SSS raids APC office again, party says

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress, APC has described as the height of lawlessness and an orchestrated provocation the second raid that was carried out on the party’s data centre in Ikeja, Lagos, by the State Security Service, SSS, on Monday night.

The party said the out-of-control agency must urgently be called to order.

“The raid by over 40 armed DSS officers, despite a court order restraining the service from such action, shows that the DSS considers itself to be above the laws of the land, and this is totally condemnable,” the party said in a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed.

“Even under a PDP government that has nothing but contempt for constitutional order, the lack of respect for a court order by an institution of state like the DSS has plumbed the depth of anomie, and shows that our democracy is in clear and present danger from anarchists,” it said.

APC said the 40 armed DSS officers, who came with trucks, shoved the security personnel at the building aside and broke into the storage facility from where they carted away over 30 bags filled with the APC membership registration forms.

The party said the raid came on the same day it challenged the SSS to make public its findings after the first raid that was widely condemned within and outside Nigeria, and described as the worst political scandal in the nation’s history.

“It is sensible to conclude that the DSS’ second raid was its own crude reaction to the challenge we posed to it. Apparently yet to find any evidence of PVC cloning as alleged by the DSS, it is now quite desperate to manufacture evidence to justify its raids. Or how else does one explain the claim by the service that its ‘findings’ will shock Nigerians, even at a time it is still in search of evidence? Is this how self-respecting intelligence agencies conduct their operations?

“It is curious that an institution of state will continue to act like an enforcement arm of the ruling party by constantly harassing the opposition. It is strange that an organization that should be deploying its best staff to gather useful intelligence that can help the nation to win the anti-terrorism war is instead engaging in terrorizing the opposition.

“It is time to call the DSS to order, and to remind those at the helms of affairs that while they may be having a free rein today, they will one day rue their actions at this critical time in our nation’s history,” it said.

APC said it was particularly alarming that the SSS carried out its raid despite the November 26 order by Justice Mohammed Yenusa of the Federal High Court in Lagos, restraining the DSS from further sealing off the data centre or taking further steps in connection with the property.

The party said the moment Nigerians could no longer seek redress in court, just because the law enforcement agencies have elevated themselves above the law, the country could as well bid good goodbye to constitutional order.

It blamed the prevailing atmosphere of lawlessness in the country on the culture of impunity that has become institutionalized under the government of President Goodluck Jonathan, wondering whether that is the legacy the President wanted to leave after his tenure.

Lai Mohammed
All Progressives Congress, APC

A separate statement of the Lagos chapter of APC confirmed the raid:

The Lagos State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress has alerted the nation once again that impunity and brigandage is fast assuming a way of life in Nigeria and unless our Security Agencies are called to order now they may inflict maximum damage to our hard earned democracy.

In a release signed by the State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, the Party says “that despite the public outcry and opprobrium that followed Saturday November 22 invasion of APC Data Centre in Lagos and a Court order asking DSS to release those arrested, 40 DSS officers returned yesterday night to further vandalize the office and took away 30 bags containing vital documents.

“This frightening and fragrant display of impunity, brute force and disobedience of Court order portends grave danger to our now fragile polity and it may brutally affect the 2015 General elections if the ruling party, police or DSS are not called to order.”

“We are still at a loss that more than two weeks after the first invasion, DSS has not told the world what its findings are, why it is still detaining workers of the Data Centre, and why it is still keeping the APC computers and vital documents.”

“This desperation and confusion that is now the hallmark of the ruling party, PDP and their agents in uniform has been long expected and we know that this party cannot go down without a fight.”

“APC has come a long way, the party has walked a long road, faced many challenges, obstacles and scaled many walls but it is not over until it is over. This cup will pass away and Nigeria will be liberated from the choking grip of PDP.”

Lagos APC appeals to its teeming supporters to remain calm and resolute in the face of these provocations. We shall overcome. We will defeat impunity. We will defeat political corruption. We will defeat abuse of power and political brigandage. We will liberate Nigeria in the fullness of time. When a drowning man is holding on to something he may never let go until his hands are cut off”.


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  • The Observer

    Let’s vote out these animals called PDP

    • Habib Rahman

      This is not the best of times as the anarchists have struck again dealing a fatal blow to our nascent democracy when opposition are objects to be harrangued and brutalized all because they held the levers of power which is transient.All lovers of democracy must resist and condemn these Gestapo like desperation of a regime clutching at straw for its vain survival.

      • Aminu

        After successfully merging the progressive parties into one “The APC “then GMB observed that PDP have also merged with all security apparatus of the country all sort of name calling was directed at him.Truth has manifested,indeed PDP have merged with security institutions of the country.The main task before the new Govt of APC in 2015 is to declare emergency on all of them for the purpose of overhaul.Our unemployed graduates are ready to replace and do a better job than these vultures.All these are welcome developments because they are signs of kicking dead horse if I may borrow from FFK.

    • Ann

      Ask Lagosians who voted APC and the long list of the regrets.

  • Khadijah D.

    This Clowns Called PDP need to be booted out urgently come 2015!!!!

    • the truth

      i hope u vote them out, hope you don’t stay in your leaving room while voting is being carried out. And please take off your hijab when voting.


        Are you afraid she might conceal an Ogbunigwe in the hijab

        • the truth

          men this people are hideous, who knows if she is there commander in chief, she may be the one peddling the bombs through the hijab. She may be the spy who checks on media houses the severity of their attacks. Fear any woman with that name and posts her profile pic with an hijab, at this stage where hijab is more unpopular than atiku abubakar.

          • One nation

            What does hijab got to do with this? we should please respect ourselves. The sister’s in Christ also has something to cover their heads, can they also conceal something on their head?

          • the truth

            boy where have you seen a sister in christ bomb somewhere? Stop deceiving yourself or trying to say black is white. These radicals are dangerous and as such must be admonished. I have noticed here posts with disdain, she never condemns boko haram, but is always in delight when they strike. Wouldn’t you liken that person to a terrorist. use your head to see the hand writing on the wall. She may use that hijab to blow all of us if she has a means

      • Ann

        Vote them out and replace them with what? APC? and APC is more civil?

        • GEJisaDISASTER

          APC is a lesser evil!!


      No !! Nigerians will never allow a bunch of Jihadis take over….that’s not gonna happen !! Boko-haram is already a hand-full but allowing their political wing to take over is suicidal

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        Don’t kick them out. You will remain with the freemansion crusaders who believe in acquiring arms through the back door using plane and secretly supplying them to BH. Labeling name to opposition.

      • Khadijah D.

        Boko haram have already taken over (GEJ/PDP) and we will surely boot them out!!!

        • the truth

          i guess with your bombs you hide inside your hijab as you have been doing all this while.When is your turn to go?

          • Khadijah D.

            Whenever GEJ or Pastor Oritsejafor commanded…

  • nikoroorire

    Imagine! Nigeria has become a lawless Country under this regime. The days of reckoning are almost here. There will be no ESCAPE.

  • Kingsley O. Agbontaen

    Talk talk talk. Who will call them to order. You are assuming a responsible government is in place. In today’s nigeria, you do your own thing; with impunity. No shaking. MEND, BOKO, OPC, MASSOB etc all know this. What is your stress APC? Can’t you take a cue from Mandela when the government of his time took the law into their hands. By the way, can the DSS break into the intelligence or data room of BOKO?

  • concernedcitizen2014

    What they want to impose is fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. They will make you afraid to talk. People will no longer talk politics in public spaces for fear of arrest. They will send spies, and informants everywhere. Arrests will soon start. God forbide increase in deaths by strange arm robberies,,, Please my fellow Christians we need to begin to pray the same prayers that lead to Abacha’s death.

    • Kolawole Obafemi

      When Obasanjo alerted the nation via his letter that president Jonathan was training snipers for purpose of witch-hunting his political opponents, many people condemned Obasanjo and called him names. Many reacted with caution. Even if true, nobody was able to guess that the snipers undergoing training were men of the Nigeria Police and men of the Nigeria DSS. From armed masked men used to terrorise and rig Ekiti govnorship election to invasion of the nation’s parliament and now to forceful ceizure of the main opposition data base and ignoring court order in the process, it should be clear to everyone that Jonathan means to retain power at all cost come 2015. As it is now, all the state security apparatus have been compromised to the extent that you are either with Jonathan or you are on your own

      • Ann

        Where were you with your comment when the Lekki toll saga was going on. Yes, PDP is now beating them at their own game. Impunity is what APC knows best and they are now at the receiving end. make I hear word jaare.

        • D1

          Who is this she-goat again? Ugly face, she-man looking Marilyn Ogar? I won’t be surprised.

          • Ann

            Another name calling APC fan. Can never make their points without name calling. Just make your point .

          • D1

            I’m sorry if I am being disrespectful. I’m only asking where you crawled out from, cos’ you were not making any point either except doing the same thing you were accusing me of.

          • Ann

            I crawled out from the box of reasoning.

  • Wähala

    Desperados resort to impunity as their last line of defense. Despite a court order to the contrary, ugly Mary Magdalene, the Chief Justice of DSS (CJDs) raids forbidden territory again in disdain of Constituted authority. Disregard for the Legislature and Justice arms of the Government is impeachable offence in decent democracies, but not in the King of 3rd. World, where Dr. Dumbo’s desperation has reduced everything to a cruel joke. IGP raids the NASS and teargased elected Lawmakers, Mary ati DSS raids for the 2nd. time, the opposition’s data house, what other evidence of impunity does one need to get rid of the Otuoke Clown Prince before he plunges Nigeria into unnecessary anarchy, mammoth destruction if fighting breaks out… all because of insatiable lust for power. What a shame if the lawmakers don’t call the clown to order… This is madness!

  • King Carlos

    Jonathan is like a drowning man, clinging to every object in a desperate attempt to avoid being submerged . He knows the odds are against his reelection, but he wants to forcefully get it. His term has suddenly made Obasanjo a ‘great president’. Even Abacha will be smiling wherever he is. But I can’t even phantom what Fela would’ve said if he was alive. What about Awolowo, Zik of Africa and other nationalists? Is this the independent Nigeria they fought for? No

    Jonathan and the PDP have ruined the country totally, they have turned us to a laughing stock in the comity of nations. I feel embarrassed when people, upon realizing that I’m Nigerian, ask me “why can’t your government stop the killing of it’s citizens”.?

    Now e dn do… its time to get PDP out of our way.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Good one, bros.

      Baba ’70 would have said “Animals in Human Skin”!

      I believe APC should start documenting all these infractions against the day of reckoning for the goons in power – the aim? To prosecute and sanitise the corridors of power once these set of brigands are kicked out of power in 2015.

      I will boo APC if all these are not taken down the legal route once power changes hand. Jonothing must be given the Mubarak treatment!!


        Shame awaits the criminals as the long arm of the law strikes again !

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Stop deceiving yourself.

          They are no longer the law, but the armed wing and thugs of PDP!

          The real arm of the law is patiently waiting for 2015 to reach out and sweep them away with brooms.

          • yommy

            no need to cry over a spill milk. DSS is doing their work in as much as APC dont have skeleton in HER

        • GEJisaDISASTER

          Very soon, we shall start shooting them like armed robbers

      • King Carlos

        Jonathan might be the first ex president to end up in jail. And to those who think Asari and co will fight for him, Never. Militants are only loyal to the highest bidder.


      Wow !! law enforcement will expose the criminal extremists who mask around in the name of opposition politicians !

      • Ann

        I agree, mask around as opposition but we know their trade.

  • ogechi

    The Oloribuus r at it again,….sent by their ‘About to Collapse’ Grandmaster,OTonDO


    Never again to a government headed by a clueless and incompetent ‘Nebuchadnezzar’

  • BlackieUmukoro

    You cannot take cover in the courts of law after commiting condemnable acts. It does not fly. Nobody knows APC beyond where they may exist but definitely not outside Nigeria

    • Ann

      Yes o. They harass businesses all in the name of taxation. Build tollgates everywhere, even on existing roads and use lagos state law enforcement to harass people who protested lekki toll collection but yet they want others to be civil when it concerns APC. Go ahead and search their office jare, you sure will find.

  • dave

    The advisers of the President and the people around him are his greatest enemy.How can a President going for an election in few months allow people around him to keep doing things that will create hatred toward him.Why cant DSS focus attention on how to tackle boko haram menace and stop fighting PDP opponents.It is very glaring that Jonathan will do everything possible to cling on to power but he will fail.

    • Omo Odua

      You see, JONAS is not going for election. He is been fooled by David Mark that, when there is much crisis in the country the senate will declare state of emergency. That is all what Jonathanians depends on. He does not know that Mark is scheming how he (Mark ) will take over the country when such a state of emergency is declared. Jonathanians don’t want any election to hold for the known consequences of such election to them, thus the instigating of one crisis after the other.

      • shamsuddeen

        I agree with your comments, GEJ is afraid of elections knowing fully that he has failed his party and people and now he is looking for reasons of his failures. it is unfortunate our security establishments are being used to achieve this aim. He tried to cause religious mayhem, that one failed, they went and caused unrest at OAU last week that one also failed, the Kano attack was meant to kick start a series crises but the Almighty creator destroyed the plans, as we inch towards the election year more of such are expected from the government and its agencies.
        No matter how long the night is day will break and my advise to Nigerians is , please let us resist any attempt to cause crises by whichever means.
        Please shun and ignore all such attempts drag your party in to anything that will give the government opportunity to start a national crises. Nigeria must survive and we want to see post JEG/PDP era.

    • Scalywag

      But can’t you see that 2015 takes precedence over every other thing? The number of troops deployed to Ekiti for the election was thrice that in sambisa. That was also the time Marilyn shared with us intelligence on how APC had been detonating bombs upon loss of elections.

  • Sharia_Haram

    DSS should continue raiding them. They are criminals.

  • Ann


  • Ann

    APC uses media propaganda. It is now sour when they are given a dose of their own medicine. In Lagos ask business people and they will tell you how APC led Lagos state govt uses law enforcement to harass legal businesses , defile court orders and many other impunities and now when big brother does it to them they run to the media. Ask them about the court case with Niwa and how they continue to ignore court order concerning the verdict. Now they want to cry victimization. Let them see how it feels to be harassed.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Maybe the Judge can grow a pair & subpoena Ita Epeyong to appear before him to personally explain this occurrence, and if he doesnt appear, find this “spook-wannabe” in contempt and order his arrest. we need to test this theory that we are running the Rule of Law in this Country. If we are going to have a lawless govt., i would prefer that it be a reactionary & revolutionary military junta that can “take care” of all looters regardless of tribe/section. every single one of them.

  • wonderman

    Ah! Just the same way those APC members who scaled the National fence the DSS have even a more valid reason for doing what they are doing to protect Nigeria. Only thugs scale the fence of a house. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • Scalywag

    This is sheer banditry.

  • favourtalk

    Honestly, that’s lawlessness and great impunity. What a shame to all that voted in this cluelessness man who has been parading himself as the opportuned and caring man for the nation but suffer the less privildege and powerless man on the street. We need a change for the nation to be better. We need transformation

  • sir Oscie

    DSS wetin una dey look for there that is not in WADATA HOUSE in Abuja?

  • MushinSpeaks

    PDP+GEJ+Ogar+Abba=Law breaker. They will never respect the law and court but bend the law to their suit.

    CHANGE we want; CHANGE must come!