiku has taken his destiny in his own hand and have left under Burdillon powers. His money nows works for him through campaigns.

          The fear of Tinubu is the begining of Wisdom.

          Where will the revolution of the rebels take them? Of course retirement from Politics.

          Muiz Banire sure has to vacate his seat as the APC Legal Adviser soon and very soon. The gods are angry!

      • Olu

        Very CORRECT!!! You can say it again. Old Fools who don’t know how to play the game and also respect the party leader who already has good track records. If Fash didn’t do well it would have been a different ball game but see what he has transformed Lagos into. So what is wrong in the party leader choosing another gr8t MAN to continue the good job Fash has started? Make them go sleep jooo!!! Ambodeee oh!!!

  • wode

    Politics is a game and here it is being played.

  • Olu

    Fools!!! They know they can’t win the primaries and that is why they are calling for the postponement. Their case is like a student that has known that he or she did not do well during continuous assessment, what do you think? They will have excuses for failing even before the final exam. Why wait till the eve of the primaries to make such statements? Ambode is our MAN, the best candidate and more importantly the CHOSEN 1.Who ever does not like that should go and hug the transformer close to his or her house. Amboooode Ohhhhhh. Can’t wait for the final confirmation. Ambode Ohhhhh Eko Oni Baje, Obajeti!!!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Mr. Olu, these guys are still APC members.

      It would do well to curb your passionate language with decorum.

      What would you have called them if they were not APC guys?

      Chill man!

      • Lara Omar

        Okay maybe he should call them traitors plus clowns plus what do you call someone that doesn’t work and yet wants to eat the fattest meat????They’re just plain disgusting;with no suitable enough adjective to qualify their sorry arses

        • Buhari_is_Boko

          one of them is the almighty saint model goevrnor – fashola’s candidate. Hmmmn APC – Tinubu’s kitchen party

        • Otile

          That’s the Soyemi Expired farting group for you.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Lara, I understand the point you are making, but unless these people leave APC, they would still be people we would have to work together with against PDP and others.

          I basically feel we need to moderate our language, even if they are PDP politicians.

          It is simply politics and not a matter of life and death.

      • Otile

        419 politician.

  • Iya Lanre

    Ambode has been going around Lagos to different local governments
    campaigning while his opponents have been busy talking about imposition. Which
    other aspirant has done the amount of work he has done? He consulted the people at the grass root and got accepted. So let them go and face the primaries. Its for the party members to decide. They should be careful of their actions, PDP is watching them with 3D camera.

    • Olu

      Iya Lanre you have spoken well!!! I have heard of all Ambode’s activities all over Lagos and even beyond and I think he has done well. I was in Abuja last month and i was surprised to see his communication material…..imagine. The guy is just so cool and has done his assignments very well without bothering him self on what others say. He is so confident of coming out victorious while those that have been blabbing are those who have not done their assignments and obviously afraid of failure. I go with a sharp and smart guy who has don his home work well and quietly wait for his report card. Congratulation Mr. Ambode, you have indeed don well!!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Iya Lanre, it may be very true that Ambode has put in the required legwork, but that does not excuse the withholding of the delegates’ list from the other aspirants, if that allegation is true.

      A level-playing field is essential in any democracy.

      • Iya Lanre

        I have never met this man before, but i have read a lot about him. There have been many conspiracy to bring him down, this is also one of them. This man has never replied any of their conspiracy theories, rather he decided to focus on his ambition. He has worked really hard and won many people’s heart including mine.
        Seems you have forgotten, fashola also faced the same in 2007, when he emerged from nowhere to contest.

      • Lara Omar

        I don’t believe an iota of anything those men that have become cry babies say.They are shameless liars

      • emmanuel

        Kay, Wahala, Comfortkay, Maria, Onike24, Mosaku, Ade, Okemute!, Efe1, Kolawole (poki poki doctor) shame on all of you with your APC house of shame, fraud, rigging, fence scallers etc.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Emmanuel, why are you taking APC for PDP headache?

          • emmanuel

            I am not of the PDP, but i know they have reformed themselves over the last 7 years plus.

            The likes of Atiku, Bukola, etc who were tutored on how to snatch ballot boxes and all manner of fraud by OBJ had to join where such things are still prevalent – APC.

            The PDP 20 Kilometers of aeterial roads with N1 billion, while the APC fixes 1 kilometer with same amount, which one i go drink APC for?

            The PDP RUNS State House Abuja with N25 Biliion in 2014, while APC runs Lagos House in 2014 with N70 billion. Should someoen not go to jails? even money lenders do not collect more than 150% interest. Haba APC?

            Go to Edo State, their Traffic management Agency is now a prototype of Lagos LASTMA fraudsters. I got one of such report today

      • odua tokan tokan

        Mr were u dey here self abiiii….

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Time for your medication.

      • Otile

        Fraud again.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          You again?


          I haven’t got your time today.

          Write what you will.

          • emmanuel

            Do not mind them, they should understand that witholding of delegate list is to avoid distributing stomach infratsructure.

            There is nothing like fraud in APC, they only engaged in scropulous undemocratic acts, which are carefully managed for them by the very compromised media. Unfortunately, the centre is begining to fall apart and the chicken’s back is now exposed.

  • APC youths

    As a member of the APC youth wing, i will like to call on the party chairman to call these11 aspirants to other. We have spoken to them before and lately chanted it like mantra to them that the man who designed the blueprint for Lagos to be self
    sufficient without relying on federal government oil money allocations is the one we picked and endorsed. They have resolved to go for primaries, why are they calling for a suspension of the exercise again? The PDP led government is telling Nigerians that the oil money is running dry, so in Lagos, we need an experience man like Ambode to saddle the leadership of Lagos. He has done it before when OBJ seized Lagos funds.

    • Dada Eshubi

      @ APC Youths,


      Don’t worry yourselves. These 11 aspirants will (together) get less than 5% of total votes.
      Only fools will rely on a plasticine creature like Raji Fashola to become Lagos state governor.
      Did Raji Fashola make himself the governor? So, how can anyone with any sense rely on him?
      I am very dis-appointed with both Femi Hamzat and Supo Shasore for not knowing better.
      Greed – nothing else, but their greedy mouths – misled these two fellows to lose their senses.

      • Lara Omar

        That is the reason why they are so scared and have been shouting over the roof tops and making baseless and wild allegations.I really don’t know what they fear more;whether the merciless beating Ambode will give them at the primaries or the shame that the gang up of 11 men could not muster any reasonable number of votes at the primaries and so were massively flogged,disgraced and humiliated at the primaries

      • Yewande Morgan

        I agree with you 100%

    • Lara Omar

      God bless Lagos APC youths,please don’t allow the greed and self interest of 11 lazy men masquerading as governorship aspirants to put the collective interest,safety and economic well being of Lagos and Lagosians in jeopeardy

    • APC is a disgruntled and disunited party,the only time they are united is when they abuse GEJ,the only agenda and manifestos they have is abuse of GEJ even when they don’t have a candidate two months to election.APC violence! APC violence!! APC violence!!!

  • Kilanko (SAN)

    At the end of their fruitless war, the primaries will be conducted as initially scheduled. The primaries hava been scheduled and cannot be moved. They can register their grievances and challenge the status quo and outcome of the exercise in court only after the conduct of the primaries. But the leading contender has an amazing CV and record. I wonder why they don’t want to support him.

    • Yewande Morgan

      Don’t mind them

  • Lara Omar

    In more politically vibrant societies,GOS and his shameless,whining,plotting and complaining gang of eleven useless so-called aspirants will be stoned in public.What have they done to deserve the votes of any single one of the delegates??They refused to do the needful by refusing to court the party delegates,they refused to seek the support of the party elders who have powerful grass roots structures and command the loyalty of most of the delegates.They deluded themselves that they did not need them,that those ones represented the old order Lagos,that they would form a new Lagos,hence they formed the gang of 11.They stubbornly refused to visit the local government areas and LCDAs,someone please tell me how such deluded people can possibly be said to be serious with their so-called aspiration.Infact they are like thieves that want to reap but refused to sow

  • Yewande Morgan

    Well its too late for those eleven guys to open their mouth and talk trash.Why did they not take their ambition serious and campaign rather than holding night meetings like occultists just to plan how to harm one man.Evil people

  • favourtalk

    May the best candidate wins. Anyone that emerges today will be better and surely wins the lagos election becuase people in lagos state has good wish for the country and the state. We need a change and we are glady with It. Today will mark another few years of greatness in lagos state

  • Aliko

    Let them do the thing today so that those misguided clique of 11 hopeless aspirants can go bury their heads in shame as Akinwunmi Ambode will surely win,being that he has been the most visible,most vibrant and most serious

  • Smith Scott

    It is the same method Tinubu want to use to select Buhari.

  • emmanuel

    Fashola has failed severally and he will fail here. A man who could not hold on to slashing what Alfa beta steals from Lagos for its Master Tinubu is here trying to flex muscles with him.

    Who is Raji Fashola, was he among the most qualified person to vie for Lagos State gubernatorial seat in 2007 (Muiz Banire has been bitter since then, because his whole body had told him he was the next governor)? was it not the same Jagaban that thrust him on others? How come he did not reject it on the grounds that he did not want to do the bidding of a godfather?

    Yeye man. Tinubu would crush you this time around and if care is not taken he will send the EFCC after you, inspite of the own maggots and skeletons in his cupboard

    • Omo Olokoaroti

      You must be a paid agent full of lies and deceit! Your propaganda will surely fail you!

      • emmanuel

        Bros you say na lie i dey talk?

        Why did the Jagaban insist that Fashola must not do second term? He said it openly in SA during they World cup there when they attended Lucky Igbinedions party, but Lagosians pushed him to act otherwise, by which time the lily livered Fashola had restored baba’s chop.

        Abi na the one about Muiz Banire be lie? Even small children for Lagos knew the man they all thought should be Governor in 2007.

        Nobody can pay my price guy.

        I do not work for stomach infra.

        Repent and turn away from your waywardness and God will give you rest!

  • odua tokan tokan

    APC my jaga jaga, we go watch matrix relaoded today in 3D by Thiefnubu….lol

  • Segun Akinloye

    Anyway as APC card carrier member… I wont be moved a obout earlier comments…
    ambode should go and sit down qnd be a state man.
    tokunbo wahab is the best.young.. most eloquent of them all, clean hands and integrity.
    we don’t need old skool and dumb skulls there.
    we all know dat Asiwaju will have is way with d powers of money and influence.
    but whatever the outcome is … we ahall take.
    But Tinubu should not be a determinant of our future in APC, Lagos and nigeria as a whole.
    God bless APC

    • emmanuel

      Segun jooo, what is power of money? Is it not same thing as stomach infrastructure?

      I beg make una commot for road make we see. APC is a big house of shame!

      Truth be told, the PDP has been on the part of reform which is ongoing. Those who want automatic ticket will be weeded out after 2015 and they will move to the APC.

      The days of the true Nebuccadnezer in the PDP – OBJ is long gone, ballot snatching reduced, politically motivated killings reduced. Arson and violence at elections is now domiciled with your APC, including fence scalling

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Emmanuel, the only path PDP has towed is the Deformation Agenda.

        It is only a blind man who won’t see that; even then, they’d feel it.