Withdrawal of Tambuwal’s Security: Senate President vows to defend legislature

former Senate President, David Mark
former Senate President, David Mark

The Senate President, David Mark, Wednesday promised to do everything in his power to defend the sovereignty of the legislature.

Mr. Mark said this in reaction to the current storm brewing in the lower house of the National Assembly, where the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, had his security aides withdrawn because he defected from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the All Progressives Congress.

“I want to assure all of you that I would do the needful, to protect and defend the legislature at all costs.

“I am therefore doing all that I can to resolve the current impasse,” Mr. Mark said.

Responding, a Senator representing Ekiti Central senatorial district and spokesperson for the APC senators, Babafemi Ojodu, said PDP legislators were hindering the optimal functioning of legislative duties.

Mr. Ojodu said the internal scuffle within the PDP has hindered the activities of the National Assembly

“We wanted to fight and they didn’t allow us.

“Why must it be when it affects us that we must act.

“People should have standards.

“Now they have seen that they have made themselves slaves to the executives and when you make yourself a slave, you would be treated as one,” he said.

The senate adjourned sitting till next Tuesday after Mr. Mark insisted that the withdrawal of Mr. Tambuwal’s aide could not be discussed since it was already in court.

“The matter is already in a court of law and we can’t discuss the issues here,” the Senate President said.


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  • Spoken word

    With people like David Mark as senate president,the legislature will continue to be slaves to the executive.

  • dave

    David Mark is a yes man.He is just there to protect his personal interest. As long as he can retain the office of the senate president,he will prefer to keep dancing to any beat from the executive.For those who are supporting what the IG did,they should remember that a precedent is being created.Another IG will do same or even worse tomorrow and no one can complain.

  • Yusuf Ismaila

    Please help me. Is it the same David Mark who was my Icon when he was the Governor of Niger state during the presidency of Gen. Buhari? Because if he is he same person then I wonder how one can change? If he is not please kindly find my Icon the no nonsense Governor of Niger state.

    • Enemona

      He was “no nonsense” because he was working with a no-nonsense president who provided the direction, he is the David Mark we all know now because he is now unimpeded and has been encouraged to become a monster that he is, the system allowed and encouraged it. I still maintain that there are no ‘bad people’, there are only bad systems and bad leaders set up bad systems while good leaders…….. you know the rest.

  • Wähala

    First, they went after Gov. Amaechi and seized his jet, no Senators came to his aid…
    Next, they went after Gov. Sanusi and seized his travel documents yet, no Senators came to his aid…
    Now, they’re after House Speaker, AminuTambuwal and recalled his security, yet no Senate condemnation…
    When the slave masters finally go after David Mark, he shouldn’t expect anyone to speak for him and his goon Senators…

    In American democracy they’re quick to compare ours with, no barga dares withdraw security details of any lawmakers without losing his ass in firestorm of popular protests. US Republicans just won midterm elections and now control both chambers, President Obama will be on his knees to get any bills passed. In Nigeria it’s the other way round, the Executive ignores House resolutions and even encourages his Ministers to thumb their noses at oversight committee. Credit the Ota monster for setting the disparaging precedent, Dumbo is only mimicking his mentor. Touch Tambuwal, Touch Nigeria… and we shall see how it plays out. Animals!

  • bikky

    Arise o ‘compatriot, Nigeria is falling. I pity my generation where cheating and violation of people’s right is the order of the day. David Mark usually keep quiet on the issues that are affecting common man and speaks on the issues that favour him and his cronies,no wonder this Nation may not excell if we allow these type of people to continue to govern us. Well,President Jona did not borrow good Ideas from the developed nations but policies that will empower Him to steal citizen money in order to enrich himself and his allies like Mark.Mark was talking tough now so that President Jona can call him to a corner to get more dividend of their friendship.David Mark will not support anything that is in favour of masses because they are not care for about anybody. Masses need to rise and fight for their right,either legally or illegally. Here is the time.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Power-hungry, APC elements like Tambuwal mus not be allowed to hold the country hostage. and extort ransom. The position of SPEAKER is not custom-made for Tambuwal. He is not the first House Speaker, neither will he be the last. It is shameful that he manifest the born-to-rule mentality for which the awusa man is hated in this country. He wouldn’t dare this mess with Obasanjo. The man would have served him the ‘BANANA-PEEL” treatment and roasted his balls ever before he would even think of APC.
    Tambuwal is a veritable anarchist who paraded as a lawmaker all the while. So disingenuous is this wide-eyed mullah that he shut down the House for a recess with the aim to appease his lust for power as is characteritic with the awusa man….and have it both ways. He wants to eat the cake someone else bakes and still have it…….sounds like the parasite.
    All the hew and cry over this man’s security detail is, to say the least, obscene. Are we being told that Tambuwal’s sorry life is more precious to him than the lives of the rest of us going around without government-funded security outfits? Why does he feel so insecure ….much more insecure than the rest of us put together? When will these awusa people quit dishing out their insult? Tambuwal, whose name sounds like a curse-word, must be hiding something, but using this ruse and tantrums as smokescreen. The guy be made to understand that the era of sacred-cow syndrome is behind us. Arrogance cannot do it for Tambuwal or any awusa man for that matter.

    • Patriot01

      You are so consumed by tribalism & ethnic bigotry that you do not see the constitutional facts & implications laid bare before you.It is people like you that deviate from the issues discussed here and talk nonsense.
      God Bless Nigeria.

      • Garden-City Boy

        You come to this forum and you hide behind a screen, presenting yourself as “patriot”. The Garden-City Boy is of the South-South…and I make no pretenses. You awusas are known to be inveterate liars and we now know that your koran permits you to lie about almost everything.. So, just as is characteristic with all awusas, you lack the moral rectitude to admit your patriotism to the awusa AREWAGHANISTAN cause.
        But, I won’t be surprised when you come swinging with the false claim that you are Yoruba, if not Igbo, for awusas are all rotten to the bone. To you wausa people, “peace and unity” follows only one algorithm: awusa man is president, petroleum minister, defense minister, head of army, head of police….all mullahs, head of customs and immigration and Finance minister. That is awusa man’s idea of peace, justice and unity….and we should all be happy. And the awusa jackass did it for 38 “peaceful, untribalistic ” years of “unity, equity and justice”, isn’t that Mr. “patriotic”?.
        I guess it is not tribalism for leprous awusa to maintain a vice-grip on power for 38 years to the exclusion of other Nigerians. Your uncle rilwanu lukumanu ran the petroleum ministry like an Otta Farm,..for God-knows-how-long. You rapacious awusas monopolize the oil business in our land. More than 80% of it is in the Check out the military and the police. See then awusa rulers ….all thieves. Have you , by any chance heard of Abacha?. Can you honestly admit to us us thing he was known (sorry, notorious) for?
        I don’t wish to bring in the awusa barbarism issue yet. But, when awusa lynch-mobs target non-awusas and non-mullahs, especially Southerners, You don’t call that tribalism. You, Mr “patriotism regards that as the awusa man’s expression of unity, love and justice, isn’t it?
        As you know too well, the core problem with you ass-wipes that call yourselves awusas is your bizarre, upside-down logic pattern; you view everything with an astigmatic lens, and reason as though from your tail-pipes, rather than from your thick cow-heads. Although we know it has to do with your inferior DNA (something your brought with you from whatever strange planet you came from), we cannot grant you the chance to continue in your barbaric, brute ways in a civilization. It does not, therefore preclude policies to o tame and domesticate you. The alternative is to get rid of you….the current trend points in that direction.
        It is not my intention to engage you in further “tribalism” shouting-match except you defined your “patriotic” orientation. But suffice it to say that, should the deep hatred for awusa mean “tribalism” to you, then count me in as tribalist. The Garden-City Boy is not alone in that sentiment. Seems to me you are unaware that hatred for awusa people is virtue in the Nigerian society. Deep down in your heart, you know that there is nothing to appreciate about a clan of wild, barbaric butchers, power obsessed alien mullahs who have constituted themselves into a pile of vicious nuisance, insatiable parasites, insane ingrates and compulsive kleptomaniacs. Would you like awusa if you were me?
        I can also tell you that I am not alone in this passionate hate for barbaric awusas. You can confirm that by interaction with folks in the streets. However, I look forward to another opportunity to tell you much more about you if you accept the challenge. You may pretend to yourself…just for a moment… that you are not a koran-reading mullah to be truthful as regular humans are, That way we can have some frank talk….if you have the balls.

  • GEJ the devisive and unfit

    David mark never win election in Idoma land, he is unpopular and virtually do nothing to his people PDP just planted him there as political stooge to the executive.

  • 2packed