Court turns down request to stop T.B Joshua from appearing before coroner

TB Joshua

The appearance and testimony of the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, before a coroner would not harm him, a Federal High Court in Lagos ruled, Tuesday.

Temitope Joshua (popularly known as T.B Joshua) is billed to testify on Wednesday at an ongoing coroner’s inquest into the circumstances surrounding the collapse of a guest house in his church.

Over 115 people, mostly foreigners, died when the six storey building belonging to the church collapsed on September 12.

Last week, Olukoya Ogungbeje, a Lagos-basedbased lawyer, had approached the court praying for an order restraining the coroner from conducting further proceedings on the inquest.

The lawyer also sought an interim injunction restraining Mr. Joshua from appearing before the coroner.

But on Tuesday, Ibrahim Buba, the judge, ruled that the interim injunction was not necessary since Mr. Joshua was not personally affected by the inquest.

According to the judge, Mr. Joshua is neither a party to the filed suit nor is he held in detention.

“If Ogungbeje was the party summoned before the coroner, then the issue of a restraining order will arise, but in this situation, how can I restrain the whole world?” Mr. Buba said.

“The applicant has not shown that he will suffer any danger if the restraining order is not granted, and so, I will hear this case on merit on Thursday, November 6, and I will not grant any restraining order. This is the ruling of the court.”

Tuesday’s ruling was the final nail in the coffin following weeks of scheming and strategies by Mr. Joshua’s camp to avoid him testifying before the coroner.

Last Wednesday, an angry Oyetade Komolafe, the coroner, threatened to arrest the church leader if he fails to honour the invitation to appear before him.

“If he doesn’t come, he will be arrested, please advise him,” Mr. Komolafe had told the church’s counsel at the inquest.

“The sheriff said he has served him (a witness summons) and I have the evidence of that. If he cannot come on that day, he should tell us why he cannot come.”

The magistrate was responding to an earlier suggestion by Lateef Fagbemi, the church’s counsel, that only people who would be of relevance to the court ought to be invited.

“I have gone through all the depositions filed, no mention has been made of Joshua,” Mr. Fagbemi, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, had said.

“I will suggest that it is those who can be of assistance from the SCOAN that will be invited.”

The next day, the inquest began with Mr. Komolafe walking, Nelson Okedinachi, who is in the team that filed the suit at the federal high court, out of the room for seeking to inform the coroner of the suit they had filed.

Afterwards, the coroner took time to clarify to Olalekan Ojo, who had announced his appearance for the Synagogue Church, that he did not summon the church.

“Nobody summoned the Synagogue church. The court summoned T.B Joshua and when the time comes, he will appear,” Mr. Komolafe had told the counsel.

“Because I’ve noticed you always announce your appearance for the Synagogue church.”

Mr. Ogungbeje had joined as defendants in his suit the Lagos State Government, the Attorney General of the state, and Mr. Komolafe (the coroner).

The lawyer had argued that the composition of the Coroner’s inquest was a negation of the principle of natural justice and Section 36 of the Constitution, and as such it was unconstitutional, null and void.

The lawyer had further argued that the Lagos State government, who instituted the inquest, had already indicted Mr. Joshua and his church by claiming that he was not given approval to put additional floors on the collapsed building.

“The Lagos State Building Control Agency even went ahead to seal up the main building of the church,” Mr. Ogungbeje had said.

“The General Manager of the agency even said in the papers and I quote him as follows ‘we have investigated and found that they had no approval for the additional structures. Even the main church which they have added about three floors on was sealed two days ago.’”


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  • Why does TBJ and his God refuse to have mercy and raise AT-LEAST ONE
    from the dead out of all who died IN HIS BUILDING?

    Most Nigerian Pastors (including Adeboye) are into Christian-Occultism not only TBJ.

    The time is coming when deceitful Pastors will actually be doing real
    supernatural things (not fake). The Scriptures already forewarned, so
    that anyone who truly wants the true-Christ must not follow Preachers
    WHOSE TEACHINGS ARE NOT REALLY SCRIPTURAL, no matter what real signs and
    wonders they perform. For example, read the following online right now:
    2Thessalonians 2:9-12, Matthew 24:24-26, Deuteronomy 13:1-11, 1John 4:1

    Isaiah 8:20 “… If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because there’s no light in them.”

    I encourage you to read my article “Beware of Christian-Occultism”, which
    you will find at my website which is the name i’m using here.

    • Guest_2

      You always blame others and think that people will believe your ignorance. You always sound silly!!!

    • John

      Do you also know that the word of God says you should not Judge so that you will not be Judged? Please proof that Daddy Adeboye uses what you claim. Fear for your life my brother. Remember Elijah and the mockers,,,,,,I warn oooo

      • Your rubbish Pastors don’t compare at all to THE JEWISH SCRIPTURE (OLD & NEW TESTAMENT).
        You and all those Pastors following the fake-Christ are the ones that need to FEAR THE COMING JUDGMENT.

        God requires us to expose LIARS and ACTORS, especially when the sin is by Church Leaders.

        Out of Love, true-Christians must sound the alarm about wolves that PEOPLE THINK ARE SHEEP.

        That’s true Christian Love for God and men.

        1Corinthians 14:29 “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others JUDGE.”

        John 7:24, Jesus said: “Do not judge according to appearance, but JUDGE with RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT.”

        1Timothy 5:20 “(The Elders) who are sinning, REBUKE IN THE PRESENCE OF ALL, that the rest also may fear.”

        1John 4:1 “… DO NOT BELIEVE every spirit, but TEST the spirits, whether they are of
        God, because MANY False prophets have gone out into the world.”

        Jude 1:3 “… i found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to CONTEND earnestly for the faith …”

        • disgusted by

          eish i can’t believe the devil wants you this much????????

      • E.A. Adeboye, Holy Ghost service, Nov. 2008:
        “… if it is me you want to fight, you have won before you start. I have
        nothing to fight with … I know nobody, I HAVE NO MONEY.”

        LYING Pastors.

        Do you know how long idi0ts like you have been warning me to fear your rubbish Pastors
        instead of the Jewish Scripture (Old and New Testament)?

        I’m so glad you and your rubbish Pastors are Not God. Therefore i’m still alive exposing
        your Lies.

      • Whalerolex

        Mr John you need more understanding on this touch not my annointed phrase. These god of men brainwash people with these and it seems people are so mentally lazy to try get their own understanding. We use it alot and its dragging us back. I dont have a proof of occultism but I have a proof of him having a Nigerian police officer standing beside him in a wedding ceremony which he was just a guest. Aleast wetin hin dey fear? Na president? These people have their excesses and should be checked. If you want the pix, please ask and you shall be receive.

    • disgusted by

      go to hell alone, don’t drag others okayyyy????????????????????????????????????????????????, if any1 is doing occultism it’s you

  • tundemash

    Why is this TB Joshua rogue dodging ?

    • Chris1408

      I tire oooooo. His Crystal ball must be dusty

  • Chris1408

    So TB Joshua is now scared of testifying. The man that forsee what will happen in Asia, Europe and America but didn’t see the building he owns collapsing. Or see the court ruling. Prophet indeed

    • disgusted by Chris1408

      you tok shit man

      • Whalerolex

        In as much as I do not agree with Chris 1408, can you tell me you own opinion on the fact that he is trying to avoid court? Lets start from there

  • Darandu Okemmuo

    This is the beginning of his END. watch-out .His End will come suddenly. The souls of innocent people he deceived for long time now are crying., and God have answered their cry. More anger of God is coming upon him and his false Church. Likewise his likes. Please,Google the name ‘DARANDU’ to see more of him.

    • horrified by Darandu

      ya the begginning of your END Darandu Okemmuo, yu tok pure shit man

    • Whalerolex

      You mean the souls of the lazy gullible people? You cant blame these god of men. Like Sign fireman said his a video, “you need to tell them what they want to hear”. Please dont call God into this matter, he gave us brains to use wisely and if some people decide to fall mugu then too bad.


    Those who fight against the man of God will certainly fall and may never rise again

    • E.A. Adeboye, Holy Ghost service, Nov. 2008:
      “… if it is me you want to fight, you have won before you start. I have
      nothing to fight with … I know nobody, I HAVE NO MONEY.”

      LYING Pastors.

      Do you know how long idi0ts like you have been warning me to fear your rubbish Pastors
      instead of the Jewish Scripture (Old and New Testament)?

      I’m so glad you and your rubbish Pastors are Not God. Therefore i’m still alive exposing
      your Lies.

    • You Are Fighting Against THE JEWISH SCRIPTURE (OLD & NEW TESTAMENT).
      That’s worse than fighting against the idi0ts you call “men of God”.
      They are actually servants of the fake-Christ.
      You and all those Pastors following the fake-Christ are the ones that need to FEAR THE COMING JUDGMENT.

      • MOSES

        DO not be like the pharisees who had the form of godliness but denide the power thereof. Jesus said, “those who believe in me shall do the works I do and even greater” and some of the works were : healing the sick, preaching the gospel , casting out demons etc.

        • In Matthew 7:22-23, Jesus said: “Many will say to Me in that day,
          ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name,
          and done many wonders in Your name?’ But I will declare to them, ‘I never knew
          you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!”

    • michael m noosi


  • Chidi

    Man of god (not God) running away. What is he trying to hide?


    don’t mind them man of god . just go and tell them how u see plane hovering on the building. go idey 4 your back.

  • Godwin Luke