Child rights groups attack Jonathan for declaring for second term despite Yobe massacre

Two child rights non-governmental organisations have lambasted President Goodluck Jonathan, for going ahead with his public declaration for a second term in office a day after 47 students of Government Science Secondary School, Potiskum, Yobe State were killed by a suspected Boko Haram suicide bomber.

Mr. Jonathan, on Tuesday, formally declared his bid for a second term in office on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, at a rally held at Eagles Square, Abuja and attended by a crowd of supporters and party leaders.

The United Kingdom-based Africans Unite Against Child Abuse, AFRUCA, and the Nigerian-based Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection, CEE-HOPE, faulted what they described as another round of government’s insensitivity in the face of unprecedented and preventable waste of Nigerian lives in recent times.

This was contained in a joint statement on Tuesday by the Chief Executive of AFRUCA, Debbie Ariyo, and the Executive Director of CEE-HOPE, Betty Abah.

The groups noted that the pattern was too often and too unbecoming.

“Last time the president went on to celebrate at a centenary party after the murder of 59 male students at Government Secondary School, Buni Yadi,” the statement said. “He then flew to Kano for another round of celebration following the gruesome attack in Nyanya which claimed about 200 lives, and then on to Ibadan for a birthday bash.

“Unfortunately, the president is also celebrating yet another bash to announce his nomination to contest the Presidency for another four years. We believe this is wholly insensitive, and is absolutely unacceptable.”

They described the cold-blooded murder of students in their school assembly as “one massacre too many of defenceless and hapless Nigerian children.”

The organisations expressed deep shock and unreservedly condemn the cold-blooded murder of innocent children in their school assembly as “one massacre too many of defenceless and hapless Nigerian children.”

The statement stated further, “This is one massacre of defenceless children too many and the Nigerian government must rise to the occasion in performing its constitutional duty of ensuring full protection for its citizens, especially the very vulnerable, including school children, who have a fundamental right to acquiring education without violence, and these constitutional rights must be upheld by all.

“It is the height of insanity for any group waging a war against a state to have, as its sole characteristic, the brutal annihilation of harmless and completely hapless citizens. It beats every human imagination and these wanton destructions should attract global condemnation and action.”

The organisations wondered what became of the highly publicized Safer School Initiative launched at the UK House of Commons by Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on July 2 and why school children would be exposed to harm when the government responsible for their security had no adequate safeguard structure in place.

They said, “It is truly incredible that since the Chibok Secondary School abductions in April 2014, nothing seemed to have been done to ensure better protection for schools in the areas where Boko Haram are known to be operating. There are many well qualified Nigerians in the diaspora who can be called upon to help but this is not happening. Instead, we have to contend with gory details of schools being attacked and children being massacred.

“It is not enough to make an already scripted message perennially ‘condemning’ acts of terrorism against innocent Nigerians and this time, vulnerable children whose only crime is aspiring for an education that would better their lives.

“The government must show that it is capable of not only protecting Nigerians in every corner of the country but is also sensitive to their sufferings and grief, and respects the memory of the needlessly slain.”

The groups further questioned the point of the state of emergency imposed on states in the North East which instead have experienced unabated attacks by terrorist groups.

They called on the United Nations to intervene in order to ensure the protection of lives especially children and vulnerable people.


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  • Robert Johnson

    An old Woman once told me, anyone without shame, is dangerous and can cause harm to anybody. Jonathan by measure and performance is shameless. Those that expected to vote him back into office are the parents of the Chibok girls whose Daughters are missing for nine months, those whose lives are clearly destroyed by BokoHaram, those whose pensions are stolen by his cronies,those whose children were slaughtered by gunmen, those whose families died on the death traps called motorways, those who for ten years have been on job search and have to scrub the city to feed their families, those who have to result to criminal activities to eke out a living on and on and on. Our so called leader can’t feel the purse of the Nation! So Shameful. Just because of a few hanger on around him who have no other means of livelihood but psychophacies and lies! What a pity.

    • Tunsj

      I couldn’t agree more. A shameless leader.

  • endingNaija

    But President Jonathan does not care about children. So? He will declare even if Nigerian children are being killed right left and center. This man does not care. He has said it several times. President Jonathan says “I do not care” And that is it.

    • Northerner

      GEJ is just blockhead

  • tundemash

    I am certain the e-rats would soon be here to tell us these groups are sponsored by APC. Over to you e-rats @the truth, @otile and others.

    • Alcindo Satori

      shut your ugly-ass up! squid face!! what’s your point?!

    • Frank Edward

      Mr MESS, YOU seem so preoccupied with those guys u mentioned above? It’s funny you hardly ever have a comment to make on issues being discussed but only concentrate on comments of others. Could it be that you lack the mental capacity to analyze things for yourself? Just wondering.
      However, with the type of dirty politics played by Nigerians, it will not be unusual to discover some of these groups are sponsored. I find it curious that a ‘child right group’ will comment on such a heinous act but won’t spare even a line to condemn the perpetrators of the act. Yes, GEJ can do more, but does this absolve the perpetrators of blame also?? Isn’t this a sign of bias? This was the same way all sane minds kept wondering the rationale of the #BringBackOurGirls leaders always laying all the blame at GEJ’s feet..only for Audu Ogbe to UNWITTINGLY expose Hadiza & Dino, symbolizing the APC connection!
      Sorry, not all Naijas are as gullible and naive as you and yur APC taskmasters would wish!

      • tundemash

        ain’t i right at the end of the day ….. an e-rat now claiming the child right groups are sponsored by APC ….. I guess USA that refused to help Dumbo on Boko haram is also sponsored by APC. One day, you will run out of people to blame. You are Dumbo are drowning men splashing dirt all over the place.
        Everyone is to bame except one man whose job is to safeguard every Nigerian as he swore inthe consititution …… mugu ?

        • Frank Edward

          The US government also CONDEMNS THE PERPETRATORS of these heinous crimes.
          You think they are bloodthirsty bigots like you??

    • Otile

      Abubakar tundemash, kilo se? Yesterday I told you that I was not going to bother you again. I now see you enjoy my interaction with you. Why do you enjoy dragging me into your Islamic discussion? I am a Christian man, I don’t give a hoot if you Mohammedans kill off yourselves, it’s a Muslim thing.

      Abubakar tundemash, you will look for me everywhere in mosques, but you will never find me. I do not envy you guys for building your modern mosques, please worship well and leave me alone. There should be no compulsion in religion.

      Don’t dare to extend your jihad to my people. We are Christians, Jesus Christ is our Savior. You have Nabi Mohammed for your own savior. Ba ruwana.

      • tundemash

        Otile Shekau …. why are you guys stil bombing after Dumbo and Modu Sheriff has settled you guys ? Or did the ceasefire money not get to you guys ? Could it be that Dumbo has again cheated you guys from the recently approved $1bn windfal ?

  • Sharia_Haram

    47 students of Government Science Secondary School, Potiskum, Yobe State were killed by a group of Muslim.

    What are Muslims doing to rescue our girls from their brothers in Islam and also STOP the Sharia killing of non-Muslims?

    I am using this opportunity to remind non-Muslims to vote wisely in the up coming election. Do not vote for advocates of Sharia. Vote to abolish sharia.

    Sharia is a weapon of mass destruction. Sharia and its Caliphate had killed more people than any known disease in the world.

    Sharia as a weapon of mass destruction was set in place by Muslims to eliminate non-Muslims in the north and by extension the whole of Nigeria. Boko-Haram are advocates of Sharia, so is ISIS and Buhari.

    If they can adopt and impose sharia on Northern states that ordinarily belongs to non-Muslims and Muslims, they will definitely impose it on Nigeria. That is the impeding agenda. What we are witnessing in the North today is a pilot program of Sharia. While they watch the reaction of non-Muslims. A nation wild implementation will take effect once a Northern Muslim resume power. Beware!!!

  • Concerned citizen

    When GEJ told us “He doesn’t give a damn”, we should have believed him.

  • Smith Scott

    Those groups are APC group. Never mind them.

  • Smith Scott

    You think he will care when your APC was planning to kill these kids and stop GEJ. Tell Buhari that no human of blood of his bamboo and monkeys that he is killing in the north will stop GEJ


    Our president is shameless…..its of no suprise to me….another suicidal mission 2015….imagine….all on loooting funds….dear jonathan… way for you…I want to use this medium to tell you that nigerians are now politically concious than ever before…youth are taking politics serious more than football…let me tell you….we know who to vote for…..apc all the way…we need change.

    • let it be known to APC sponsored muslim killers that GEJ is unmoved by their antics,if the North-east like,let them kill everyone,GEJ will rule over the rest of the nation

  • Isi Agwo

    Nonsense. The purpose of the bombing was to stop his declaration. Can you imagine the implication of yielding to the intimidation of these criminals and their supporters like the dollar-loving NGOs?

  • Freeman

    This sham endeavour at ‘democracy’ has badly exposed Nigerian graduates, professors and intellectual elites as retards, for the most part. Yes, thefts ruined Nigeria’s sham ‘democracy’ but it is crooked thinking which put the last nail on the coffin. Here again the same mental retardation shows up – one aspirant is isolated and criticised for aspiring and becoming a candidate of its own party. The critics do not however extend the same forbidding arguments to all other aspirants.

    These civil rights critics thus beggar belief that they are indeed civil rights activists, and not mere laughable rabble-rousers who can’t think properly from premiss to conclusion that civil rights are not personal but inhere in all persons, and that if a conduct or an omission violates civil rights – as they conceive it, rather slovenly – that conduct must, by necessity, be forbidden of all others; including Buhari, Atiku, plus the rest of those who wangled billions of Naira from a bleeding country and now want to be the president of a benighted carcass of Nigeria, by putting up those wangled billions of Naira as their sole credentials. Oh, what a country!

    • Ricky

      “I am of the firm belief and conviction that there will be no election
      in 2015. I am of the firm belief that this house of cards will collapse
      before 2015. Under Jonathan’s leadership, Nigeria as a whole has
      become a titanic ship on sail to hit the iceberg and sink”.

      ……………Pastor Tunde Bakare

      (January 20, 2013)

  • nnadoris

    I still not believe dat some of us didn’t understand what is going on in this our country as me I believe APC is working hand to hand with boko haram. If all the north like let them kill children youth mother father jst to stop jonathan we don’t care anymore jonathan we trust no one or anybody will stop goodluck jonathan.

    • Mr. Abdin

      The problem is that your president is clueless my brother.

    • adnoy

      means to outsmart and defeat them; he is indeed clueless, not ready and fit for this position.

  • Mr. Abdin

    If the Government has the political will of ending this crisis it would have been history by now we hope that one day all these problems will be history.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Nigerian voters are not dumbs and would all voted against Mr Ebele Jonathan in february,2015 presidential poll.Nigeria can not continue with the present ineptness,clueless,incompetency and ineffectiveness of Mr Ebele Jonathan with growing massive corruption practices and death trap roads,insecurity of lives and properties as the 219 Chibok girls are still in Boko Haram custody.Mr Ebele Jonathan should be sacked by Nigerian voters.

  • adnoy

    And the president has not since deviced any means to outsmart and defeat them; he is indeed clueless, not ready and fit for this position.


    Our mililitary is weak and indiscipline. Our politicians are corrupt and
    incompetent. The military have beer parlor generals that clearly lack
    war tactics. Our Ogogoro president is scheming
    for reelection, while he runs Nigeria with Shekau.