Kano Mosque Attack: No terrorist act can destroy the Nigerian spirit — Jonathan

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan extends heartfelt condolences to the people and Government of Kano State over the heinous attack on the Central Mosque in Kano, earlier today.

He commiserates with all the families who lost their loved ones. The President calls on relief agencies and medical personnel to deploy every possible effort to assist the injured, and the general public to heed the call for the donation of blood by the hospitals where the injured are being treated.

The President has further directed the security agencies to launch a full-scale investigation and to leave no stone unturned until all agents of terror undermining the right of every citizen to life and dignity, are tracked down and brought to justice.

The President reaffirms that terrorism in all its forms and manifestation is a despicable and unjustifiable threat to our society. He reiterates the determination of the government to continue to take every step to put an end to the reprehensible acts of all groups and persons involved in acts of terrorism.

President Jonathan calls on all Nigerians not to despair in this moment of great trial in our nation’s history but to remain united to confront the common enemy.

The President is confident that no terrorist act against fellow citizens will destroy the Nigerian spirit to remain positive, resolute and united in the quest for lasting peace and security in the country.

He appeals to all Nigerians to remain vigilant and cooperate actively with our security agencies to win the on-going war against terror.


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  • Fulani Nomad

    Our spirit has been destroyed Mr Jonathan.

    • Otile

      How are you going to survive without Biafran resources?

      • Jujubeans

        You’re confused! First you say you want Nigeria to break up… Now a Hausa Fulani man says take your Biafra and now you’re asking him how he will survive??

        • Otile

          You don’t even know who you are, whether Fulani, Yoruba or Munchi. Sorry for you odale.

    • Jujubeans

      I really sympathise with this sentiment. GEJ should take his SS and go!

  • Ashibogu

    The problem with Nigeria is that Pastors and men of God who are supposed to pray have gone to sleep. No one knows how long the Boko Haram indignation is supposed to last. They have become offline men of God. Their connectivity with God has been cut because of their greed. No wonder Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu could come on air at APC rally in Uyo this evening to say that people will pity him if they know how much he pays to Pastors for Intercession. Where in the Bible did men of God collect money for intercession. No wonder men of God cannot rebuke politicians who are looting our national heritage as if our fore fathers borrowed money from their ancestors without paying back. I feel so sad today! Whether it is the blood of Christians, Moslems or even the Boko Haram people it is not good to shed blood. It defiles the land and brings curses. Little wonder we are groping at noon day as if it is midnight. Death has become so cheap that no one is concerned with the continued spate of killings. We need to sit down and think! Even Afghanistan now has a better record in terms of terrorist attack than Nigeria.

  • Taster

    May the SOULS of these HEROES – Rest In Peace!
    There is no confidence left in us for this jona-led government cos our spirits have been devastated, and our souls quenched by our fraud-thirsty elites.
    The clarion call to get things right in this nation have begun n the blood of our heroes past is this poor masses that are daily killed like chickens.
    There is no hiding place for you – jonathans, obasanjos, buharis n atikus as the battle has just started.

    • Otile

      I wish the photo shown here was a real person. All too often Odua people fake people’s identities to get by. Some use the image of Imam Buhari to get their comments published without scrutiny. Some use pictures of young Hispanic girls to spice up their comments. Infact they use all kinds of things to distract and get their comments published, and this is more so on Sahara Reporters.

      • Taster

        Should you have a life in you – you should now be ashamed of yourself.

        • Otile

          Why should I be ashamed? This is a complement. If the picture is you, glory be to God. If you look around you see others who use Hispanic girls to represent themselves. You will see grown up men flashing Imam Buhari as themselves. Is that not disgausting?

          • Taster

            You must have come from the moon as not knowing the reason you ar here.
            We ar here to debate n speak for the voiceless to whomever that cares to listen n pray you ceased from embarrassing your clan for the good of all.

  • Adoki

    If I may ask, what exactly is the Nigerian spirit, and where does it reside? In the soul of the living or that of the dead? Please and please and please Mr. President, people are dying. It no longer matters to them what ‘Nigerian spirit’ is or whether there is any phenomanon known by that name in this part of the world.
    So you want these people to invade Abuja and kill all the politicians before you agree that they have destroyed the ‘Nigerian spirit’? Whatever motivational purpose our president seeks to achieve by making this declaration, we want to assure you that for us, it is completely meanignless talking about any nebulous, imaginary entity called the Nigerian spirit. What we know is the meaning of physical and emotional pain; we know and feel physical and economic insecurity; we see sweat, blood and tears and we know sorrow and bereavement. We know and feel these things on a daily basis and we wan’t you to solve them like we elected you to do.
    Maybe the Nigerian spirit recides in the cossy offices and the very well fortified mansions of our very fortunate politicians and government officials, but certainly not in our miserable, nasty, brutish and very short lives. So, please sir, help us and understand our reality. Our spirits are already, completely very broken.

    • gboromiro

      Most aptly delivered, Sir.
      May God continue to protect you and yours from these merchants of death and bring peace to our land.
      Obviously, this leadership has abandoned its throne.


        Chronic denial may have terminal consequences !! Nigeria was always an accident waiting to happen,it did not start with this administration,our system was never designed to stand the test of time.
        1. Two legal systems interpreting one constitution,meanwhile Sharia was written 1000 years ago by nomadic Arabs.
        2. A military doctored constitution designed to subjugate the the south to the political dictates of the north.
        3. A lop sided state and local government configuration.
        4. A deliberate and fatalistic constitutional and institutional endorsement of the lethal mixture religion and governance.
        5.The institutionalisation and maintainance of a a very corrupt political culture by a heavily corrupt political establishment through the decades.
        6. A country where the north has stood against a real population census,compulsory ID cards,real basics in every security conscious 21st century country.
        7. A country where the deliberate economic marginalisation of whole populations has been an unwritten policy through the decades,
        8 A complete alienation of certain regions from political power at the centre.
        9. State endorsement of fraudulent policies like quota-system,nomadic education,educationally disadvantaged areas….a complete relegation of merit and enthronement of a fraudulent culture of entitlements.
        10.A constitution designed to protect looters and plunderers of the commonwealth,official immunities,unauditable security votes for Governors and constituency votes to legislators.
        Just to mention a few and even if there is a call to rectify issues,the north will resist in order to keep a fraudulent advantage foisted on Nigeria by the northern erstwhile military dictators.
        The BH insurgence is a symptom,it is not the fundamental ailment unless you guys want to keep the self deceit on steroids !!

        • gboromiro

          Your summary of how we came to this pass resonates in the main. Granted the scenario is a constant every administrations faced, it does not justify what is going on.
          Firstly, how come the ruling party/leadership, with responsibility for security and good governnce has failed to address these ills in their16years rule?
          Secondly, why despite the constant, the nation never conceded territories, experienced more carnage, nor looked weaker, than it is experiencing under the current leadership?
          Thirdly, why has it been impossible or feasible for current leadership to defeat insurgency and bring culprits, traitors, saboteurs to book?
          Lastly, stemming from the third question, who is in charge anyway? That refrain that ‘it didn’t start with this administration sounds like a broken record’ The current adminstration like those before it, took the oath to end it. Moreso, it was and had always been an internal(PDP) matter. Don’t you think?

    • Otile

      What in the world do you think any president can do to stamp out Islamization in a country where 38% of the people are Muslims? If you don’t brake up Nigeria soon the Moslems will aim at overruning every single household. Take away sentiment and face reality, man.

  • NazirJos

    There’s nothing like BH, there is only GOVT. vs Nigerians – especially those in opposition to the incumbent party. May Allah deliver us from this devil and his cohorts.

  • Dankasa

    PDP want state of emergency in Kano by all means that’s why all these bombing but everything has an end and 2015 will surely be the end of this party!

  • Sharia_Haram

    May the soul of non-Muslims among them rest in peace.

    First, Boko-Haram are Muslims. We should be bothered about non-Muslims dead. The target are non-Muslims doing business in and around the Mosque.

    Dead to sharia advocates

    • Otile

      Amen to your prayer.

    • Ogom


    • Otile


  • King Carlos

    Who would have thought that Sani Abacha’s record of impunity and brutality could be beaten by a shoeless Phd holder in Zoology? Outgoing President Jonathan, who was described by Okupe as the best president Nigeria ever had is likely to be on a mission to break the country. You need not be a babalawo before you know that the President is aiding the terrorists. Look at Jonathan’s body language, his reaction to news of deaths. If truly he doesn’t know about boko haram. Heads would have rolled over the fake ceasefire. Nobody has been blamed for the failed ceasefire. No one has been arrested. Also this PDP government has never sacked any security official for not being able to stop the terrorists. The government has no clear strategy of dealing with boko haram. No report on the activities, sponsors and pattern of operation of the terror group. Yet billions of naira has been committed to the fight against this group.

    We have to know something, this is not a WAR has the government is portraying it to be. Have we ever noticed that the presidency derives joy in explaining how huge and deadly boko has become? It’s like they are deliberately sitting idle to let boko haram become stronger.

    Why has the government not question Ali Modu Sheriff and Ihejirika? We are not saying you should jail them, probe them,question them both and tell Nigerians if they are truly innocent or guilty as accused. We should not be fooled by this evil government. This will be the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. If you people don’t know, the international community are taking their hands off Nigeria’s issues.

    Has the government ever tried to find out how the terrorists get their arms and ammunitions? Let’s beam our search light on Jonathan’s relationship with Isreal, his friendship with Ali Modu Sheriff and his visits to Chad.

    Obasanjo publicly told us that Jonatha trained 1000 snipers, what if the 1000 snipers are actually 100 suicide bombers? Obasanjo spoke in parables, he thought a word will be enough for the wise Nigerians. We have to believe what baba iyabo said, he is a former president and he openly accused a sitting president of initiating violence but still, we didn’t listen to him.

    All i know is that everyday for the tifff….one day for the owner.

    • Otile

      If you want peace allow Nigeria to break up. You can be sure that Biafra and SS Republic will be peaceful. Good people from Odudwa land and Islamic Caliphate can migrate to save their lives in Biafra and SS. There is no way the Moslems from the North can come to attack Biafrans or the good people of SS. Doing so will be invading neighboring countries and we will quickly repulse and crush them.

      Right now if the Moslems march into the North West to kill people there is nothing much anybody can do about it, the world will see it as usual inter-tribal African conflict. The Yorubas may be slaughtered to the last man while the world will not blink an eye because there not much oil there.

      In Afghanistan, Somalia, Paki, Palestine where sharia is the law of the land nobody is calling on their presidents to resign or sack government employees because Moslem terrorists are killing people. In Arewa sharia is welcomed.

      • King Carlos

        See how senseless you are. Look at you! How many portion do you want to divide Nigeria into? Biafra, SS Republic? You better wake up from your slumber, its like you have not heard of Shale Oil, plunging oil prices. Be ;iving in fantasy land.

        • Otile

          You must be a very selfish senseless creature. The population of SS is bigger than Sierra Leon, the population of Biafra is bigger than Sudan. What do you know? Must we all perish uniting Nigeria for oil? What is living in fantasy, that Biafra or SS cannot survive as prosperous countries if parasites leave them? Whether you like it or not Nigeria is breaking up under your very nose, and fast too.

          • Ogom

            Why is it that the most rabid supporters of Goodluck Jonathan are always calling for Nigeria to break up?

            It can’t be a coincidence.

          • Otile

            The rabid supporters everybody can see are Yorubas hellbent on imposing Imam Buhari on 9ja so that he can use strong had to steal SE SS oil and share with you. That’s the only reason you are supporting him.

          • Ogom

            I know it’s difficult for you to focus, but try.. Why do you, Mr GEJ Supporter, want Nigeria to break up?

            It seems being FOR Jonathan is synonymous with being AGAINST Nigeria?

          • Otile

            You Northerners and Southwesters are ingrates. Lose SE SS and realize what you have been taking for granted. As the saying goes: Britain will not know it is Britain until it loses India. O ti gbo mi nko?

          • Ogom

            SS is not SE.

            SS was never part of Biafra and I suspect they will never give themselves over to be ‘junior partner’ in the event Nigeria actually breaks up. They didn’t do it 40 years ago and they won’t do it in future. They will have their own problems and will be too busy fighting it out amongst themselves. It will not be a pretty picture, but the good news is the Ndigbo will have ring side seats, when bottles start to fly 🙂

            The man goading you on in this childish bigoted talk is the man who hopes to parley all this ethnic division into an election victory in 2015. It won’t work. People are sick of the guy.

          • Otile

            You are senseless, did I say that SE is SS? What SE SS have in common is that all SE are Igbo and majority of SS right from Agbor, Asaba to Obigbo are Igbo. It is just as Katsina is Hausa Fulani, Niger Republic is Hausa Fulani, again Nigerian SW is Yoruba, Most Dahomey people are Yoruba, yet different countries. Why can’t your imbecile brain get that?

          • Ogom

            “All na one!” I get it.

          • Jujubeans

            You’re very funny! Did you forget that Biafra FELL? A big reason being that it was landlocked,surrounded by Nigerian troops and thus blockaded so that our people starved to death? 6 MILLION of us. Did you forget that the South South hardly resisted Nigerian troops because they felt marginalised in Biafra? That they rejoiced in PH when Nigerian troops arrived? That Ojukwu and other senior officials FLED to new glorious lives in Ivory Coast and left ordinary Biafrans to face Nigerian soldiers on their own???
            What has changed today?? Are we still not landlocked? Do you think our Neighbours will allow goods and people move freely in/out of Biafra? Do you think Niger Delta indigens would like to be part of your Biafra? That the world will recognise us today?
            Why on earth do you want such a catastrophe to befall your fellow man?

          • Otile

            If you were Igbo you wouldn’t be spitting this nonsense. Being landlocked has nothing to do with a country determined to progress. Biafra fell to Britain, Russia and Arabs because of oil. Before Britain secured Biafran oil in exchange for warships, mercenaries and weapons Nigeria was not able to mount any blockade. Among other war efforts Col Gowon sold Bakassi to Cameroon to sign up for the blockade.

            You will be wrong to think that SS will blockade Biafra as the North and SW did. River Niger crosses through Biafra to Lokoja and River Niger is wider and deeper than River Nile which serves land-locked N Sudan, S Sudan and part of the Maghreb. Such shallow thinking as land-lock or SS will not join Biafra is never a concern to industrious Biafrans. Nowhere in the world today have people starved because of land-lock or because their neighbors did not join them to form a country for survival.

            The talk of land-lock and SS not joining Biafra only exists in the minds of you Yorubas, it is a non-issue for Biafrans.

          • Jujubeans

            You are a joke and disgrace to Ndigbo because your stupidity belies your education. Quoting Sudan, as a shining example to emulate for Ndigbo??? I ask again.. Why do you want such a catastrophe to befall your fellow man? Onye ara!

          • Otile

            Stop demeaning the Igbo race, you son of the devil. Who told you that the population of Ndigbo is 6 million? Anambra state alone exceed that figure. See how dishonestly you changed the topic. You were mocking us that we are what you call land-locked, then I showed you that countries do survive landlock by giving you examples of N Sudan, S Sudan and the Maghreb then you became furious knowing that you can no longer blackmail Igbo people with your so called landlock. Sudan used to be a great country but Islam and greed dragged it down and caused its disintegration. South Sudan will rapidly build up again if you Yorubas and greedy Arabs leave them alone.

            You Yorubas have got to face reality, Nigeria is disintegrating fast, if you like commit mass suicide. Dishonest man, you will now claim to be Igbo because you are educated, and can speak Igbo.

          • Jujubeans

            You cannot kick your brother out of his own house! It pains you that a n Igbo man can love Nigeria and hate Dumbo does it not? Ndo o! Chukwu di!

          • Otile

            You may love Nigeria but clearly you hate Ijaw and Igbo. Don’t invoke the name of God when you are acting out your hate. Eventhough you call yourself juju-beans, you are no juju, you are a Yoruba Moslem.

          • Jujubeans

            I thought you could read! I said 6 MILLION Igbos DIED during the war. Most of them children. I repeat, 6 MILLION. Why do you want such a calamity to befall our brothers and sisters? Oh let me guess.. You’re typing this in the comfort of your living room in the US, or UK, or perhaps Germany or Poland?

          • Otile

            Don’t you see how nonsensical you sound, “…6million of us died”, apparently you are still alive writing spewing hate on Ndigbo.

            Hypocrite, how about you, are you typing from Ogbomosho, are you not typing from your well heated computer den in one of those places?

          • Jujubeans

            Answer the questions!


          To hell with oil and gas !! many countries existing peacefully and progressively do not have a drop of oil beneath .The fact remains that we are so incompatible and perpetually dysfunctional. I know what we achieved in Biafra in just 3 years under a hail of bullets and genocidal blockade !


      If you believe all these bogus assertions then there is no basis for your fake conviction…..If I was in your shoes,I would lobby for a disintegration. If you truly believe that the same Ihejirika,a christian infidel who was threatened with the ICC by the northern political class for what they described as “high-handedness” in his onslaught of BH insurgents is the one commanding Shekau to kill his Muslim brothers and sisters…..and Shekau obeys him. Why then must an Igbo or SS man believe that they are Nigerians?
      If you believe that President Jonathan,a son of the SS as C-IN-C of Nigeria also directs Shekau to annihilate his own troops then on what basis can any SS person ever trust you as a fellow country man ?
      Based on your analogy,is it not better for us to peacefully redefine our political arrangement,I clearly cannot trust you as long as I live and my offspring will never trust you either !!
      We are a geographical expression,we are no country and General Emeka Ojukwu saw this more than 40 years ago !

    • TRUTH

      The problem with so many is dat they base their assertions and arguments from a preconcieved or spill over thought from some qauters not really based on their own independent assortment of realities or events. If u still believe up till now dat Ihejirika is a Boko haram sponsor, den u can believe anything. How come boko haram still unleash their attack when ihejirika is no more Army chief? Or goverment still release funds backyards to him 2 continue d sponsor? U call Davis “Nagotiator” yet Shekau told u dey don’t deal in negotiation which u believe since u know Nigerian govt ceasefire deal was fake.

  • the truth

    Mr president with all due respect sir,its time to act,for god sake if this military commanders are not working please change them.we don tire for this killing everyday.people just lost fathers,mothers,breadwinners and relations.we need action and we need it now


      Do you really think any President can do much about Islamic terrorism ? I do not mean to sound pessimistic but the most powerful military alliance on earth has been bombing ISIS in the middle-east for several weeks but the war is still raging as we speak.
      Assymetrical warfare is a heavy lift activity,you are dealing with faceless killers willing to die for the reasons of going to paradise for heavenly sex orgies with multiple virgins and do not forget that they do not have any rules or Geneva convention to keep to as they attack defenceless civilians and other soft targets with a view to embarrass the government.
      Nigeria will not capitulate or beg the killers,we are a sovereign nation,we must keep fighting with a view to defeating the terrorists and in the process sacrifice is inevitable !

      • tundemash

        faceless killers indeed ….. what makes Boko Haram faceless ? Was it ghosts Dumbo Govt had the fake ceasefire with ? Has Shekau not been killed three times by this lying govt ?
        Keep lying to yourself !!!


          Well maybe you know their offices,residencies etc but that may be because you are a privileged insider and close associate…….but most Nigerians are not as disposed as you !
          The state of emergency is common sense but get ready to volunteer as an election worker in Madali or Mubi during the elections !

    • tundemash

      Now you want Dumbo to change the Boys’ Scout of Nigeria ?……

      A wise person does at once, what a f00l does at last ! Reality is finally over-taking your fantasy.

      You are just realising what we have been saying for years …… Dumbo is sleeping and getting drunk on duty !!!

      And your “intelligence-gathering” IGP didn’t receive intelligence to prevent this from same source he got the fake intelligence about thugs invading National Assembly ?

      How about the “oluwole” ceasefire ? Should we not demand why the govt has deceived Nigerians ?

    • McAlfred Uta

      Do you want Ihejirika back? He was accused of sponsoring Boko Haram by the Australian. Now out as Chief of Army Staff may be the stockpile of ammunition he gave BH doesn’t get exhausted. For quick solution lets close the bother with Cha Since Idris Deby Itno ended sponsorship of Sudanese rebels fighting Omar Al-Bashir, there has been no fresh human blood for him to drink. Giving that SAS is his close friend and Chad is not part of ECOWS lets close the bank and have more military presence in Lake Chad.

  • Otile

    In Afghanistan, Somalia, Paki, Palestine where sharia is the law of the
    land nobody is calling on their presidents to resign or sack government
    employees because Moslem terrorists are killing people. In Arewa sharia
    is welcomed.

    If people want peace they must break up Nigeria.
    Republic of Biafra will enjoy peace. Republic of SS will enjoy peace.
    Moslems will finally overrun Oduduwa Republic bringing no peace, and
    nothing will change in the Islamic Caliphate of Arewa. Peace loving
    people from Oduduwa Republic and the Islamic Caliphate can migrate to
    peaceful Biafra and SS Republic. There is no other solution to Nigerian question.

  • True Nigerian

    Yes, Mr President! You are correct, Sir! But sadly, the incumbent President of Nigeria is the one who is arrogantly destroying the Nigerian spirit more than boko haram can ever do. It’s such a shame, Sir! Such a shame on you, Sir!
    Please don’t unleash your loud but toothless attack dogs on me, Sir. Remember, I called you “Sir” before telling you that you should be ashamed of yourself, Sir!

  • international games

    How does Johnathan know this was organized by “Fellow Nigerians”? Why can’t we consider an international dimension? Afterall this is happening in Syria and Iraq also. Formerly moderate contries. Our best friends might be our worst enemies.

  • tundemash

    Emperor Jo fiddles while Nigerian burns! Just a few days ago, the Presidency claimed Dumbo has nothing against Muslims and yet the coward refused to go and pay condolence visit to any of the northern states hit by Boko Haram but quick to visit TB Joshua in Lagos when his church building collapsed. Could it because that incidence involved South Africans and therefore the South African lives lost are worth more than Nigerian lives lost to Boko Haram or Dumbo is simply a religious/ ethnic divisive character? We are watching if the coward will grow some balls and visit Kano.

    The feeble mind told some 3rd-rate Oyinbo in London last week that Boko Haram activities are being exaggerated by the press boasting ignorantly that there had been no attacks in one week ! Will those 3rd-rate oyinbos not be laughing their heads at the ignorant Nigerian President now ?

    • Otile

      Abubakar tundemash, stop supporting Muslims, they are terrorists. That’s why I keep telling you to leave Islam, don’t be afraid of Fatwa. When you leave the evil cult, the devil will not have power over you.

  • MushinSpeaks

    From a man who lacks the political will to end insurgency, we say NO to him! His wish of getting another four years is in his dreams. Nigerians are tired of him and its time for him to return to Otuoke!

    CHANGE we need!

  • Realnigerian

    If next year’s election is CANCELED, who is the main BENEFICIARY?!

  • G4

    When last did this president have his end of month media chat??? or is he too embarrassed.

  • Dr. Kay

    Remember this Dumbo was saying no new towns and territories are being captured now these? Jonathan may be sending subtle messages to the insurgents remember he made a statement like that the other day and all hell was let loose. PDP is a janjaweed party anyone that says otherwise is a Bokoharam apologist simple and finish.


    why was sls conveniently away when the bombing occured!??

    • Otile

      Good question.