PDP must accept blame for under-developing Nigeria – Buhari

A former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, has asked the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to accept the blame for throwing Nigeria into the path of underdevelopment in the last 15 years.

At the “Salvation Rally” organised by the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Abuja on Wednesday, Mr. Buhari, said the party was concerned about the lack of performance of the Federal Government and challenged those who had the capacity to reflect on the performance of the ruling party since 1999 till date.

He said, “Our concern is the lack of performance of the Federal Government. I will like those of you who have the time and the capacity to reflect on what the PDP has done to this country since 1999 to date. Try and find what was the state of our infrastructure since 1999 and what it is now and we have earned between 1999 and now. It then it will dawn on you how corrupt, inefficient and indiscipline the PDP is and its operators.

“The PDP cannot shoulder responsibility. They consistently found themselves in the centre and in most of the states. They must therefore accept the blame for the position they put Nigeria.”

The former military leader, who is a presidential aspirant on the platform of APC, said the country has become insecure and bankrupt mainly because of the corruption in the system and the inefficiency of the incumbent leaders.

“The country is insecure; this country is getting bankrupt; and it is mainly because of corruption and incompetence,” he said. “Vote out the PDP next year if you want a secured Nigeria, you just have to do that. No alternative. Make sure you get your PVC. Makes sure you vote for those who you want to represent you. Make sure your vote count.”

Mr. Buhari, who has thrice contested to be the president, said the rally was part of the series of activities that APC had lined up now until the general election in 2015.

He explained that the series of rallies “began in Abuja because this is the federal capital. It belongs to all Nigerians. This is the centre of the country. This activity will be conducted as I said partly here then in the states then it will continue in until the general elections.”


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  • Oluwadara

    “They are corrupt, inefficient and indisplined” that is what they are baba, and I know you hate that with passion. Am happy Nigerians now begin to reason well above religious and ethnic sentiment. Nigerians lets salvage the future of our children, it is now ( 2015) or never, and the future generation will never forgive us

  • Goodluck_Nigeria



    Buhari is talking about corruption …… what has Buhari done about corruption since he left office as Head of State in 1985 … Buhari never even set up an NGO to fight corruption in Nigeria …… Buhari never set up an NGO to force accountability in Office ………… I am aware that Obasanjo is a member of Transparency International ……. but unlike Obasanjo ….. what has Buhari done to stop or minimize corruption since he left office as Head of State in 1985 ……… NOTHING.

    If Buhari is really concerned about Nigeria let him show us what he has privately done to enhance Nigeria since he left office as Head of State in 1985

    Grandpa Buhari ……. please tell us one thing you have done since you left office as Head of State in 1985 to move your home State .. Katsina forward ….. I am aware that there are so many young girls in Katsina State suffering from VVF …. what have you done to help them …… did you set up even an NGO to help them ?

    Grandpa Buhari …… please tell us one thing you have done since you left office as Head of State in 1985 to move the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani forward apart from founding Boko Haram.

    Grandpa Buhari please tell us one thing you have done since you left office in 1985 to move Nigeria forward apart from ordering the killing of over 100 NYSC members in 2011.

    I am aware of what others who left office as Head of State have been doing and contributing to move Nigeria and Africa forward ………. for example Abdulsalam Abubakar is helping to bring peace to troubled African countries …… ditto for Obasanjo who has gone ahead to even establish a Presidential Library plus leading the example for Nigerians to acquire University Education via the Open University ……. IBB and his late wife Maryam set up a school in Minna ….. Atiku set up a world-class University in Yola …… Murtala’s wife is helping with keeping our environment habitable …… Abacha’s wife is a working to support most women in positions of authority in Nigeria

    But what has Buhari done since he left office as Head of State in 1985 ……….. NOTHING

    Buhari is a fake ….. who wants to deceive the people and acquire political power which he will use to deal with his perceived enemies and for the purpose of meeting his own personal selfish interests.

    • True Nigerian

      The pitfalls of a bigotted perspective! You are here praising projects executed with stolen public funds. Ribadu once said that Obasanjo’s presidential library was a regretable decision by his boss, obasanjo; because it was executed with PUBLIC FUNDS, whilst the man was still in office, and therefore oozes out corruption and abuse of office. The same view is applicable to Atiku’s university. Where else on earth does a customs officer earn enough money to own a mega private university if not the corruption-infested country? On his salaries and its investment value, can he afford even a primary school, let alone a university? But the projects executed with these stolen funds are what you are praising and citing here as good examples to follow, all because you are traumatised by Buhari’s likely candidature and therefore desperate to malign him in your arguments. Again, a very poor logic from a bigoted ethnicist!

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        Okay ….. but Obasanjo and Atiku did something with the money you said they stole …… what did Buhari do with the $2.8Billion US Dollars that he stole from NNPC and deposited in his private account with Midland Bank, UK.

        Furthermore ……. what money does Buhari need to set up an NGO to help the girls suffering from VVF in his home State Katsina ………. what money does Buhari need to set up an NGO to help fight corruption in Nigeria and force accountability in public office.

        For all I know, Buhari does not need money to start these NGO’s rather his influence will automatically generate the funds for these NGO’s to operate effectively.

        Shame on Buhari

        • True Nigerian

          Hahahahahahaha! You haven’t asked any valid questions yet. When you ask one, I’ll answer you. You don’t just fabricate lies of $2.8b tehft and then make me to engage you on totally unfounded lies that are a figment of your desperate imagination.

          It has been reported several times that Buhari did not have any foreign account anywhere in the world, except the account used for his allowances during his military cadet training which was closed as soon as his training finished in the early 60s and 70s. Buhari has said that repeatedly. And nobody, dead or living, has challenged that assertion.

          Now, the Obasanjo he served as minister has also corroborated that the man, Buhari, is impeccable in his integrity. But you want me to answer you on the basis of your conjectures made out of your desperation. I don’t have that kind of time.

          • Goodluck_Nigeria


            Go and ask Senator Olushola Saraki and Vera Ifudu of NTA about Buhari’s private account in Midland Bank ….. you will know the truth when you ask !!!

            But please address the point …….. how much money does Buhari need to set up an NGO to tackle the problem of VVF Katsina State ……… how much money does Buhari need in order to set up an NGO to fight Corruption.

            Don’t forget the wicked old man Buhari knows how to take illegal Bank Overdrafts for the purpose of obtaining party nomination forms !!!!

          • True Nigerian

            Now, the last argument trenches into intellectual poverty. Building one NGO is not as crucial as setting the entire country free. Buhari understands that. You don’t tell Buhari when to get a loan and when not to get it or what to get it for. It borders on very lazy argument, poor intellectualism and lean reasoning. For instance, I am a Christian who doesn’t give my money to churches anymore, because I don’t believe the soicety or God is served with the money I give them. Yet, I could easily pay for Buhari’s form if I want to. Now, come and shoot me for doing that with my money. And there are thousands and millions like me who are willing to put our money into his bid to save this country from the throes of death.

            Now, what’s the next thing in your bigoted mind? Bring it on!

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            Poor you …… you are not listening to the sound of your own voice !!!!

            But you need to deal with this …….. Buhari was appointed pioneer Chairman of PTF …… the corruption in PTF was the worst ever witnessed in Nigeria to date ….. this is fact.

          • True Nigerian

            How many NGO’s did Jonathan have before he was rigged into office by Obasanjo in 2007? Bring the facts here together with the registration details at the CAC and let us verify the claims. You silly bigot and squalid hypocrite.

            Don’t worry, Nigerians will teach you a lesson early next year. You unthinking blind patriots don’t even see the obvious fact that the likely victory of APC in the next presidential election is not really a referendum on Buhari or his popularity, but instead a judgement against the indefensible failure of Jonathan and his brazen open championship of corruption.

            As a country troubled by a vicious cycle of horrific leadership, we have had many corrupt presidents. But never have we heard any that openly defends corruption on National TV and openly embarks on the futile mission of distinguishing corruption from stealing, as if the distinction makes any difference to the impunity of mindless graft and the horrific consequences it has had on this beautiful country and its poor masses.

            The more you concentrate on Buhari, the more you lose sight of the real problem for your candidate – that is, that Jonathan has taken Presidential leadership and politics to the lowest point in the history of this country. If only he and his bunch of propagandists like Reno and you were mindful of that fact, perhaps you would have been able to save the Jonathan presidency from more avoidable shame and odium by advising him not to embark on his shody ethnocentric mishandling of the EPZ project and the totally needless humiliation of a section of the Niger Deltans. These things are simple things to avoid. But your bandwagon of numbskulls cannot even get such simple calculations right, perhaps because you have failed to spot that Jonathan’s horrendous Presidency, not Buhari, is the cause of the problems for your campaign agenda.

          • Onike24

            Are you sure he is not Pastor Reno?

          • True Nigerian

            Well, if he is Reno, he should be worried and afraid, because I am
            someone he (Reno) knows in person and someone he avoids me like a plague
            in real life because he understands that I love my country to a point
            where I do not suffer fuuls gladly when it comes to my passion and
            commitment to the future of the children born in this otherwise
            beautiful country. It’s only a matter of time, but good will overcome
            evil in this country and vision will replace this reckless and shameless
            irresponsibility that is riding noble on high horses whilst wisdom,
            honour, character, compassion, patriotism and insightful leadership are
            crawling timidly in this great country. Somehow, change will come to
            this country. Bob Marley said you cannot “fuul some people sometimes,
            but you cannot fuul ‘all’ the people ‘all’ the time”.

          • Onike24

            Hmm! it is heartbreaking to watch all that is happening, it really is!

          • Gbemileke

            Great Mind! i have followed up your comment keenly. I must confess it has been a very long time i have seen issue based commenting like you engaged in. God bless you for the time to educate people on how to engage in issue based commenting.

          • Ide4u

            How much was the PDF budget? Did you not feel it’s impact across Nigeria? How much has GEJ wasted on Fuel Subsidies in the last 6yrs. You don’t know anything about Buhari, just hearsay. Well show me his fat account, show me his private jet, and show me his mansion in Abuja, Lagos, Dubai or New York. Governors, Ministers, and terrorists like Tompolo are buying planes like taxis. You cannot say this about GEJ… this is a fact!!

          • Ide4u

            If Buhari bank overdraft is illegal, you will not know about it. Do you know what is happening with NNPC accounts or the Presidency accounts? You are a complete moron and jackass!!

          • Cattle Rancher

            Please dont waste your resources replying this inept guy….leave him at the mercy of his saviour/ bandit (Jonathan)

          • Onike24

            I can only say that at times like this, thank you cannot convey my gratitude to you for taking the time to show how idiotic this Goodluck Nigeria is! what a moron!

          • True Nigerian

            My sister, I had a lot of free time today. And I decided to address some of these paid online trolls. In 2010 just before the election, Jonathan visited Lagos where he held a meeting with many Nigerian youths (including some 40-year old youths). When he left the venue, his aides (Reno, Orubebe, and Reuben) started a new meeting, which was the main reason for the visit – to share money to some silly fellows with the plan to use them as online progandists. I gathered from unimpeachable sources that they were actively and expressly told their job and those who accepted it was paid higher amounts. And some were later retained permanently for the ignoble demeaning role. And to date, they have not been weaned off the parasitic syndrome and the corruption of their souls, conscience and future. I know some of them in person and I will be waiting for them when they see people I know getting into office. They thought they would be appointed into one thing or another. But they have been pegged at the crumbs they were feeding on. And they are actually monitored to see whether they are doing their jobs as instructed. That is why some of them are so committed and so steadfast that they stay online spreading lies and attacking critics and opponents at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am and 5am (Nigerian time). I mean, these are people that are actually living in Nigeria, not abroad, in which case you would think that the time they reply you is merely due to the difference in time zones. And so you wonder, at what time do they sleep? No, they have murdered sleep because they have collected blood money from Reno and his cohorts.
            And these are the youths that believe that they should take over the country because Buhari is too old. I am relatively young, but never on my watch will such youths take the reins of power in this country. They will be worse than IBB. Just to name a few, Bankole, Reno, Farouk, Mohammed Abacha, are just some glowing examples of the fraud and fallacies that are concealed in the argument of “away with the elders…give youths a chance”. Sometimes, it could mean giving the destroyers of the country a chance. And I am gutted to say that because I am not that old. But I can’t help being honest with myself.

        • Ide4u

          Dead brain, Buhari could not have stolen that money under the watchful eyes of crooks like Obasanjo and Shehu Musa Yar’ Ardua and TY Danjuma. Do you think that the Obasanjo Farms in Ota came from his Salary, or the shipping lines of TY Danjuma and Shehu Musa Yar’Ardua? Why did Obasanjo not use that line in political campaigns against Buhari in 2003 and 2007 if it’s true?

          • Oweja

            Please stop the name calling and concentrate on points like @True Nigerian. I am getting the grandest kick of my life from this debate!!! I and a few friends are currently making some jottings and are busy making up our minds. By the look of things, 2015 will likely be positively explosive!

    • True Nigerian

      IBB stole $12b oil windfall money. And you are here praising him and his wife as models for building a primary school. Can’t you see how low your logic is? If I have the benefit of stealing and keeping as much as $12b, I will give the Bodo village damaged by Shell an entirely new city with world class schools, hospitals, universities, markets, shopping centres, manufcturing centres, sea ports and airports. Neurologists would like to cut your brains open to examine it and see whether they can learn one or two things about the intellect of a bigot!

    • Ide4u

      If you have a brain, you should know that you cannot fight corruption inside the government from outside. GEJ said stealing is not corruption and you were clapping for him. Your brothers in the East were breeding and selling human babies, Igbo infants, just to eat food and you are here ranting against Buhari. Did Igbos breed and sell babies to survive when Buhari was head of state?

  • Goodluck_Nigeria





    • True Nigerian

      Well, the voters will answer you. John McCain was 72 when he ran in 2008. If Hilary Clinton wins in 2016, she’ll be 73 within her first term. With good health, a competent and visionary leader can change the course of a country and inspire its people. So shut up the hipocrisy and discrimination based on age! Ageism and racism are the same thing. They are both dscrimination. Jonathan’s closest ally and busiest confidant is Tony Anenih. How old is he? Hypocrite!

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        But the American’s rejected senile John McCain …… while all the candidates supported by Hillary in the last US mid-term elections lost ….. I repeat ….. all the candidates supported by Hillary lost ….. because the Americans no longer want her since she is past age ….. the Americans simply sent early warning messages to her …… madam you are too old and out-dated !!!

        • True Nigerian

          Mind reader of Americans, I hail thee! If only you could think for America, God’s own country would be as much of a cesspit as your Nigeria. Now, here is your answer:

          All the people backed by Hilary Clinton in the last election were not in the election to represent Clinton. They did not lose because of Clinton. Most analysts said it was a referendum on Obama’s popularity quotient. Where is your brain? Which analysis you dey follow? NTA?

          On McCain, America had the luxury of rejecting John McCain, not because of his age, but because he ran on the back of a horrendous Republican government by President George Bush. Most Americans at the time were simply keen to try a new idea, which was what Obama represented.
          Now, more to your context – Nigeria – John McCain or Hilary could never be rejected in 2016 if bombs are exploding in the US left, right and centre just as Obama violates the laws of the land, concentrates on inanities such as coming live of national Television to defend an oil minister that has 5 official indictments for corruption and waiting to be begged by a foreign teenage – Malala Yousef – in order to know that he would visit or meet the victims of his incompetence on national security. Worse still, Americans would even consider voting for me if they see Obama dancing merilly in Kano within few hours of counting the corpses of about 150 people slaughtered by bombs in his own seat of power and after he is told that nearly 300 innocent kids have been abducted by the same murderers.

          Like I said, you can’t win the debate! It’s a lost cause, ab initio!

        • Ide4u

          McCain who is clever than GEJ was rejected because of the public outcry against the Republicans over the senseless and unnecessary war in Iraq. He was tied to George Bush and his failures by the Democrats and most Americans agreed. Democrats lost because the largest voting block was brainwashed to hate a black man who is the president and anything connected to him including his political party and their candidates

      • Nwokolo

        Why are u going so far- Just a few!

        1.Nelson Mandela of South Africa (76) from Prison 27yrs to President- stabilized post aparthied SA. Led a prudent and buyoant economy and imbibed the spirit of patriotism and oneness that you see amongst the multi racial South Africans
        2. Abduloye Wade of Senegal (74) – ran one of the most successful econmic comeback in the continent. Led a prodent and disciplined economy
        3. Jiang Zemin of China (77) -developed the foundation for sound developmental growth with reforms and economic success that we are witnessing today in China
        4. Louiz Lula Da Silva of Brazil(60) – one of the most popular politicians in the history of Brazil and domesticated patriotism and economic freedom.

        When the chips are down as they are with Nigeria now, you identify what crashed your chips and repair it. CORRUPTION, INSECURITY and INEPTITUDE are our major hinderances now, the ROOT cause of over 80% of our past and current challenges as a Nation and they are getting worse. If any Nigerian sincerely and with an open mind, listening to his or her inner spirit rate the current administration on these three items, you will see why CHANGE has come. Indisputable records show that by character, disposition and action Buhari have done well in fighting these 3 dragons. He will do it again.
        Note: Buhari is not perfect and nobody is but on these three items, sure most Nigerians can count on him.


    • Ide4u

      A good wine gets better with age. Buhari won’t be the oldest person to contest for elections. Age has nothing to do with good leadership. Nigerians have elected someyoung brats like James Ibori, lucky Igbinedion, etc., who ended as big rogues. Integrity has nothing to do with age. It is innate

  • Musa

    Buhari should come out and tell Nigerians what he will do if elected rather than blaming PDP.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    “When 40-year olds are now leading nations and our 40-year olds can’t even get to the Senate, they can’t even become governors. Are we really preparing this generation for the future? Those are the issues really. We cannot point to success in other countries and refuse to do what those people are doing to get things right.”

    (Governor Raji Fashola of Lagos State coded message to Buhari whose official age is 72+ while his true age is in the range: 83 – 87 years)

    • True Nigerian

      Well, you failed to show where Fashola mentioned Buhari in that statement. On that note, this one is a failed propaganda. So you should try another one.

      Fashola, as a lawyer, was referring to the silly Nigerian Constitution which pegs the age for political aspiration at above 40 years. And that is a point that has been mentioned countless number of times by others and in a context that has no Buhari in it. That Constitution is sustained by your bunch of lazy legislators and a President who has failed to inspire the country. By the way, what is the outcome of Mr. President’s national conference which was widely predicted to end up in dustbin after an expenditure of more than N9b wasted in discussing problems whose solutions have been known since the 1940s? Has the conference outcomes changed the Constitution yet as naively and manipulatively promised by confusionist Jonathan?

      If you’re sensitive, you will see that your arguments are being ignored by most people as it no longer having effect on most Nigerians, because people are simply tired of this horrible state of existence in the country. And that is why the usual lies against Buhari will not work this time. People are simply sickened and tired of the horrible state of this country. Even the bunch of ethno-religious voters that fell for Jonathan’s manipulations in 2011 are now convinced that there is an urgent need to have a rethink.

      In 2011, you would have received 100 “likes” from Southerners for simply saying that Buhari is a bigot or that he is a dictator. Today, you are now holed into a singlular point of his age, because you have noticed that time has done massive damage to all the other lies that you guys used to peddle against the man.

      One last question: Will the Itsekiris vote for Jonathan? Nigerians will teach you and Jonathan a lesson in 2015!

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        You are a shameless liar …… the Nigeria Constitution never pegged the age for political aspiration at 40 years.

        In fact, the Nigerian Constitution allows 30 year-olds to contest elections for the House of Representatives.

        Fashola could not be referring to Nigeria constitution when he said “our 40-year olds can’t even get to the Senate” because Governor Raji Fashola being a lawyer already knows that the Nigerian Constitution stipulates 35 years as age for entry into the Senate.

        FYI …… it is obvious that Governor Fashola was calling attention to a wicked 72+ years old Buhari who wants to be elected Nigeria’s “Robert Mugabe”.

        • True Nigerian

          No, the fact that you are a confused bigot with poor legal knowledge and argumentative skills doesn’t mean that I am a liar for showing you the path of intelligent debating.

          Now, what is the Constitutional age requirement for Presidential candidates, which is the focus of our argument? Oya, answer me and put your ignorance to shame!

          • Goodluck_Nigeria


            Please read Fashola’s statement again: “even our 40 year olds can’t even get to the Senate” …. Fashola is obviously not referring to the Constitution because the constitution even allows 35 year olds into the Senate.

            What Fasola is referring to is the Buhari’s of this world who will not allow this generation to have their time.

            A good example is Speaker Aminu Tambuwaal who many in APC see as a promising politician that has what it takes to lead the party in the 2015 General Elections …… but have now been forced to drop out of the race because of the participation of 72+years old Buhari

          • True Nigerian

            You see, with just one test, your logic is falling to pieces. You posted that statement with the insituation that Fashola was referring to Buhari. And now with just one simple question put to you, you are now the one highlighting the fact that Fashola was referring to the Senate and that he is not talking about the Constitution. That is what will happen in 2015. Each propaganda you bring against Buhari will be trounced and trampled with intelligent and factual response. And you will need to look for another one. If you know who is debating with you, you will know that you haven’t got a chance to win.

            Again, I ask you, what is Constitutional age requirement for the Presidency? Answer it and put your ignorance – or perhaps bigoted hipocrisy – to shame!

          • Goodluck_Nigeria

            You are not making sense …… please go and weep for your poor brain and your poor ability to read and comprehend facts.

          • True Nigerian

            Well, if it seems to you that my logic is not making sense, it is probably because “sense” feels and looks like “nonsense” to senseless thinkers, which is exactly what ethno-religious bigotry makes people to become.

            I warned you at the beginning that you have no chance of winning a debate in which the facts are totally against your bigoted views. But you didn’t listen. Next time, look for something that has some weight of facts behind it, instead of copying Femi Aribisala’s fraudulent interpretation of a statement that Fashola made in an entirely different context that had nothing to do with Buhari.

          • Cattle Rancher

            It is shameful that when confronted with facts, you can only resort to needless and unprecedented insults aimed at the the bearer of the facts…..surely you’re not that daft?

          • D1

            Ol’boy, this debate strong o! This is what I expect and wish for, from Nigerians, debate based on facts and intelligently! Kudos to both of you anyways, no need for insults except to the bigots and sycophants that do not see beyond their nose. Take a bow Sir!

            By the way, who are YOU, Sir?

          • Ide4u

            There are younger people in PDP who could easily defeat GEJ during the primary election. But his handlers said GEJ is the consensus candidate to run against his shadow. GEJ has no business being in Aso Rock because he doesn’t know what to do as a leader

        • Ide4u

          Do you know the level of misery GEJ has been putting Nigerians through in the last 6yrs? Because his concept of the presidency is only within Aso Rock. Over 300girls kidnapped, not a word from the commander-in-Chief, Nigerians blown into pieces, he was dancing and attending birthday party, School children killed, time for him to declare. Leaders carry people along!! GEJ is a train wreck!!

    • Tomiwa

      Point of correction. Pls take a closer look at his photo. Does he look 72 to you? That fellow is 91. Can’t you see that he is now blind in one eye? …Just take a look at all the presidents who wear dark glasses and you will understand that this guy is a huge joke

    • Ide4u

      Reno Omokri, Fashola did nnot say anything like that. Did you not see Fashola standing with Buhari during his declaration? Good leaders and achievers know each other!!

  • PROF

    buhahri the clown …… you will forever be a sore loser… 🙂

  • Tamuno

    Behold…here comes the Presidential candidate emeritus otherwise known as the Robert Mugabe of Nigeria….The author and finisher of the draconian decrees 2 & 4 of 1984…a former employee of despot Abacha as well as part of the Abacha govt that hanged 9 Niger Delta environmental activists in 1995. You think say we don forget. You threatened blood and told Nigerians that you would stop Boko haram in 3 months when you become president. We are praying & fasting that you will by mistake win and then you go know how far. It is then you will probably realize that you will need more than blood of Dogs & Baboons…bcos we will help you with blood of Elephants and Rhinos. I no go talk pass like that.

    • clairvoyance

      Whether a dictator or not at least he is far better than ur emperor Jonathan who was scared of competing for a presidential ticket with light weights, Abiola’s widow and Balewa’s son that shows he is not popular even in his own party not to talk of the Niger-delta and Nigeria in general.


    Coup-plotting is treason !! This is the same Fulani General who through the force of arms,illegally removed a democratically elected government. General Buhari imprisoned politicians from the South in maximum security prisons but either released or held their northern counterparts in Government guest houses,this man backdated draconian military decrees and executed southerners,he stopped major projects like the Lagos mass tram transit,he banned the importation of wheat and forced many beer breweries to shut down because his Islamic faith forbids alcohol.
    Buhari supported Abacha,the most brutal military dictator Nigeria ever had and took up a job as the PTF boss,he concentrated on projects in the north and left the south derelict. Buhari has lost elections in the past in a serial manner,he is unelectable and rejected by huge demographics in Nigeria……..but this DICTATOR wants to lord it on us one more time !!

    • True Nigerian

      Yes, I agree that Buhari was a dictator. But what was Obasanjo? A seasoned democrat? What is Jonathan – the President that illegally removes a President of the Court of Appeal and then refuses to reinstate him when the court ordered a reinstatement of the man? To your mind, is that dictatorship or democracy? What is Jonathan, the president that sends the army and police to shoot about 20 innocent Nigerian youths dead in January 2012 for simply telling his government that Nigerians cannot accept a fraudulent fuel subsidy removal that was used as a convenient way of shirking his responsibility to bring his corrupt cronies to justice for stealing more than N2 trillion in less than 2 years of Jonathan’s Presidency? Was that the character of a democrat? Abiola was popular and he is stil considered Nigeria’s president that never was. But what was he? A serial sponsor of every coup that ever happened in this country, including the one in which Buhari became the Head of State.

      Yes, let the dictator come and fix Nigeria. We have the Senate and the Judiciary to balance the power; that is, assuming that Nigerians are now ready for true democracy in which the Senate protects the Constitution instead of obsessive protection of a corrupt Executive with corrupt servants. After 10 years of earning almost $1 trillion (both declared and undeclared), this beautiful country is now on the verge of bankruptcy and credit crunch because your preferred hopeless uninspiring brand of democrats are also mindlessly incompetent and thoughtlessly in support of bottomless corruption. So, yes, please bring on the so-called dictator.

      The Thai Army has seized power from bunch of reckless democrats in Thailand . The world has not collapsed yet, and there is order in the country. Where Nigeria is today, is exactly where Nigeria was headed under Shagari’s incompetence in 1983. Just like Jonathan, Shagari only wanted to be a teacher, not a President. But Obasanjo said no! he must be made a President, just as he did with Jonathan in 2007 and 2011. Today, look at the horrifying state of my country. And you are here telling me about the difference between an incompetent democrat and a competent dictator. Who cares!


        You can retreat to the stone-age but you must go it alone,everything about Buhari is retrogression ,ethnic bigotry and Islamic fundamentalism….he will be defeated !!

        • True Nigerian

          “Retreating” into the stone age? hahahahaha! Please come back to reality! I don’t have to retreat into the stone age when every Nigeria is already living in it. Just in case you are too absent-minded to know, I am teling you now that every Nigerian, including you, is living in the stone age already. No, it is even a hobbessian stone age. If you really knew anything about stone age, you would know that a country that lives in total darkness whilst its President gets medical treatment abroad for simple issues like stomach ache, after earning more than a trillion dollars in 16 years (both declared and undeclared) is, in fact, a stone age. A country in which bombs can explode anywhere and at anytime and the President would dance merilly in Kano just few hours after the slaughter of his citizens is worse than the stone-age. So don’t bother about the idea of my retreating into the stone-age. Nigeria, under Jonathan, have re-enacted a stone-age living in the 21st century and we are living in it. So the use of the phrase “retreat to the stone-age” can only mean that you are currently in Jupiter, which explains the poverty of your perspective.

          But don’t worry, Nigerians will bring you back to reality in February 2015. When rigging is rendered a non-factor in 2015, we shall see what remains of your horrendous hero, Jonathan and his shameless PDP.


            Forget your selective judgement,let’s talk about what we earned since 1970s oil boom years when Gowon complained that the problem was that he did not know how to do the spending ! You see,my friend democracy does evolve and some of the most functioning democracies of today took hundreds of years to build,there were times of extreme violence,corruption and other ills,that is not to say that we cannot avoid these ills but we must be realistic to understand that military coups and dictators do not help issues,they only truncate the process and make it more complicated.
            Do not forget that if we had a compulsory ID card data base,rigging would be a thing of the past but Buhari in his last Presidential campaign promised his followers in the north publicly that he would stop any attempt to introduce ID cards because his myopic objective is to stop Nigerians from knowing our real population or census figures, Buhari and his fellow northern oligarchs want us to believe that Kano is more populated than Lagos with revenue allocation and the retrogressive quota system in mind.

          • True Nigerian

            No, it’s not a selective judgement. It is a contextual judgement based on the subject of the conversation/argument, which is on Jonathan’s time. In a nutshell, you are now saying that Jonathan’s predecessors were failures too, and therefore that he should be left alone. Isn’t that exactly why people are now keen to try the former dictator? Hahahahaha! Can you see the short-sightedness in the arguments that simply focus of Buhari without looking at Jona’s failure? Yes, I totally agree that we have had reckless leaders before Jonathan. But in no way does that very fact exonerate Jonathan’s own mindless recklessness. It is as simple as that. And his own is even worse. Electricity bills have almost trippled for Nigerians. But they are paying that high price for electricity that they are not seeing. It is horrendous. I know all those silly economic arguments about why Nigerians must pay more for more darkness, apparently because the investors in the sector must get a guarantee that their investment would not sink whilst they are working to raise the level of the supply. That is absolute bunkum in a world where Germany is repurchasing the power grids from private companies in order to limit the impact of privatisation and corporate greed. The Chinese and the Indians have national firms that are still making profits whilst running at a high level efficiency. I mean, however you look at these things from an unbiased perspective, the conclusion would still lead to the fact that Nigeria is at the throes of death because of thoughtless, unimaginative, visionless, incompetent, sadistic, arrogant and recklessly corrupt government that has no understanding of empathy and public sensibility. I mean, in a country that has more than 70% of its population under $2.00 per day, how does a sensitive and sensible government get into a deal that allows private power companies to extort people with a mindless hikes in electricity bills without the power actually being supplied to the poor masses? It is simply silly!

            But on a positive note, it seems my argument above has brought you back to reality which is why you are now debating on the stone-age realities of 21st century Nigeria, rather than your previous inanity of asking me about “retreating” into the stone age, when Nigeria and its citizens are all already deep into the stone-age living standards. Welcome back to earth from your Jupiter! It shows that all hope is not yet lost on your ability to recollect your consciousness and sense of proper judgement! I know what the problem is – ethnic and religious bigotry. It makes thinking a laboriously impossible thing to do in that you will be looking at the facts, but can’t come to terms with the basic logical conclusion that they validate and prove.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Introspection/contemplation is bliss, and yours is riveting. Powerful the way you evoke emotive responses with your choice of verbiage. you should give serious consideration to applying to be a Mai Gaskiya’s speech writer for the campaign and in Aso Rock

          • Cattle Rancher

            Solid points he made there..if you can counter them, please do….that was a weak attempt to derail the topic

        • Ogom

          The only “ethnic bigot” here is you.

    • Bimbo

      Thanks for enlightening us, tawanda. The only problem is ” corruption” by the PDP has caused way more problems than Buhari can or will ever cause. We need jonathan out of Aso rock!

  • Wähala

    @Editor, Premium Times…
    This clown posting as @Goodluck_Nigeria is the eccentric #Deri Redeem, can’t you folks see that he’s messing up the discussion forum with his senseless multi-posts? Either you get a grip of your site or lose erudite contributions by sane & sober Nigerians serious about discussing issues pertinent to national salvation/security. What’s this nonsense supposed to mean? You guys need to forget the odeku and get someone to cage the mad dog before someone gets rabbis from a rabid drunk with nothing to offer. This sycophancy must be checked/controlled or else… me-sef go change base back to SaharaReporters where he has been permanently banned. NONSENSE!!!


      Paddle your own canoe !!

  • ICC Hague

    Here come our new president 2015, in your mandate we stand you are tested and trusted, only looters and criminals are afraid of your presidency, because of your zero tolerance on corruption. No amount of blackmail and propaganda by looters and criminals will stop your swearing in come may 2015.

    • Nwokolo


  • Onyekwere Ubochi

    Mr Buhari lack the moral right to say all these nonsense .He has been in government since the age of 27 and let him count his achievement to exonerate himself. He murdered sleep by hijacking power and now he wants to sleep. His truncating of power led us to the mess we are today .If no we would have gone far by now .In shot he is suppose to be tried in court and jail for killing democracy,teaching subsequent hijackers wrong thing(eg Babangida and Abacha ) ,and slowing our development .Because by now we suppose to shoulder to shoulder in development with Brazil and Australia .


      You are absolutely right, 2.8 BILLION US DOLLARS vanished into thin air on his watch as Petroleum Minister !!

      • True Nigerian

        You guys simply don’t get what the problem is for your candidate, Jonathan and his PDP. The more you focus on Buhari, the less you’re able to focus on the reason why your candidate had fallen from the most celebrated presidential candidate in Nigeria’s history in 2011 into his new image as the most corrupt, most incompetent and most ridiculed leader in the history of this country. For instance, Buhari’s dictatorial record has absolutely no mitigating effects on the anger of those who feel enraged by the decision of Jonathan and his handlers to pay out $2m of public funds to a Washington PR firm to sell lies to the wrold, as a solution to the effects of the horrendous mishandling of the Chibok girls incident by both his government and his wife.

        Therefore, the reason Buhari is likely to win if he is presented to Nigerians in 2015 is not just because Buhari is so amazing, but because Jonathan is such a failure that Nigerians are now ready to give Buhari a chance. When you get that logic, you wll probably be able to save Jonathan from more ridicule of himself, such as the recent episode of shameful Presidential handling of the EPZ project and the avoidable shame which it brought to an incumbent President that hopes to be re-elected on the strength of his total command of Niger Delta votes. Do you think right now that the Itsekiris are planning to vote Jonathan in 2015? Do you honestly think right now that the Niger Delta communities whose oil wells Jonathan has forcefully taken and transferred to Bayelsa communities are seriously waiting to vote for Jonathan? You’d be naive to think so. And that is exactly the unthinking thought pattern that has turned Jonathan from a popular president that would bring so-called “goodluck” factor to Nigeria into the status of a President that received the most curses on his own facebook page in January and February 2012 after the horrendous handling of the fuel subsidy fraud. It is the reason why Jonathan’s harshest critics and abusers today are, in fact, the same people that celebrated and promoted him in 2011. You guys are just not thinking about these things. And that is why Jonathan’s presidency is in this image mess. That culture of unthinking calculation is the reason why Jonathan and his army of advisers have failed to spot the obvious fact that many of those who will vote for Buhari next year are not going to do so based on how spotless Buhari is, but because of how horrendous Jonathan is. If you got that point about 2 years ago, it would have been easier to deliver Jonathan next year because you would have focused on addressing the self-inflicted public image wounds which Jonathan and his advisers did to his government. But it is too late now. The best that can be done by Jonathan right now is damage limitation. Rigging is not an option now, because even the army and the police – PDP’s rigging machine – are now tired of the state of the country. And the opposition now has more resources to tackle the threats of rigging.


          The leopard does not change it’s spots overnight,the election is around the corner/ It will be like a tsunami,Buhari the ethnic and religious bigot will not even know what hit him…….he is too old to even see beyond his nose !!

          • True Nigerian

            Trouble is, that view is just yours and, perhaps, shared by a few other millions who will vote for Jonathan for the usual reasons. The trouble for you though is that there are more than 40 million adults of voters in this country. And you have no chance of ordering them on what to do with their ballot paper. The best you can do is to tell them why Jonathan must be delievered. At best, you will pay them money, which APC is now encouraging them to collect and thwart the intentions of the giver. other than that, there is nothing else you can do, and it seems you understand it; the near absence of a convincing reason is exactly why there are few of you online shouting your voices coarse in support of a cause that is lean on logic and conviction.

          • omadewu

            Gbam! i salute for u Tawanda. Buhari may not recover from what is going to hit him. he may not even get half of the votes he got in 2011 from the north. Mohammed Abacha, minister Shekarau etc are waiting to pay him back in kano.

          • tensiond

            Yeah, he’s an “ethnic and religious bigot” – keep singing the tunes you’ve been fed by PDP propaganda. How is he an “ethnic” and “religious” bigot?
            Do you know that you are an “ethnic” and “religious” bigot? Yes, you are and I can tell you how you are. But first tell me how Buhari is then I’ll tell you how you are.

          • Fisayo Oluwafemi

            I blv u can only vote once…..I suppose you are educated going by your write ups but u seem to be ignorant and sentimental….The diff is clear btw Buhari and GEJ.Nigerians are tired of inept and corrupt leadership.Buhari has the northern votes,south-west and will battle with GEJ in d south-south and soth-east…do the calculation yourself.GEJ is finished and done.

      • tensiond

        And what about the $20.6 Excess Crude Fund that OBJ left in tact when he left power; was in tact when Yaradua died out of power; and GEJ came in and within 6 months as Substantive President liquidated the money with a resulting balance of $600 million left – all in bid to secure PDP presidential nomination.

        Where were you? What did you say? This happened and no body said anything. And you’re here talking about $2.8 billion that you don’t even have any single proof to substantiate the claim.

  • Otile

    Buhari, an Islamist keen on enforcing sharia in the 36 states plus Abuja FCT. God forbid.

  • Nwokolo

    For those that a hammering on age, age and age – Just a few!

    1.Nelson Mandela of South Africa (76) from Prison 27yrs to President- stabilized post aparthied SA. Led a prudent and buyoant economy and imbibed the spirit of patriotism and oneness that you see amongst the multi racial South Africans
    2. Abduloye Wade of Senegal (74) – ran one of the most successful econmic comeback in the continent. Led a prodent and disciplined economy
    3. Jiang Zemin of China (77) -developed the foundation for sound developmental growth with reforms and economic success that we are witnessing today in China
    4. Louiz Lula Da Silva of Brazil(60) – one of the most popular politicians in the history of Brazil and domesticated patriotism and economic freedom.

    When the chips are down as they are with Nigeria now, you identify what crashed your chips and repair it. CORRUPTION, INSECURITY and INEPTITUDE are our major hinderances now, the ROOT cause of over 80% of our past and current challenges as a Nation and they are getting worse. If any Nigerian sincerely and with an open mind, listening to his or her inner spirit rate the current administration on these three items, you will see why CHANGE has come. Indisputable records show that by character, disposition and action Buhari have done well in fighting these 3 dragons. He will do it again.
    Note: Buhari is not perfect and nobody is but on these three items, sure most Nigerians can count on him.


    • Madiba

      Well said. I see this age thing as begging the question. Who even looks healthiest between Buhari and others including President Jonathan. Who appears more fit, athletic and smarter? Who?


      We prefer upwardly mobile examples like Barrack Obama,David Cameron etc……not men who cannot even use a computer !

      • Nwokolo

        List of some Nigeria leaders and their ages as they assumed office
        1. Aguiyi Ironsi (42 yrs)
        2. Yakubu Gowon (32 yrs)
        3. Murtala Mohammed (37yrs)
        4. Olusegun Obasanjo (38yrs)
        5. Shehu Shagari (54 yrs)
        6.Mohammadu Buhari (41yrs)
        7. Ibrahim Babangida (44yrs)
        8. Sani Abacha (54yrs)
        9.Abudusalami Abubakar (56yrs)
        10. Goodluck Jonathan (53 yrs) etc
        We have had quite a number of young people as leaders of this country. Rate them and you can see its not all about AGE. Cheers.

        • Chima

          @Nwokolo, It will make sense to advance our argument in the contest real contemporary issues in Nigeria and the world. What is Buhari’s policy thrusts and frame for any significant sector in Nigeria. What ideas does he propound beyond the over worn statement “corruption and indiscipline”. there is a huge educated population you need give some more beef that overworn bones.

          • Nwokolo

            Chima Chima I am beginning to feel you are getting the flow. Have you ever asked yourself what policy thrust Mandela had after 27 yrs in prision and straight to the Presidency of the then largest economy in Africa? He ran one of the best governments ever. President Lula Da Silva had very limited education (no University Education) but ran the best govt in South America continent. What elaborated policy thrust did Prof. Dora Akunyili come to NAFDAC with apart from what she met on ground. She just fought CORRUPTION AND INEPTITUDE. Chima, Who you are is on your forehead! What in your own mind was Buhari and Idiagbons policy thrust when they where in power? What policy thrust did Buhari use in running one of the best and most efficiently run government entity in this generation, the PTF? However this no time for long manifestoes we just need to tackle INEPTITUDE and CORRUPTION and every other and I repeat every other thing will fall shape. Chima join the TRAIN


          • Chima

            Please I cant be a flow with you. You examples are far away from your station. My friend you are hallucinating comparing Buhari with the people you mentioned especially Lula and Mandela. Lula was an accomplished labour leader and if have been in Labour movement or studied them you will understand the level of training you will acquire being there. Mandela was an acclaimed scholar and a lawyer and when you read his books you will really know you are hallucinating and And since you don’t know how great and loaded ANC (the organization of Sisulu) the tested organization backing Mandela will confirm your hallucination. Dora Akunyili is an accomplished scholar in pharmacology. To confirm I don’t need your disjointed slavish ranting giving you are claiming there was an achievment called Buhari-Idiagbon- which was a well known global disaster in all forms( from Medicare, Economy, human rights and other areas of human endeavor, A govt for a particular group if you’re ‘of the opposition you will be punished and if from the ruling party but from the south you will suffer as well. A govt that mudered people who have a case on appeal. A govt that cant even protect it selve from being shoved aside because they have no plan except their brand of medieval trade by bater economy and being high handed to the civil population. At PTF it was just a parochial organisation that excluded the whole of the revenue bearing (OIl)geography from benefiting. Buhari has no leadership skills beyond the trump story of sainthood. I am sure your slavish disposition to an empty Agbada is a problem since it is beclouding you. All these are not even important- what is important is that this guy has nothing to offer beyond his supporters sainthood. Where is his team-politics, economy, social, technology, education. I think you man is an empty Agbada.

          • Nwokolo

            You lack coordination and the structure of your presentations are pedestrian and poor. Most people here say you are childish. I decided to give you a chance by listening to you but I can see I’m wasting my time. You are really childish and half-baked in your reasoning. Your are dragging my brains down. BYE BYE

          • Chima

            Bye Mr Slave.

      • Ide4u

        Have you ever seen Jonah with a computer? Does he act like somebody with a Ph.d?

      • kwango

        Jonathan studied PHD with lanterns and typewriters. That’s why he produced a poor quality work that reflects on his attitude to governance. Dr Jonathan perhas first saw a mobile phone when Obasanjo brought easy communication to Nigeria. Buhari trained in some of the best military schools in the world in advanced economies where systems work and rules are followed. Obama is sharp and charismatic. Jonathan is dull and uninspiring. Obama does not hobnob with corruption, Jonathan does. Obama secures America while Jonathan insecures Nigeria. Obama leads American troupes while Jonathan doesn’t. The difference is clear.

    • israel amulum

      Yes we say no to buhari ineptitude and gerontology ichoo tendency

  • Sword of Damocles

    Gen., we eagerly await your clinching of the APC Presidential nomination, and your imminent capture of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic on Feb 14th, Twenty Fifteen. Sai Mai Gaskiya! When day breaks…..

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    Otile you kept mentioning Islamist in all your postings what about your GEJ who always communicate to the public via churches? Isn’t he a Christian Jahadist with his Boko Haram sponsors as his best friends? Because of commitments to the Almighty God via our prayers (Christians and Muslims) we are now witnessing the President level of involvement in the whole things going on in the region. We saw the purchase of arms and recently we witness plane crash with arms and USA dollars probably meant for supply to Boko Haram.

    • omadewu

      Abdullahi, how does communicating via churches make GEJ an extremist? Churches preach love, peace, unity, civility and sociatal decorum. we are taught the fruit of hardwork. what did your mallams teach in their mosque? without quota and federal character system, your likes and that of Buhari would not have been what u are today. Buhari confirmed in one of his interview that he was busy doing what he knows how to do best (rearing cows) in the bush when the emir sent for him and begged him to go to NDA. whether or not he passed was immaterial as far as he was the candidate of the emir. Compare his background and upbringing with that of Ikemba and draw your conclusion. Why didnt you accuse GEJ of sponsoring shariah too? warped brains.

      • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

        No I only accused him of friending those sponsoring of Boko Haram. No, Churches don’t preach jahad they only preach the following : “for those my enemies who would want me to rule them bring them before me and slaughter them.” A reason why planes are supplying arms to Boko Haram.

  • olawale

    JONATHAN must go….we say no to abuse of constitution.stop the killing.

  • abujakenneth

    Buhari Oga Sir, with due respect you and your colleagues in the armed forces should honorably accept responsibility and blame for Nigeria under development. Apart from other contributions of the armed forces to under develop Nigeria, army created the polity that made it possible for parties like APC, PDP and others to strive. The military created the judicial system we have now and made it practically difficult to obtain justice quickly. Army of which you were an active member set the tone for the epidermic corruption that is ravaging Nigeria today. The 1999 constitution is a creation of the military. When you were the Head of State if it had downed on you to apply a bit of rule of law and respect for alienable rights of Nigerians the story would have been different. If when you embrace democracy, you guided your utterances knowing fully well that whatever happens that you have the right to seek judicial review, may be Nigeria may not be in this situation we are now. There is no need of pointing accusing finger on anybody rather it will be better if we all say as biblical, that we have all failed and come short of developing Nigeria.

  • Sharia_Haram

    Northern Muslims that ruled Nigeria for more than 32 years must accept blame for under-developing Nigeria.



  • the_adviser

    He developed amnesia when it comes to the military staging coups against the state truncating development of the nation.

  • omadewu

    alhaji buhari, so the underdevelopment of the country started from 1999? what a warped memory of a quota system general.

  • Valiant

    Could somebody please tell this hallucinating blood sucker to stop boring us with his now familiar and repetitive nonsense.Simple question is how does he intend to bring about improvement?

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    When Buhari attains his dream by hook or crook, I am sure the Niger Delta Republic and its allies will be ready to prove to him in a most practical terms, that no one born of a woman has monopoly of violence. He will be unable to pay salaries from the first month….people will queue for 3 months…yes, 3 months before they will get 2 litres of fuel to buy @ N1,000 Niger Delta ‘Wados’ i.e., the proposed currency of the Niger Delta. Nonsense!

    • True Nigerian

      Well, people who make ethnic threats are the first to run away when the time comes. Obasanjo nearly wiped off Odi town in Bayelsa from the map. What have you done about it? The General (Danjuma) under whose leadership the attack was carried out also owned and operated an oil block in the same Niger Delta. What did you do? Again, he (Obasanjo) captured Asari like a rat and incarcerated him for weeks during which all he could do was to beg. The fact that Jonathan is willing to settle criminals rather than deal harshly with them doesn’t mean that every future leadership of this country will follow that pattern of leadership neither does it mean that any part, section or group in this country has outgrown the power of this country when it is in its best shape. So be careful, my compatriot.

      But here is the nuance that ethnic
      bigotry like yours often gloss over: Jonathan is a son of the Niger
      Delta soil, isn’t he? So why on earth are the people of Bodo community
      claiming compensation in a London Court for a crime that was committed
      under Nigerian law, committed against Nigerians, and committed against
      Niger Deltans? Why are they refusing to bring the case to Nigeria when a
      Niger Delta son is the Commander-in-Chief?

      And yet, there are more questions for you. For which ethnic group and sections of the Niger Delta are you proposing this war? Is it the one peopled by the Itsekiris who are now regarded as non-Niger Deltans by Jonathan’s narrow-minded ethnic government? Or is it the Rivers State Deltans whose oil wealth is now forcibly and illegally being appropriated to Bayelsa communities by Jonathan? Is it Henry Okah who cannot wait to return home and prove a point to Jonathan? Which Niger Delta exactly are you talking about here? Now, can you see the short-sightedness of your ethnic reasoning?

      I am an ardent supporter of the rights of the Niger Deltans and a
      consistent believer in the fact that Niger Deltans should be treated
      better than they have been treated. But I detest it when someone under any guise or reason tries to threaten the rest of us based ethnic agenda. If you must challenge Nigeria, you must do so on the basis of your rights within applicable laws. The argument that you will cause hell on earth even if Jonathan is defeated in a free and fair election is absolutely silly and stoopid. It will bring the wrath of the whole Nigerians against you and your people, and you will lose even the sympathy of those of us who speak up in solidarity with Niger Deltans. Come off the ethnic mentality so you can think properly and see things in colours and proper perspective.

      • Proudly Niger Deltan

        Just look at how spastic your response is!…from your watery comment it is evident that you never even hold gun before not to talk of to shoot. When that time does come, we go know how far. I no go talk pas like that.

    • walejohnson

      I have read your piece. Please I beg you in the name of God to destroy the whole oil wells in the greek as your militant brothers have been threathning. We dont need it. We will use our intelligence in the West, Rivers (Ameachi is with us), Edo is with us, the North is with us, to develop and make Nigeria great. We will never queue for your petrol or crude. No thanks!

  • MushinSpeaks

    With their 16 years in power and nothing to show for it, it is evident that they have no good plans for this country than to milk it till it get dried up.

    This we must resist come February 2015. CHANGE must come to power!