APC condemns invasion of its office by Nigeria security operatives

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has condemned the attack on one of its Lagos offices by armed security operatives on Saturday.

The party’s National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, said Saturday’s invasion was “another one in the string of attacks and illegal actions of the PDP-led administration.”

“The attack was unwarranted and unjustifiable,” he added.

A combined team of State Security Service operatives and naval police officers reportedly raided the Ikeja office, used as a data centre by the APC, in the early hours of Saturday.

The operatives were said to have ransacked the centre and carted away the servers, routers, hard drives from personal computers and the work stations. The 24 staff on the night shift and another one from her residence were arrested.

Bisoye Coker, a staff of the consultancy outfit contracted by the APC to set up a data base for its members, following its membership registration, said she was still in shock.

“As you can see, I’m absolutely and utterly shocked and dismayed by the fact that the premises were invaded this morning by security operatives from Abuja – that was what I was told. We do not know why they have invaded us. As you can see, they have vandalized some of our properties.

This is one of our systems; they’ve taken the hard drive inside,” she said.

She added that her IT manager, Esther Enemuwe, was not on duty when the operatives called, but they got her phone number and address from one of the staff, and went there; ransacked it, arrested her at 1 p.m. and took her to their office at Ketu.

“They were asking her about back-up system and the password to our server, which she doesn’t have access to,” Ms. Coker said.

In its statement, the APC called for an independent inquiry to identify and punish those who ordered the “needless and unprovoked attack.”

Read the full APC statement below:

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has strongly condemned Saturday invasion of its offices in Lagos by security agents, calling it perhaps the worst political scandal in Nigeria’s history.

In a statement issued in Ijebu-Ode on Saturday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said the invasion can only be likened to the Watergate Scandal that led to the resignation of US President Richard Nixon in 1974, as a result of the June 17, 1972, break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the attempted cover-up of its involvement by the Republican Nixon Administration.

It therefore called for an independent inquiry to fish out those who ordered the needless and unprovoked attack on the offices of the APC and ensure that they face very serious consequences, irrespective of their status.

”Saturday’s attack is another one in the string of attacks and illegal actions of the PDP-led administration. The attack was unwarranted and unjustifiable. To attack one of the offices of the opposition party, APC, where legitimate operations of the party were being undertaken is an act of fascism and totalitarianism. To the point of brigandage, the invasion of the APC centre is an assault on the APC and its entire membership across the country. It must not go unpunished,” APC said

The party said though it had been tipped off about an impending attack on the ‘secret warehouse’ of our leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, ”we dismissed such plan because there was no ‘secret warehouse’ anywhere and also because we never imagined that the government will attack the offices of an opposition party in a constitutional democracy. Obviously we under-estimated the desperation of the Jonathan Administration and its worsening proclivity to impunity.”

Giving details of the invasion, the APC said in the early hours of Saturday morning, a combined team of men of the DSS and OP-MESA stormed the Bola Ajibola Data centre belonging to the APC in the Ikeja area of Lagos and arrested 25 APC data agents and 3 security guards.

”In what was a gestapo-like operation, the APC membership data centre located at Number 10, Bola Ajibola street, off Allen Avenue in Ikeja, came under siege between the hours of 5:30 am and 7:30 am on Saturday. An operation of terror and brigandage was unleashed on a legitimate operation of a leading national party. They came without a search warrant for the premises. Over 50 security operatives drafted from Abuja operations blocked the two major street entrances to the APC data entry centre, pulled down the gates and spent over 2 hours ransacking and vandalizing the centre.

”More than a dozen computers were destroyed. The server was also vandalized along with other equipments in the building. Just like the Watergate scandal in the USA, the state-sponsored security operatives apparently acting at the behest of the ruling PDP government turned the office upside down, and pulled out and vandalized everything in sight.

”If the PDP-led government and the security agents had done due diligence and acted professionally, they would have known that the APC data centre is a legitimate operation and the staff are Nigerian youths who were left jobless by the Jonathan government. Apart from the Lagos centre, the operation is decentralized and similar centres are functional in about six different locations around the country.

”They chose to believe the lie that it was a warehouse belonging to one of the national leaders of the party where dangerous weapons were being kept, when in fact it is a centre for entering the data provided by the millions of Nigerians who registered as members of the party during its membership registration exercise,” the party said.

It described the invasion as another act of impunity, now a trademark of the Jonathan-led presidency which is being edged on by the hawks in the PDP.

APC called the invasion of its offices an attempt to suppress the opposition, get details of its membership with the intention of using it to rig the 2015 elections and also to destroy the spirit of democracy.

”When in Oct. 6th, 2013 we issued a statement alerting Nigerians that the Jonathan Administration was using Rivers State as a testing ground for creeping fascism ahead of the 2015 elections, some said we were raising a false alarm.

”Well, here we are. In the past five months, the PDP-led government has stepped up its acts of impunity and terror against the leaders of the APC and all non-PDP actors. Elected officers, who are not PDP members, have had their rights repeatedly violated by the police and other security operatives. Never before has an elected government been so scared of the opposition to the point of shutting it down.

”Now that they have overreached themselves by attacking the offices of the main opposition party and destroying part of its membership database, can the PDP-led government still claim to be operating under the rule of law? Can the government sincerely tell the world it is now ready for free and fair elections in 2015? This is one impunity too many, and we will not allow it to be swept under the carpet,” the party vowed.

Lai Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary


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  • True Nigerian

    Every Nigerian should be worried by the desperation that the government and the police are showing over Jonathan’s interests in this election. Perhaps, there is truly a plan to sink this country into war before he leaves or to do so as a means of remaining in power. I don’t know. But the events of the last few days and weeks are utterly unlawful, undemocratic and seem to be a deliberate provocation to instigate widespread crisis.

    Given the quick succession of events that clearly demonstrate that our security forces are now unashamedly partisan, I think that the question that should start troubling every patriotic Nigerian right now is whether there is any chance that such a patently partisan SSS/police force can be impartial in its sensitive role on the next general election. The opposition are now warning that they will create a parallel government and embark on civil obedience if the next election is rigged. Mind you, they are not saying that they will do these things if they lose. They are saying they will do so if the elections are rigged. Yet, instead of responding with clear assurances that the election will be transparent and free from any rigging, the President and the ruling party embarked on a charge of treason as if it is the right of one party to rig and the duty of the other party to accept the rigging. For how long are we going to endure such rape in the name of democracy? Even Burma’s half-baked half-militarised democracy is younger than ours. But its last election had no allegation of rigging. After 16 years, we are still threatening charges of treason against those who are merely insisting on free and fair elections, which is the most sacrosanct feature of a democracy. By suggesting charges of treason against those who threaten to disrespect rigged results in the next elections, is the President and the ruling party suggesting that they will rig the election? And now, they have followed that threats by sending the SSS to raid the data office of the main opposition party and retrieve the membership records of the party. And for sure, those who will support the incumbent government in the next election are not likely to see anything wrong in such impunity and undemocratic actions. However, we must never forget that it is unreasonable for the people of any country to continuously insist on peace whilst they consistently disregard justice. It is unrealistic.

    My advice to all Nigerians is to put your country first, together with yourself and your family. Those three yardsticks should form the basis upon which you judge and assess the actions of the police, the SSS, and the politicians who use them, including the President and the governors. The reason is because if they set this country on fire, they (the politicians who have set your life and your family in peril) will be the first to leave. And you, your family, friends, and loved ones will be here to face the music and endure the horror of butchering each other like wild animals chickens and rats.

    If you adopt the methodology I have recommended above, you will not be blind enough to support lawlessness and impunity simply because your preferred candidate or the candidate from your own tribe or religion is the one perpetrating or benefiting from the impunity and lawlessness, which could land you and your loved one in genocidal war or an orgy of death and destruction. This is how it starts in every other country where it has happened. I am always baffled when I see Nigerians who have no other country seemingly jubilating and cheering the government when they hear and read the kind of impunity reported in this news. With the attack on Tambuwal/the legislature and mass arrest of opposition leaders during Osun elections, the police is showing clearly that it is now a member of ruling party. These are things that could lead this country to annihilation in 2015. Let us be careful! Nigeria has been a very resilient country, which is probably a fact that feeds the confidence of those who continue to fester impunity in this country. But I am yet to see a developing country like Nigeria which does not have elastic limit and a breaking point. This country has never been closer to its breaking point than it is right now. I am therefore admonishing every private citizen of Nigeria to put the laws and stability of this country above any politician no matter how closely he or she is linked to your own tribe, ethnic group or religion. The bad leaders that fuel this impunity, lawlessness and provocations will not be here to fight the war if it starts. They will leave you to your deaths and destruction. Let us stand up for what is right and condemn what is wrong, no matter who does it. Let our opinion and judgement on the events of this period be guided by sincerity, fairness, justice, rule of law, good conscience and democratic principles. If we do so, we will be able to support our candidate without letting them destroy this country which they will abandon as soon as it is destroyed.

  • Ogom

    “.. asking her about back-up system and the password to our server, which she doesn’t have access to,” Ms. Coker said.”

    They probably needed to recover the guns and fake PVCs from the server.

  • Mr. Abdin

    AHH what is happening ? It seems we are going back to the military era.

  • Baba Messi

    How about Mallam Lai-Lie Mohammed having a press conference and apologizing to his APC e-Morons who take in every tales-by-moonlight he issues hook line and sinker?? Apologize for relying on soft sell junk magazines to spread MISINFORMATION that Dokubo ws on that jet?
    I say apologize to the APC e-zombies because he needs not apologize to we sane and discerning minds. No sane person takes Lai-Lie serious anymore!
    Apologize to the ZOMBIES! Jo need to mention names. They know themselves! We know them too!
    “Zombie o Zombie”!
    “Zombie way na one way o..ZOMBIE”!! (RIP. Fela)

  • Sword of Damocles

    This is a bad one. Essentially the Presidency gave this out fit the go ahead to go to the opposition’s data center and take all the DATA. let me tell you why it is bad, from the description of news media , the data being collected are the registered members of APC. People who have registered with INEC as APC members nationwide. Obviously this data allows APC to track election day voting and collation of votes more efficiently and with less errors. The data may even allow the APC to contact registered voters before the vote on Feb 14th urging them to vote. The fact that PDP now has that much of the data is tragic, it can be used for many things, but the I am confident it is intended to be using for rigging(specifically as it relates to PVC cards). These tyrants think they can “postpone” their day of judgement, and YES they can, but there is a price. If these betrayers and looters are able to “postpone” their Waterloo next year, the burden that they and their families will have to bear ultimately increases and it will be worse for then when their time finally comes, or do they think they can steal almost all of our country’s monies and get away with it scott-free. They might think they they will abscond to developed countries with the loot. WRONG. Most developed countries have laws that deal with this matter. There are the scenarios that must exist for thieves & looters to be extradited back to the Nation they stole from. 1) jungle justice cannot await them when they are extradited. 2) the Country(Nigeria in this case) must show prima facie evidence that the wanted person stole directly or through their cronies in their names.3) An established Rule of Law Govt. is the one SEEKING the looters 4) the looters receive a FAIR & equal trial under the Rule of Law.. Like I said earlier, whether it takes 1yr or 50yrs, you people that stole from our Nigeria, we are going to prove a simple statement to you all: YOU ARE NOT BIGGER THAN NIGERIA, THUS YOU CANNOT PUT YOUR STINKING BOOTS ON HER NECK!!

    • the_adviser

      A data centre worth its salt will backup all its files and store in a safe place. The security services went in because of allegation of PVC cloning.

      • Sword of Damocles

        You are absolutely RIGHT on you first sentence(but it doesnt REMOVE the fact that thru the security services, the ruling party has obtained the private info of the opposition, and thus use it to rig, does it?) since you replied me, do you see the picture of the destroyed equipment above? is that what law enforcement does when they are investigating as you put it “allegations of PVC cloning”?

        Your second sentence is PURE & UTTER SPECULATION. just because Marilyn Orgar says so DOESNT make it so. Are you not cognizant of her & that department’s antecedents or you just choose to play dum & blind? if you must engage, come with the truth, for if you come with ANYTHING but…. you will be ANNIHILATED, understood?

        • the_adviser

          Everyone is a liar as far as you are concerned. “The fact I am a paranoid doesn’t mean people are not after me” Is that your philosophy?

          • Sword of Damocles

            Not everyone just some people( and I am sure you know who they are), but before you digress about “liars & such”, pls address the photos above of the destroyed equipment as it relates to conducting a law enforcement investigation and tell us why we should BELIEVE that this is how real investigations are conducted the world over , then i may engage you in philosophy, political or law, deal?

          • the_adviser

            Those desktops in the picture are past their “use by” dates, you only need to unscrew some bolts and you can gain access to hard disks which are the only things missing. A computer using floppy disks is a joke.

          • Sword of Damocles

            your above statement QUANTIFIES damage (small or big). what this engagement is about is whether what the secret Police did, is how it obtains in other “Rule of Law” democracies Now if you would address whether the entity/persons who caused the damage were within their constitutional rights to do so without a Court Order, we just might get somewhere. this is akin to pulling “teeth”. In your Previous statement you mentioned “liars & such”, now look at how you are trying to “sidestep” a simple question? Truth is always easy to support, and lies the opposite(remember you & philosophy?, just a little nugget for u to nibble on). My Friend, I dont know much about computers & hard drives, but i do know that the hard drives of even the White House was subpoenaed last year and they produced it. It is a simple thing to go to Court to get a subpoena, all you have to do is show the judge COMPELLING evidence of why law enforcement must invade the privacy of the suspected to get that desired evidenced. Now we delve BACK in philosophy: in deductive logic reasoning one must assume that the reason an entity/person doesnt follow a rule(subpoena acquisition from a judge) is that they DONT have the what? COMPELLING evidence to show that judge so the judge can issue a subpoena EMPOWERING law enforcement to violate the PRIVACY of the suspected person/entity.

          • the_adviser

            Listen if you want me to dialogue with you in this forum, join disqus with a permanent username.

          • Sword of Damocles

            I am able to respond so far to everything you have said so i dont see the need to “join disqus with a permanent username” . Do not get it twisted i am not eager to dialogue with you, however it is self evident that you are a “skilled” “toothbrusher” of the Junta that occupies Aso Rock, and i delight in exposing that this “emperor has on no clothes”. But you can tell your BOSSES that the last sentence of my first post on this subject will be actualized, on the Honor of my late mother…..

          • endingNaija

            Oh oh I see, so you were there when the DSS boys you people sent brought the computers back from the invasion and break in. Right? Interesting.

          • MrFesh

            Those are shells of you knew what a computer is. Take the hard drive, the rest is useless. Try to speak with some wisdom. That thing you see there is how a PC looks opened. If you close that open side and stand it if it is a tower or just leave it there if it is a desktop, that’s it. What is tickling you so much about the picture? In my view the place looks tidy still from the pix compared to how is is written that the whole place was riddled kind of.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Mr fresh i thank you for your “words of wisdom?” Now do the needful, as Eddie Murphy used to say “have a coke & a smile & shut the #4@& up!! From your other posts I know have an “upstairs” deficiency, and i do not “club baby seals”, so begone.

          • MrFesh

            Lwkm. Classical reaction of a folk who gets totaled with facts.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Now you have piqued my interest. what did you state in your previous”butt-in”?. Mr fresh I said i didnt know much about computers(this is true), i do know somethings about computers. Your post assumed that i didnt know what a hard drive is or its utility within the computer., and assumed my knowledge is rudimentary. It si not. totalled with what facts? an assumption that i am as clueless as the man whose boots you lick first thing every morning before even sayiong a prayer to our Creator. My friend i am trying to watch the SF 49ers beat some redskin a$$, dont make me open up a can of “cognitive whuppass” on your ignorant behind. You were warned! Insolent scum of the grimiest earth!!

          • MrFesh

            Inferiority complex setting in. Try again.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Sure I feel inferior to you, and the Pope is the blood brother of your Clown Prince(comedy runs in the family, huh?). Lastly if you are sure that “inferior complex is setting in” and your cognitive capacity is on the ascendancy, engage me if you can. Seriously i do not need to say anything derogatory or cast aspersions on your person. People have seen your posts and know where you are coming from. One thing I wont do is allow you janthalian sycophants to get away with anything, for you know it, i know it, we all know it: You are a boot licker, and you do it with pride & purpose. that is to be admired.

          • MrFesh

            In not bother if your abuse me. You already did all that. Bipolarity/crisis of identity setting in.

          • Sword of Damocles

            absolutely not abusing you Mr “so fresh”, but to use your words, i believe what passes as abuse to you constitutes being “totaled by facts”
            1) you use the clown prince’s boots to brush your teeth every morning unfailingly.
            2) you willfully see no evil due to sectional/ethno-religious bigotry
            3) you acquiesce to the raping and besmirching of the Honor of your country for tribal reasons.
            How do these statement of FACTS “abuse” you. You know President Truman use to say that “all he did was tell his political opponents the truth, and they would say he was giving them hell” (thus the moniker “give ’em hell, Harry). P.s do you see how “crisis of Identity” may affect #3 on this list.

          • MrFesh

            Delution finally set in. Bed time. Find your pills fast.

          • Sword of Damocles

            guess what bootlicker, I am still awake monitoring your bootlickin’ no good , , duplicitous behind simpleton. i will use the “delusion & pills’ to hammer your treasonous A$$ cognitively speaking that is. Has any one noticed that Home slice Mr fresh has not taken the opportunity to engage me on the lawlessness & impunity of his detractors. Every time you reply me I will be looking to see if you take my challenge. Just trying to prove a simple point: that you & your partners in the desecration of our Fatherland are devoid of thinking faculties. since you take the time to respond to me let me hear you thoughts(if you can) on the constitutionality of your master’s actions. shebi you get mouth and gray matter for your dome to dey defend the indefensible?

      • endingNaija

        So your Ijaw President -Goodluck Jonathan told you that? Just asking.

  • Truthometer

    Gestapos are in charge in Nigeria now. Shame on Dumbo and his party, PDP.

  • Baba Jada

    A Brilliant person needs words only to defeat his opponents. but the lower his wisdom, the greater his propensity for violence to make a point. Keep at it, the whole world is watching.

  • lucky james

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  • Ayinde

    Good write up Fani Power, seems this guy call Bala Ali must have read what he has in his mind rather than the written letters here. Cannot see any such thin as hate here. Think, Femi is just trying to explain away Trumps statement. Am sure if you talk with Trump he will possibly give exceptions.
    However, however, however ….. am always wary of these docile members of the Islamic faith that do not come out to condemn such violent act on the part of their adherents. To me it is a sign of a tacit support. But to truly know where each stand possibly American Moslems. On whose side will the Americans moslem be in the event of a war between the Saudi’s and the US. That is when we will truly know where they stand. Where truly is your LOYALTY.

    • New Nigerian

      What sort of analogy did you end with? Would you ask where Americans jews would stand in a war between Israel and America? Bala Ali is actually right, you miss the nuanced flame throwing between Muslims in Nigerian South West and Muslims in the Northern part of Nigeria. Even when Femi seek out to be civil, he still throws flames here and there. His embrace of Trump the bigot who is not different from Carson – Carson says the same things with less flamboyance is very telling

  • New Nigerian

    Femi Fani Kayode – FFK – the flame thrower. With Trump and Carson, he is in good company of bigots – neither of them would be president of the United States, that much is sure. Americans are wiser and smarter than bigots will let on. Like Trump, the pathological liar, Femi also mixes up half-truths to distract people. He seeks to throw a wide divide between Muslims of the south west (who he neither understands nor speak for) and Muslims in the North. He knows this would not work, but of course he would try – just so he can distract from the stolen commonwealth that he now has to explain and refund.

    Turkey was proclaimed a republic on October 29, 1923. Yet FFK says Islam came to South Western Nigeria from Turkey. Not true. Islam came to Yoruba land centuries before Christianity and before churches were built, Islam came during around 14th and
    15th during the reign of Mansa Kankan Musa of Mali Empire. the first Mosque was built in Ọyọ-Ile in 1550 A.D. That is why Islam amongst the Yorubas were referred to as Esin Imale (The Religion from Mali).

    As for peaceful co-existence in the South West between people of different faiths and the violence in the north. Violence in the north has nothing to do with Islam, period. Femi wants to say it does. He knows better it has to do with other issues than religion.

    Second about the peaceful harmony in the SouthWest, I say even that has an undercurrent. I ask FFK, where is this harmony when Abiola who was elected by overwhelming majority of Nigeria was shot by friendly fire from his own people, for no other reason than the fact that he was Muslim? Why did FFK leave APC? He claimed he left because a Muslim from South West was going to be made a running mate to Muhammadu Buhari….all his diatribes on this are there in the public space. So, so long as a Muslim from the South West stay away from aspiring to the highest office in the land, then the FFKs of this world sing the harmony tune, if they dare, all hell breaks loose!

    Having said all that, we are waiting for the refund of the commonwealth that FFK collected ..almost a billion Naira

  • Sanmi Falae

    Femi Fani Kayode compares himself with Donald Trump despite not having the intelligence and morality to successfully run a government ministry. Whereas Trump is the director of a multi billion dollar business empire. Also, Donald Trump is a legit aristocrat. Whereas, Fani Kayode, a self styled aristocrat, is a penny pinching, hustler with no legitimate source of income or means of livelihood other than defrauding Nigeria. Thus meaning that while Donald Trump would thrive and prosper on his own legitimate personal resources and initiative anywhere, Fani Kayode, on the other hand, can never survive within Nigeria without Nigeria’s money to embezzle; let alone compete with his classmates outside Nigeria in Europe or America. Sorry, mate, there is no realistic basis for comparing yourself with Donald Trump. Even though you are both misguided (and that’s where the comparison ends) Donald Trump lives in a golden bubble, not a dirty soap sods in which Femi lives where if he is not stepping out of EFCC’s net, he’s stepping into it.

  • wally

    A beautiful piece but l disagree with your assertion that because the Turks introduced lslam in Yoruba land is the reason why we don’t have extreme lslamic fundamentalism in the South West. Even there is no way Jihard would have succeeded in Yoruba land because Yoruba tradition is stronger than lslam and Christianity. Ilorin as a Yoruba town is a typical example, despite the fact that the Hausa/ Fulani claimed to capture the city with their lslam no terrorist group would go to llorin and succeed in recruiting suicide bombers. Yoruba tradition is very strong we are not violent by nature.