Atiku cancels birthday celebration in honour of Kano bomb blast victims

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, and a presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Sunday called off a celebration organized to commemorate his birthday.

Atiku clocked 68 last Tuesday and his friends and associates organized a birthday celebration in his honour at the THISDAY dome in Abuja on Saturday.

However, Atiku told his associates that he was in no mood for any celebration with the triple blast at the Central Mosque in Kano, which killed over a hundred persons and injured over two hundred others.

“Because invitations have already been sent and guests have travelled from far and near, it was not possible to issue an outright cancellation,” said Paul Ibe, an official in the former vice president’s media office.

Mr. Ibe also said Atiku was actually a guest at the event, because it was organized by his friends and associate who invited him like any other guest.

“ His Excellency Atiku Abubakar arrived at about 8pm. He came into Abuja from Akure and he told the guests that he hardly ever celebrate his birthdays because they are always days of reflection for him.

“He however said he agreed to the celebration this year because his wife was called to the bar,

“However, as soon as he arrived and after the national anthem, he called for a minute of silence and also called on a Muslim cleric to offer prayers, followed by the Christian prayer by former Ekiti state governor, Segun Oni, for the repose of the victims of yesterday’s attack in Kano as well as similar attacks in Kontagora, Potiskum Mubi and Maiduguri in recent times,” Mr. Ibe said.

Mr. Ibe also quoted Atiku as telling the guests that “these are not the times for celebrations”.

He said Atiku called on all the guests to be steadfast in prayers for the return of total peace to Nigeria.

He added that the APC presidential aspirant then left the venue immediately after the prayers and his short remarks.

Mr. Ibe said the celebration was planned to be “full blown” before Atiku called it off.

Some of the guests at the venue of the celebration included the National Chairman of the APC, John Oyegun, Speaker Aminu Tambuwal, Senate Minority Leader, George Akume, and business mogul, Kekere Ekun.


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  • Kelechi Agu

    Hmm…I don’t really like Atiku. But this is leadership. I remember when he criticized the government for celebrating the centenary after the Yobe murders. It would have been such hypocrisy if he attended that party. I’m with Atiku on this one. He has shown leaders need empathy.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Commendable indeed.

      But having stated this, we need to also give credit to the Kano branch of PDP for similarly shelving their primaries after the blast.

  • Ashibogu

    Just back home from the venue. The report is the truth and nothing but the truth. It was a solemn occasion.

  • Otile

    I am sure if the bomb blast happened at Ijebu he would not cancel the dinner.

    • King Carlos

      Ode ni bobo yi sha. U go get sense 1 day.

      • Otile

        Iro ni. Eran ati odale, o ti ku patapata.

        • King Carlos

          Thats one of the cons of the internet. Empty brains like you cant be filtered off.

          • Otile

            What else is expect of people of your ilk? …imbecile, empty brain, clown, dumbo, ode…bla bla bla, nothing meaningful to say. You are pathetic.

  • Abiye Briggs

    I was privileged to have been at what was supposed to have been a swank party. Boy was I excited when the man of the moment walked in, exchanged pleasantries and took his seat among family, friends and associates. However, my excitement gave way to disappoint when the Turaki mounted the podium, the national anthem was sang by all those present including him, he asked for a minute silence for the repose of the souls of all those slaughtered in Kano, Kontagora, Maiduguri, Mubi and in all other insurgent attacks in the country. He then proceeded to say that the ominous times we are in calls for prayers and solidarity from every citizen; and then asked for Christian and Muslim prayers. And less than one hour after he walked in, the man suspended the celebratory aspects of his 68th birthday and went home but not before charging all those present and those who were not in the hall to also go home and offer supplications to God for the unity and stability of Nigeria. Not the party I was hoping to have but it clearly showed the compassionate side of the man beyond what we may have been inundated with in the media. Sadly, I did not have my one dream of the night: a selfie with him. I do hope my friends will forgive me after I had boasted that the picture of me and Atiku will adorn my Instagram, twitter and Facebook accounts. Well like he assured, there will be many more years of celebration, God willing. Guess I will toast to that!

    • Otile

      Maaan, you missed nothing. Go home and kiss your girlfriend passionately.

      • King Carlos

        You never say anything sensible. You think online forum is PG 13? This is strictly for mature audience. Briggs is talking something serious and you are here talking rubbish.

        • Otile

          For you any frivolous talk is sensible. When something really comes up you will definitely commit suicide.

  • Otile

    If Imam Sanusi was still at the Central Bank by now he would have stolen up to N500m of our oil money to give away to mutane birnin Kano saying that they suffered bomb attacks from Boko Haram.

    • larry

      LOL otile ,you always on point .

      • Otile

        God bless you.

  • oluwaseun

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  • Ifeanyianadu

    What a hypocrite Atiku is. The announcement was unnecessary because behind closed doors he would still do what he needs to do. This is a man who barely a year ago had his son’s wedding and flew in all his buddies into Dubai at a time that Boko haram was at its worst destroying lives up there in the north.

    • George

      Who want to see ATIKU BIRTH DAY what we want to see of him is his burial vulture he is.

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    Cancel your fruitless Presidential bid….and then, then only, will we believe you are truly remorseful. You see, somehow you contributed to this disaster…With a salary of less than N150,000 per month at the Zenith of your career @ Customs, how did you become a billionaire at retirement? Which companies did you have? Show us the annual Statements of accounts of the companies and your sources of income that transformed you to a billionaire overnight? So you see, all those monies that dissipated into the air at Customs should have been sufficient to build an industry that would have employed the idiots who bombed the moske.

  • sule

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  • Mr. Abdin

    Atiku Abubakar has done the right thing for cancelling his birthday party, this has shown his level of maturity and the concern he has for the people who are facing tough time because of the Boko Haram attacks that has claimed so many lives. God save Nigeria.

  • Baba Jada

    Atiku has shown that he places the interest of Nigerians above his own. Rude and insensitive politicians clearly don’t understand this, and would only show respect based on ethnicity.

  • sir Oscie

    Well done Turakin Nigeria.
    This can only come from a Statesman like you no wonder you are the people’s choice for 2015.
    I believe CHANGE will come with you in Aso Rock and May the souls cut short by the wicked act of the insurgents Rest in God’s peace.

    • emmanuel

      Stateman? How did Atiku leave the Customs?

      Did you refer to the same Atiku/Fasawe/PTDF thievery or another Atiku? Na Nuhu Ribadu tell us o.

      Na who we go ask?

      • sir Oscie

        Tell us nah!!! Since you were there then…


    I’m afraid, the situation is more sinister than the cavalierly qualified, and measured responses here. There are genocides going on, there’s a clear elitist attitude, not to talk of tribalism, nepotism (which you touched on with CBN hires), and so. There’s direction, it’s just the wrong way. The administration is out to Islamicize Nigeria, by joining a Saudi led Islamic organization, and so on.

  • Martins

    Great article. I just feel APC has played a fast one on Nigerians by getting elected and denying all their campaign promises.

  • MD


    ON APRIL 5, 20167:30 PM By Dr. Ike Udechukwu

    Since the inception of the Buhari administration, corruption cases associated with the Jonathan administration have been pursued with vigour. The recent case with the former NSA, Sambo Dasuki, in the $2.1 billion arms procurement deal, has raised alarms about the extent of alleged kleptocracy in the administration and management of government services and functions in Nigeria. These and other corruption cases of the past, which need no further belabouring, point to a pattern of activities involved with most acts of corruption in public service within the Nigerian context. These activities, unrecognized by most Nigerians, include the Deprivation Program and the Sharing Program. In fact, no matter how the Nigerian government has structured well-meaning policies, programs, and directives, Nigerians have ultimately been forced to reckon with only two assured but unrecognized programs, implemented by agents of the Nigeria government on behalf of the plutocrats, since the official inception of Nigeria as an independent state: (1) Deprivation Program (2) Sharing Program. The Deprivation Program is a process involving the denial of resources to the Nigerian people by the plutocrats or its ruling class. It includes depriving the masses the resources they need for their well-being and economic development. The elite and plutocrats achieve this end by a deep visceral engagement with the Nigerian masses with the sole aim of convincing the masses to act against their own socio-economic interests, influenced by directing the masses towards problems framed around contrived ethnic or religious differences. Once the plutocrats have framed the problem as an ethno-religious one, it becomes easier for the plutocrats or elite to enter the next stage of the game which we refer to as the “Sharing program”. In the Sharing Program, this is where the Nigerian elite and plutocrats actually share among themselves, resources they have successfully denied or deprived the Nigerians masses. The elite and plutocrats of Nigeria do not consider ethnicity and religious differences when they share these resources among fellow elite and plutocrats. A good example of these are the various ethnicities and tribes of plutocrats who benefitted from the funds the former NSA, Sambo Dasuki allegedly shared among the plutocrats. These two programs have triggered an insidious psychological state within Nigerians. By the time the plutocrats of Nigeria are in the process of finalizing the Sharing Program, the masses are usually beginning to experience some level of psychological desperation. This desperation has to be mitigated. The process of trying to mitigate the psychological desperation leads most Nigerians to engage in socially deviant behaviour to include corruption, kidnapping, armed robbery, fraud, 419, drug dealing, human sacrifice, etc. In essence, Nigerians are good people who have decidedly employed socially deviant means of survival because the elite have ensured that the average Nigerians remains perpetually deprived and desperate at all times for the basic necessities of life. Most of the social issues faced by Nigerians are a direct result of deprivation and desperation on the part of Nigerians. So, while the Nigerian plutocrats are busy engaging in their Sharing Program, the masses in Nigeria are perpetually stuck in the Deprivation Program where they maintain a high level of desperation necessary to engage in many forms of socially deviant behavior. When the situation is viewed from this perspective, it becomes easier to understand the emergence of groups such as OPC, MEND, Boko Haram, MASSOB, etc. These are all products of varying degrees of desperation imposed on the Nigerian environment by the plutocrats through the Deprivation Program and Sharing Program. Thus, what we see going on in Nigeria is no accident and it is no surprise. It all starts with the Deprivation Program and the Sharing Program. The Sharing Program is almost impossible to achieve without first accomplishing the Deprivation Program. So, the looting in Nigeria is not as linear a process as most think. It involves an elaborate process entailing the Deprivation Program and then the Sharing Program.

    Deprivation——→Desperation——→ Socially Deviant Behavior (kidnapping, terrorism, fraud, etc).

    Nigerians have become some of the most deprived people on earth relative to its wealth, and the cost of such deprivation has been an inability by the nation to engage productive Nigerians in meaningful conduct and behavior critical for a deep cognitive engagement with tasks to include, competitive product development, socially responsible engagements, innovation and creativity, critical policy development and evaluation, entrepreneurial adaptation, human resources development, effective program management, etc. Desperation can have the effect of making people numb to normalcy so that when they eventually experience normalcy, they are less likely to accept it as the new normal. Desperation denies the mind its critical ability to link one’s action to its consequences, and the requisite focus required. As a result, the average Nigerian has been incapable of recognizing for the last 50 years that the plutocrats have repeatedly used the Deprivation Program and the Sharing Program to deny Nigerians the economic development that is their right. In many instances, the plutocrats treat these rights of Nigerians as though they were a privilege for Nigerians.

    Without the Deprivation Program and the Sharing Program, maintaining a psychological control of 170 million people would be a herculean challenge for the plutocrats. Keeping Nigerians desperate using these programs has been an effective tool of the Nigerian plutocrats for the last 50 years. Nigerians must begin the process of resisting the plutocrats use of ethnic and religious differences to enshrine the Deprivation Program with respect to its future economic development because to do otherwise, would mean ensuring the consistent movement of the plutocrats to the Sharing Program, which ultimately helps to trigger the desperation that we now find in many Nigerians. The Sambo Dasuki case in Dasukigate remains the most vivid example of the Deprivation Program and Sharing Program at work in Nigeria. This programs have long existed in Nigeria. It is now time to recognize and confront them head on in Nigeria.