Boko Haram ceasefire: Tell Nigerians the truth, APC urges Jonathan

The missing Chibok schoolgirls held captive by Boko Haram

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has called for an independent inquiry to unravel the circumstances surrounding the apparently fake ceasefire deal announced by the Jonathan Administration on October 17, now that the sect’s leadership has described as an impostor the man with whom the phantom deal was negotiated.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said Nigerians will like to know how the Jonathan Administration got swindled by an impostor, who the major players were and what the government plans to do to address what has now become a monumental national and international embarrassment.

”President Jonathan owes Nigerians an explanation on what has now turned to be an unprecedented global faux pas. Engaging in cheap damage control by insisting on the genuineness of the deal will only amount to taking Nigerians for a ride,” it said.

The APC said the saddest part of what has now turned out to be a fake deal is that it gave false hopes to the parents of the 218 school girls who remain in Boko Haram captivity that their children’s release was imminent, especially as the government even announced a specific date for the release of the girls.

”Now the parents and indeed all Nigerians have been victimized for the umpteenth time by the same government that has failed in its main reason for existence, which is the security and welfare of the citizenry,” the party said, recalling its earlier warning to the Jonathan Administration not to use the girls as pawns on its political chess board.

It wondered whether the government sought to buy time and gain political mileage by knowingly negotiating with a man who has no authority to do so on behalf of Boko Haram, as claimed by the sect’s leadership, in which case the government will be guilty of political fraud, or whether the government was not competent enough to know who to negotiate with, which will only reinforce the perception of this federal government as being blatantly incompetent.

”The ceasefire deal with Boko Haram was announced at the highest level of the military and supported by the political authority on October 17th. Now that it has been described as a fluke, there is every indication that the Jonathan Administration was swindled by someone masquerading as a Boko Haram negotiator, while the Administration itself went ahead to fool Nigerians as well as the international community. Whatever happens, the sole responsibility falls on the Administration.

”Following the gleeful announcement of the deal and despite the doubts surrounding it, our party deliberately refrained from commenting on it and even wished it was real so that our long-suffering people can get some respite from the devilish terror group that has dispatched thousands into their early graves,
maimed even many more and ruined the economic and social life of a large chunk of the society.

”When Boko Haram continued to carry out deadly attacks and annex territories, despite the so-called ceasefire, we waited for the government to tell Nigerians what was happening, but there was no convincing explanation. When the date announced for the release of the girls passed, we waited for the government to tell Nigerians what the problem was, but all we got from the easily excitable and trifling presidential spokesmen was platitude.

”Now that the deal is said to be a fluke and everything points to that, the Jonathan Administration must be contrite enough to own up to its gaffe, if indeed it is one, or its contrived deceit, and also face the possible consequences from a stupefied citizenry. It cannot and must not just be another forgotten instance in a series of gaffes by a serial bumbling government,” APC said.

Lai Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary


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  • Let us hear the conclusion of all we have been saying “”a serial fumbling government” What an adjectival phrase.

    • BlackDiamond

      PDP led government are full of deceit

      • change 2014-2015

        They are failure

    • change 2014-2015

      This government have not been sincere with nigeria

    • change 2014-2015

      They have no iota of truth in their mouth all they have been doing is keep on lying since 1999

    • Swagger

      Actually it’s worse. The word is “bumbling” not “fumbling”…

  • BlackDiamond

    Have said it before and will say it again, gej government is full of propaganda. Nigerians needs to know who the PDP leg government actually negotiate with..

    • change 2014-2015

      Gej must tell nigeria about the cease fire deal he talked about

      • BlackDiamond

        I think they framed it up from the top, they run to media to give false news.

        • change 2014-2015

          Thank God we have the opposition that is ready to expose because they are not telling us the truth

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          You know what I think is that the government actually thought they had Shekau’s head in the bag because they had not heard from him for some time.

          So they flew some kites with the “meetings” with Ndume and the Chadian President. I remember asking why and since when Nigeria had gone so low to the point of our President running to Chad to discuss our “security issues”!

          Anyway, I have now surmised that it was all prt of the scam and frame up.

          The only thing they did not foresee, was the “resurrection” of Shekau.

          That is the fly in the ointment that spoilt the deal. There was no ceasefire indeed and it was just a ruse to push slush funds around.

          • DecodeDaRiddle

            The best efforts of this government is a weak con. I listened to the terms of the supposed ceasefire and knew it was fake. I made the following summation: How will a negotiator claim he will exchange the girls for captives with the government and in return they will give the location of Shekau? They also said talks were held in Saudi, then Chad. Then the false dates.
            I think we need to pay attention to all what we are told as successive governments away believe that once they are silent on an issue, it goes away. The good thing about all that is happening is to make us realize we have people who are both incapable and bent on deceit to have their way.
            Nigeria deserves better than this. The docility of Nigerians is so freaking amazing. when you drum the obvious into their heads, they dont even get it.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            “The docility of Nigerians”

            That is stating it as it exactly is.

            Thanks for that, friend.

          • Olu Ade

            They have been brainwashed that it is North vs. South, it is Christians vs Muslims, it is PDP vs APC, and they have swallowed it hook and sinker

            “My people, alagbaro ti Soko gba” we don enter the wrong bus. God will save us…

    • stackCrawler

      You are right, we need to wise up and break free from the shackles of pdp. They have nothing but suffering and chaos to offer.

  • change 2014-2015

    Nigerians must begin to know pdp is not a party that we can hope on, we must vote for change so that we can enjoy the dividend of democracy

    • me

      PDP/NPN has never been a party but a conglomerate of hardened criminals parading as statesmen. Can you imagine Fayose, Omisore, Akala, Ifeanyi Uba, Chris Uba, Andy Ybah, Adamu Muazu, Joseph Dariye, Alamieyesegha, Umaru Dikko, Olisa Metu, Jonathan, Ibori, Barkin Zuwo, in a party? There is no country that can make it no matter how rich it is with these people at the helms of affairs. History can never be kind to these looters. They belong to the land of infamy!

      • Maazi Umahi

        You got it corrrrect

  • Guguru

    I think we all need to drop the party politics. It is very irrelevant here. This situation is serious because it shows in vivid ways the true character of who we consider our leader, and the damage this leader has inflicted/is inflicting on many aspects of Nigeria’s existentialism. If nothing is done about the hoax they called cease-fire, a bigger hoax shall surely show up. At some point, these sorts of situations will begin to take their toll on the Nigerian economy in ways that most of us may not fully realize. For example, if Nigeria is perceived as an unserious country, then expect that investors in Nigeria will deal with Nigerian citizens and the business environment with the same level of lack of seriousness, which can impede further economic development. Nigerians are paying a price for these missteps and hoaxes and yet they do not realize it.

    • Lanre

      The situation is very dire. I think Nigeria will be the first country taken over by the Islamists (Boko Haram and ISIS). Taking over Abuja is a matter of time. Then Jonathan runs away to the creeks in Bayelsa.

      • Guguru

        LOL! I think BH would be surprised with the resistance the south, which is currently in denial, will put up.

  • Ems

    I have never seen any government of Nigeria especially the Presidency being so petty, childish, clueless, repetitive like a broken CD disk and blaming everybody else for its inability to manage Nigeria except itself. Jonathan has transformed the Presidency into a communist styled propagandists outfit barking at its citizens. The propagandists are also quick to commend on issues bordering on people`s perception of Jonathan rather than issues bothering on the perception of Nigeria and scandals associated with the regime. I have never seen a regime so hysterical, jittery and an emotional wreck each time they hear about losing power of an election.

  • Thank God for a Vibrant Opposition otherwise Nigeria would have been worse than a banana republic. Whether for APC or PDP let there be a vibrant opposition to keep the Govt of the day on its toes

  • Frank Bassey

    The truth is that it was the same APC that scuttled it. We are moving closer to the day of REVELATION.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Are you for real?

    • Jika


    • Leslie

      You couldn’t help it.You just had to type something sha. Wonderful!!!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      • stackCrawler

        You nailed it.

    • Swagger

      God punish satan! Will you FrankBassey stop coming here to air your idiocy? If APC scuttled it, is it my duty — as a man struggling to feed my family — to hold them to account? Don’t we have some government/leader in charge?

    • tundemash

      is there no limit to your stup1dity ? Even your fellow hopeless e-rats have the decency, this time around, to hide and not come out here to spit rubbish. Iranmu ! Na only you waka come ?

  • Thepeople


  • Maazi Umahi

    Let me tell you the real conspiracy behind the ceasefire. You Asari Dokubo and CAN secretary were arrested in SA on illegal armed deal, these are sole suppliers of ammunition to Boko Haram militants and as a result of their absent, the supply is cutoff, the only way to recompensate is to use the armuntion belong to Nigerian Army and the way to do that to have the soldiers retreat and surrender their armory to Boko Haram just as what happened in Mubi and other places. Without support from Nigerian Army Mubi people can protect their town from BH but the army under the leadership of ebo man spread rumor to weaken the ego of the

  • Olu Ade

    Their sins are becoming uncountable, the list is growing by the day:
    Fake Cease fire!
    Stella Odua bullet proof cars
    Deziani’s globe trotting on chartered flight
    Militarization of elections (Osun, Ekiti) while Boko haram continue their rampage
    Stomach infrastructure instead of economic and real infrastructure development
    Exploitation and deaths during immigration exam/recruitment
    Dividing Nigerians along religious and ethnic lines
    Worst electricity generation in years
    Initiated problem at Nigerian Governors forum by annulling their election
    First lady’s initiated crisis in River state
    Dia Ris God ooo embarrassment world wide
    Illegal arms deals, seizure of Nigerian money in South Africa and the embarrassment that follow
    Total failure on handling of Boko haram
    Jonathan’s visit to Joshua’s Synagogue rather than condemn killings
    Jona’s “I don’t give a damn”, “stealing is not corruption”
    Kidnappings continue unabated
    Militants like Asari Dokubo are becoming the face of Dumbos govt
    Denial of Chibok girls kidnaping and the national embarrassment that followed,; refusing to visit Chobok community despite the calamity!
    Pardoned Rogues and convicted thieves like Alamaisegha, Bode George, etc
    Jona surrounds himself by Rogues in robes, Asari Dokubo and clueless sychophants

    The list is endless!

    • King Carlos

      Don’t forget that the wife of Bode George now heads NDLEA.

      • Olu Ade

        …and the list goes on and on
        …and the suffering goes on and on

        • King Carlos

          Na so we see am oo

    • tundemash

      how about stealing isn’t corruption.
      Nigeria’s economy is improving; proof is the number of private planes in nigeria now.

      Walahi , Naija don enter one chance !

      If Dumbo does not lose emphatically next year, then Nigerians deserve to suffer for another 4 years !

  • Onike24

    Really, is there no end to the humiliation that this inept and corrupt Government will bring on Nigeria? Who did they negotiate with? What was the quid pro quo? I can bet my bottom kobo that Okupe or Abati will come out and blame APC for scuttling the ceasefire! And if APC is BH would it not be expedient to use the power of the state to unmask them and avoid annihilation at the elections. Instead we are going to Chad, Chad!!! to assist with out security, a bit like a billionaire asking me for money! Curiouser and curiouser, Nigeria is becoming a wonderland!

    • stackCrawler

      The end is 2015. Vote change and Nigeria will move one step closer to freedom and we can finally develop.

      • Olu Ade

        I can’t wait!

    • Olu Ade

      You are right, I was really sad when I heard that he went with Amodu Sheriff on his knees to Chad to discuss Nigerian security instead of the other way round.

      Thanks also about your analogy on a billionaire asking you for money. It is like United States asking Nigeria for help on how to stop Ebola because we Nigerians stopped it. Your guess is as good as mine, Americans with their status and patriotism will rather all die than ask Naija for help. “Igi imu Jina sori”

      Mr. Jona Dumbo is really clueless!

      • Onike24

        They don’t even believe that we stopped Ebola!!!! Because Nigeria as a state tells the world so many lies, no one quite rightly believes us anymore!

        • Olu Ade


  • Dr. Kay

    When we say this government is clueless , an old fart of a fake pastor , settled with brown envelope from Aso rock with his congenital hatred for the opposition, will have the liver and gut to pen commentaries to the contrary. If these inept and clueless jokers are given another bite of the cherry next year, then we should hang our collective heads in shame , this is even going beyond a joke, really! I remember saying we shall only believe this ceasefire once the chibok girls are delivered safe and sound, now it appears all our suspicion that this is fraud is just that. How do you not know or even suspect that this clown occupying the pinnacle of our governance is hostage to corruption, deceit and wuruwuru and he is now exhibiting Stockholm syndrome with relish and gusto.When he pardoned his former boss , the thief in chief alamiesiagba(pardon my spelling), where is our collective conscience . We were mute and no outrage or uproar , of bile of discontent .He is surrounded by sycophants, devilish men of God, corrupt Madames, ragtag terrorists cum entrepreneurs cum fake university rectors/owners etc etc. This guy is embedded with the devil left , right and centre, the only way this country will swim out of this tempest is for you and I to do the needful in 2015 and sack all these jokers.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “an old fart of a fake pastor” – Dr. Kay

      I just can’t stop laughing at the above.

      Pray you never stray close to his red celestial costume next time he choses to dispense or discharge some posterior angelic dust!


      • Dr. Kay

        The man is an advanced agbaya . Lol

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          I shall pray for you, Dr. Kay.


          Oooooshe ba ba ba mi!!

          Amin, Amin, Amin!!!

          You are saved, please go and smell no more stale angelic dusts.

  • stackCrawler

    This present government is filled with impunity

    • tundemash

      you can say that again .

  • Wähala

    I said Dumbo was negotiating with “Ali Baba himself”. Later, Abu Shekau confirmed his terrorist group does not know anyone named Danladi, the middle man who duped our man mugu. But, the most important thing to note is Dr. Dumbo, Abu Sheriff and PDP have lost control of the original gang of political urchins-turned-terrorists (ECOMOG) they destabilized Nigeria with, the proof is: Modu Sheriff met Dumbo in a closed-door meeting on the eve of Dumbo’s Jerusalem journey and assured him the girls will be freed the following Monday into Chadian President, Idris Deby’s custody… two Mondays and counting, it has dawned on everyone they were phooled which they transferred to Nigerians and the world. Shameless Govt. swimming in scandals. Simply put, Abu Shekau used the fake cease fire to reload his weapons and obtain cash from mumu Jona who saw it as a golden opportunity to boost his re-election fortunes. Given that Cameroon reportedly paid in cash-n-weapons to secure freedom for their hostages, Dumbo quickly sought to channel illegal arms from South Africa to the terrorists and got burnt. The involvement of the Chadian President with Dumbo even travelling to Chad with Modu Sheriff means it was a very high-profile 419 operatives in action, and less likely that Dr. Dumbo is playing sinister political games with the Chibok Girls as pawns, it’s out of his control now… either way, Nigerians are again left at the motor park holding their crotches, no buses to #BringBackOurGirls!

    • tundemash

      walahi, Naija don enter one chance !

      • Okemute1

        My brother this na one chance with three bad wheel and a drunk driver driving at breakneck speed at nite on the wrong side of the road with no headlight.

        • DecodeDaRiddle

          Oga, Haba…it cant get worse than what you just described. The accident is bound to happen. Lol

          • Olu Ade

            I beg make una drop me, I don enter wrong bus with una!

          • DecodeDaRiddle

            Lol…where you go drop for night? Armed robbers dey road, we just pass militants and the last junction, na kidnappers dey there. You still wan drop?

          • Olu Ade

            Lol..Chei, thanks for reminding me about all the hazards… I will be happy if I can make it to Lagos airport to take the next flight out of Naija…sorry, I got to run…

      • Wähala

        Hahaha chei!
        Dumbo is the driver looking in rear-view mirror. He must be feeling nothing but ogogoro that his brain is floating on. We told them 5yrs ago to fight Boko Haram before veterans of Arab Spring hijacked it. Now, it’s clear to him and Ali Modu Sheriff that terrorists have no #Oga@theTop. Hahahahaaaa tufia!

  • Wähala

    I said Dumbo was negotiating with “Ali Baba himself” in Saudi Arabia. His Administration has obviously been phooled and obtained of cash & weapons by Abu Shekau with the lull in fighting called cease-fire. Only goes to support my other assertion that Dumbo, PDP via Abu Modu Sheriff have lost total control of the initial gang of urchins-turned-terrorist (ECOMOG) they & evil GEJ used to destabilize the North in what I call, “Anarchy Agenda” for political dividend in 2015. The terrorists simply took advantage of Dumbo’s paranoia about his re-election bid to lure him to Saudi Arabia where he negotiated with a ghost named “Danladi” believing he was dealing with human beings. Dumbo quickly announced his acceptance to coincide with the girls release after Modu Sheriff gave assurances all engines are burning smoothly. They had travelled together to Chad afterall to see the other players in their evil triangle. Abu Shekau obviously used a high-profile scam artiste given the involvement of Cameroonian, Chadian and our mega-mugu, Dr. dumbo who even called a regional meeting to discuss the issue. Bottom line, we’ve been taken to the cleaners courtesy of Dumbo’s incompetence, selfish and crass political permutations. Shameless clown.

  • Olu Ade


    The Story of Jonah and the big Fish in the Bible
    The Story of Jona Dumbo and 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election

    One day God asked a man named Jonah (Dumbo in 2011) to go to a place called Nineveh (Nigeria) and tell the people living there to stop being bad (the corrupt leaders). The only problem was that Jonah (Dumbo bcos of corruption) didn’t want to help the people there. He knew they (Dumbo knew he was clueless and corrupt, and couldnt do it ) were bad and he wanted them to be punished for their mistakes.

    So instead of listening to God, Jonah (Dumbo) thought he would run away from Nineveh and not do what God asked him. He ran to the sea (his corrupt bedfellows) where he found a ship that was going to another city. He paid the captain, went in the lower part of the boat and went to sleep (Dumbo has been sleeping as Nigerian president since 2011, Clueless).

    Shortly after the boat left the shore (in 2011), a very bad storm (Boko Haram) came up and started tossing the boat around. All the men were very afraid so they started to throw all their packages and bags (Nigerian wealth and economy) overboard in hopes that they wouldn’t drown.

    The captain (Nigerians) soon went to find Jonah (Dumbo) who was still sound asleep (Clueless) in the boat (in Aso Rock). He (Nigerians) said to Jonah (Dumbo), “How can you sleep? Get up and pray to your God, maybe he can help us!” The captain didn’t realize that Jonah (Dumbo) didn’t just believe in any God but the one true God and that He could help them.

    Meanwhile, the other sailors (Nigerians knew) decided that the storm was Jonah’s fault. He must have done something wrong to make his God so angry. So they asked Jonah (Dumbo), “What have you done? What god do you believe in? What can we do to make this storm stop?” (Dumbo is clueless but blamed it on APC, Northern elders, etc).

    Jonah (Dumbo) told them, “I believe in (Oritsejafor, Alamesigha, Dokubo, Amodu Sheriff) the Lord, the God of heaven, who made the sea and the land and I am running away from something God (God and Nigerians) asked me to do. It is my fault this is happening. If you throw me into the sea the storm will stop.” (“If you vote me out in 2015, Nigeria will get better)

    The men didn’t want to hurt Jonah by throwing him off the boat so they tried to row the best they could (Nigerians gave Jona Dumbo the benefit of the doubts since 2011), but the storm (Nigeria) just got worse. So they picked up Jonah (Dumbo) and threw him into the sea (Nigerians voted Jona Dumbo out in 2015). The storm (Nigeria) immediately calmed and the sea became still (Nigeria got better, eradictated stealing and corruption).
    Then the captain and the crew (Nigerians) looked out to sea as a huge fish came (EFCC) and swallowed up Jonah (Jona Dumbo and his cronies imprisoned for corruption)…

    Nigeria will be free in 2015, Amen.

    • Ha

      Funny but very inspiring. I have copied it so I will go over and over it again.

  • adegbola

    The foundation of this government is built on lies and deceit, so no one should expect anything good from it. The only solution is to vote it out come 2015.

  • tensiond

    I recall back in May 2011 when Obama all of a sudden called a press conference and announced to the world that Osama Bin Laden has been killed and is dead. Gbam! Just like that.

    When I head Okupe talking on CNN about “what is yet to happen” – I knew it was a joke. These guys always issue press releases before any achievement. I remember him clearly on CNN say that the girls will be release in that weekend infact and till today – nothing.

    These guys are pathetic, disgusting and reflecting very badly on all of us as Nigerians. I don’t care what anybody says, but GEJ is a reflection on how we Nigerians are! Why? We voted him on NO grounds whatsoever. Its time to vote him and PDP out. They must go and if they remain, then shame on us.

    Anyone that votes for PDP come 2015 does not wish Nigeria well. Seriously. It’s time to try another party for God’s sake.

    • tundemash

      I agree with you that the rogues in power for the past 16yrs need to be pushed away in 2015 but disagree we all are responsible for putting the misfit, GEJ, in power.

      Some of us, on SaharaReporters forum then, questioned the wisdom;
      1. in voting in a man who had no identifiable achievement as deputy gov, gov, V.P and acting President
      2. in voting in a man who couldn’t stand up and be counted during the Turai Yaradua saga while others were doing the talking and the roforofo fight, he kept silent. I knew then he had no “balls”.
      3. in voting in a man who refused to debate his co-contestants but chose to debate Dbanj. I knew then he had nothing to offer and scared of intellectual discourse.
      4. in voting in a man whose only credentials is his ethnicity and religion. I knew then his priority would be to steal and buy the “shoes” he didn’t have.

      But most called us names using ethnicity and religion as a weapon. GEJ’s case is a classical case in democratic studies where the majority could as well be so f00lish or how does anyone claim he voted GEJ but not PDP ? Are they inseperable? Is it GEJ’s name or PDP’s logo on the ballot paper ?

      Hopefully those of you who put us in this mess would correct the mistake on 2015 !

      • Concerned One

        Finally, the e-rats have run out of lame excuses for their paymaster. Am sure they have been jolted into reality by the clown’s clueless and inordinate tendencies. The forum is in the control of the sensible ones.

      • tensiond

        Wise talk – you nailed it with this line “in voting in a man who refused to debate his co-contestants” In fact, I made that observation and knew that this guys is a no go area.

        But how many of us thought that way? The rest were busy, dancing and Nollywood artists (some of them are joining politics now) were bought over and they were celebrating – “goodluck me, goodluck for you” – everyone was singing. Nobody was thinking. GEJ did more dancing during his election campaign than articulating his VISION for this country.

        This has to stop. These guys are taking Nigerians for ride and enough is enough.

        • tundemash

          All we need do is sperad the word among friends and relatives. I can guarantee you all my immediate family members and extended are NOT voting Dumbo in 2015 ! Tufiaka !

    • G4

      It just tells you the high level of incompetence we have in the presidency. As if the previous retractions were not bad or globally embarrassing enough on top of that they did not learn their lesson, no one was sacked or even suspended on the previous retractions and patently false claims on a critical national issue. Personally nothing can bring one to vote for the incumbent its will be abhorrent, how anyone can have genuine unpaid for confidence in them baffles me.

      • tensiond

        Honestly, it worries me that this guys will end up winning.

        Nigerians, we are so docile on critical issues like that. Very soon now, they will up up with their own “Stomach Infrastructure” project at the national level. Heck, they already have the author and inventor of the Stomach Infrastructure Doctrine on their camp.

        So once they start executing it – my worry is that many Nigerians will move along in bid to conquer hunger.

    • Onike24

      No you are wrong, anyone that votes for PDP does not wish himself and his generations yet unborn well!

  • Spoken word

    We have incompetent little people in GEJ’s government.

  • Ette

    GEJ and PDP faked the so called ceasefire to make NIGERIANS feel good so he could declare for reelection. There was no ceasefire with anyone but an arrangee one to allow him declare and give their sponsored boko haram time to fight back and take up some weapons from the NIGERIAN storehouse since they failed to supply the weapons from South Africa. They are not willing to conduct election and are busy funding the shedding of innocent blood to keep political power, and NIGERIANS must be ready to kick them out as happened in Bukina Faso. God is revealing all their wicked shedding of innocent blood in the name of boko haram. They must be held accountable for all wickedness they are committing in the country. May God treat them the way they are treating Nigerians. Amen.

    • Guguru

      Well stated.

    • Owo

      This is very correct. The north had given GEJ October deadline to bring back the abducted girls and end the boko haram destructions or forget about reelection, and the arrangee ceasefire was made in October to show the north that he was handling the matter as he promised them. Government of deception cannot succeed, and God is exposing them so as to deliver the nation from their wicked hands.

  • Ilesanmi

    Let be reasonable. In a situation like this nothing is wrong trying every opportunity whether it out or not as long as it does not worsen our prior position. Lai Mohammed is a problem not only to APC but to himself. I cant just imagine how his wife and children do feel each time he comes out with his usual thoughtless ranting.

    • tundemash

      really ? you are encouraging these rogues playing “kalo kalo” with peoples’ lives? You claim there is nothing wrong in trying to lie about a non-existing ceasefire ? Your attempt of pushing the blame on Lai without giving any reason to back it up is not only lame and hollow but stup1d; try something else.

    • olawale

      the worst of you come here and rant nonsense,how those that affect his family

    • Ha

      ‘In this situation nothing is wrong’ Who told you nothing is wrong with sticking to a strategy which fails many times in the past? How many times did the govt. told us that it had negotiated seize fire and later the sect denied? Do you still think we should go on like that? In this case the reverse should be the case. It should be the terrorists that will be begging and lobbying the govt to have mercy on them. But because we have a ‘disgrace’ as our President look at how these useless drop-out boys are playing with the intelligence of the govt led by a PhD holder.

    • Tonnero

      how can someone as unreasonable as you ask us to be reasonable? It is simple common sense that after being hoodwinked several times by your own army (remember the story that the girls have been freed?), you should be circumspect in vetting any further claims and ensuring that you are 110% certain before makng any claims of a ceasefire. People like you are used to poor governments and continue to give a non-performing, thieving government excuse after excuse. Look at the US mid-term elections. Democrats are getting the whipping of their lives because of Obama’s low popularity rating. Yet this is a guy that saved the economy and has created jobs and grown the economy for months on end. This is a guy who introduced the broadest reforms in the healthcare sector. This is a guy who saved the American auto industry. This is a guy who has decapitated the terrorists that attacked his country and killed their leader Osama bin Laden. Please, find something else to say instead of insulting someone much smarter than you.

    • Omo Akin

      It has worsened our position. The Military was gaining the upper hand when suddenly the Govt announced a cease fire. Now Mubi, the second biggest city in Adamawa and the site of a couple of Colleges, is now under siege. Why the unilateral cease fire by Govt when the Govt was then having the upper hand? The answer is that this Govt wants the crises to continue. You may say for what purpose. Well, only the Govt can answer that question. I don’t buy the idea that the Nigerian Military – the various divisions and the air force- cannot effectively decimate an insurgents occupying Nigerian territory.

    • Okemute1

      Please don’t tell me that is your face, it means you are old enough to have children! You reason like this? No wonder our future is not very bright as a country.

  • olawale

    only in insane Africa would Jonathan be still a president.He who died in the boat cruise during the school tour this yeshould have either resign or be impeached. Do you remember the 13 students from
    Japan ar? The
    japan president resigned for that incident she did not even caused the
    acccident. Did you remember the minister in Ghana who wish to have $1M
    she was sacked. Now imagine all the attrocities committed under this
    Jonathan govt? lol. is it the $20B missing, is it the $10B leasing jet,
    is it the$2M bullet proof scandal, is it corruption in every scale and
    no one is prosecuted, is it the calling of ex-convict to dinner with the
    presidents and pardoning them, is it the boko haram sponsors having
    meeting with Jonathan(Modu Sheriff), is it the chibok girls missing, is
    it the illegal and $15M money laundering. Where do we stop, is it the
    promise of 2yrs power every part in Nigeria, is it the$B to make 100km
    from Lagos -Ibadan and nothing is done. I feel sorry for Nigeria.

    • Ha

      Is it the fresh $1bn dollar loan to figh Boko Haram who thereafter captured more territories? Is it ”where is Gwoza sef? Is’t in Adamawa or Borno?” (Quoting the president days after Gwoza town and barrack were captured by Boko haram).

  • Truthometer

    Truth and Jonathan cannot co-exist in any meaningful and truthful sentence. So, forget about it!

  • Thecreed

    The PDP led FG has lost all moral rights to remain in office as it has failed in her primary responsibility of securing the lives and properties of the citizenry! A govt built on the deceit of “I had no shoes” has not only stolen the shoes of the weak and vulnerable innocent Nigerians but also their dreams. After trillions were appropriated, the resultant result is the unprecedented level of insecurity in the history of our nation, same can also be said of the huge sums of tax payers money squandered to generate darkness. Nigerians! How did we get to this stage? PDP is a plague that has befallen this nation and should be voted out of office at all levels of government! Come 2015! Power must change hands!!

    • Ebitari

      That is exactly why blood is required. That is wat the marabut want before the get power. Innocent blood cry to God. Because you want power you kill the innocent, just to paint government incompetent. Go and ask Peter Odili, after arming the Niger Delta boys they became wild and he did not have control. If all the is required in this madness leading to letting of innocent blood is power, even when such power comes control is already lost. The same devil pushing them also offered the same thing to Jesus to bow down and worship him like most power hungry people are doing, Jesus simply said God is the only one worthy of worship. The devil does not give anything free. Beware.

  • endingNaija

    Just wondering, where are the rats which Reno Wendel Omokri coordinate on this post? They seem silent. These rats are the truth/redeem/akpos1/peter2000/mani_kay/mpitkwelu/oleku/otile/Gideon orkar/Biafra/-he also uses some “Yoruba” names-forgot those now-but anyway-where are these e-rats on this issue? This is a major issue for our country and someone like “the truth” who always claims to be neutral (behind President Jonathan and PDP) is not even saying anything. Mr. Reno Wendel Omokri when are you going to unleash the Gejitoes on this post? Still waiting patiently for the Gejitoes.

    • Okemute1

      That they are senseless does not mean they don’t know which fight to pick. Reno knows to well that this is a wrong fight.

    • tundemash

      I must commend you for shutting down that creek monkey ‘the truth”.

      • Otile

        Abubakar tundemash, on Friday you did not comment, and understand
        that you were at the mosque. Nobody blamed you, you have every right to
        take time off from you busy internet attack comments. Why not allow we
        Christians to take Sunday off to worship Almighty God, our own God?
        Must we leave our obligation in order to stay put responding to your
        stup*d comments, beko.
        We must praise God, you and your colleague
        @endingNaija can go to hell, if you are mad that we did not respond to
        your asinine comments yesterday. Nonsense

      • Ebitari

        what then are an ape.

  • kunle

    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars REV STEVEN ON 08142710826 FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.12

  • mike

    Clueless presidency cannot differentiate between a scam and genuine cease-fire arrangements. Yet Mr Abati would always want to give people the impression that he is very intelligent by bamboozling people with big big grammar. Clueless government indeed