El-Rufai declares, promises to fix Kaduna without demolishing houses

A former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory [FCT], Nasir El-Rufai, on Monday, formally declared to run for Governor of Kaduna State, with a pledge to turn around the fortunes of the state around if voted into office in the February election.

Mr. El-Rufai, who is running on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, said the current Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, administration of Governor Murktar Yero in the state, is incompetent and should not be allowed to drag the state down.

He told a cheering crowd of supporters and party leaders in Kaduna that he had traversed all the 23 local government areas of Kaduna State and visited tens of communities, but was sad by what he saw as it would have been difficult to believe they were part of the state.

He said he also consulted widely with people, including traditional rulers, respected elders and public officials, who could speak, as well as ordinary people who relied on people to speak for them.

According to Mr. El-Rufai, the purpose of the consultations was to listen to them and understand what they wanted from the state government and how the government and the people could work together to develop it.

He said, “To say that I was shocked by the level of neglect is an understatement. Our road networks have fallen into disrepair; our schools have no basic teaching and learning tools; our teachers are not motivated; our hospitals and clinics lack essential resources to mitigate the challenges of healthcare and our civil servants are not being sufficiently motivated. Poverty has become worse; unemployment has become more pervasive; agricultural productivity has declined; internally generated revenues are too low to even pay salaries. The picture is indeed very bleak.”

The former minister lamented that Kaduna State, which he said used to be known for its industries, now barely had flourishing or profitable factories and that even basic sanitation was absent because Kaduna and most of the local government area headquarters were being overtaken by garbage.

He recounted that what he saw in the course of his visits and consultations and what both leading politicians and the people told me “further reaffirmed my commitment to the decision I made to devote the rest of my life to public service as a way of giving back to the community; to working with my brothers and sisters across Kaduna State and beyond to uplift our state; to building a united state; driving out poverty and making Kaduna the first among equals in Nigeria.”

He declared, “Ladies and gentleman, we must move Kaduna State from a state where people live in mutual suspicion; where few people feel safe or secure and where nothing gets done.

“It is disheartening that Kaduna State which used to be a melting pot of religions, cultures and industry has become a battlefield of ethnic and religious divisions due to incessant conflicts, denial of opportunities and relentless narrowing of the space for political freedom and expression.

“We now have a state where a small self-centered clique controls the state’s resources while the generality of Kaduna people are excluded from political and economic opportunities.”

Mr. El-Rufai warned said the reign of underdevelopment and incompetence which he attributed to thePDP must end immediately.
El-Rufai Kaduna 2015

“That means we must first make conscious efforts by ourselves. My dear people of Kaduna State, what can we do to improve our circumstances? Can we continue to watch nonchalantly as a few individuals destroy our state and mortgage the future of our children?”

“The people of Kaduna state have the power to bring about meaningful change. We have the power to free our state from corruption, greed, nepotism and incompetence. That power is guaranteed in your right to vote. And that power must be used judiciously to throw out the gross incompetence being demonstrated by those in authority today. That power is what we must use in 2015 to elect leaders that have the desire and will to move Kaduna State to the path of unity, peace, progress and prosperity.

“Today, I stand before you to offer a hand of brotherhood and partnership in the mission to make Kaduna State great again. Let’s work together, man, woman, child, old and young; in the journey to knock down ethnic and religious divisions. I ask you to join me to chase out poverty forever; I ask you to join to build our state and make Kaduna great again.”

While saying that Kaduna is dear to him, Mr. El-Rufai urged the about eight million people of the state to join him in the rescue mission aimed at making it first among equals, whether they are Muslim or Christian; Hausa, Adara, Fulani, Bajju, Atyap, Ggagyi, Jaba or any of the numerous ethnic groups in the state.

Mr. El-Rufai used the occasion to revisit his era as FCT minister, saying his record in Abuja showed teamwork could lead to phenomenal results.

According to him, his administration constructed needed infrastructure, promoted transparency and due process.

He said, “More than 27,000 Nigerians became landowners without having to bribe or lobby any official.

“All they did was to have complied with the land-application process. Many more – over 30,000 Nigerians – were able to buy homes by similarly complying with the rules for the purchase of government houses in Abuja.”

While defending the demolition that took place under him, Mr. El-Rufai said the people of Kaduna should not worry about it because Kaduna and Abuja were completely different in history, growth and priorities.
He explained that his administration undertook the exercise to make it a true national capital.

“In contrast, what Kaduna needs are better schools, health facilities and productive farms in an atmosphere of improved peace and security That will be the focus of APC’s efforts not the scaremongering of impending demolitions!” he said.

Mr. El-Rufai canvassed support for a presidential aspirant on the platform of the APC, Muhammadu Buhari.

According to him, the former head of state would provide the leadership that would bring peace, prosperity and progress to Nigeria.


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  • Joe

    Mr. Demolition is assuring Kaduna people that he has repented from demolition. Leopard will never change his spot, neither will devil cease to us evil characters to kill innocent people. It’s just like boko haram telling christians that they stopped burn churches in Nigeria. El- Rufai, better face you Facebook please and leave leadership alone.

    • pastorakinleye

      If you build in violation of the regulations you put your property in the bulls-eye of the demolition crew. That’s how it goes. The guy did his job as FCT minister well. Too bad if you did built illegally and had it destroyed. It does not undermine the credibility of the one who enforced the law.

      • Samuel Okezie

        Why doesn’t he want to do the same to his own people. Shouldn’t Kaduna be made to look like an excellent state capital? I thought what is good for the goose is also good for gander.

        • pastorakinleye

          So there was no Kaduna-indegene-owned house demolished in Abuja under El-Rufai. FYI: Gen. Danjuma’s building was even affected. The basis was:any structure built on a drainage circuit or in any unauthorized area according to the Abuja Master Plan must be demolished. It wasn’t a personal thing. So grow up and get over it unless you’re a slum-lover!

          • Abdul

            Why won’t he rather say; I will only demolish illegal structures if/when I’m elected??
            I was actually impressed when he demolished illegal structures in Abuja. But truth is, he DEMOLISHED COUNTLESS NUMBER OF LEGAL STRUCTURES TOO!!
            He also inexplicably revoked several properly allocated lands and reallocated(redistribue??) same to family, friends and girlfriends!
            If you don’t know, ask those who witnessed it all.

          • Okey

            Your General was re-allocated another land, go and find out. But the hapless civil servants who engaged their active life savings were not, go and cross-check.

          • Ade

            Do you know that for months the FCT ministry publicized and encouraged people to tender their documents? Those with documents should and were compensated. Those who did not tender or tendered doctored ones were not. Is there any sensible person who would think that is not the fair thing to do?

          • Okey

            Under which Minister, el rufai ? Certainly, that happened in hell; not even in any other country, much more, Nigeria.

          • Samuel Okezie

            Are you just pretending not to understand logic? Are there no illegal structures in kaduna metropolis? Why shouldn’t KDs masterplan be restored?

      • Okey

        So if you “did built illegally” in Kaduna, he should allow the illegality because he is now in Kaduna ? What character of a human being is now your man ?

        • ade

          Had to resist the temptation to use the word that aptly depict your exhibited wisdom. Have you heard of priorities before? Do you know that what is important in one town might not be in another? A wise change leader chooses the battles that need to be won and wins them.

          • Okey

            You only know of “property”, you do not and can never know of “propriety”. That is what you and the man you’re defending terribly lack and, perhaps, can never have..

          • pastorakinleye

            If your property was wrongly demolished, why wouldn’t you head for the courts for reprieve instead of sucking over what had been and now using that as a campaign wedge?

          • Okey

            Repeat, you only know of “property”, you do not and can never know of “propriety”. That is what you and the man you’re defending terribly lack and, perhaps, can never have.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    One thing I like about the declaration and aspiration of el-Rufai for this job is that it would mean that the Northerners would be putting its best 11 forward if we have his like, Tambuwal and even the turncoat, Ribadu at the helm of affairs in their respective states.

    I truly hope the people of Kaduna would seize this opportunity with 20 fingers!

    • Frank

      Mr soyemi, i find some of your comments disappointing. My brother, some of us really desire change, but cannot be deceived by criminals masquerading as agents of change.
      Please if you do not have a personal or detailed information about some of these guys, try and inquire from those who know. I will like to believe you have some trusted friends who will tell you the truth.
      For Mr Rufai, ask those who know about happenings in Abuja then, what his(rufai) relationship with Jimi Lawal(of the Alpha Merchant Bank fraud) is? Mention that name to rufai and watch him break into a cold sweat!
      Secondly, should Tambuwal now be declared ‘good material’ because of his face off with the president, or shouldn’t it be on account of his ‘integrity’ if any?
      Does a man who presides over a house whose members collect OBSCENE SALARIES and ALLOWANCES way above what was constitutionally fixed by the RMFAC strike you as a man of integrity??
      Can you also ask any of your friends who should know, about the stinking sleaze that takes place in Tambuwals house especially with regards to ‘oversight’ and during budget defense of government MDA’s????
      I just hope you speak out of ignorance and not that you are a beneficiary of some of these disgusting practices.
      Please do not defend some of these people if you do not have your facts about their stewardship. It only portrays you in bad light, oga lawyer!

      • Okey

        Not just that. Mr T it was who presided over a most perfidious, morally violent and violently illegal “Allowances Review Committee” from which he recommended that, aside from N1.2 Million salary a month, each (dis)honourable Member should part with N42 Million every quarter as “Allowances.” Hitherto, President Obasanjo had paid N6 Million a quarter. But Mr T and fellow plunderers capitalized on President Yar’Adua’s ill-health to jack it up to N42 Million and even paid themselves one in arrears. Today, Mr T is among the Messiahs that will lead us to the Promised Land. Bunkum ! Please, tell another thing !

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Frank, thanks for your comment, but my opinions remain, nevertheless. How boring would this life be, if we all just got along without disappointing other people?

        You were disappointed with my comment? Pele!

        You made insinuations to disparage el-Rufai by linking him with Mr. Lawal, but failed to put any substance into your insinuation. Even if there was substance to it, I am sure you would be hard pressed to prove it. Please don’t forget that “he who alleges, must prove”. With the no love lost relationship with Mr. GEJ and his gang, I am sure el-Rufai would be in jail by now if you have anything of substance behind your libellous insinuation, so you might as well stop pissing against the wind!

        As typical of people clutching at straws, you sought to disparage Mr. Tambuwal on the back of collective sins that ALL PUBLIC OFFICIALS, without exception are guilty of! I was actually disappointed when I read further to into your diatribe against Tambuwal because I was expecting to read about how he stole $20bn; how he has been using his influence to shield money-laundering or arms smuggling Pastors; or very corrupt oil Madams, but alas, you just made more noises about the mind-boggling emoluments they take home at the NASS!

        Granted, all decent citizens should protest the open and brazen daylight robbery that is going on in the NASS, the Presidency and all public institutions, where elected officials have converted the national parsimony into personal usage.

        But, Frank, it is the height of hypocrisy or indecency to attempt accruing all the blame on an individual.

      • ade

        The reps should be flogged for the money they collect. However, they are not the only one. GEJ need to be flogged too. For honorarium and sitting allowances he spends money on, for the money he budgets for food, embalming equipment, wildlife, etc. in the presidency.

      • Shaibu Ocheme

        Thank you very much for your comments. I no longer have any respect for the guy with the handle Kay Soyemi. Regardless of his obviously good education and language, I think he is much too partisan and one sided in his comments. Does the adage that “the hood does not make the monk” not become so relevant in respect of our friend Mr Kay???

  • Okey

    Those were poor civil servants who Shagari and Babangida encouraged to relocate from Lagos; they were given lands with specification of the time. Hell Ruffian’s came to take the lands through devious means and reasons. These middle income earning Nigerians begged “Leave my land, give me your plan let me redevelop according to your specification,” the Ruffian said “No, I must take your land, I am in charge”. He did, and demolished the structures and reallocated the land to his cronies. Today, he is reappearing as the Messiah to save mankind. Bunkum !

    • Jerry

      Only those who know nothing about the truth of what he did in Abuja will hail this fraudster.
      What about Atiku’s guest house on Aso-Drive he bought off for himself?
      What about his girlfriends and NYSC girls he ws paying mind boggling outrageous wages in the name of being ‘consultants’??
      What about the revocation of several corner shops which were genuinely and properly allocated only to reallocate same to family members and business partners??
      What about his engaging a fraudster Jimi Lawal in the sale of government houses, with billions unaccounted for when the same Jimi Lawal fled as usual??
      I laugh!!

      • Ade

        Who are the girlfriends? How much is outrageous wage? Guest house…ever heard of monetisation policy in Nigeria? Corner shops were properly allocated in Abuja? You saw corner shops in the masterplan of the city?

  • Valiant

    He should apologize to those whose houses were unjustly demolished.By the way,I thought nothing short of the Presidency would be acceptable to him being the capable Nigerian.Why leave it for Buhari whom he once described as perpetually unelectable?

  • Usman

    that is right malam, we are totally in support

  • kenny

    He has now accepted that he didn’t perform well as a minister. I hope if elected, he is not going to allocate the state’s properties to his cronies and members of his family

    • ade

      What is (are) your metric(s) for deciding whether he performed well or not.

      • kenny

        Are you asking me? You had better ask him first why he won’t demolish houses if elected governor of Kaduna state.

    • Benedict

      I have read this article and only a non English speaker will allude that the former minister accepted non-performance. Please kindly read, comprehend and then make comment. So far, even serving ministers know that they do not have the heart and political will to do what El Rufai did. His cronies and family members are nigerians and are entitled to state properties should they qualify.

      • kenny

        You will not see where he accepted non-performance because you either do not understand his statement or he is your messiah. If he did well by demolishing houses in Abuja and allotting land to his cronies why is he promising them in Kaduna now that he will not demolish houses?

  • Galare I. N

    Mallam, u left abuja with ur head held high. Kaduna garin gwamna will be restored to the glory days of an industrial city. Just like abuja was so decayed that hard choices were made to restore her to the master plan, kaduna restoration needs you. Allah shi nuna mana, amin.

  • Hah!

    As an adult who have travelled wide across this nation and seen the development in many state Capitals in terms of good road network, schools, etc, my candid opinion is that Kaduna State need a workaholic individual, and that individual is El-Rufai. Kaduna people should do away with sentiment and do the right thing.

    • utunga

      Bro, you have spoken well, sentiments has kept us hostage for too long. El rufai in kaduna will bring positive development, the people should put religion away and do the needful

  • Ogenyi Ahmad

    I agree Rufai cannot sleep when there is work to be done, whether good or bad, so far he believes in it. But I doubt if he could do without demolishing houses. When he believes in anything he is fanatical. And Rufai adores demolition. If Kaduna people choose him they have to live in the open field because I doubt if they have the muscle to rebuild as Abuja inhabitants did. Long Live Kaduna state.

    Ogenyi Ahmad

  • Sharia_Haram

    Muslims must STOP the sharia killing of non-Muslims!

    All non-Muslims in Southern Kaduna will become homeless should Jihadist Nasir El-Rufai assume leadership in Kaduna state. Jihadist Nasir El-Rufai is known for demolishing houses belonging to non-Muslims in Abuja(Islamic capital). Southern Kaduna non-Muslims should vote for a candidate who will safeguard their homes and abolish sharia law in Kaduna. Sharia law has brought death to non-Muslims. The victims of sharia law in year 2000 and 2002 is still very fresh in our memory. Over 2,500 non-Muslims were killed by Sharia advocates.

    May the dead victims of Sharia law rest in peace, Amen.

    • Hah!