APC replies SSS over raid on Data Office, suspends membership registration

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has described as “plainly implausible and a witless afterthought” the reasons given by the State Security Service, SSS, for invading the party’s data centre in Lagos on Saturday.

The party described the SSS as a shameless apologist of the PDP.

A statement by the spokesperson of the SSS, Marilyn Ogar, on Sunday said the service received a petition alleging “unwholesome activities” in the building located at No.10, Bola Ajibola Street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

“The petition alleged that those behind the activities were cloning INEC Permanent Voters Card with the intention of hacking into INEC data base, corrupting it and replacing them with their own data.

“Based on this information, the service placed the building under surveillance and having been convinced that some unwholesome activities were going on in the building, it undertook a raid of the premises.

“In the process, some persons were arrested, while a server, three hard drives and 31 Ghana Must Go bags of hard copy documents were recovered and taken away for further investigation,” Ms. Ogar said.

However, at a press conference held in Lagos on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the APC wondered why a self-respecting intelligence gathering service will rely on “beer parlous gossips” in carrying out its responsibility, especially in a politically-charged environment like Nigeria’s.

“The spokesperson for the SSS said the organization had put the building housing the Data Centre under surveillance, and that it only acted after it was convinced that ‘unwholesome activities’ were taking place. What hogwash! If indeed they put the place under surveillance, would they not have been able to establish that it is an APC Data Centre? Even if they were not sure, what prevents them from obtaining a court order permitting them to enter and search the building instead of carrying out a Gestapo-like operation? Are security agencies above the law?

“To highlight their crudity and lack of professionalism, they had to go and arrest one of the staffers who was not on duty just to get the password to the servers they vandalized and took away. This speaks volumes about the limitation of the DSS’ intelligence gathering ability. If they had broken into the Boko Haram computer, would they have gone to arrest Abubakar Shekau or any of his commanders to give them the password to it? Nigerians can now see why no progress has been made in using intelligence gathering to root out the evil Boko Haram,” APC said.

The APC also said far from the claims of the SSS, which, the party said, has now become one of the enforcement arms of the PDP, the real reasons the service broke into the offices of the party were to deprive it of its membership data base so it can no longer contact its members, and also to aid and abet the rigging of the 2015 elections by the PDP.

“With the membership data base now in their possession, it has become easy for them to collude with INEC to know which areas we are strong so they can scuttle the distribution of the Permanent Voters Cards there and, during the elections, to also deprive such areas of voting materials,” Mr. Mohammed said.

Suspends membership registration

Meanwhile, the APC said it has been forced to suspend its membership registration following the damage done to its equipment at its Data Centre in Lagos by the invading force of the SSS and the Navy.

“The viciousness and barbarism of the attack on the Data Centre and the arrest of 26 innocent workers, which put a lie to the SSS claim, have disrupted and corrupted the continuous offline and online membership registration across the country.

“The over 50 security men who invaded our offices not only vandalized the offices, they pulled out and carted away the Server and computer systems. Their activities have therefore affected the process of online/offline registration and data capture of APC members across the country, hence we are left with no choice than to suspend the process,” the party said.

It reiterated its earlier call for an independent inquiry into the invasion, saying the invasion has taken the impunity of the Jonathan Administration to its worst level yet, with a view to determining the identity of those who sent the invading force and meting out the necessary punishment to them, irrespective of their political status.

“It is important to get to the bottom of this unprecedented action in the political history of our nation, especially because it may have compromised the 2015 general elections,” APC said, calling on all Nigerians as well as the country’s international partners to condemn the action.


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  • Reality

    This is a spoke person. Well analysed

    • Orubu

      Bros, this your grammar fit crash man pikin computer…I beg you, it is not by force, use pidgin or kukuma use your Yoruba language. I don’t mean to embarrass you but to help prevent a disaster, bcos I don’t know what will happen when you try to write 2 or 3 sentences….and na Oloye like you go dey yab Patience…See your life?

      • True Nigerian

        Hahahahahahahahahaha! Laughing my head off! Look, it could have been a typographical error. It does happen to all of us, especially on these comments that are made without being edited.

  • Spoken word

    That is a shame if our SSS cannot access systems that have been passworded.They should start living in the 21st century.

    • Swagger

      They just cannot! They have no skills, they are crude and useless…

      • Spoken word

        This is a sad commentary on our country and you will hear their annual budget is in billions of dollars.

    • Mosaku 147

      Same way they can’t intercept BH calls,even if it is made right in front of their office.

      • Spoken word

        Incompetence extraordinary.

      • King Carlos


    • King Carlos

      I can’t even believe that. I think our country is worse than we think.

      • Spoken word

        Nothing surprises me anymore. All our leaders care about is enriching themselves, don’t give a damn about building institutions.

  • Joan Amaefule

    Hahaha DSS said they never knew it was APC facility? They can tell that to their clueless master that sent them. And after this they still call themselves N intelligence unit? Anyway sha, Lai Mohammed is absolutely right. This DSS is just an arm of the dying PDP and nothing more and that is why they are supervising over d worst security crisis in Nigeria while they fight the political battles of the PDP!

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    This response is spastic. It is the best APC can offer in defense of their criminal and clandestine activities. The APC defectors were the master riggers in PDP…no wonder they have been shouting and threatening blood, formation of parallel governments etc. It is stupidity at its height.

    APC tells us it will stop Boko haram in 3 months if they are voted into power. It underscores the irresponsibility that pervades such an entity…relegating decorum for the victims to such abysmal levels is not only evil but smacks of the rascally code of conduct of that brotherhood that has increasingly aligned itself to violence and naked threats of violence. In ideal societies, the leaders of the sect called APC will be rounded up, or placed under house arrest and prosecuted bcos they constitute threat to public and even private peace…How can one party be threatening over 200m people every now and then? Nonsense!

    God bless Great Jona
    God Bless the Niger Delta Republic & the Biafran Republic
    God help Continent Nigeria to have courage to break up like USSR

    • Realnigerian

      Something is wrong with you proudly niger deltan. You are celebrating ignominy. Shame on you and your entire clan. And Shame on Nigeria for tolerating this sort of behaviour from GEJ. Shame on you GEJ for remaining impassive and docile while the fabric of Nigeria’ s civilisation is being torn apart by your dogs

      • Warri Boy

        Where are your points? He discussed facts and put forth an argument. That was educating. One would have expected you to put forth a civilized argument or scientific response and not this your disjointed crap. You think everyone here is accustomed to servitude like your ancestors and descendants from Ilorin? You cowardly eaters and sellers of human parts. You have to go and recover Ilorin from Fulani invaders and when you are done, you may come back to face me. Small threat of blood on the streets has turned all your people into Shakespeare and all of una don begin shake like leaf…and run to support Bokohari…Orhue!

    • concernedcitizen2014

      You have had 6 years to Prepare for the breakup now that you are in charge, have you dredged the River Niger and made Port Harcourt a better alternative to Lagos, finished the East West Road, built the 2nd Niger Bridge. What is the level of integration of the economies of the states in the SS and SE. Do the governors work together on joint projects, do they even like one another. What is the master plan for the new country of SS and SE for education, industry, tourism etc. What is plan to accommodate the minorities in the new Republic. If A COUNTRY IS AN IDEA, WHAT IS THE IDEA OF THE REPUBLIC OF SS AND SE.

    • Ide4u

      God left Jonah long time ago and the hand writing is all over the country

    • King Carlos

      Confused somebody. God bless biafra? God bless niger delta? You think God has time for confused person like u. You don’t know what you want.

  • Okey

    The gate of that office is designed with the inscriptions on BH flag.. Why this striking co-incidence ? Baffles me!

  • MrFesh

    Nowhere did I see Liar say the house had insignia of the APC. speaks volumes and collaborates the claim of the dss.

    They claim the exercise made them suspend registration. Is APC working regs from a single site? If so, apart from being retrogressive in ideas it is ditto on management. They don’t have a remote server or at least backups? Nice. And they want to govern Naija.

    On the SS taking a staffer for the password, if true (don’t care anyway) it’s nothing strange. As you are working to break the security on whatever things you picked, any possible of quick access is welcome.

    The big question is, HOW DOES A WHOLE DATA CENTER OF A PARTY LIKE APC NOT HAVE A SIGN SAYING ‘APC’ at the very least?

    Investigation indeed is needed. We can afford to Muse what would have been if it was pvcs being cloned and nobody acted.

    • Sword of Damocles

      “Liar”, huh? who is hurling insults now. its only been 24hrs. I told you yesterday. You are a BOOTLICKER(done with pride & passion) & this lickspittle sycophant, kept coming back with “all u can do is hurl insults, dribble about inferiority complexes & delusions” , but here he is insulting some one else. You are truly a piece of work. I wisk your Father can see you blindly supporting enemies of the Land of his Fathers. what a worthless piece of Human flesh, MESS, MESS, Complete & utter mess!! Like I asked this person who cant even LOVE his own country yesterday, speak on the constitutionality of Your President’s action through his secret police(certainly isnt Nigeria’s police). I am glad that these e-urchins are making their comments thru electronic media ,as it is recorded in time, to be perused at another time when the clime in Nigeria becomes sane.

      • MrFesh

        Lwkm. See this one o. Lmao.
        So much talk. No counter of what I said. He Liar mohammed. My phone dictionary keeps changing it and I’m ok with it. He has told us several lies. Even my phone knows that. When you call your president names it means nothing to you. I’m happy you are following me around this forum. Before long you will begin to grow some analytical sense.

        Just write that name and show us what your phone turns it to. Lmao.

        • Sword of Damocles

          you think you are the only person who reads stories on PT bootlicker?(Talk about delusional & thoughtless to boot). until yesterday have I ever responded to any of your dribble or even heard of a nonentity such as yourself? Your demented/spacial mind forgets that it was YOU who was so bothered by what I wrote about your benefactor’s misrule that you responded on this SAME STORY published in sunday’s PT. You are truly a piece of work. I am so sorry for my country to have citizens of your ilk. Ps did you brush your teeth this morning as usual? “analytical sense” like your Clown Prince’s SSS that didnt know that it was an APC bldg. Your stupidity is absurd, wow!

          • MrFesh

            You speak long but without making a point. Only discussing people. Terry P. O. I. N. T. S. you won’t die. Quote me.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Yes we already know that the secret police of the Clown prince phishes through email & passwords of chat engines to try to identify opponents of this hopeless, thieving, and despicable govt, but guess what so does the United States Govt. Discern the adversary’s weakest p.o.i.n.t. and strike with all your MIGHT- Sun Szu. Inspector Gadget Spook? damned amateur.

    • concernedcitizen2014

      What is the relevance of a sign board. Does the law state that all companies operating from any location must have a sign. The job of intelligence is do surveillance, if possible send a highly qualified computer programmer to work for the suspected company as an informant. We watch films and read books intelligence work is not this dreary.

      • MrFesh

        You might wanna check the law on the use if a sign post infront of a business dude. Don’t boldly talk rubbish.

        The job of intelligence is surveillance and surveillance they did and we’re convinced something fishy was going on before the struck. Or you cannot read properly?

        Yes you watch but this one is real life. Jack Bauer is fiction. The PVC collection is closing Nd you can’t afford jack bauering when you know alleged perpetrators are about to get away soon.

  • Rommel

    I say impeach president Jonathan now!!!!!!

  • OWEN

    Even America film is more real and interesting than Nigeria SSS operation,shame on Nigerian for Buying President Goodluck i dont have shoe story in 2011

  • Omatsola

    Dear Editor Premium Times,

    Alhaji Lai Mohammed needs sedative. He does not know when to keep quiet if nobody’s listening.

    Who does Lai Mohammed want to convince against the computer hard drives now with the SSS?
    Lai Mohammed just never makes sense. He talks like a crass man. Who does he think he’s fooling?
    APC members know the draw. They know APC is in criminal dragnet along with Bola Tinubu on this one.


      He is much better than all the spokesmen for this government put together, and you know this deep down. Nigerians are listening to him, because he is making sense. Gangster government!

      • Gbaa-m Okpana-eze

        Nigerians? Listening to who? You also need a sedative.

    • King Carlos

      Ode… If Lai Muhammed doesn’t make sense to you, then your thinking has been distorted by your bigotry and unflinching support for jona and pdp.

  • Gbaa-m Okpana-eze

    Well, I do not see the basis for the constant but really misplaced comparison of the SSS with the FBI. There’s just no basis for comparison: the terrains are different, the motivations are poles apart and most importantly, the gap in development may close up in say, 50 years. Back to the matter, if I were an operative and a lay my hands on a PC, server etc of evidencial value, no matter my expertise, if the operator is within reach, I’ll seize him and force the password out of him. Which is easier: breaking into a bank’s vault or getting the safe-keeper to “jejely” open it and stand-by while u do the carting away.
    APC are only frustrated that another of their clandestine activity has been blown open. Why a political party which prides itself as a credible alternative to the PDP would always operate like an opaque terror outfit is mind-boggling. Why was there no sign-post probably reading ” APC Data Centre”?
    I have shouted, I have hoped and I have prayed, may APC never rule this country. We can find other ways of making PDP truly responsive and responsible to the people. Azhi-gbakwa ihe ojio!

    • concernedcitizen2014

      Do you how many companies, financial institutes, training schools, architects, accountants, tailors, advertising agencies etc operating in Lagos very profitably without any sign boards.

      • Gbaa-m Okpana-eze

        That is an illegality. And that they may profit out of it doesn’t justify it – as if making profit justifies any illegality anyway.

    • Cox

      You are talking about sign post. Can you tell me with honesty which of the bank that are in operation in Nigeria put a sign post that this is our data base center. This is not done due to security reason. Don’t let be sentimental about all this thing that are happening around us. Let open our eye and mind and criticized properly. God bless you God bless Nigeria.

      • Gbaa-m Okpana-eze

        At least, there are signposts reading “XYZ Bank.” They may not have to be explicit about what activity goes on in the place but at least, let there be a sign. Say, “MEMBERSHIP REG COLLATION CENTRE, APC”. “ADMIN & LOGISTIC, APC”, “ICT CENTRE, APC” etc. Let there be something and not an unmarked building with gate-designs striking an ominous semblance with book Haram logo.

        • Ayo Sanusi

          Please fellow Nigerians let’s not get bogged down with this sign post thing, the issue should not be the signpost – the issue should be was there any unwholesome activity taking or not – so far DSS has not been able to prove this. This why we should ask DSS if they had done their job well and are convinced that something sinister was going on the building, why could they not go to court and ask for a search warrant to go into the building. This could have been done without destroying anything

          Clearly DSS has not behaved in a professional manner and should be told so END OF STORY.

    • Ayo Sanusi

      Chai, chai, chai, ignorance is a disease o.

  • sharp shape

    Tinubu’s thug lai muhammad should just shut up or if he feels that he has a case then he should go to court


      He should shut up when the clueless one and his government are lying through their teeth? You are the one who should shut your mouth!

    • Ayo Sanusi

      @Sharp sharp – APC has already gone to court o – DSS is the one playing dumb like oga in chief Dr. Dumbo

  • Preco01

    “plainly implausible and a witless afterthought” the reasons given by the State Security Service, SSS, for invading the party’s data centre in Lagos on Saturday.
    The party described the SSS as a shameless apologist of the PDP.

  • James Ekhomwandolor

    We all know the truth that the Nigerian police, the DSS, the EFCC, ICPC,and other institutions as many as You can name are hunting dogs of the ruling Party. We know for many years now in Nigeria there was no major Opposition Party to the ruling Party.Now that the APC has emerge and is good for Nigeria, and is growing very fast,the ruling Party is very apprehensive and intolerable of the Opposition Party and so the ruling Party is all out to try by every means to crush the Party to death.But there is God ooh! DSS should provide intelligence on how to solve boko haram and the chibuck girls problems and stop chasing shaddows. Inteligence my foot. Leave the APC members alone ,they are also Nigerians.They also have the right to provide Nigerians good governance. The ruling Party has ruled for about 16years now, what do we have to show for it.As far as I am concern their major archivement for 16 years is CORRUPTION. We need a change.Don’t ne blinded by Sentiments.Nigeria is sinking.

    • Impartial

      Glad to see a South-South man speak with such sincerity and candor!

    • King Carlos

      Perfect talk… it can’t be said better than this.

  • mr adeoye

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  • Godfrey Etokebe

    Congratulation DSS and the POLICE for a job well done. You have successfully EXPOSED the NIGERIAN SYBERCRIME SYNDICATE called APC. Take a good look at the server, I am sure there a LOT of SURPRISES other than planning electoral malpractice embedded in the server!!!!


      Lies and Lies. No surprises. This is a gangster government. They are going down in Feb. 2014

    • Ayo Sanusi

      @Godfrey – Rubbish DSS has dug a hole for itself on this one o – this is not the way an intelligence outfit should behave and to make matters worse they openly admitted they where unprofessional. They should just keep quiet and produce the members of staff jeje.

  • King Carlos

    We might not know this now, but Lai Muhammed is already a HERO of our nascent democracy. I believe his work will be appreciated more as the country matures into a real democratic society. No one does this job of a spokesman better than him in our polity. As a matter of fact, Olisa Metuh usually follows the template laid down by Lai. I admire him and I will continue to listen to his analyses.


    As an IT person, you do not attract attention to your Data Centre for security purposes. No bank advertises their Datacenter here in Lagos , same with many other organisations and that is best practice. APC is thinking and trying to do things well (they are not infallible though but at least you have some thinkers in there). DSS, Police all have been compromised and unfortunately for them there’s nothing they can do as GEJ has outlived its usefulness. It reminds me of IBB’s last days in 1993 before he was forced to step aside. GEJ, just step aside, the game is up. You have lost all of the goodwill.

    • Ayo Sanusi

      @Dking – Thanks for keeping it real.