Amaechi should be in jail but for immunity – Presidency, PDP

In the run up to the 2015 elections, the police warned Amaechi to remain in his state.

The Presidency on Thursday lambasted the Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Amaechi, over his threat that the All Progressives Congress, APC, would form a parallel government if next year’s general elections are rigged.

At the “Salvation Rally,” organised by the APC in Abuja, Mr. Amaechi, had warned that “if the 2015 elections are rigged, his party will not seek redress in court but would rather carry out what he called civil disobedience as well as form a parallel government.”

The rally was attended by leaders of the opposition party who lampooned the peoples Democratic Party-led Federal Government for alleged under-performance.

They also marched round some parts of the nation’s capital, including the headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force, NPF.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, said but for the immunity Mr. Amaechi enjoys ”the governor would have been in jail for his comments”.

He said the governor’s utterances bother on incitement, treason and gross rascality, which were enough to land him behind bars.

Mr. Okupe said there was no basis for Mr. Amaechi to suggest that the elections would be rigged by the PDP. He said it was a shame for the governor to denigrate himself.

The presidential aide noted that the governor’s utterances were a further proof that he was not only lawless but loves anarchy in his unbridled pursuit for power.

“It is curious and unthinkable that a man who was himself a beneficiary of the court process would disdain the very platform through which he acquired the opportunity to make his reckless and provocative statement,” Mr. Okupe said.

“With statements like this it is clear that Amaechi is more of liability to his party than asset and has the potential to bring his party to further opprobrium and disrepute.

“For someone who aspires to become the Vice President of this country, his disdain for law and order is not only unfortunate but also patently dangerous and sends dark signals about the survival of our democracy.”

The presidential aide said discerning Nigerians knew that comments like those made by the governor, do not augur well for any democracy and “also portray Mr. Amaechi as a reckless, power hungry individual who lacks both the democratic temper and respect for constituted authority and institutions.”

He wondered how the APC could be comfortable “with a loose cannon like Governor Amaechi.”

Mr. Okupe said it was clear to any discerning mind that Mr. Amaechi’s indecorous outbursts and his obvious disregard and contempt for the rule of law, had defined him as unfit to hold any serious public office in this country let alone the Vice Presidency of Nigeria to which he aspires.

He said, “If Mr. Amaechi is so much afraid of his party crashing to defeat in the general elections, what he needs to do is to advise the leadership of his party to either give up in good time or repackage itself in order to appeal to the Nigerian voters who must definitely have the final say in the democratic process.

“We also want to sound a note of warning to Mr. Amaechi and other desperate players on our political scene that Nigeria has moved away from the dark days of dictatorship and resort to brigandage and that any attempt for any individual or group of individuals to resort to extra legal means of acquiring power, would be dealt with by the laws of the land.”

Also in a statement by its spokesperson, Olisa Metuh, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said it was shocked and stunned by Mr. Amaechi’s utterances at the rally, especially because the governor was an elected public officer.

It cautioned the governor against unduly overheating the system and urged him to concentrate on his duties in his state.

Stating that Mr. Amaechi was a democrat when he was in the PDP, the ruling party advised him not to allow the undemocratic attitude of the APC to becloud him.

“He is a different person from who he was when he was in the PDP. When he was in PDP, he was much more guarded in his statements. We urge him to desist from utterances capable of derailing our democracy”, the statement said.

The party however restated that it would continue to resist the provocations from the opposition and remain focused in its commitment in consolidating a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Nigeria.


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  • Spoken word

    Do these guys think before they talk.looks like they talk out of their ass**

  • favourtalk

    Nigeria police are fed with instructions from the executives, nothing more. That’s why sh*t comes out of their mouth without proper thought. We need a better nation where police will do the needful not what the Executives tells them which is contrary to constitutions. Didn’t the legislatures from Ondo cross-carpeted to PDP, what happened there?? Leave amaechi alone, who’s even better than him in PDP self?? Alamasheigba or james ibori?? We need a better nation

    • MrFesh

      Go and form yours. Leave Nigeria alone.

  • Ashibogu

    What if our democracy is derailed? Na democracy we get today? Okupe and Olisa Metuh should have similarly cautioned Ibrahim Shema who said they should kill opposition politicians the same way cockroaches are killed. I have a feeling that most Nigerian politicians will end up at the International War Crimes Tribunal. Abi wetin una think?

  • Uchechi Mba

    Folks, note what PDP and its men of straw are complaining about Amaechi: that he said APC will form a parallel government should PDP rig the coming 2015 election. So by this is implied the fact that PDP plans to rig the election? Why will PDP make strong defence of rigging at each turn? Does it mean that PDP cannot do without rigging? Does it mean that rigging is the party’s forte? Hehehe Nigerians must watch out. Rigging is criminal. Rigging is illegal. Whichever party that condones rigging is not fit to exist. If coup plotters are executed, election riggers should get the same treatment cos both are one and the same thing.

    • MrFesh

      Can you spell logic?

    • D-ONE

      oga read well pls. should he be crying foul befor the whistle id blown!!!! the truth remain our leaders should watch their mouth!!!! el-rufai made a statement of war earlier in the year now amaechi is making a similar statement. it is not nice!!!!! wich of them will claim not to be rigging elections? pls they are all the same.

      • mike

        Amaechi is only warning the pdp about rigging of elections. There’s nothing wrong with that. He mustn’t wait for the pdp to rig before he starts trying to stop them.
        when the bible says “thou shall not……..”, it mustn’t wait for you to commit sin before it can caution against sin.
        Don’t forget that in his statement there is that conditional clause”if”. So if you do not have plans to rig then his warnings should not bother you.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        I guess Shema was preaching the gospel of love according to Saint Cockroaches and Jonothing the other day.

        You are just spewing two-faced rubbish here.

        • D-ONE

          mr kay! i believe the social media was nt made for insults okay!!! pls be civil!!! we are all entitled to our opinion! i hv know you are used to insults!!! pls be careful!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            D-ONE, why do you guys always interpret differing opinions as insults?

            I did not make any reference to your person, but your opinion. How did that become an insult?

            Ol’Boy, why not call Oga Jonothing and the IG to lock up the social media too? Afterall, they think nothing of locking up the NASS or the courts just so that no one can confront them with the truth.

          • Paiko

            He didn’t insult you! Shema’s statement is more deadly and dangerous. Once you are on the side of the PDP you are a saint irrespective of what you spew out. Senseless sentiment!!!

      • His Excellency

        God bless ur sincerity

      • Okemute1

        Please tell me, does PDP plan to rig the election? If not, then your position is as invalid as this govt economic policies.

  • abujakenneth

    I fault PDP and Presidency on that statement. What has happened to Nyako. Please lets hear word. There is no liver and courage to fight corruption because we have all sinned.

  • Frank Bassey

    The man went into self-exile in Ghana when OBJ single-handedly ‘rigged’ him out of the Rivers governorship race because of his ‘k-leg’. He did not resort to violence or form a parallel govt. He is the first politician to win an election he never contested. Now he wears VIOLENCE like garment, he is increasing in bestiality because he has become a companion of those whose eyes bulge with abundance of idiotic rascality.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Better to have a “k-leg” instead of a hippo snout.

      Don’t you think?

  • Maria

    Jonathan should be the one in jail if not for immunity.

    • His Excellency


  • djay

    Why didn’t Gej and the presidency make same case for Gov Shema?

    • Maria

      No Shema is a saint… as long as you support the presidency you are a good boy even if you are Mallam Shekau…

  • D-ONE

    youths should be ware of all this hungry politician who want to get power by all means. they will breed war and it is the youth that will be their ground solidiers whereas their children wont fight in it. later their over grown rats of children will come back to rule the remaining of us !!!!
    pls let us not support any of them whether pdp or apc trying to cause war for us!!!! they expect us to drop our livelihood and cerificates and fight their dirty war when hey have stolen all the money for they and their family.

  • Jay

    “If” – a conditional statement.
    Is pdp planing to rig?

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Shema called on PDP members to kill opposition because they are cockroaches. From DPD sense of judgement, Shema is supposed to be in paradise for such statement while another governor that made a conditional statement should be in jail. I hope we are not being ruled by millitants

  • ceweeco projects

    it’s not about going around trying to stir up trouble as long as you’re honest
    and you articulate what you believe to be true, somebody somewhere will become
    your enemy whether you like it or not. Be grateful to those who refuse your
    demands. They are your benefactors. When no power is vested in a turbulent man,
    he behaves sorrowfully like a nearly killed sallah ram, but when fully
    endorsed, without considering his level of insanity and evil gestures, he cuts
    everyone in the society into pieces. Apc, well, don’t expect us to be too impressed.
    We just saw your legislators in their underwear. Remember this, PDP came from a real tough
    neighborhood, once a guy from APC pulled a knife on him. The people of Nigeria knew
    he wasn’t a professional; the knife had butter on it. If complete and utter
    chaos was lightning, then he’d be the sort to stand on a hilltop in a
    thunderstorm wearing wet copper armour and shouting ‘All gods are bastards

    • mike

      Can’t seem to get your meaning.

      • ceweeco projects

        PDP is Nigeria and Nigeria is PDP. No room for any aggrieved persons in the country APC

      • ceweeco projects

        u ar too blind to see. It’s well know that a standing prick has no conscience

  • Outraged

    Badluck Ebola Jonathan should be facing a firing squad for turning Nigeria into a banana republic

  • Wähala

    Does Asari Dokubo also enjoy immunity not to have been dealt with for his own comments about our streets flowing with blood if Dr. Jona Dumbo is not re-elected next year? How about obese Dr. Doyin sharing his views about Katsina State Gov. Shema’s, #CrushTheCoakraoch” dance in nearby Abuja nko… for which even the EU has weighed-in on? Doyin ole Okupe, na Baba-nla Didinrin with a big badge! No common sense of knowledge of short-time History. Always talking thru the wrong hole. Olosi. How about using only 7 Legislators to impeach a sitting Speaker in Ekiti State just days ago, is that not the rigging Gov. Amaechi is talking about in live! action? The “House Coup” nko? Where they tried but failed to rig-in Ihedioha as Speaker and go ahead and approve illegal & unworthy extension of the SoE in our North East? For which Hon. Cheche darn-near strangled Sen. David Mark.. kwa nu? Facts are, actions of this wayward Dumbo Govt. will plunge even the PDP into the toilet before we get down to the nitty-gritty of their “do-or-die-trying” politics heading into 2015… so, resistance go dey biko!

  • Ahmed

    Okupe should close his dirty mouth . U have not ask your master to resign for having thousands of Nigerian dying under his administration and u are talking of Amechi who is exercising his opinion under his right to freedom of speech. We have seen enough impunity. Why can you breach the law against immunity and arrest Amechi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Okemute1

    “IF” – is a conditional statement. Unless PDP is planning to rig the election, Okupe need not worry about a parallel govt.

  • Major

    People shout so much in support of these politicians when the support for them is only to better the lot of their pockets.So sad.One wonders in whose interest is it that APC wins or that PDP stays in power?Nobody is looking at the contributions materially to the economy of regions before they seek to control the resources,i am sure by now a lot of politicians would have had a rethink before they open their mouths too loud.we need to see what people can bring to the party before they ask to be given a chance to give a toast.

  • MushinSpeaks

    PDP has taken us backward; economy at standstill, nation on hold and oppressing the masses!

    Absolute power corrupt and as concerned citizens of this country, we must put an end to it.

    Jonathan is also guilty of what Amaechi has been accused for.
    Ameachi said should there be rigging and should the mandate of the people not stand. Why do they feel threatened with this?

    Change we need!

  • me

    Prosperous and democtratic Nigeria indeed! Where mobs and thieves like Okupe a contract scammer and Olisa Metuh a school principal basher will be talking!

  • JI

    I am almost sure that Amaechi does cracks. His attitude in recent times betrays decorum. He is not the only person wanting to be Vice President. He became so intoxicated with the then NGF Chair, while using it to further hs selfish ambition. even the one left for him as faction did not survive. In pains he decide to pull down everything on his way to his failed dream.

    • NewNigeria

      Fayose is a better thug … a better everything than Amaechi .. He has no none to fear so he will continue to lead peaceful protests .. we will not keep quiet .. and we will continue to show the world your shame till your stories become that of men like Samuel Doe

  • NewNigeria

    Jonathan and his gangs dont cease to surprise me .. If Amaechi should be in Jail then Jonathan and his followers should all be burnt to death like thieves .. they should be crucified .. their lineage should all be committed to life imprisonment ….Were dem people

  • NewNigeria

    Well done Okupe the attack dog .. A dog will always be a dog ..

    • Preco01


  • kwango

    An elected Governor should be in jail while appointed psychopaths can continue to insult us with half truths and propaganda. When will these over bloated assistants try their popularity at the polls than waiting for any misfit in government to appoint them into into positions?

  • dave

    Na back the country dey take walk,Jonathan don put us for reverse..apology to late fela.

  • aboki

    The picture of Amaechi shows a man high on something. The way he was drinking whatever he is drinking in the public shows his level of decorum. . He has lost a lot of weight and certainly looks frustrated.

    • Bigtin

      Redbull …….enegy drink! Lol

  • True Nigerian

    I think it was Tupac who did that song – “That’s just the way it is…tanana…tanana!…things will never be the same…oh yeah” or how do they sing it again? Hahaha! The greatest and most notable irony in this whole drama is the fact that one of Jonathan’s most efficacious rigging machines in 2011 was Rotimi Amaechi. It’s incredible how times change. If there is anyone that knows how Jonathan got 99.9% voter turnouts in polling units in 2011, that person is Rotimi and some other riggers in 2011 across the states. Amaechi later exposed the secret, which Jonathan has never denied or replied, apparently because Amaechi is armed with incontrovertible evidence of how the ugly job was done. And this is why Jonathan is losing sleep over Amaechi – Jonathan knows that this Igbo boy from Rivers State knows enough about his strategy. And his new marriage with APC is also a monumental loss of an important instrument of rigging.

    Now that Oga Amaechi and Oga Jona no dey see eye to eye again, it is a problem for both of them. They know each other very well. Therefore, in this contest, lopsided advantage exists on the range of little to none. It will be a fight to finish.

    However, just like Amaechi of 2014 (not the one of 2011), I am also warning everyone to desist from rigging! Desist from rigging! Desist from rigging! It won’t work this time and could bring this country on its knees in 2015. And for those of us who are just looking for a normal, stable and tranquil existence in our fatherland, I don’t know how we can possibly support rigging or condemn those that condemn and resist it, even if they were former apostles of rigging! I am a Private citizen. And like the Politicians, I have my interests. Rigging doesn’t serve that interest. I just want a stable country where the law is supreme so that foreigners can have the confidence to come in and do business here; I want an economically and intellectually empowered local populace so that the market for what I do as my profession can grow bigger and bigger. On that note, I guess you know which side I will support between riggers and anti-riggers. As for you, you make your own choice about the kind of country you want.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Just as President Jonathan should have been impeached long ago and tried and jailed for various forms of impunity!

  • PP

    When two elephants fight, is the grass that suffers it. pls u guys shd stop taking sides. if wars erupts tomorrow in this country it is the poor masses that will suffer it while these politicians escape with their family members! Nigerians BE WISE O OO!

  • Nigerianunity

    The only person that should be in jail is GEJ

  • pheliciti

    Abubakar Shekau has no immunity, he has balkanized Nigeria, yet he has not been arrested. Asari Dokubo has no immunity and has threatened fire and brimstone yet no arrest….why waste time on someone who has just reminded you to ensure there is no rigging?