Fayose blasts Ekiti Speaker, says he has no right to own private business

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor.

The governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, has described as “mischief” the claim by the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Adewale Omirin, that his (Mr. Omirin’s) filling station was sealed for political reasons.

The governor had on Tuesday ordered the immediate closure of the petrol station, T5 Petrol Station, owned by the Speaker, alongside three other stations.

Mr. Omirin, a member of the All progressives Congress, APC, in a statement by his media aide, Wole Olujobi, had interpreted Mr. Fayose’s action as political intimidation and coercion.

He alleged that the governor ordered the closure of the station because he refused to join Mr. Fayose’s party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The House commenced one month recess a few days after Mr. Fayose was sworn in.

In a statement by his Special Assistant on Information and Social Media, Lere Olayinka, on Thursday, the governor said Mr. Omirin’s response was the height of mischief and misrepresentation of facts.

The statement argued that as a public office holder, “The speaker does not have legal rights to own private business, and one wonders how someone prohibited by law to own private business while in office can be said to be the owner of a filling station that is under construction.”

The governor also said contrary to the claim by the speaker and the APC, apart from T5 Petrol Station in the Ajilosun area in Ado-Ekiti, three other petrol stations were similarly shut down for contravening environmental laws.

The statement listed the other stations to include INIS Integrated Services located along Iworoko Road, Ado-Ekiti, belonging to Churchill Adedipe; NIPCO Petrol Station (Morolu Global Services), Isato-Oke in Ado-Ekiti, belonging to one Mr. Oloko, and PHENROSE Limited, Ajilosun in Ado-Ekiti, owned by Mr Gilbert Igweka.

The statement advised Mr. Omirin to tread softly so as to prevent himself from being pushed into perdition.

He argued that Code 2 (b) of the Code of Conduct Act prohibits public office holders like the Speaker from participating in management or running of any private business, profession or trade.

“Therefore, those making noise in the media that Dr. Omirin owns a filling station are only trying to throw him inside the web of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, and the noisemakers won’t be available to help him out of the mess they would have put him,” the statement said.

“Four filling stations were sealed-up and one of them belong to an Ibo man. Are they also saying that the Ibo man is a politician and being coerced by the governor?

“Are they also saying that Mr Oloko, the owner of NIPCO Petrol Station (Morolu Global Services) is a member of the APC and a serving member of the Ekiti State House of Assembly?”

The statement urged the leaders of the APC, especially the immediate past governor, Kayode Fayemi and Bola Tinubu, who is a former governor of Lagos state to accept their fate and let peace reign in Ekiti State.


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  • Cypo

    Nice report, facts well presented.

  • Teddy

    It’s high time Gov. Fayose settled down to the real business of governance. He should get matured and not engage in personal distraction.

  • Ade

    Mr. Fayose, i challenge you to tell us the section of the law that prohibits political office holders from owing private business; for your information, it is the civil servants that must not own private business, however, a political office holder must declare his assets and liabilities; and ensure that his private business must not conflict with his official function, also, he must not abuse his office to procure business for his private business . . .please, settle down and face governance or may be u need to go and read 48 laws of power and Mafia manager to aid you in handling political intrigues.

    • George

      MUMU READ WELL===He argued that Code 2 (b) of the Code of Conduct Act prohibits public office holders

      • Bambam

        As long as it was declared as part of his assets before the Speaker assumed office..there is no law or Code of Conduct prohibiting him..they should say how long that filling station has been in operation..simple.

        • Wole

          Read paragraph 7. The station is under construction. It appears the man used his office to acquire planning approval irrationally. From this fact alone, it is clear this is a new acquisition that would not have been declared in asset declaration before the guy was elected. Now that someone has used his mandate to stop the impunity of someone in power, people still complain. What else do people mean by ‘get down to work’? I think this guy has started work. He has started putting right whatever has been down wrong previously. His accusers should wake up to reality. They actually helping him by being negative because he will continue to win over them again and again.

          • Bambam

            There is no part of the story that says it was under construction..the filling station had been in use just like the rest sealed up..what they need to say is how long the filling station has been in operation..no point helping them twist the story..when such was not said.

          • Wole

            Read this:

            “The statement argued that as a public office holder, “The speaker does not have legal rights to own private business, and one wonders how someone prohibited by law to own private business while in office can be said to be the owner of a filling station that is under construction””.

            Now tell me what you think.

          • Bambam

            Its all political lies..its already in use!!

          • Dana-ija

            You are sick!!!!!! Wole gave you fact and you turn it to something else! Hypocrites.

          • akin-UK

            Wow. This governor is going the way of his 1st tenure; thank God.

          • Bambam

            Who invited you to our discussion?..odenson!!

          • Tonnero

            Wole gave a quote. It is not fact until someone has gone there to verify the true status. You act as if the governor and the speaker cannot lie.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Tonnero, these guys are blind to what due process and the law means.

          • Dana-ija

            Just as Fayemi and his gang of crooks lied to use for 4 years!!

          • Hans Oreva

            That is not fact, fayose is a liar, the law said CIVIL SERVANTS not POLITICAL OFFICE HOLDER, civil servants cannot own businesses but a politician can, as far as the said business does not lead to conflict of interest, besides no serving politician can seat on the board of his company but can still hold his shares, Obasanjo had Ota farms, atiku had his businesses, David mark nko? We should question atiku because he was a civil servant but still had businesses hence most of his wealth is illegal. The space called nigeria is full of lawlessness no one obeys the law least of fayose who should not be a governor in the first place because he was impeached once, the law is explicit on that but our current political space will seek to bypass this law because the boss at the top wants it so

          • Tonnero

            Wole, don’t be silly. The governor is not the EFCC or the police. It the governor feels someone is committing a crime, he should refer him to the law enforcement agencies rather than take laws in his own hands. Doing otherwise is gross abuse of office. No one says he should let criminals go, if indeed they are criminals. But we all have to insist that EVERYONE follow the process, especially governors and heads of state who control the coercive powers of the state.

          • Wole

            It will seem you are the silly one here; sure I am not. You are so far away in Italy that you didn’t know that the governor won’t mount a bulldozer to demolish a structure. State officers/town planners do it. Before they demolish, they must have sent him several notices. Be sure the ‘victim’ would have used his powers to silence such advice.

            If this will make it clearer: it’s like demolishing a house that has been built without approval – like an APC chieftain did when he was FCT minister (then he was called Malam Bulldozer). If the filling station has remained (in the said residential area) and a bad incident occurs, I know people like you will be the first to cry wolf..’oohs the governor is so negligent and incompetent that he doesn’t know a filling should not be in the residential area’. If Fashola had demolished the Synagogue buildjng that collapsed, many of you will say he is an antichrist.

            Maybe you should get a life and stop being silly. If you are still sad over the election he lost, you need to wake up. It’s over!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            “It appears the man used his office to acquire planning approval irrationally. From this fact alone,..” – Wole

            Wole, the above is your statement!

            Isn’t it amazing that you moved from the realm of inference, supposition and presumption to “fact” in less than one paragraph?

            That you then proceeded to ‘deliver’ your judgement on the basis of your assumption truly stands normalcy on its head.

      • Omo Akin

        You are indeed the mumu. Owning a business is not the same thing as running the business. There is no political office holder in Nigeria who does not own a business and continue to own the business after they get to office. Obasanjo still owned his farm when he was president, the Attorney General of the Federation and those of the states still owned their law firms when serving in that office. However, they may not be doing the daily running of the business. But they own the property and there is no law that prohibits that. If someone wants to destroy the business you don’t have to fold your arms. Can Fayose, in good conscience, say that he does not own any business now and during his first term? Did he give out those businesses? If you own a rental property, it is a business. The operational word is “running” the business and the rationale being that you should have enough time for the public job you are paid for.
        The style adopted by Fayose will certainly boomerang. He started with the judges. He is moving now to political opponents. Fayose never believed in a single word he uttered in Church. His wife (if she is truly a believer) should caution the man before he blows the second chance he got and his problem will be worse than his first coming.

      • akin-UK

        See yourself! Showing how shallow you are. Any law that contradicts or run contrary to what is laid down in the constitution makes it inferior to the constitution. The constitution takes superiority.

  • disqus_5VBCybMfKX

    This is what Ekiti people should expect for the next 4 years.Gorvernance has been put on reverse!
    Fayose should tell us the section of constitution that prohibits political office holder from owning a private biz. Gorvernance is not by shouting everywhere .Somebody should tell him 7days had gone out of 1450 days he needs to spend.He should settle down to biz.Ekiti people,e Ku Iroju o!

  • Contact Point

    I pray thee oh court in Ekiti, both those handling fayose’s suit over his eligibility to contest the governorship election, as well as those handling the election petition to please sack this man for Ekiti people to know peace. I honest doubt is they can bear this for four agonizing years. Never!! This man must be chased out by the courts because it is clear he is not ready for the job entrusted in his hands by PDPig

  • emmy

    With all due respect to the office of the Governor of Ekiti State, I expect Gov. Fayose to display more political maturity. Get down to work, focus on how to deliver on electoral promises and should not forget his immediate past. Fayose should get to work!!!

    • Dana-ija

      I disagree with you. He is doing the right thing. Thank you governor Fayose.

  • tundemash

    Yeah right fake pastor, it is only an “exceptional” Present will be busy with ogogoro while mindless looting of the future of your children goes on. May the life of your generation unborn be run the way Dumbo Jo ran Nigeria and may their destiny be looted same way Dumbo and his rogues looted Nigeria ! Get over it fake pastor, Dumbo is gone forever .

    • Damilola

      Boda Tunde can you just for ones make serious claim on this platform? Can you really with all sincerity tell us this man had written astray? If yes, without ranting or blabbing, tell us the truth of each or at least half of what the man had said. You can’t, I know you can’t, if only you will reply this comment it’s another ranting. You know why? Cos you don’t really know what you want, you don’t really know what GEJ did wrong, but simply followed the crowd of Sai Baba, you never really asked yourself why is this man being victimised so much? Is he really the evil they painted him? “why am I on this side of the divide? The truth is, if you ever did, you will be patient for a while and do some objective search yourself, instead of your continuous show of ignorance here- APC emblem.

      And I will ask you this to tell you you’re ignorant of the truth, what has been the achievements of this govt from June this year? What are the policy thrust of the administration? Why do you think we should believe in this administration? Is there anything that as changed so far? Tunde, I don’t mean to disgrace you as I repeat, you lack the wit to answer those questions, else answer me with all sincerity and mature sense

      • Datti

        Damilola, you never chopped out of the money o, abi you did?

        • me

          Insult damilola, abuse jonathan but wake up and look around you connect the dots, the government that looted so much yet while it was still there correction existed, did you hear the news recently they compared out stock market losses to Zimbabwe. It’s seven months do you own a company, if you do tell me ,what is your direction next year what will invest your profits on.if you own a barbing saloon you are a small time hair dresser no more generators yet the rich get to keep their plants. Love your man but please wake look and see for yourself

        • Damilola

          Datti you know the new name given to GEJ by the Italian investigators now? “Fortunato”. A coordination of “alleged” misappropriation of public funds by His administration which they suspect his involvement… Now that is a case, APC’s influence does not pass the shore of Nigeria, no country, especially these ones- Italy and Britain, will put the credibility of there institutions to disrepute by getting involved in APC PDP drama, it’s still an allegation not yet clear to the jury himself. Just acting on a “presumed” basis till investigations are completed. Don’t take my position on GEJ as that of a “blind follower”, he has a lot to do in clearing his name in the various of corruption allegations no doubt and to be vindicated, I’m more than hungry to be fed with those clarification to really know where he stands on those cases. But that does that erase all he did as president? Institutionalising Democracy, Road, power, housing revolutions( I purposely went to read Fashola’s maiden speech to the media to see the new initiatives they’re bringing on the table, lo and behold sir, there was noti new, Fashola is coming to execute the past administration’s policies; it’s a long one but plz read and digest that speech. So many paragraphs and statements I copied in the light of this. Fashola did d right ti as an intellectual himself. He knew those polices and initiatives are expedient, hence his decision. But is praise not due to whom praise is meant for? Now his work is made easier contrary to what they made people believe. The only ti Fashola said against that administration in the speech was the issue of “low funding” which in his own case also he admitted all he noted in his speech are subject to the amount accrued to his ministry), the magnitude that administration moved on Agriculture via Adesina is still immeasurable in the recent history of Nigeria, so much that Ogbe himself could not continue with the APC deceit, but to admit he’s continuing with those policies that made Nigeria the highest producer of Cassava in the world( no informed person wud discredit the achievements in that sector, even when Oshi-omo-ale tried, he was knocked out the following day with facts from Adesina, on rail way, not even Ameachi could deny the progress of work done and his intention to complete them, instead he resulted to denying ever knowing Nigeria had a rail transport system, he could have known cos he was dead in his blind opposition cocoon then.

          One thing I don’t still fathom is how the economy of the largest economy in Africa and the 27th in the world, also the third eyeing place for investors following China and Qatar among other economic footprints, was at the same time devastated as the opposition were saying then. The economy was said to have been ran aground but our reputation on that scale in the international scene was saying otherwise, why? I’m not an economist, always scared of numbers, I need an economist to explain this bizzare incoherent scenario…. What of the Freedom of Information, speech and d likes that allowed an average Nigerian like ourselves to comment, even calling the then presdent names without persecution, now about to be reversed… all these and many more call for objective reasoning( stopping there so the message doesn’t read “spam”.

          I don’t follow the crowd, I study situations and follow my true conscience. If we all castigate GEJ based on things we don’t have the facts at hand and ignore the ones we have the facts, then we’re not been sincere to honesty and rational thought. Let him face his corruption allegations, but the works he did still stands even in jail

  • Ad

    Mr Aribisala
    Thanks for your article,let truth be said,there is no saint among the politicians,but i will like you to know that Jonathan did not tame his surbodinate and they were reckless in looting the treasury.
    He had more money to spend during his term and he failed to leave up to expectation. He also failed tò save for rainy days and at the moment the treasury is depleted,while other Arab nations are spending from their savings at the moment.
    To score Jonathan,it will be below 50%.

  • Enemona

    Aribasala, wake up and smoke the coffee! Have you seen the news lately?

  • Elias James

    There is a year-end national award for “Most Distinguished Disgusting Nigerian (MDDN),” and this man is in the running, along with mega-mouth Fani-Kayode and mega-belle Okupe. Cast your votes, my people. With all the news about NSA’s disrespect for Nigerians and the law, I wonder how Aribisala can morally defend the leader of a whole administration, much as some of us like that leader.

  • Old No7

    This man’s head if so far up his arse that he does not know what time it is!

  • Amir

    A continuation of the satanic rant from the pit of hell. Evil men display similar characteristics. Hitler, sensing his information managers have become weary lying without stop, counselled them to go on repeating the same lines until people start believing them. I questioned a scientology preacher if he is not ashamed repeating the same lines to woo people, he said ‘those same lines still work’. Even in a traffic situation it is not easy for ‘miss road drivers’ to find space and make a U-turn especially when traffic is heavy on the other lane! Who knows how much Dumbo paid this online parrot Femi for his media propaganda? Readers should note this Jonathan apostle did not consider his hero worthy of his time and vote in the 2015 election.

    • Damilola

      It’s good twisting the lines meant for APC here. Tell me Fashola, Ogbe and Ameachi never consciously or unconsciously made those statements Aribisala pointed out here. In that regards to your reply, I promise to teach you how you could safe yourself of such embarrassment by providing you a simply sentence to search on Google wherein you will be provided ore than enough selections, then you can read up, in fact I will add that of Soyinka were he criticised this man- GEJ, still without basis, but at the same time went on to applaud his 2014 confab as the best thing that ever happened to the country, holding an antidote to the Nation’s sickness, while he advised the “dummy” at Aso Rock to implement the report. You people can’t change the facts, they’re there for all willing to see.

    • Damilola

      Also Amir, if at all you have something to say, remember to pick from what Aribisala had written and tell us the truth of the matter.


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  • Testerone

    it is very unfortunate to read such a terrible article from at least a matured man of age who claims to be intelligent. Even if you have been paid to do a hatchet job, you should at least learn the trade about how to do this terrible and ignoble job Aribisala.

    Let me start by asking few questions to Femi Aribisala.
    1. If you have promised your family to rebuild your fathers house based on the understanding that you will pay the 60% and your siblings will pay 40% only for you to find out that your siblings do not have the 40% and have already leased the entire property for the next 50 years to a group, can you still build the house?

    2. Is it not wise to create a stability period after the squandering of national money by Jonathan and his team by not embarking on new infrastructure projects but try to complete the mess created by Jonathan?

    3. Where on earth have you seen a government embarking on projects that the government does not have resources for?

    When you can answer these questions correctly, then I will rethink the level of your intelligence. Right now, I really think you are below zero.

    • Damilola

      Sir, if I may reply your questions!!!

      1. When you took the decision to build your father’s house, who was present with your thought? You could have sat alone on your couch to take that decision, if you have the funds to undertake the project. In the absence of that, common sense suggests you call those siblings to seek their opinion. “You don’t assume the worth of others in their absence”. Taking the decision for your siblings is a show of poor leadership and irrational thought by you. And if on the other hand, your siblings were there when the decision was made and later went against the agreement, then you’re in the fold of wolves, going forward to lease the house without your consent, implies they’re not to be trusted- conmen at worse. But how could you not have known the temperament of your siblings? Doing that then, shouldn’t be shocking to you, else, you’re meant for a greater doom in the business world….

      2. If you described GEJ govt a mess, then you need to find another word for Nigerian leaders from 1960-2007. Also you need to explain the mess you meant aside your favourite topic on NNPC which till date we’ve not seen any substantial case on. Who thought the Maduekwe of this world regardless of her health challenges and the gravity of allegations against her could still be free till now? Kachiku has taken over with Mr. Gandalf- Buhari, going to 6months, but till date no single official of that company had been sacked or probed based on the many allegations against that company. Not even an evidence of Sanusi missing $20b has resurfaced since this govt came on board. It’s as if it never happened now. ( sir, research on how Sanusi became Emir of Kano and see where you’re missing, to do that check online the news relating to nominations and final announcement of the Emir. A tip here: Sanusi was never part of the 3 final names of the 7 earlier shortlisted presented to the then Governor, Kwankwanso, but to observance surprise he was announced on that Sunday. Of course you will remember Kwankwanso position in remodelling GEJ. You can continue from there sir, if truly you want to know the TRUTH) Hell’Rufai’s #60b independence celebration allegation claim in 5yrs under GEJ is one of the many latest revelations of “Hitler chief propaganda like” mendacious romance of the APC, which the office of the SSG has been forced by both local and international concerned groups to disclose. You won’t be surprised that Nigeria has not even spent 1/3 of what your Hell’Rufai claimed was spent alone under GEJ for independence. The total from 1999-2015, which include that of your god, is estimated around #2.5b. As of now, the mess one could point out is the revelation coming from the Arms deal, but still one has to be cautioned. If those allegations are something to go by, the simple rules of the law would have been followed. However, for now, Dasuki and his co.travellers are as innocent as hell’Rufai, Ameachi, Fashola, Ogbe, Prof. Yakubu, Buhari, Tinubu, etal, until proven guilty by the court and not the media. In just 7months you know how much this administration has squandered our commonwealth on Remita? They’ve not even spent a year such shady deals they accused Deizani of, are coming to light from these conmen. When they eventually leave govt what revelation do we expect? What of fuel subsidy, “the GEJ scam?” now “Buhari scam” fuel scarcity, GEJ cluelessness, now it’s Buhari’s dilly dally, power shortage, GEJ incompetence, now Buhari’s mediocrity, BH menace, GEJ inexperience, now Buhari ineptitudeness… the list goes on and on, but one thing still remain certain as Aribisala rightly points out, GEJ stands out in all. So as far as common sense is concerned here, your definition of GEJ mess is a manifestation of proper study and mentorship of Joseph Goebbels( Hitler chief propagandist) who postulated that ” If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” tell me one accusation made by Oshi-omo-ale that has not been rebutted with FACTS from the person involved in that govt? From Adesina to NOI and others. The SWF that was the pretence at which Ameachi and his boys fought the PDP, how is it managed now? Those money said to be missing from there, how far are they true now? If from your parochial view they are true, then why have they( SWF management) not been sacked and prosecuted? Remember this same people were given $500m or so of recent to manage for the country, the same attempt the APC Governors and PDP Governor renegades now in APC fought to the heavens. Look my brother, nothing can be farther than the truth, you can’t just pass it… I will take a break here to attend to your last question.

      3. No Government in the world has the adequate resources to channel her whole programmes, not even the most powerful nation in the world- America. Go check America’s debt profile, maybe you will understand. A sane govt is always on her toes, looking for avenues to meet the yearnings of her people, a sensible govt doesn’t complain, instead she annex all efforts to tackle insufficiency to minimal. Look there is noti like sufficiency in govt, the job to be done always exceeds sufficiency, only proper channel of priorities make the dream achievable. Also sir, remember that your god- Buhari, claimed he knew all about our problems and on that bases promised to heal us if elected, he had been on this campaign for 12 good years b4 God brought him to meet his Saviour in Lagos, who is later, Plausibly, to be ignored, why then is he wailing every time he has the opportunity to open is mouth putting his failure on GEJ? Thought he knew he was going to meet empty treasury with the whole noise about the administration b4 making those outrageous day dreaming mendacious promises at the campaigns. Why is he now surprised that he met an empty treasury? If all we could have from Baba Gaskia is faulty GEJ, then be should go to Otuake to beg the man to take up appointment with him as his “Policy adviser”, cos it seems GEJ is also to be blamed for the lack of “sight” in this 8 months govt….Let me leave you with this reading lists: America in 2008, America in 1933, the history and development of the Asian Tigers and also, The China Magic.

      The problem with people of “self presumed intelligence” like yourself is that “you’re intellectually lazy”.

      • Datti

        The Italian investigators gave your GEJ a new name: ‘Fortunato’.

  • Chuks

    Missing lines: Oyenusi was an exceptional man of the people; Anini was an exceptional motivator; Abacha was an exceptional ‘bank of the nation’; Patience Jonathan was an exceptional permanent secretary in Bayelsa; Balogun was an exceptional ‘treasurer of police budget’; Mobutu was an exceptional ‘user of his country’s resources’; Ghadafi was an exceptional democrat, and Jonathan was an exceptional clueless president.

  • tunde008

    We now know why you are writing all these trash.You are part and parcel of those who was duly funded by GEJ. We did not forget the 7 billion naira meant for pastors like you.


      Story for the gods,can’t you be truthful for once. God forbid!

    • Ezeh Joseph

      Very shameful that notorious tives are calling others thief.

  • Datti

    Fortunato is indeed very exceptional in thieving activities. I expect you will praise him to high heavens for the dividends of corruption you he bequeathed to you. Whether you like it or not Buhari will be present for the next four years and some of your thieving colleagues, including you, will find themselves in kirikiri

    • Ezeh Joseph

      e house?

  • Ezeh Joseph

    May God give us more Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Their passionate hate will never diminish his lagecy. We are praying that God may guide the present government do their best before 2019!

    • Jones

      May God give YOU two Jonathan’s. Your first and second sons.

  • Basketmouth

    Not so fast Pastor or is it Dr Aribisala. Definitely GEJ must have done some things in his five years of ineptitude. What we are saying as a nation is that GEJ had the opportunity with the insane amount of money made by the country to do 4 times more than he did. Most of the things you ponted to are private sector initiatives in response to the big promises made by GEJ’s government all of which he did not keep. How are those cars assembled in Nigeria going to sell cheap if the manufacturer have to provide their own electricity? The rail line you are talking about is financed by Chinese cash. All the money made during GEJ regime could have provided Nigeria constant power supply if that is the only thing he focused on to accomplish. Listen Femi your defense of this indefensible catastrophic leadership of the past five years speaks volume to your character and your thought process and it is really sad if not completely embarrassing to even believe that a Bible teacher could be so magnanimous in deception.

  • Jones

    I think Femi is indirectly mocking Jonathan and his saTANic transformation.

  • d jamaican

    The only reasonable person I see here is Damilola, because he has been able to convince me with Data and Clear FACTs about the past administration and the current administration. The anti-Jonathan crusaders, to me u just blabbing in an intelligent baseless and interesting manner, lets see ur data, ur facts and not these ur hullabaloo …..

    • OAA

      Aribisala the cheap attention seeker again lol….. OK we have seen you, can you go and sit down somewhere with your bullshit now? ? ? Thank you sir!!!