Nigeria protests maltreatment of citizens over Ebola; names 22 culprit countries

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aminu Wali, on Friday protested the continued discrimination and profiling of Nigerians by some countries over the outbreak of the Ebola disease in West Africa.

At an interactive session with members of the diplomatic corps, Mr. Wali named 22 countries that had targeted and discriminated against Nigerians, since the index case of Ebola in Nigeria.

He said it was regrettable that discrimination against Nigerians persisted, in spite of the World Health Organisation, WHO, declaration that Nigeria was Ebola-free.

He said it was regrettable that some countries had chosen to flout WHO rules and protocols on preventing the spread of the virus, through deliberate policies of stigmatisation and discrimination.

He said the foreign ministry has received unpleasant reports that Nigerians have been targeted and discriminated in Bahrain, Cote d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

Other countries discriminating against Nigerians are Cuba, Gabon, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Zambia.

Also in the list are Mauritania, Sao Tome and Principe, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Namibia, Seychelles and South Sudan.

The minister expressed dismay that even top government officials on working visits abroad had suffered discriminatory practices by the countries.

He noted that it was “intriguing’’ that it took time for the international community to acknowledge the valiant and effective measures taken by Nigeria to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

“It is therefore, my hope that this briefing will assist in expunging any negative notion about the Ebola Virus in Nigeria,’’ he said.

Mr. Wali called on the international community to increase assistance to the countries afflicted with the deadly virus.

He pledged that Nigeria would continue to assist neighbouring countries and share its experience on the successful control of the virus with the rest of the world.

A Nigerian, Suleiman Mohammed, who is the Honorary Consul to Mongolia, recounted how he was detained for six hours in Seoul after alighting from his flight.

He said he was detained for several hours by the immigration authorities in South Korea alongside with Nigeria’s ambassador to South Korea, Amb. Desmond Akawor.

Mr. Mohammed said the incident happened on September 9.

He added that he was subjected to the same treatment when he was transiting through South Korea even after he had shown no symptoms of the virus.

In his remarks, the High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago partly blamed the discrimination against travellers from West Africa on the international media and ignorance.

“From Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, there is mass hysteria and ignorance on this issue (Ebola).

“The international media is constantly reporting that there is Ebola in West Africa and some people think West Africa is a country and not a region and in the Caribbean that understanding is not clear.’’

He cited an incident where union workers at a port in Trinidad and Tobago refused to board an oil-tanker that berthed in his country from Gabon.

He said there was hysteria that the vessel that arrived from West Africa may have been exposed to Ebola.

Meanwhile, South Sudan has refused entry to Nigerian Foreign Service officers deployed to the country because of Ebola.

In his contribution, the South Sudan Ambassador to Nigeria, Parmena Mangar Riak, claimed that after the WHO certification on Oct. 20, some Nigerians received their visas to travel to the country last week.

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Cameroon Ambassador to Nigeria, Salaheddine Abbas-Ibrahima, claimed that many countries had lifted restrictions on travel from people from Nigeria after the WHO certification.

He assured the minister that “in a matter of days” there would be total lifting of the ban on restrictions of travel by Nigerians by the remaining countries.

The ambassador who did not name the countries that had relaxed the ban said that Cameroon would take advantage of the Ebola information centre, established by the Federal government.

He said the centre would serve as a source of information for countries to plan their national response to the deadly virus.



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  • Tunde Oyebola

    Nigerian government should break diplomatic ties with any country that still practice Ebola discrimination against its citizens.

    • austine007

      Guy bone dat thing… See as una jus dey talk “severe diplomatic ties” nah for mouth? Naija don dey so dependent so tey we don dey depend on Ghana for quality education sef… Bros! Abeg forget tori… No bi today yansh dey for back!

    • Why are West Africans not calling on their deceitful MEN OF GOD
      (e.g., Adeboye and TBJ) to start laying hands on Ebola patients?

  • Chris1408

    Let Nigerian Government respect her citizens at home, then international community will respect us. when you treat your citizens as slaves, you expect others to treat them as kings.

  • Maria

    They are now talking because they are affected… How many Nigerians have been discriminated against to the point of being summarily killed by these good-for-nothing countries and yet our government turned blind eyes? The only solution is to severe diplomatic relationship with these countries and also detain their people coming to Nigeria on flimsy ground.

    • austine007

      nah bikos of the top top ogas wey carry RED PASSPORT enter this contries dem too suffer discrimination naim make Oga Minister dey yarn all dis long grama oooo!!! No be bikos of the NIGERIANS wey carry GREEN PASSPORT…

  • otitokoro

    Look, the Nigerian govt should stop this nonsense. The day the Nigerian givt and President Jonathan’s govt respect Nigerians at home is the day the world will take us seriously. The cry of the Nigerian govt is rubbish. Charity begins at home. Have respect for your won citizens and the world will respect you. RESPECT YOURSELF FIRST, and the world will respect you. I am not interested in this self inflicted embarassment. Jonathan and his ministers and officers STEAL our money. You take the stolen money abroad instead of investing it at home. Somebody-the Liberian Mr. Sawyer brings Ebola to our country Nigeria. We could not STOP it at the port of entry because we are corrupt and do not follow the rule. We become victims OUT OF OUR OWN NEGLECT THRU THE DISEASE CALLED CORRUPTION. And we expect people to respect us. The world does not work that way. Even fellow African countries we give money to as if our rulers are brainless are discriminating against us. That is the level things have sunk into under this brainless and un-intelligent and corrupt people we have as rulers. Deal with your own local problems SQUARELY before you ask for respect outside.

    • tsunami1earthquake

      Have you taken some steps to read what you have written? Isn’t if funny to read you saying that Sawyer entered Nigeria because of our corrupt Nigerians! Hey, hey, where have been and what have you been reading, mister? So the ‘corrupt’ Nigerian officials, according to you, saw Sawyer with Ebola written all over him and granted him passage into Nigeria? Caustic! Some of you guys are completely obsessed with this ‘Nigeria bashing’ that you forget when not to embark on such a mission. The minister was talking about Ebola and here you are making a blanket statement about Nigeria’s corruption and disrespect for its citizens! Let’s not just leapfrog from an issue and begin to say things that might not be germane to that issue.

      • Otitokoro

        Excuse me, you can carry your defense of the obnoxious system in our country to a ridiculous extent if you want. You can even do that for “cheap” patriotic reasons-okay. These are the issues (i) At port of entry you MUST disclose certain health issues. Those are universal practices. I can get into Nigerian port with anything so long as I bribe my way thru. That is the bottomline-okay? (ii) If Iwant to travel out of Nigeria to sat country X, and country X says “bring certification for this vacination” In Nigeria I can get certification for that vacination without the vacination. How? Give someone the money and you have the certificate. Say the truth, my friend for it is the reality. This is true. I am being blunt. You love Nigeria more than I? It is your business to go in that direction. The day you have a leader/minsiters who go out of their way to (i) have zero tolerance for corruption IN WORDS AND PRACTICE, then health officials will NOT demand for bribe in order to give me certification for a vacine I did not take (ii) who will NOT steal so that he/she can keep his/her family happy ABROAD , AND GO ABROAD FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH AND THAT OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS, that is the day we divert that STOLEN MONEY TO BUILDING HOSPITALS LOCALLY FOR THE SAKE OF OUR COMMON HEALTH and that is the day the world will respect us. See now, common Cameroun is discriminating against us, and you do not know where the problem is coming from. Finally, my friend, please LOOK WITHIN. That is my advice to you- Otitokoro-truth is BITTER-period.

        • austine007

          Bros! nah true u dey talk jare… No mind that man wey jus wan show himsef…

    • Otile

      Where are Dauda Mark and Imam Tambuwal? Are they called oga for nothing. Shame

      • Otitokoro

        Look Mister Otile or what do you call yourself-though I I know you are one these things Reno Wendel Omokri, send online to talk rubbish-let me remind you of something since some of you – on pure dubious ethnic ground-are so blind and brainless in your un-intelligent defense of this person we call our President -Goodluck Jonathan. Just some examples will do. During Gowon’s time, Nigeria single handedly paid the salaries of Guyanese civil servants for months. Mind you, Guyana is a country in the Caribean. Also, in Obasanjo’s time, Nigeria BOUGHT VEHICLES FOR GHANIAN POLICE!!! These are countries that will come around to stigmatize Nigerians with the outbreak of Ebola. Even Ghana where all members of Nigerian political class export their children to(thereby collect our money since you pay in dollars!!!) after they destroyed Nigerian public education also DISCRIMINATE against Nigerians whose money is part of what SUSTAIN their(Ghanian) economy!!! And someone is responsible, and is supposed to be in CHARGE BY LEADING BY EXAMPLES!!! . That person has an office. The office is CALLED PRESIDENT. And his name is called Goodluck Jonathan. But this is a do-nothing Jonathan and blame -others Jonathan. When fries and Little things called South Sudan, Trinidad begin to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST NIGERIANS, then it is time to either give up on Nigeria or sack the person on whose table the buck stops. That person is President Jonathan. Yu hear Reno Omokri alias Otile? You are not more patriotic than us. Actually you are not aptriotic at all. You are only a blind follower of a President (goodlcuk Jonathan) whose understanding of governance begins and ends with personal survival.

        • Otile

          Your anger is for nothing. What you scribbled here is mere dogon turenchi that serves no purpose at all. Why are you Yorubas up in arms trying to drive Jonathan away? Sorry, he is about to win another landslide. This man has not done worse than his predecessors. You can fume your way to hell Jonathan is going to complete his second term, love him or hate him.

          • Otitokoro

            Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Your Trap!!! Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! Take Out Your Mouth! Shut Up! Shut Up! Close That Mouth! Close that Mouth! Shut Up! Shut Up! Mr. Wendel Reno Omokri, I say ShuuuuuT uuuuP!

          • Otile

            One can see the anger and frustration in you. Go hug the transformer, for all I care.

          • Otitokoro

            Keep Shut, if you do not have anything from the common sense which you can contribute. Keeeep Shuuut. Yiu hear?

    • James Breen

      Fully agree. The image of Nigeria abroad/internationally is in tatters. It is an abject disgrace. For those of you who live in Nigeria, our country is seen as a corrupt, incompetent, ungovernable, failed state. Irrespective of who is the president our country is scorned and derided. Otitokor is right about one thing. Unless the Nigeria Government cherishes and respects its own people, foreign governments and their nationals will NOT respect us either. What galls me is the arrogance of Nigerians as they travel about and the total indifference of successive Nigerian governments of the image of the country abroad. I attended an investment conference a few years ago and when during the Q and A session, the question of corruption in Nigeria came up, the Nigerian Govt representative just stood up, derided the questioner, laughed and said ” Is there not corruption in every country abi ?. I beg go and sit down !” I was completely dumbfounded. A government that does not care about its image is a government that is leading a rudderless nation !

  • McAlfred Uta

    Qatar in particular started discriminating against Nigerian travelers from entering Doha while transiting through Qatar airways long before the outbreak of ebola. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be more serious for once some airlines such Qatar should be barred from berthing at Lagos talk less of being allowed to expand landing base to Abuja. I love the foreign ministry of India and her proactive actions focused at protecting her citizens who are spread all over the universe. Please Ambassador Wali show your skills as a seasoned diplomat.

    • tsunami1earthquake

      We miss Viola Onwuliri here. That woman was a thorn in the flesh of foreign countries and their diplomats. This Wali man is too soft for my liking. I don’t know why Jonathan reassigned Viola to Education; that was not a good move.

    • Fido

      The discrimination in Doha by Qatar airlines has been going on for close to 8 years, but alas that is our story; no body cares. The government doesn’t, we don’t. To be honest, we deserve what we get.

  • austine007

    This man is sick for using this statement, “The minister expressed dismay that even top government officials on working visits abroad had suffered discriminatory practices by the countries.” So na bikos of these people make you dey talk abi? You no even dey talk becasue of the ordinary green Passport Nigerians nah bikos of these RED passport people u just dey talk yanfu yanfu like this… Nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James Breen

      I love this from austine007. Brilliant !! I agree with every word you said austine

  • PeterPaul1

    Even South Sudan is discriminating against Nigeria? How are the mighty fallen! Nigeria needs to wake up from this deep slumber. As for those small countries, Nigeria needs to severe her relations with them. They need us; we don’t need them.

    • I still don’t understand why West Africans refuse to call on their MEN OF GOD
      (e.g., Adeboye and TBJ) to start laying hands on Ebola patients.

  • austine007

    Has Ghana, Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Mali etc not yet joined? What are they waiting for?! Abeg, let them BLACKLIST NIGERIANS…

  • King Carlos

    egba mi.. little countries like sao tome and principe, south sudan, seychelles? why won’t they stigmatize, when we are too soft and nice. The international community requires carrot and stick to survive. Let’s learn from USA, you gotta bully some small countries and befriend the rich and powerful ones. Do we even have a foreign policy? Rubbish people

  • Otile

    Tambuwal and Dauda Mark should be sent on tour to some of these discriminating countries so that they learn firsthand what it is like to suffer humiliation at the hands of foreign Customs & Immigrations.

  • 9jaIsFinished

    I don’t understand what the noise is all about. Nigeria, a country that discriminates among its own citizens, is complaining of being discriminated outside. What a joke!

    • Otile

      Yorubas like to complain whereas they are the silent oppressors.

      • Otitokoro

        “Pastor” Wendel Reno Omokri you know that Otitokoro=Truth is Bitter . So? Shut Up! Omokri Shut Up! Shut Your Trap!!! Shut Up! Mr. wendel Shut Up! Reno Omokri Shut Up! Take Out
        Your Mouth! Shut Up! Shut Up! Close That Mouth! Reno Close that Mouth! Omokri Shut
        Up! Shut Up! Mr. Wendel Reno Omokri, I say ShuuuuuT uuuuP! if Your have nothing to say , shut UP! Otitokoro-truth is bitter! So ShuuuuuT UuuuuuuP!

        • Otile

          I can’t help your insanity, go see a psychiatrist if you can afford one, if not run to the babalowo near you.

          • Otitokoro

            Keep Shut Reno Omokri na Otile if yu have nothing to say

  • Mezie Ibeh

    Please send the warning to Thai authorities too. I was humiliated in a certain private hospital.

    • I wonder why West Africans refuse to call on their deceitful MEN OF GOD
      (e.g., Adeboye and TBJ) to start laying hands on Ebola patients.

  • UOU

    Nigerians are one of the most traveled people in the whole world, they deserve all the respect and commedations of the UN therefore FGN most redefine its foreign policy to be like that of USA and top EU countries. If superpowers like USA, UK and Russia does not have problems with Nigerians traveling to to their countries, I do not know why some failed countries like cameroun, mauritania, cote d’ ivorie, gabon, sao tome and principe, equitorial guniea, zambia or perpetually envious south africa, uae, qatar, egypt even war torn south sudan and ukraine should be messing up with our people. The career diplomats in the forign affairs ministry should take note and advice the government properly