Declaring presidential bid, Kwankwaso blasts Jonathan as ‘incompetent, divisive’

The governor of Kano State, Rabi’u Kwankwaso, on Tuesday in Abuja, formally declared his intention to seek the presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the February 2015 election.

He lampooned the Goodluck Jonathan-led federal administration, which he described as incompetent and divisive, saying the government had led Nigeria on the path of corruption and economic woes.

Mr. Kwankwaso becomes the third aspirant on the platform of the Nigeria’s main opposition to formally declare his presidential bid.

A former vice president, Atku Abubakar, and a former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, had on September 24 and October 15, respectively publicly proclaimed their interest in the presidential contest.

Mr. Kwankwaso, who will round off his second term as governor in May next year, told a crowd of supporters and representatives of the APC leadership at the Old Parade Ground in Abuja that the clarion call by patriotic Nigerians from across the country motivated him to seek the APC nomination as the party’s presidential flag bearer for the February 14, 2015 election.

He said the craving to serve and save Nigeria drove him into politics 24 years ago when he resigned from the Kano State civil service as principal engineer.

Stating that the call to save Nigeria had never been “louder, clearer and more unambiguous than now,” Mr. Kwankwaso said governance had been reduced to mediocrity; incompetence and impunity.

He said, “I am offering myself and soliciting the support of all patriotic Nigerians to join Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso on this difficult journey to reclaim our country from the clutches of incompetence and destruction and return it onto the pedestal of Peace and Progress.

“I have no doubt in my mind that this journey is difficult and arduous. I have no illusion about the enormity of the challenges. But to save our country, we must walk the journey, however difficult. And we must confront and defeat all the challenges, however, monstrous they are. Yes, we must.”

The governor said the impunity with which corruption was being perpetrated, promoted, and protected by the present PDP administration “leaves no patriotic Nigerian in doubt that the government is working deliberately and with determination to impoverish Nigerians”.

Mr. Kwankwaso stated that the transparency with which his administration was running the affairs of Kano State and the results that the entire country was seeing, were a testimony to his administration’s doggedness in fighting corruption.

On the economy, the aspirant alleged that the PDP administration had continued to churn out deceptive statistics to give it a clean bill of health.

According to him, “They are all conjectures. The reality on the ground is at sharp contrast with the cooked up statistics. The fiscal policy of the present administration is more than disastrous. Its micro and macroeconomic policies are as vacuous as they are deceptive. Budget performance is more than qualified to be in the Guinness’ Book of World Records of fiscal indiscipline and poor performance.

“How can we attain development when only a tiny percentage of our budget is allocated for Capital Project and even that is not properly implemented? How can we grow when the wealth of the nation is being stolen by the very trustees to the wealth? Where on this planet do we have a nation so endowed and yet again so impoverished?”

He also accused the PDP of neglecting the women, children and the elderly in the country.

Mr. Kwankwaso said the APC had what it took not only to stop the alleged PDP misrule but also to reverse the “stinking rot and decay that is suffocating the country.”

According to him, the opposition party, which he joined from the PDP, in November 2013, was the only one built with Nigeria and Nigerians in focus.

“This is expressed succinctly in the Ten Commitments of the APC and also encapsulated concisely in the mission statement of our party,” he said.

“We are the only party that practices internal democracy that believes in equal rights that value our cultural diversities that respect our religious varieties that abides by the rule of law, and that believe in free and fair election as the only lifeline for sustaining democratic legitimacy.

He said the first priority of the country now was to restore peace and security in every corner of the land.

He noted that as a government, “we cannot afford to live in denial. Insecurity is escalating at an alarming rate. Little wonder rag-tag insurgents are taking over cities and towns in the Northeast.”

“My experiences as Nigeria’s Defence Minister and as Special Adviser on war-torn Darfur and Somalia have shown me that securing a nation and fighting and defeating armed insurgents is only achievable if the forces are professionally mobilized, properly kitted and equipped, highly spirited, and correctly armed with intelligence and munitions.

“My experiences have shown me that technology must be deployed in addition to mobilizing and cultivating the support of local communities. Cross-border intelligence is a veritable ingredient necessary to defeat armed insurgents.

“Relegating the welfare of the Armed Forces and the Nigerian Police Force to the background only helps in compounding the phenomenon. And where low morals meet poor quality equipment and kits, no doubt the insurgents will have an edge.”


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  • me

    I have never seen a leader like Jonathan before in Nigeria. Every issue boils down to religion, ethnicity and not liking the president.
    I am sorry for the wonderful Niger Deltans that he claims he represents.

    • Tawandah incommunicado

      No !! everything for the Fulani boils down to domination…..and they ruined Nigeria for more than 40 years,direct your pity to them,the Niger deltans are marching on and building their region while the Fulani led oligarchy are busy bombing the north back to the stone age because they are not occupying Aso-rock !!

      • me

        What have they built in Niger Delta? i did my NYSC there. Their leaders are worse than the Fulanis you mentioned. The colluded with these same Fulani leaders to dis-empower an average Ijaw/Urohobo, Isoko etc people who are ordinarily hard working and go about their daily sufferings not complaining. All these Niger Delta leaders have their mansions here in Lagos, PH, Abuja and abroad.So my friend the past leaders which i do not exonerate by the way did at least a bit better and stole less than mr President. The Niger Delta is still as undeveloped as before. Jonathan is not your messiah in your neck of the woods and ditto for Nigeria.

        • Tawandah incommunicado

          I do not agree with you,the Niger Delta is developing at a quick rate and if these leaders have homes in Lagos,is it not better than the northern oligarchs who have homes in the high brow areas of Europe,the US,Dubai etc?
          The Fulani-led northern oligarchs will not claw their way back to the oil and gas revenue again….that’s not gonna happen !!

        • Otile

          What year did you do your NYSC in SS, must have been when the Hausa Fulani hand-picked looting administrators who ruled the land. Remember when one Zaman Lekwot ruled Rivers, on leaving he pillaged the place leaving the Governor’s mansion desolate. Then came Suleiman Saidu, the robber, followed by Alibaba Dauda Musa Komo. Things came to a head when they installed dan Fulani Musa Shehu, the place was looted silly, even the floor carpet was stolen by the barawo.

          @Me, have you been to the SS lately? Things have changed for better. If you were to serve there now you would not go back to Arewa. Please come back to see for yourself. You will be amazed at the number of Yorubas making a decent living in Pitakwa, Sapele and Warri. Northerners are not absent there too. You will be surprised at the multitude of Fulanis moving freely in Benin City.

          • me

            Benin City is and can never be part of Niger Delta Otile. Do not deceive yourself. I served at Bomadi and up to Burutu and Ororokpe up to Patani. Nothing. Zilch. Your leaders there are your worst enemies.

          • Otile

            When did you serve? And what do you mean by Benin City cannot be part of Niger Delta? Is it now part of Arewa? This is news to me.

          • me

            We learned every day my brother. Welcome to the real world.

      • Unanaija

        Reno Omokri, this is the first time in Nigeria we will talk about Christian votes, muslim votes-and this your Goodluck Jonathan brought that. You are shameless. No shame at all Reno Omokri.

        • Tawandah incommunicado

          Who is Reno Omokri ? I do not know him and I do not intend to either,I am a patriot….as simple as that !
          The APC are an Islamo-centric party infested with ethnic bigots who believe they own Nigeria.They are responsible for the deep schism in the polity,not even one Christian in the top positions in the APC and they are rooting for a Muslim-Muslim ticket….Nigerians cannot be hoodwinked by this band of extreme Islamists,we are already having a hand-full from their Sambisa allies,allowing them into Aso rock will spell the end of Nigeria as it were !!

          • tundemash

            You better stop denying Reno else he stops your pay-per-post job. If you haven’t been introduced to who pays your bill, ask your fore-runners Deri, Otile, Oleku ; they might even be short-changing you .

            Meanwhile when will Dumbo pay the Ogonis the monetary compensation the court awarded them 3 years ….. abi na APC and the north dey stop Dumbo from doing that too ?

          • Otile

            Abubakar tundemash, leave me alone, I do not receive any kobo from your corrupt politicians. My own help comes from Almighty God who made heaven and earth.

          • Bishop

            Don;t mind them, always chasing shadows, Just like their master Jonathan, if i may ask, What did he go to Israel to do? what has the politics of changing this country has to do with Pilgrimage? This man is really confused and is leading a long chain of confused followers. You better start planning on voting him out before he drags you all to the pit where he’s going.

          • tundemash

            In 2015, anything but Dumbo; it is that bad !

            Nigeria, under Dumbo, is a crime scene (cr. Dare)

          • Bishop

            You are a blatant liar, What have your glorified PDP given us? if not insecurity, poverty and lack of governance. This PDP lead government is behind all you accuse the APC of.

          • Unanaija

            Please go siddon. You are Reno Wendel Omokri.

        • growthengine

          The issue of muslim muslim ticket started with Buhari and OBJ replied him, how did you drag GEJ into this topic.

          • endingNaija

            ooo h oh oh wetin dey do you? Who started the issue “eh look at me I am the “Christian” candidate”? Sure Jonathan started it. When the fellow Jonathan became desperate for votes, who started the disease called Yoruba Christian/Muslim? Jonathan did because in the diseased mind of his campaigners Jonathan is the “christian” candidate, so he is looking for the Yoruba “christian” vote. Who gave “Pastor” Bosun Emmanuel OIL MONEY to do the dubious campaign he is doing on the grounds of Redeemed Church? Goodluck Jonathan people. Who started the dubious and diseased and highly divisive claim that “muslims” have been governing Nigeria for long? Goodluck Jonathan people. Did the bible make pilgrimage to israel mandatory? No. Which president runs to israel each time election is coming to do photo-op is Israel that “look I am christian candidate”? It is Goodluck Jonathan. Who asked CAN to start campaigning for Jonathan? I do not care . I am going to be blunt with all of you. Whoever does not see that Goodluck Jonathan is selling himself as the “Christian” candidate is DUBIOUS-full stop.

    • Alhaji yusuf

      If the past leaders plundered the country, then they were those from the north. Enough of this northern president struggle!

  • Frank Bassey

    If you served in PDP as Defence Minister, you are the MOST COMPETENT president Nigeria will never have.

  • Tawandah incommunicado

    Kwakwanso is not fit for purpose,his only legacy in Kano is the millions of Naira he wastes on match-making,marrying off under-aged girls to unemployable Almajeri street urchins. The man Kwakwansiya is a bigoted both religiously and ethnically,he represents the born-to rule misfits who misruled and destroyed northern Nigeria,he will suffer rejection massively….oh, I forgot,except in the area of Sambisa forest where he is sure to win.

    • Unanaija

      So when President Jonathan your candidate covers up the criminality of Ayo Oritsejafor-and fellow South South Asari Dokubo, Jonathan is “patriotic” -abi? You cannot be a serious person Reno Tawandah Wendel Omokri. Your and your Ijaw President Goodluck Jonathan are the biggest chauvinist and bigot ever. Have you oil people forgotten your slogan “the sweet OIL in my backyard…” What can be more bigoted and chauvinistic than that when Nigeria used resources from other parts of the country to run the economy and no one ever behaved the way you South South Oil people behaved. Too bad, you are all shameless and highly bigoted.

      • Charlez Don

        oh ask your lying mohammed if his wife didnt see you muslim brother asari in that flight from saudi the sharia country

    • Abate Dokpu

      You are the worst bigot if you call Kwankwaso a bigot. How can you accuse a governor, a Muslim, who cancelled government sponsorship of pilgrimage a religious bigot?

  • growthengine

    Kwankwaso, you forgot to ask ‘if the forces are united’ in the first place.

    • Jona must go!

      You forgot to ask under which government in the history of our country the military are divided? Kwankwaso has already accused GEJ of being divisive !

      • growthengine

        No the president is not divisive, instead Kwankwaso and Co. have incited dissent in the army by their utterances.

        • tundemash

          yeah right ….. everyone (from USA, Buhari to Awo) are to blame except Dumbo !

          • growthengine

            Tundemash!, where have you been?

          • tundemash

            I have been to Israel ….

          • Otile

            So you crossed over from Medina to Ashdod. I hope you did not enter East Jerusalem. How was your hajj to Medina?

          • Bishop

            Dont mind them, Fucktards feeding form lies told by a dirty pig.

      • Bishop

        I am also accusing him, and you will be really lying to yourself not to see the truth in kwankwaso’s statement.

  • Maria

    We all know that Mr Jonathan in a saner clime is not a candidate not even for a local government chairperson let alone being a president… Mr OBJ foisted this incompetent man on us… but now we are saying no… no more incompetent person running our country.

    • Otile

      Maria, didn’t you see with your own eyes how Dr Jonathan crushed Imam Buhari with millions upon millions of votes. Is that foisting?

      • Bishop

        No That’s rigging Otile. that’s what Jonathan and his government knows best.

        • Otile

          Are you saying that Imam Buhari has been rigged out 4 times in a row? Just admit that he can only be a head of state through the barrel of a gun.

          • Bishop

            Nigeria is in a very bad shape and I tell you, If I go by your argument, Then let him lead, it is not a crime for Buhari to return seeking for presidency especially when he has this country’s benefits and well being at heart. APC has shown us that they can rule and keep to a plan, a manifesto which are pointers to guide him. if you are still biased about him, why dont you give him a try next year and see if he truly will do what he says or not. After all Jonathan on the other hand has incessantly showed us how flawed his government is as well as his promises.

          • Charlez Don

            which heart? dude stop deceiving your self and change your name to adamu, we alreay know who you are. islamizing Nigeria is not an option. no to buharam and his cows

          • michael

            U lack sense and knowledge.

          • Bishop

            Nigeria’s worst and greatest problem isn’t islamization as you claim, it’s having a lot of old block heads carrying dead wood and spreading their dusts around. Dead wood i mean is wrong information. Mr. Charlez Don, I would do well to remind you that APC might not necessary contain the majority of Muslims or Christians to support you religiously biased argument. But among the two Devils, I will choose APC, Why? APC has proven to me that it – I mean as a unit (inclusive of both religions) can bring about the change that this Nation needs especially at this time of peril and various challenges. That my dear is what we call hope _ That hope is what will bring the Change we all deserve.

          • Charlez Don

            story that touches.. thatss your own opinion and mine is what you see above. thanks

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Kwankwaso is only a sinking man that would clutch at anything to remain afloat. It’s not that I’m holding brief for Jonathan who himself is an abysmal failure but decency demands Kwankwaso played his politics with decorum. What’s all this kind of talks and politics where Kwankwaso always pours venom on the president? Nigerians need issue-based politics and not this kind of seething hate and venom as seen in Kwankwaso. If Kwankwaso wishes to run for president, good but let him keep his mouth shut and stop insulting other people.

  • Bishop

    The APC’s revised has promised the common man HOPE , which make up the population of Nigiera. According to the manifesto they will provide free school meals in all Primary Schools as well as introduce up to 20,000 jobs in each state. There will be affordable health care scheme at N500 per family, or the 5k-7k per monthly payment to the 25 million poorest people in Nigeria? For me, these policies endeared me to the APC and I have since lent my voice and time to their cause. I believe if a Government implements these policies, while fixing the economy, we would no longer have 10.5 million children of primary school age who are out of school. Neither would we have more than 3 million dead children from 0-5 years (between 2009 and 2014) because of our dismal healthcare system. If you’ll agree with me, Today Nigeria has trained 26,000 medical doctors in our schools who are in the United States alone in a brain drain the PDP does not even address. Just recently, the new CBN governor announced that youth employment stands at 80%. We need a government that would care and help majority of Nigerians. If 112.5 million Nigerians live on less than N200 per day and are in poverty, do you think all the talk about religion and state being removed from Forms means much to people. I think not. I sincerely hope the APC’s revised manifesto contains all of the populist policies. If not, it becomes clear that they are a distinction without a difference. Let us cling to the truth and reject bad governance.

    • Charlez Don

      dont be deceived dude, this people are in that same pdp before defection. their are all power drunk fools

  • Buhari the Sharia Virus

    GEJ must continue. It is a do or die.

    • Beeba

      That means YOU are going to die! InshaAllah the incompetent, who has mush for a brain will not misrule this country again. Even international papers have described him as ‘inept ‘ and ‘clueless’. Are they also awusa….?

  • Omo Oodua

    By definition, a Presidential declaration ought to be a platform to tell the electorate your plans for their betterment, not a platform to attack perceived opponents.

  • Kitunde

    I am just thinking how much 27million Naira can achieve for charitable causes. Schools for the blind or deaf. donation of drugs to our ill equipped hospitals to treat our soldiers, some rifles or rocket launchers to fight Boko Haram etc—For, this is a waste of money buying this nomination form.