PDP warns APC over attacks on Jonathan

Olisa Metuh, PDP National Publicity Secretary.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said it will no longer condone what the party described as “deliberate, unwarranted and sustained vicious attacks” on President Goodluck Jonathan, the institutions of democracy by the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC.

In a statement Tuesday, the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, said one of the deductions Nigerians would easily make from the attacks from APC is that the party has neither an agenda nor an issue to offer.

“Nigerians have waited for too long for the APC’s roadmap with convention after convention (two in less than a month) producing only humbug, claptrap and a regurgitation of worn- out, anachronistic clichés,” the PDP said.

“It is therefore clear that the APC is not preparing for elections, rather actively planning to scheme itself into power in 2015 using violent uprising as replacement for peaceful polls.

“Nevertheless, we wish to assure all Nigerians that the PDP is not willing to kowtow the APC in this road to infamy but will remain focused in jealously protecting the interest of the nation while serving and confidently campaigning and marketing its manifesto to Nigerians,” the party said.

Read parts of the statement below:
The PDP has been watching carefully as the rank and file of the APC, the governors, party leaders, presidential hopefuls and even sidekicks run amok, competing in a heavily subjective castigation of President Goodluck Jonathan with incendiary utterances, signposting its plans for the dastardly when it loses in next year’s general elections.

However, patriotism, the cardinal value of our great party, indeed, the price of our custodianship of the mandate of over 160 million Nigerians calls for vigilance, maturity and responsibility, hence our restraints in the face of the naked lies and recklessness of the APC.

We had thought that the silver hair of its top leaders would caution the thoughtless delinquency of its youngsters. Unfortunately, the recklessness of the old is in competition with the imprudence of the young. What a shame the APC has turned!” the statement said.

Our decent political campaigns focusing on the achievements of our party at various levels of government should have served as a pointer to the APC on the need to maintain political decorum and primacy of national interest in the build-up to the forthcoming elections.
It is however unfortunate that the APC has refused to shed its penchant for lies, deceit, propaganda, violence and blackmail as the center piece of their agenda and message to Nigerians.

This disposition has led the APC to work in cahoots with the enemies of Nigeria in an attempt to wreck our democracy and throw the nation into chaos, hence the urgency of the need to warn that enough is now enough.”

We know that the aim of the APC is to set the stage for violence, instil fear in Nigerians, discourage them from actively participating in the electoral process thereby giving room for them to perpetrate all manners of electoral malpractices (as evidenced by their cloning of the Permanent Voter Cards) which is the only way they may hope to achieve political power in Nigeria. This position is reinforced by their constant threat to cause violent pandemonium when they lose the elections.

Recall that today’s leaders of the APC had while contesting on different platforms in 2011, issued such threats and went ahead to precipitate an unprecedented electoral violence in which hundreds of innocent Nigerians lost their lives, yet, the same election was adjudged by local and international observers as the most credible in our recent history”

One must then ask. Is violence and inflammatory statements the manifesto of the APC? Is plotting against the oneness of the nation the party’s article of faith? Is the never-ending attempt to ridicule the highest office in the land a credo and an explanation of the alternative the APC is flaunting?

Nigerians may recall that on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at Ilorin, Kwara State, the APC leaders with their Governors, converging for their usual revelry and self-indulging insults, delegated themselves and self-styled national leader to take stupidity to its apogee by asking President Jonathan to resign.

On November 19, APC leaders unfurled the much pinched wrap by declaring that they would lead a rebellion against President Jonathan and install a parallel government should APC lose next year’s presidential election. In less than 24hours, the APC National Chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun on November 21, on a live NTA morning programme, admitted that the APC knew what he called genuine leaders of Boko Haram and went childish by accusing the President of deliberately allowing insurgents take over the country”.


Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary


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  • Olodo

    Olodo mental. You are a liar, lack integrity and morals. Your corrupt Govt should get ready to be kicked out in 2015. Why are you jittery if you don’t plan to rig elections. Rig and face the consequences. You shall be cooling with marylin ogar in same cell to entertain your fellow inmates with lies come 2015.

  • kwango

    President Jonathan’s government is so childish in thinking and performance. Jonathan seems to be permanently intoxicated with power.

  • Marcus Miller

    The PDP statement is simply that of a confused and Jittery party.

  • Mekasyno

    Apc by their actions & utterances have shown itself to be a convergence of arnacists, unpatroitic & mischievious politicians. I weep for this unprecedented brand of opposition.

    • Leslie

      Senseless comment.Instead,you should be weeping for this unprecedented brand of governance. I pity you. What would you call the actions and utterances of the PDP led government?To every action there should be an equal and opposite reaction.You should be thanking APC.

  • Truthometer

    PUBLIC ANNOUNCE: Emperor Dumbo has spoken through one of his prominent court jesters, Olisa Metuh, that henceforth, any of his subjects that speaks against his misguided misrule and unprecedented gluttonous corruption, shall have his house invaded, business destroyed and life taken, by his goons in uniform i.e. Nigerian military, Nigerian police and Department of Security Service. It has also been decreed that the word “Patience”, shall not be used under any circumstances. You are hereby warned!

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  • Isiuwa

    Get the hammer out. Go after the Aggrieved Parasites and Cockroaches (APC). It is longer over due.

    • Ayo Sanusi

      …..and leave all the PDP thieves, corrupt and incompetent politicians abi? WOW.

  • absam777

    I respect the President of FRN, but i do not respect Goodluck Jonathan.

  • Ayo Sanusi

    I pity Olisa Metuh children, they must be embarrassed any time he open’s his mouth.

  • The Observer

    Can’t wait to vote out this corrupt/incompetent PDP.

  • Preco01

    Olisa Methu..OR ELSE??????

  • sammyctu ode

    methu you should go and read the current Nigerian constitution again which says freedom of expression is Nigerians fundamental right. I wonder if you are abreast of what’s going on in this country. You are a total disgrace to the cruel, mindless, clueless pdp and jonathan. After February 2015, people like you will go into total oblivion.

  • Smith Scott

    Oliseh PDP english is well grounded than Lai APC’s. Too many old faces in APC too.

  • Mark Nsikan

    sometimes,u jst want tu laff at d calibre of ppl defending dis clueless non directional govt…i cant help it…hahahahahahahahah

  • nija pikin

    Haba Olisah Mental is the end insight? What are you afraid of, if it’s judgement day it will surely come don’t be scared nigerians will surely temper justice with mercy.

  • Sani

    The comments on this story said it all, by the time I posted mine there were 17 in total but only one by Mekasyno is in support of the PDP Jester which was tagged senseless by another commenter. Anyway very soon Mr. Reno will unleash his attack dogs, let’s see how they fare.

  • blackdove

    “Religion is a personal thing and every man has the right to choose his own, or
    practice it the way he
    likes. Most of the sycophants that use
    religion to defame the character of Buhari are not even practicing their
    acclaimed self righteousness.
    Many of them are occultists. They kill and conduct daily human sacrifices to remain in power. Buhari is a man of integrity and I respect him a lot. But because majority of those who
    have looted this country to poverty are afraid to end up in jail or loose their ill gotten wealth, they chose to fabricate lies against Buhari.
    They hire hungry and
    morally corrupted scholars to do the dirty jobs on their behalf.
    It is quite unfortunate that Nigerians buy all the lies they trade through the media. This is the only country where people prefer to believe in a hear say than make a
    research. Only a
    minute population of Nigerians are willing to
    investigate an allegation before they draw conclusions.
    Nigerians have resolved to be praise singers to corrupt leaders. We have failed
    to ask for accountability. Our conscience has been beclouded with
    religious and ethnic sentiments. Our sense of judgement and reason have been
    blinded by poverty.
    We chose to mortgage our tomorrow and the
    future of our children for the rice and a few Naira notes they share during elections.
    All we believe is the roads, the bridges, the railways, the electricity they build only on televisions.
    I always ask my self these questions:
    1. Where are the roads? The
    Abuja-Lokoja road was
    awarded by Obasanjo’s
    administration. He spent 8 years in the office. Then Yaradua
    and Goodluck spent
    another 4 years. Now if Goodluck is elected, he will be spending another 8 years. This
    will amount to 20 years and 180 km road is yet to be
    Enugu-Onitsha road was also awarded by the Obasanjo
    administration and till date, a journey that is
    supposed to take 45 minutes can take you
    8 hours if it rains. Enugu-PH road is on the same series. What about Uyo-Calabar route?
    What of Kaduna-Mokwa-Jebba-Oyo road. Just to mention a few.
    2. Where is the power? They sold all the NEPA to their friends. We pay for the light that was not supplied.
    3. Our education and health system go bad
    everyday. Lecturers and Health workers
    spent more time at
    home than in the schools and hospitals as a result of
    incessant strikes.
    4. The government failed to provide us with security. People are being killed everyday and yet
    government comes out to tell us they are in control.
    4. Why are we pretending that all is well? It is only in
    Nigeria where monies develop wings and fly. $20billion oil money disappeared and they
    said it was $10 billion.
    Forensic investigators were hired and that was the end of the story.
    N20 billion pension
    fund stolen and nothing came out of it. $9.3 million seized in South Africa and government claimed it
    was meant for
    ammunition purchase. The immigration scandal has also been swept under the carpet because the senate could not proceed with their
    investigation. The man behind the contract is sitting among the high seats in the senate.
    Innocent people were defrauded and they at the same time lost their lives yet, we have a transparent
    5. Why are we praising
    government as if they are doing whatever with their personal
    money. How many
    people in their various communities have they provided scholarship with their personal money before they got
    elected? The reason they got elected is to manage our resources and not to loot us dry.
    One thing I know is
    that we will not have any meaningful development except if we make a change. Age or no age, Buhari is a better option for the present day Nigeria”
    Please pass it on.

    • tundemash

      trust, i will pass this on.

  • iyke

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  • Ibraheem Aruna

    Mr Olisah Metuh reminds me of Uche Chukwumerije, Wada Noise and Walter Ofonagoro. Maybe they should be attacking Mr Olisah Metuh since you have taken over from Mr President or how else should people express their freedom of expression in a democratic setting.?