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  • Yubi

    And Jonathan wants to be president…OK ooo..Am waiting for 2015!!!

    • Kaka

      OMG ! please send all of them for a drug test.

  • Dr. Kay

    Impunity, recklessness,corruption, partisan, arrogant,uncompromising, inefficient,ineffective, unsavory,unaccountable,unethical, inappropriate, imbecilic, clueless, aloof, ineptitude, unsophisticated, ………….. I am just at a loss for how to describe this cabal that sit at aso rock , who is advising this guys , this is just anarchy.

    • Segun Surulere

      Adjectives galore …..

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Rogues are rulling this nation. imagine elderly men scalling through the fence. Those that rule a nation is the reflection of who the citizens are. As much as we pray to God to save this nation, things will get worst unitl we change our attitude. Until we objectively elect our leaders irrespective of tribe and religion, we may continue to have a repeat of what we are currently experiencing if not worst version of it.

    • Weeping Nigerian

      You are a paradigm of premium imbecility. You and your pdp pay masters wants this country to burn for your cheap, insane, selfish interests.

      • Bidemi Lukman

        It you are careful in reading my coments, you will discern that am neither blamming PDP nor APC. My comment condemn the act of disrupting the activities of the NA and at the same time, condemning act of resorting to scalling the fence. I ended my comment by advising Nigerains to vote wisely irrespective of tribe and religion. Will a wise vote be in favor of those that disrupt the activities of the NA that will resort to scalling fences? I belive your reply is a mistake and is meant for someone else.

        • seun

          Thanks Bidemi for the polite open minded answer, he claerly misunderstood you

  • dan

    I knew those ex-area boys from Lagos will have no problem scaling the fence even if it had barb wire.

  • Chris1408

    Animal wear Agbada, Animal wear suit oooooo. Fela saw them coming.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Chris, you forgot to add “animal wear fedora hat” too.


  • the_adviser

    This is the result of sending clowns to the National Assembly.

  • the_adviser

    What did Late Fela Anikulapo say about our VIPs?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)



    Those who locked the gates of the National Assembly against the Speaker and his supporters triggered this scenario, and they bear the ultimate responsibility for what happened today

  • Otile

    If Imam Abu Qaqa was alive nobody would harass ex Speaker Abu Tambuwal. Meanwhile Imam Shekau is busy liberating sharia territories in the North East. Long live the Islamic Republic Caliphate, soon Imam Buhari and Kwankaso will take office in Bornu, the Capital of the Caliphate.

    • Weeping Nigerian

      You are a piglet and you lack brains…..such waste of biological process. You are a burden on the already bloated ecosystem.


    The end would justify the means.

  • Mrs. Flora Okezhime

    I can’t vote for APC party based on this photo of fence-jumping APC lawmakers.
    These are not the sort people i want to see in the Council of State of my country.
    This picture shows highly irresponsible fellows without gumption or sense of shame.

    • Dele Jolaolu

      It’s disgraceful, actually. My own representative (Femi Gbajabiamila) is the one in tie; jumping higher.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Sir, the disgrace and shame should belong to those who stand for (Jo) nothing and fall for everything.

        When was the last time you were on a picket line or civil demonstration?

      • Weeping Nigerian

        Your father is the bigger disgrace…..they should just fold arms and watch things crumble the more, right?

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Would you vote for PDP who created the scenario when GEJ requested the house to extend the emergency rule in the BH troubled states. The rep. considered the request as an emergency an reconvene only to discover GEJ use it as a biat to score political goal. Must this happen when such a sensitive issue is to be discussed?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Madam, you can stuff your vote where the sun does not shine if your reasoning does not go beyond scolding a child for crying and patting the back of the bully.

    • Weeping Nigerian

      You are very insane and besides, keep your vote we don’t need it. So they should condone impunity and disregard for the law by gej right?

    • Dotman

      In d 1st d place, why d gate was closed against APC members?

  • emmanuel

    Gbajabiamila, your political career is finished. You are a dishonourable man.

    You are a disgrace to your family. Of you are this violent, you should have led Christian Youths to liberate your brethren in the North East where all Churches have been burnt down by the boys sponsored by those you are scaling fence for..

    I thought we have Court system where you could seek redress.

    Anyway, I am not surprised, one one your campaign office in Lagos is located around the Head Quarters of Hard Drugs in Surulere, so I do not expect you to be Civil.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    If this senario happens when a sensitive issue is to be discussed (extension of emergency rule in BH troubled area) this clearly shows that GEJ government is highly insensitive. It further prove that GEJ governmet has been using BH to score political goals. I expect CAN president to comment on this.

  • Deremi Thanni

    Alhaji Femi Gbajabiamiala is a Muslim Jihadist. I am not surprised he’s jumping.
    “Fighting is obligatory for you (Muslims), even if you dislike it” – Quran 2:216.

  • In view of the incident that happened at the National Assembly Complex last week between the Nigerian Police Force and some members of the Federal House of Representative, on the issue of allowing entrance to Alh. Aminu Tambuwa speaker of the house, and many of the lower house legislators, base on what the police spokesman CP Ojukuw sited as an intelligence report on certain comments made by one or two leaders of the opposition party at a conference meeting, which in view of their findings, assumed that the impact or actioning of such threat could endanger the lives, property and the national security of the country, and as such took the decisive action of deploying riot-policemen and personnel to protect and serve-guide the National Assembly been the point of target. Its important here to ascertain what is ex cert the true story or factual analysis, as the concerned legislators are yet to refute or challenge the statements made by the police in terms of the stated security intelligence gathering on which they have based their action, and the allegation been pursued in some quarters with regards to the plans of the ruling party working to impeach the Hon. speaker, by so doing indirectly using the police force to denial the speaker and his supporters access or entry into the complex nor the Green Chamber.
    Watching the video again again, it is very obvious that in view of nascent and transiting democracy there is something wrong with the orientation of our so-called politicians and the police force. it is highly disappointing and disgraceful to watch our elected or even selected so-called Honorable members exchanging words with each other like unmanned, uncultured and disgruntled elements in the face of trying to prove rights, at the expense of our national image and integrity. In the cause of all the various happenings in the states house of assembly which has brought huge disrepute to the honor ability of the legislative arm of governance in Nigerian politics, which should have been a good lesson learnt by the members of the federal house to work towards avoiding such incident occurring at that level.
    I strongly believe that one of the best way out of this whole mess is to have a complete review of the constitution and the electoral Act, on the areas that concerns Carpet-crossing or decamping of elected political office-holder from one party to another, which should stipulate the consequences of such actions, as it is well obtainable in all developed democracies and international practices, if and when this is reformed the issues of carpet-crossing would be a thing of the past except when it is absolutely necessary by the concerned person and community.
    Nigerian politics needs to really move on from this intellectual madness and myopic ways of this African political mentality our sense of partrimonalism, the relationship between “Patron and Client” should develop beyond self-interest to a more constructive national interest.
    What happened at the National Assembly complex is not an unusual incident but the manner in which it unfolded, the reactions of the concerned actors including the police and security agent is an act of disrespect and disregard to the rule of law, the hope of humanity, in order for peace and security to be sustained in Nigeria there is need to have a functional legislative system devoid of political calamity an independent judiciary with an absolute right to check the validity of our constitution and laws, finally a sound people oriented executive system that would endeavor to deliver the social contract for the people, how can we achieve this if and when our politicians keep jumping ships at- will without taking into consideration the hope and aspiration of the constituency they represent, rather they are busy pursuing their self-quest for power and wealth accumulation.

  • Megan Elford

    Oh, I feel for that poor woman! What an ordeal when she just wanted to ask a simple question! It’s amazing how often people do this though, not realizing just how hurtful their attitude and words can be. Jesus’ words are really the best course of action: Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

  • Goodness. I totally agree. We can never take the Spirit of offense or take the ‘victim’ mentality. What an awful way to live through life

  • De Bolton

    If my daughter don’t learn anything else. They will learn. “Treat others how you want to be treated” and “love other how Jesus loves you.” If not I fell I havent done my job.

  • In my experience, it is rare that confrontation changes anyone. When we get confrontational, it feels like we are promoting our cause. In reality we usually end up driving others away from us. Thank you for this great reminder that it is important to treat others the way we want to be treated.

  • There are so many great lessons in this post! Focusing on people will get you nowhere, except unhappy. Thanks for sharing.