Arresting Tambuwal may plunge Nigeria into crisis — APC

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has warned that the reported plan to arrest House of Representatives Speaker Aminu Tambuwal could trigger a crisis that will be fatal for the nation’s democracy, hence there is the need to jettison the plan out of abundance of caution.

In a statement issued in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, on Saturday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said the federal government will be pouring petrol on a naked fire by arresting the Speaker, following the failed attempt to prevent him from accessing the National Assembly to preside over the affairs of the House of Representatives on Thursday, and also in an apparent attempt to halt the current move to impeach the President.
”Published reports have corroborated what we know: That the plan on Thursday was to prevent Tambuwal from entering the National Assembly to pave the way for his Deputy, Emeke Ihedioha, who had already been allowed into the House, to preside over the removal of the Speaker. Were it not so, why would the police even try to seize the mace from the Sergeant-at-arms, as reported? Why would the police detain the Sergeant-at-arms for his refusal? What is the business of the police with the mace, which is the House’s symbol of authority?

”It has also now been corroborated that the plan hatched by the PDP and the Presidency was to give Tambuwal the ‘Ekiti treatment’, in which seven PDP members removed the Speaker in a 26-member House of Assembly. But for the quick thinking and action by the Honourable members who scaled the gate to access the Assembly, that plan would have succeeded and Tambuwal would have been removed as Speaker, the consequences of which no one would have been able to foretell.

”Therefore, instead of pillorying those who scaled the gate, we should be commending them for risking their lives to save our democracy. Those who shut the gate against the lawmakers and barred them from carrying out their constitutional duties are the villains, not the honourable members who acted in the nation’s interest,” it said.

APC said the ceaseless hounding of Mr. Tambuwal by the president and the PDP is patently provocative, to say the least, and calls into question the stated commitment of the Jonathan Administration to the rule of law.

”In the eyes of the law, Rt. Hon. Tambuwal remains the Speaker of the House of Representatives, despite his defection from the PDP to the APC. No matter what the PDP and the Presidency may feel, they are not the court of law, which is the only body that can make a definite pronouncement on the fate of the Speaker.

”The Speaker also remains the number two man in the hierarchy of the Legislative Arm of government, which is distinct from the Executive Arm headed by the President. It is therefore not only unconstitutional but also anti-democratic and anarchic for the PDP-led government of President Goodluck Jonathan to continue to hound the Speaker and desecrate the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly, using the police force that has now become the enforcement arm of the ruling party, having dropped all pretences to neutrality and professionalism,” APC said.

The party said at a time the political atmosphere has become so charged by the government-backed police assault on the National Assembly, it is a perilous game to seek to arrest the Speaker, for whatever reason, unless of course the administration is bent on deliberately plunging the nation into crisis.

”It is difficult to fathom the reason behind the government’s increasing resort to recklessness, but it may not be unconnected with the rising desperation by the ruling PDP to hold on to power at all cost. Perhaps now that it has started seeing the handwriting on the wall with Nigerians clamouring for change, this government may be tilting towards its last option of throwing the nation into crisis to prevent the 2015 elections from holding.

”We are therefore calling on all men and women of good conscience, especially those who have the ears of the President, to prevail on him not to push the nation into any worse crisis than it is currently encountering. With terrorists daily killing and maiming Nigerians, forcing more than 1.5 million people to flee their homes and threatening the nation’s territorial integrity, the government’s trifling is baffling, and should stop forthwith,” it said.

Lai Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary
All Progressives Congress (APC)
Ijebu-Ode, Nov. 2nd 2014


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  • Alcindo Satori

    So now we know why boko haram sponsors (APC stalwarts) cannot be arrested; APC plans to plunge Nigeria into serious problem if it’s done!

    • clairvoyance

      Shut up phool like u, why is the presidency and ur useless party PDPigs scared of a Tambuwal speakership of the House of Reps. Touch Tambuwal and we the masses we tumble Ebola jonothing, pdpigs.

    • Okemute1

      Seriously, your brain must be made in China

      • Otile

        Stop making derogatory remarks about people’s brain. The reason Islamic APC wants to plunge 9ja into more serious bloodshed is to receive the promise of the Holy Prophet.

        Prophet Muhammad (SW) said, “The lowest rank of an inmate of Paradise will have eighty thousand servants and seventy-two wives.”

        Sahih Muslim: 1.0363; 20.4690, 4691

        The lowest ranking people of paradise receive 10 times of what they desire; the highest ranking people of paradise will be hand-picked by Allah; Allah will reward them with bounties which no eye has ever seen, no ear
        has heard and no human mind has perceived. Two-third of booty forthe jihadists will be paid in paradise, they will get one-third in this world. If they do not get any booty in this world then they will get full reward hereafter.

  • Dules Forrester

    Editor Premium Times,

    This is quite some slovenly rambling. Lai Mohammed said it is quick thinking that federal legislators jumped
    the perimeter fence of Nigeria’s National Assembly? Jumping the fence of parliament is quick thinking? O, God!
    What’s Nigeria become? Even by his own low standards this would count as Lai Mohammed’s un-reasoning nadir.

    • Reporteruncensored

      Yes,two wrongs they say don’t make a right,but why would anybody attempt to lock the people’s elected speaker out of the parliament premises?

    • Sword of Damocles

      Mr Forrester, My new year’s resolution is to try not call the Clown Prince’s “RimLickers” cognitively challenged. But here you are making VERY VERY HARD. I have always wondered who would the Ages look back at as Nigeria’s “Lincolns” (special people who demonstrated their total devotion to the freedom of a people). In the past i have not really had anything good to say about NASS members, however it is SELF EVIDENT that those Reps who scaled that fence to go and do their Constitutional duty acted in that manner because they KNEW what they were fighting against at THAT moment was TYRANNY, pure & pure. Out of shape men clawed their way over that fence like their lives were at stake, or their FREEDOM. i had goose bumps, for the first time i saw the Legislature branch FIGHTING for their constitutional prerogative (to the betterment of our fledgling democracy) It was done for the likes of me and you, for our children and those we hold dear. Ironically your ilk cannot even see this selfless act to preserve the Democracy and Rule of Law we are trying to nurture. The fact that President did what he did with the Secret Police tells me that 1) the man doesnt care about ANY REPERCUSSIONS. I have always known that the man had no respect for that exalted office that he is entrusted to, and now it is apparent that he also has no respect for Nigeria (if he did, how could the President order the Secret police to do what it did to the Legislature).He is desperate to hold on to power (for power’s sake) I cannot wait for the NASS to re convene. There are a lot of questions to be answered and a lot of ‘splaining to do. High Crimes & Misdemeanors……………

  • Dumbo

    In other words, touch the speaker and face the consequences. That will be the beginning of revolution. Pdpigs take note.

  • Wähala

    Touch Tambuwal, Touch Nigeria… Shikena!
    Dumbo does not have the balls to arrest Speaker Tambuwal. As-Is, the Ijaw President is fighting-off impeachment as more Legislators in both Houses are signing up to get rid of the Otuoke nuisance. He thinks he’s dealing with his appointee, ba? Speaker Tambuwal is on the same pedestal with Jona Dumbo as the 4th. person in hierarchy of power. Desperation for power must have a limit and it ends at the doormat of the Constitution. There’s a standing court order against preventing the Speaker from carrying out his duties in his present capacity, unless that order is rescinded, Dr. Dumbo has no prayer in Hell that authorizes him (or any barga for that matter) to remove Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal as a legislator, muchless unanimously elected Speaker of the House of Assemblies… Again, Touch Tambuwal, Torch Nigeria. Nonsense!

  • Scalywag

    The Inspector General of police knows those that constitute problems to Nigeria. Them Shekau, Them SAS-GAS of Boko, kidnappers, oil subsidy scammers or yahoo-yahoo boys. He should arrest them or place bounties on them. The police will not be adding value to national security by arresting the number 4 citizen of Nigeria.

  • Adekunle Johnson

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  • Sharia_Haram

    Who is Tambuwal? An ordinary speaker to Mr. President? Tambuwal is a joke. PDP will not recognize APC winning any election at the presidential poll. Let the fight start NOW. Who ever win should enslave the loser. Non-Muslims must either die fighting or enslave for life. No going back.

    • Mr. Abdin

      From your name you are confused.

    • sharp shape

      My Brother I am from the Niger Delta and I am a Muslim and we have been Muslims in my family for over 5 generations Islam is not a bad Religion but like any Religion it has a lot of hypocrites and liars ! Northern Nigeria hausa-fulani is the enemy just like their demonic masters in the middle east

      • Sharia_Haram


  • Garden-City Boy

    Na lie! That is only pathetic fear-mongering. The jeavdens will nmot collapse on anybody even if Tambuwal is killed. He was lucky to come off alive fro daring the police. One stray bullet could have done the job and nothing will happen. This is a law-maker leading a band of lawless thugs in a trespass into government property. Many of them scaled the fence put in place to prevent unauthorized entry. But this libertine encouraged his thugs to scale the fence in a most disgraceful fashion.One can imagine the type of children these Tambuwal men breed and the message they pass to their brood by this action. All those thugs who scaled the fence should be cooling their heels in police jail for trespass.

  • sharp shape

    Rubbish and complete bunkum

    listen to this man and stop being childish and understand causative antecedents how the past influence the future

    words on marble

    During Yar adua time this was said about northern Nigeria by one of their sons quoting world bank sources

    The Minister of Finance, Dr Usman Shamsudeen, while addressing the gathering
    of eminent Northerners at the Summit alluded the aforementioned to a recent
    World Bank statistics.

    According to him, the level of education of a people has direct correlation
    with their living standards.

    He then lamented that based on that correlation, Northern Nigeria was far
    behind all of humanity when it comes to Child Education.

    His words: “About two months ago”, he said, “the Ministry of Finance
    organised a review session with our Development Partner like the World Bank. The
    World Bank representative gave a list of statistics that should shock all of us
    into action”, he said.

    He said that “Northern Nigeria remains, and represents the only place in the
    world that has the highest number of Children that are not going to school. The
    Highest number of children that are not going to school in the world are in
    Northern Nigeria”, he emphasized.

    He blamed the problem on lack of commitment and efforts on the part of
    Northern leaders. He then called on responsible, experienced and educated
    retired Northerners to take up political leadership of their various states, as
    politics has been hijacked by hoodlums who have turned it to total warfare
    May Allah bless you Dr Goodluck Jonathan the very thing the northern leaders should be doing to bring them from the 14th century that they refused to do is now haunting them ! for every almajiri boy that dies from disease and violence due to ignorance and lack of proper education denied them by their so called leaders their blood be on your heads buharam and athiefnku thank you GEJ for building almajiri schools for them but enough we the people of the south demand that our resources should be channelled for more profitable venture
    Tambuwal a product of the university of sokoto is lucky to come from a region that has the highest number of illiterates in the world in more enlightened climes this nonentity will be toast

  • sharp shape

    Words on marble hear another northern son

    Professor Ibrahim Gambari, Under Secretary-General, Special Adviser to the
    Secretary General of the United Nations in his address lamented the poverty
    level of the North using grim statistics.

    “On Health and Education”, he said, “the level of immunization of Children
    against dangerous childhood diseases, in the South-East is 44.6% immunization
    coverage, but the North-West has 3.7% and the North-East 3.6%.”, he said

    “If you take the education of the girl-child as indicator, you see similar
    pattern of inequality with the South-East having an enrolment rate of 85%,
    South-Wes having an enrolment rate of 85%, South-South 75%, while the North-East
    20% and North West 25%.”

  • sharp shape

    more words on marble In fact, in most of the Northern States the poverty level is very high”, Yar
    A’dua observed.

    “In some of these States, there is equally high unemployment rate, near total
    collapse of infrastructure, virtual absence of new investments, while
    practically all the States depend essentially on revenues accruing from the
    Federation Account”, he said.

    He then called on Northern States to take the advantage they have in
    Agriculture and Solid Mineral and harness them for the well being of their
    people. Tambuwal you are very lucky to escape with your life now that you know we are not playing and we actually want the destruction of this false union we dare you to overplay your hands again Long live Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan the best president of this fraud called Nigeria

  • Otile

    People should stop blaming President Jonathan for the violence in the North. The ongoing violence stems from Nabi Muhammd’s promise for good Muslims. After reading the Holy Qur-an I saw that we Christians may be missing out on the goodies of Paradise as the Holy Prophet promised. However, whatever his promises I am going to remain a Christian.

    Prophet Muhammad (SW) said, “The lowest rank of an inmate of Paradise will have eighty thousand servants and seventy-two wives.”

    Sahih Muslim: 1.0363; 20.4690, 4691

    The lowest ranking people of paradise receive 10 times of what they desire; the highest ranking people of paradise will be hand-picked by Allah; Allah will reward them with bounties which no eye has ever seen, no ear has heard and no human mind has perceived. Two-third of booty forthe jihadists will be paid in paradise, they will get one-third in this world. If they do not get any booty in this world then they will get full reward hereafter.

    • The truth is ugly

      How releveant is what is happening in the house related to ISLAM, just because Tambuwal is a Northerner that is why you go to this extent of deep religious bigotry. Please be sensible and patriotic what happened in the house wasnt religious at all and if you look carefully at the video footage you may find several members from south-south and south-east matching along with the speaker. Please stay out of religious and ethnic bigotry, be at peace with urself and love each other. I am a southerner but offended by what you have just said, purely bind-minded. This is purely a political orchestration

      • Otile

        I am sorry to hear that you a southerner. You and those APC minions from SS SE matching side by side with Imam Tabuwal are brainwashed, you don’t know any better. Tambuwal and other true Muslims know that one cannot separate Islam form politics, Islam is a complete way of life.

        You must be one of those few irreligious men inhabiting southern Nigeria. We must chase you out so that devout Moslems will make worm’s meat out of you.

        • The truth is ugly

          I am one step ahead of you because I keep religion aside and make sense of the whole situation. You can’t think out of the box and you are stuck in your bigotry. Until you free yourself from such shackles of ignorance you will never see the truth of most matters in this great country. You end up blaming the northerners for everything, and it looks like you don’t travel out of your domain. You believe in what you were told about northerners not who they are truly are. I was like you some few years back even worse now I know the truth by living with this northerners. Our elders and leaders have lied to us about our neighbours for long. Wake up and seek knowledge out of your domain. We southerners too have our own issues, only that Boko Haram has succeeded in making our woes negligible but that doesn’t mean we don’t have issues too.


    The man called Lai Muhammed is drunk and sick… seriously