Ex-militant leader, Tompolo, wants to kill me, Keyamo cries out

Festus Keyamo

A Lagos-based lawyer, Festus Keyamo, has petitioned the State Security Services, SSS, and the Nigerian Police over an alleged threat to his life by Government Ekpemuopolo, an ex-militant leader, popularly known as Tompolo.

In the letter dated October 29, 2014, and also copied to the President and the Delta State governor, Mr. Keyamo said that Tompolo threatened to “beat him to death” for wading into a perceived fraud in the just concluded Delta State local government election.

“At exactly 10:13p.m. on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, I received a telephone call from one Mr. Government Ekpemupolo (alias Tompolo)…,” Mr. Keyamo said.

“We have been acquaintances in the past, so I know his numbers. After reaffirming that he is Tompolo when I picked his call, he went straight to the point by informing me that he wishes to inform me that he and his ‘boys’ will kill me by beating me to death or shooting me anywhere they can find me. And that the hunt for me is on.

“His exact words in pidgin English was ‘we dey look for you. Anywhere we see you, whether for Lagos or Abuja or Warri, we go beat you die or we go shoot you.’

“He said he would kill me because I have decided to take up the matter involving his blood brother, Mr. George Ekpemupolo, who was used to illegally substitute another candidate, Mr. Weyinmi Omadeli (48 hours to the election) in the Warri South-West L.G.A elections that were concluded last Saturday in Delta State.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Keyamo had petitioned Emmanuel Uduaghan, the Delta State governor, over the latter’s “illegal substitution” of Mr. Omadeli, a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate for Warri South-West at the council poll with George Ekpemuopolo, Tompolo’s younger brother.

“On this issue concerning Warri South-West L.G.A, I have no choice but to cry out, because your decision is capable of igniting a crisis that will affect all of us. The decision was taken whimsically and it is unjust, unfair, illegal, and ungodly,” Mr. Keyamo had written to the governor.

“Consequently, it is unacceptable and will be challenged legally and politically.”

Mr. Keyamo said Tompolo told him that nobody had ever challenged his authority in Delta State.

“I asked Tompolo five times whether, he was, in fact, threatening my life over an open line and he said nobody in the country can do anything about it by the time I am dead,” said Mr. Keyamo.

“Co-incidentally, exactly three minutes after Tompolo dropped his line, His Excellency, Governor Uduaghan called me at exactly 10.16pm, and I reported to him what just transpired between Tompolo and myself.

“The Governor promised to speak with him, but that cannot be reassuring enough, and I know the remedy in law against an intended murderer is not to beg him but to ignite the criminal justice system against him, no matter how comatose that system is.”

Mr. Keyamo said that Tompolo had the “instrument to kill human beings”.

“I know the subject of this petition, Tompolo, is a favoured citizen of this government, and I am not. I know Tompolo is close to those in power at the moment, whereas I am an ordinary citizen. I know Tompolo has money and influence (which are factors that are widely acknowledged to aid a suspect walk away with murder in Nigeria), but I have none of these.

“In the circumstance, I am making this petition public so that when you refuse to attend to my complaint and outcry, the ordinary people of this country will, at least, know from where my death came and I will not join the long list of unresolved murders. My killer, should, at least be known.”


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  • Chris1408

    Welcome to Nigeria, where thuggery reigns supreme. Tompolo is not a militant, he’s a criminal that should have been locked up for life in a civilized society.

    • tulampa

      I doubt it as long as bro Jonathan is still in power. But in Jesus name they will be swept away come February 2015

    • O.J. N-Dalta

      just like the kaduna mafians when the northern was sit. lo

  • emmy

    Last week, it was that buffoon called Asari Dokubo, and this week it is this stark illiterate Tompolo. That should make people wonder what sort of drugs these irredeemable thugs from the south south are on. Because we have a president that comes from your region, you are under the illusion that you are emperors and invincible. When this ‘carnival’ ends, then you’ll realise you’ve not got the monopoly of violence. Animals

  • Preco01

    “We dey look for you….we go beat you die or shoot you..when you don die finish, nobody fit do anything”?
    Oh! Boy! Nigeria don hear am well well..na de fresh air wey una vote na him una dey Enjoy. Festus, waka carefully o, Nija no be country worth dying for like rat o!

    • Wähala

      He’s not dying for Naija if he gets mauled to death. He knows the guy according to him, do you know what deal he might have cut with urchins that is hunting him? His better option to kill his enemy before his enemy kills him. Shikena!

  • Akhabue

    Let us pray that we do not have an introduction in the Niger Delta of the on-going mayhem in the North East of bloodshed among brothers.

  • alkali

    Tompolo, Dokubo…These are the guys making news in the government of a PhD holder

    • Onyeze

      PhD in Animal Science. Tompolo, Dokubo and others that kill (obviously they have no conscience) can safely be referred to as animals.

  • Dan Fulani

    Tompolo, Dokubo,Clark and Ayo of CAN are the real cabal in GEJ’s Govt.

    • Edward Osadebay

      They are his paddy paddy. Paddy paddy pass cabal.

  • Akpabio Jonathan.

    Very unfortunate, these evil criminals and savages are officially seen with President GEJ during the burial of the mother in law in Okrika and his political rallies PDP & TAN etc, some PDP govs. What kind of country is this? We must vote PDP out in 2015 otherwise our wives, daughters and families are not safe.

  • tulampa

    I weep for this country. When evil men thrive in d presence of good men, then it’s calamitous. All good people of Nigeria must stand up and fight these tyrants.

    • Tell us how you will fight them?

      Please help me send this message to Festus Keyamo:

      If you can check-out of that jungle called Nigeria, do so with your immediate family.
      Fight Nigeria from abroad, internationally, with all means available.

  • King Carlos

    Jonathan has ‘rehabilitated ex militants’ and turned them to billionaire contractors overnight.

  • Edward Osadebay

    Tompolo, President Jonathan’s personal person, a man after the heart of the president, a member of his inner circle, a close business associate. Mr. Keyamo mind yourself o. Wetin concern Keyamo sef with PDP. You bi member? Busy body. If you die, nothing go happen jo.

    • You better be God Almighty to talk the way you just did.

      • Edward Osadebay

        My comment should be seen as irony.

        • I just read some posts about Keyamo defending corrupt persons in court.
          Although i hate the thug-mentality in Nigeria,
          if Keyamo is dining with them, then he has himself to blame.

  • Akiika

    When you dey wine and dine with the devil, you no know? Keyamo na equally corrupt and fake human right lawyer…i know what i’m talking about. You beta go beg am before he yamutu you. That is what you guys allow to thrive in your community, you think by having access to the high and mighty, you are free from all troubles.

    • Thanks for the info. (i didn’t know).
      Although i hate the thug-mentality in Nigeria,
      if Keyamo is dining with them, then he has himself to blame.

    • You need to yield to the HOLY GOD before it’s too late, and i’m not talking about
      the rubbish God that your rubbish Pastors preach.

    • Emeka

      abi ooooo….he’s now forming ordinary citizen. Imagine, Delta State governor even dey phone am, and he is now here appealing to public sympathy like hes just one guy like that. Yeye lawyer.
      When two elephants fight, let the grass clear road for them to kill each other jare.

  • Please help me send this message to Festus Keyamo:

    If you can check-out of that jungle called Nigeria, do so with your immediate family.
    Fight Nigeria from abroad, internationally, with all means available.

  • Wähala

    Keyamo needs serious ass whupping, he deserves to be rumpled but not beaten to death, that would be barbaric. Festus Keyamo is the clown who has been aiding Femi Fani-Kayode evade justice by (Festus) not purposefully missing court dates. He’s no different from a street urchin so, whatever faith befalls him may be befitting. Certainly, he deserves some slaps. Fake lawyer. Why not invite Tompolo for a man-2-man face off and whoever is left standing gets the glory… coward!

    • Thanks for the info. (i didn’t know).
      Although i hate the thug-mentality in Nigeria,
      if Keyamo is dining with them, then he has himself to blame

    • You need to yield to the HOLY GOD before it’s too late, and i’m not talking about
      the rubbish God that your rubbish Pastors preach.

  • If Tompolo is not arrested for this effrontery, it will confirm that GEJ’S Government is a government of Militants and Boko Haram members.What a pity. OBJ cried from the rooftop about this but they Shouted him down.GEJ should warn his dogs.Niger Delta does not belong to the IJAWs alone.

  • True Nigerian

    And these are the people that Jonathan have empowered with our resources and his presidential powers. A Governor hears of a death threat (a punishable crime under applicable laws) by a criminal who has actually killed before, and rather than setting the justice system to work, the governor promises to beg the criminal! Horrendous! Nigerians are living in a place worse than hell, but they don’t know it. What a country! What a cesspit of a country! What a horrible pro-criminal enterprise called GEJ government! And people still think it is okay to sustain such a government in the name of ethnicism and utterly useless religious sentiments. This country is n better than a laterine! Yes, it is my country, but the truth has to be said. That is the starting point for a solution.

  • Babalola

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    • Mr Unanimous

      what is this mtn scam everywhere? can you guys allow us some breathing space?

      • Emeka

        What bothers me is, do people fall for this rubbish scam? Its not even an intelligent scam, just a thoughtless recharge card fraud.
        I think web admins should start deleting these spam posts whenever they see them. It speaks badly of Nigeria to the world.

      • Kitunde

        lol…Don’t kill me o

  • A Aminu

    Good luck Tompolo. I wish you success. I hope you don’t miss your target.

    • Burbank

      Buhari already had written the terrorist Tompolo on the presidential hit list.

  • u s man

    We should keep praying to Almaighty bc we can’t confront this clueless government

  • Kitunde

    Criminal enterprise-that is what we have as governance, so anarchy will not be far away from the people. If a goverment can embrace terrorists-such incestuos relatioship,not only that,prop them up by awarding security contracts to them,whilst the goverment itself ravages the citizenry with corruption and incompetence,this is the end result.
    Having said that it seems Mr Keyamo is friends to all these shady people too-so goodluck to all of them.

  • Burbank

    Now that Buhari is elected president of Nigeria, the terrorist Tompolo will urgently seek assistance from Festus Keyamo, to prevent Buhari’s army snipers from killing Tompolo on May 29.