Tambuwal ‘withdraws’ from presidential race — Associates

Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, has given up his ambition to contest the 2015 presidential election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, his political associates said Tuesday.

Lawmakers close to the speaker told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Tambuwal was standing down despite pressure on him to go ahead with the presidential race.

“Despite the pressure from us and from others on him to contest the presidential election, the speaker, I believe, is trying to withdraw,” a senior lawmaker said.

The speaker will now contest as the governor of his home Sokoto State, the source said.

Mr. Tambuwal’s office did not confirm or deny if he was standing down.

His spokesperson, Imam Imam, said if any decision was taken, it would be duly made public.

But sources told PREMIUM TIMES Mr. Tambuwal will no longer challenge a former head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, who are also vying for APC’s presidential ticket.

The speaker joined the presidential race last week after defecting from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to opposition APC in October.

His defection triggered a fierce controversy over whether he should remain speaker since the APC is in minority in the House of Representatives.

In response, President Goodluck Jonathan ordered the withdrawal of Mr. Tambuwal’s police protection.

On Monday, Mr. Tambuwal withdrew a lawsuit challenging the government’s decision to strip him of state protection.

The speaker’s office had earlier said Mr. Tambuwal was drafted into the presidential race by lawmakers who purchased the party’s nomination forms on his behalf.


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  • Alcindo Satori

    Gbozaaaaa!!!! Very rude awakening for APC!! 4 more years for GEJ!!

    • Wähala

      Go take a leak… others are pissing in their pants at the presidency!

      • Alcindo Satori

        So what’s your point? Swine! !

        • Wähala

          It’s another of my slangs… it means, “Go and urinate” before you bust your bladder. “Piss sack”, in case you don’t know what that means as well… Hahaha chei!

  • Innocent

    My concern here is how this fits into Aribisala’s early conjecture.

    • Wähala

      Biko, who’s Aribisala… and what’s his early conjecture?
      Politics is about alignments and re-alignments. Tambuwal will be making the right choice to let the heavyweights slug it out. Dumbo needs to be flushed down the toilet and Nigerians need capable hands to get the job done… forget Aribisala!

    • segun

      Who? Femi Aribisala? The PDP traitor to the Yoruba Nation? Oh okay!

  • Sword of Damocles

    Definition of what? Patriotism is your answer. It appears that some people are beginning to understand the serious predicament the Land of our Fathers, finds itself in. Only one man, other than my Father, that I am in AWE of, That man from Daura, it appears that the stage will be his, to SHOW his devotees and detractors what he is made of. One man who is CAREFUL to guard his father’s name:Buhari like it is gold(which is the way it should be). I pray to our Creator to put this man at the helm of our affairs, anfd let us see what will happen. When Day finally breaks….

    • Wähala

      Ma’sha Allah… Amin oooo!

  • Wähala

    A wise decision!
    My advise remains to resign from the House and concentrate on winning Sokoto State for his new party, the APC…
    On the surface, this is good news for those who want a resuscitated Nigeria, it means the “troika of evil”…IBB, OBJ, Danjuma; the 3-Gs most scared of a Buhari Presidency will scramble for a way to stop a moving locomotive of change (Nigerians most desire) from running them out of town. The moment IBB returned from hospital and rushed into a huddle with Baba Iyabo, followed by Tambuwal’s sudden entry into the presidential race arena, was when I knew the troika was up to no good. Gen. Buhari had stated that looters will leave Nigeria if he’s elected President and that’s why I believe they tried to eliminate him with the botched suicide attack, it was no job by Asari, it was commissioned by those with the most to lose. As-Is, only Buhari has a recorded 15million voter base, given the negative sentiments/verdict on Dumbo’s clueless 5yrs, the Presidency are truly more scared of Gen. Buhari than the untested Aminu Tambuwal the troika propped-up for easy defeat and retention of the status quo. So, this is a healthy development after throwing the presidency off-guard even for one day… like I said on SR, the decoy continues, either way!

    • Aboki

      There we go again the chameleon trying hard to change the story. Wahala is as confused as his party APC. Pride will not allow him to admit and apologies that he misfired.

      • Wähala

        Reproduce my comment on SR if you have nuts!
        Apologize for what? Didn’t I tell you to wait until a candidate emerges? Didn’t I also advise Tambuwal to resign from the House and concentrate on Sokoto Guber race? Phool, every prediction starts with “if” and that’s called ‘hedging’ in analysis, mumu. Even the famous American prediction about Naija break-up started with “if” so wait until the CIA apologizes if they’re wrong before your Höly Wähala retraces steps… Go take a leak, others are pissing at the presidency!

      • Baba Messi

        I have graciously reproduced his Sh*t below!
        It has hit the fan..and it doesn’t smell good at all!!!
        I dey laff oooo!

  • Psalm Baba


  • Psalm Baba

    lets call a spade a spade, the truth of the matter is that unless the APC are hoodwinked, any other presidential candidate apart from Buhari will be 2015 political suicide, it will be a walkover for GEJ, if either kwankwaso, tambuwaal, or atiku gets the ticket because the truth is only Buhari and his charisma and his popularity can gather the votes that can challange Jonathan and i suspect that APC leaders know this but if they get hoodwinked into thinking Tambuwaal or any of the others can compete with GEJ for votes or if any of the three win and buhari looses the APC presidential primary, all the hype will come to nothing, even many southwest would rather sit down at home than vote tambuwaal, but something tells me buhari will be made to win, he is the best candidate inspite of his age, but when it comes to money politics, he doesnt buhari doesnt stand a chance ahgainst the turaki of adamawa and so the APC leaders will have to come to his aid if he hopes to win the APC primaries, so the primaries will not be free and fair, it may swing against Buhari, and to present anyother candidate for APC will be 2015 political DOOM.

    • Wähala

      Don’t mind them. Those Reps promising N10million/ea. for a Tambuwal campaign should channel the kudi to Buhari if they’re serious about dislodging Dumbo with $20bn stolo money to play with. Sha, methinks the Party will rally around whoever carries their flag into the race next year, even Turaki Adamawa is no Central Bank.

  • Baba Messi

    “@Onike 24…
    Wetin I talk? Remember my comment about General Buhari being a “decoy” for speaker Tambuwal to emerge as APC’s flag bearer? In-depth analysis is not for everyone… my oracle is never wrong! Tag him along with Governor of him hole and the South south is happy; make it governor okoro ja and the PDP will be buried in the entire south east… but my preference is Mrs Fayemi(dormer Ekiti first lady) to attract the female voters in droves from across Nigeria. either way, Dumbo is a sitting duck! Tomboo, biko… this news pass odeku. I dey laff for kalabari, Hahahah Chai!! ”

    -Wahala, 13/11/2014. [comment on ‘Tambuwal picks APC Presidential Nomination Form’]

    • Wähala

      In all, I also said, “no prophet can predict…. until the final candidates appear”. Reproduce my comment on the issue from SaharaReporters and see the consistency… the keyword is, “decoy”!

    • Baba Messi

      My dear wahala, we thank God for technology. From your above submission some days back, I feel it is expedient to comment on some of your statements above to help the public understand what kind of fellow you really are;
      1. “Wetin I talk?” – PRIDE, SELF CONCEITED BRAT!
      2. “In-depth analysis is not for everyone” – an overblown sense of self importance..while actually GROSSLY LACKING in ability to grasp the simplest issues!
      3. ” My oracle is never wrong!” – The scriptures calls it; DECEIVING AND BEING DECEIVED! YOU ARE A DECEIVER AND A FRAUD!
      4. “Dumbo is a sitting duck” – your love for the use of derogatory words on others shows an underlying complex. It will appear you use such words as a ‘decoy’ to mask your own DUMBNESS!
      5. And today, you wrote below: ” The presidency are truly more scared of Buhari than the untested Aminu Tambuwal the troika propped-up for easy defeat and retention of the status quo”.
      Finally wahala, number ‘5’ above shows you to be an UNREPENTANT LIAR! You claim above Tambuwal was propped by the ‘troika’, while just 5days ago, you said “Buhari was a decoy for Tambuwal to emerge as APC’s flag bearer”!


      *Lesson: remember that when you blab on the Internet, millions are watching you! DUMBO!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    From the beginning it was obvious to Nigerians that Aminu Tambuwaal is an empty shell who is not even fit to be elected a Local Government Councillor ….. the only credential he posted was his so called “born-to-rule” heritage that is indeed worthless in today’s Nigeria.

    But some deluded Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani shamelessly told Nigerians that Aminu Tambuwaal is the “golden boy” fit to occupy Aso Rock in 2015 …… now they know better.

    Small pickin knife ……. e dey sharp for morning only !!!


    Greedy, selfish,wicked,back-stabbing,wishy-washy,pussy-footing,treacherous,confused and irresponsible !!
    He will soon withdraw from the Sokoto governorship race as well…….just watch !!

    • Wähala

      After you ran out of words, your moron still wrote him a letter requesting he reconvenes the House to consider extending the SoE in some Northern States… politics is about alignments and re-alignments!

      • Baba Messi


        • Wähala

          Haven’t you noticed I’m not bothered by your silly comments? I replied nwa nna, Tawanda Incommunicado, but here you are again trying to rob-off on my iconic name… depart from me!



          • Wähala

            Tawanda Nnanna,
            I expect you to know better than an Aborigine. The Law requires the President to notify and get approval from the Senate ati House before declaring/extending SoE in a democratic set-up. Why fall my hands? Dumbo is not associated with intelligence and cannot be “cunny man” muchless bury another cunny man. He’s a mugu with a badge, I know bcos I’ve met him… believe it or not!

  • Aboki

    After the initial giragira somebody must have talk sense into his swollen head. First he withdrew the case in court and stepped down from Presidential race. The guy has no liver. Smart Fulani man has see that some people are training to throw him under a moving train. The heat in the kitchen has become too much within a short time of his committing political suicide. Wahala and other internet e-rats must be mourning now. This move just confirmed again that wahala is a fake prophet and he is fake as fake can be.

    • Wähala

      Politics is about alignments and re-alignments. Your moron wrote him a letter requesting he reconvene the House to consider his ineffective SoE in some Northern States, let’s wait to see if Dumbo’s goons will bounce him from the House of Reps. Even when Buhari declared I suggested a female running mate. Others are pissing at the presidency, go take a leak…

      • Baba Messi

        Hahaha wahala, wahala, wahala! This has NOTHING To do with ‘alignment and realignment ‘!
        Tambuwal will be SMOKED OUT Of his fake adjournment! The Senate will sit and approve the SoE. Then, ALL EYES WILL BE ON TAMBUWAL! OBVIOUSLY HE WILL BLIND FIRST!
        It’s your gullible and naive (and recently dumb) types that deceived him into thinking he could shutdown the house for over a month for some spurious reasons!
        Yawa don gas ooo!!

        *stop spreading further falsehood wahala, you keep saying you advise home to resign and concentrate on his guber ambition! Stop struggling to give yourself a soft landing: IF HE RESIGNS, IT WILL BE BECAUSE HE COULDN’T STAND THE HEAT IN THE KITCHEN!
        I Dey LaffooooO!

        • Wähala

          Your problem is you’re too local, a barber shop analyst without even a faint understanding of the workings of government… Mumu, the Law requires the President to write the Senate President and House Speaker in situations like this request for SoE extension. The fact that Dumbo acknowledges Tambuwal is still the Speaker means his withdrawal of the man’s security details were wrong and vindictive in the first place… Politics-101.


        Just run into the nearest Pub and soak your pain in alcohol…..this is just the beginning though,I hope you don’t end up a junky !!

        • Wähala

          I’m on a flight to Cape Town as I type and I’ve got gallons of odeku to last me for the return flight. Fact remains, since Dumbo withdrew his security citing his defection means he’s no longer the Speaker, now writing Tambuwal in consonance with the Constitution means Dumbo has swallowed his vomit… it’s straight logic. Soonest, your PDP crumb givers will explode with the sacking of Nasarawa ati Akwa Ibom EXCOs, others will follow and Dumbo will be dumped before even his funeral service. Hahaha!

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    “Lawmakers close to the speaker told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Tambuwal was
    standing down despite pressure on him to go ahead with the presidential

    Honestly, I dey pity Premium Times. Who is putting “pressure” on Tambuwawa? This una junk journalism of bad belle don pass Sahara Reporters own. But every thing will soon come to and end when we breakaway to form our South South Republic or in case of merger, the United SS&SE oily Republic. When that time comes, Premium Times will have no news to report again but strictly news about Sharia and activities in Sambissa forests.

    Tambuwawa withdraws…and so what? Before nko? Pikin no go crawl before him waka?

  • Suleimani

    Premiumtimes will never change. Always wanting to direct point accusing fingers at the President. It was the IG that withrew the security detail of the Speaker and not the President whether or not it was on the President’s instructions. The Presidency did not state any day that it was withdrawing the security detail of the Speaker, it was d IG. Please report from an unbiased point of view rather than blackmail the office of the Presidency. Opposition reportage is not good for this country. Report things as they happen don’t twist the facts.

    • Olla Kellany

      Was it the president that built the train that is working in Nigeria now ? I presume he was also not the one that turned Nigeria to the largest economy ?

  • walejohnson

    Yes this is a good news. Please concentrate on Sokoto governoship race, work hard for the APC, and win your state election. You are very young, with your popularities you have 8 years to prepare to rule Nigeria. I welcome your decision to contest in your state.

  • ceweeco projects


    • George

      This maga tambuwal earlier withdraw the court case against the IGP and later same day withdraws from the presidential race so I pray he withdraw from Nigeria and migrat to Sudan where they came from.

  • Peter

    What a shame. Tambuwal’s action is one borne out of cowardice. He mentioned the pressures on him to stand down as those coming from his friends who equally paid the nomination fees. If he was man enough, and a politician who believes there is future for him in a lager Nigerian political content, he would have immediately publicly rejected the offer. The people of Sokoto State will now look at him with suspicion and I bet it today that he will never make it as governor of Sokoto State. He is not a committed politician at least judging from his movement from one party to the other. He is not a person of his words and actions. He is known to deny his actions and statement even when these are recorded on. In short, he is not a good politician.

  • sir Oscie

    Well done Mr speaker Hon. Tambuwal, soon not too long after ATIKU ABUBAKAR’s tenure in 2019 or 2023 as the case may be, you will be one of prefer candidate either for the office of the president or Vice president.
    In the mean time I wish you a successful tenure as executive governor of Sokoto State to have more experience as an executive having acquired impressive skill as an Legislature. #ANigeriaForAll

  • Nche Bikwe

    Nice words of encouragement from a visionary and patriotic leader. Your passion for this country’s progress is pure and stands tall, for posterity will always remember you for good. If this government can effectively educate the citizens and imbibe discipline in critcal areas of our lives, while we as a people become more creative in our thinking and ready to sacrifice for our common aspirations, I see no bars capable of restricting us from being prosperous. Nigeria will definately be great again!