Buhari’s loyalists ask Atiku to withdraw from presidential race

Left to Right: Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar

Some loyalists of a former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, have asked a former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, to withdraw from the presidential race and support the aspiration of Mr. Buhari.

The call came on the same day a renowned Islamic Cleric, Sheik Ahmed Gumi, asked the former head of state not to contest the February 2015 presidential election.

Mr. Gumi said age was not on Mr. Buhari’s side and that other politicians were only capitalizing on his popularity to ride to power.

Both Messrs. Buhari and Atiku are currently seeking the ticket of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to run in the February 2015 presidential election.

Mr. Buhari’s loyalists, under the aegis of Buhari Vanguard, at press conference on Tuesday in Bauchi, noted that though it was Mr. Abubakar’s moral and constitutional right to run for president, the popularity, merit and unbeatable track record of the former head of state, put him in a better position to win the election.

The group said it strongly believed that there was always best among best by all standard and yardstick and that if the whole idea was to render selfless service as opposed to self-serving, the former vice president would see reason with it to step down for Mr. Buhari.

“Gen. Buhari has demonstrated his indisputable worth and merit politically in 2011 general elections, when he scored 12 million votes under his relatively new formed party of only nine months old with no single councilor, chairman, state or national assembly members, or governor to mobilize support for him,” the group said in said in a statement jointly signed by its chairman, Umar Tafida and Secretary, Abdulqadeer Musa.

“Both you (Atiku Abubakar) and Gen. Buhari have contested in 2007 with you having the advantage of contesting under a solidly structured then AC, in addition to your material muscles, yet Gen Buhari goes far ahead of you in the outcome of that result by over 5 million votes.

“Many Nigerians of northern axis, millions perhaps, believe Buhari to be their party, their politics, and the only reason why they will vote. We believe your honourable and voluntary withdrawal in favour of Buhari, will increase APC chance of winning the 2015 presidential election, and brighten your future political endeavours in the region.”

The group further argued that if election should take place between Mr. Buhari and Mr. Abubakar, the former would win with wide margin.

It said this was evident from the conduct of most of APC’s executives and delegates’ elections as well as aspirants from many states where supporters were mobilized supporters to raise funds to purchase the party’s nomination form for Mr. Buhari “for no reason other than to have sense of belonging in the stake holders of General Buhari’s ascending to presidency.”

The group recounted that a volunteer group in Bauchi last week mobilized for a grand rally in support of the former head of state and that the party’s executives as well as aspirants to different offices were either present to pledge their loyalty or sent their representatives together with monetary donations in support of Mr. Buhari.

According to the group, none of the aspirants printed their campaign posters or billboards without merging their pictures with that of Mr. Buhari while none did so with that of Mr. Abubakar.

“Sir, if saving the nation’s suffering masses from over a decade old PDP’s misrule on one hand based on genuine national interest having the wherewithal to do so is the guiding principle of your general politicking and coming to APC in particular, of which we believe it is,” the group said.

“And on the other hand if you believe indisputable worth and merit based on the unbeatable track record of conduct matters, so much of which we believe you, we are certain you will see reasons in our call.”

The group also said it welcomed the “selfless gesture portrayed by one of our party leaders Bukola Saraki, for withdrawing his presidential bid to save the party from the disputes and parity usually caused by primary election.”

It also commended the Kano State governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso for suggesting that the APC leadership should adopt one of the constitutional provisions of the party to choose a consensus candidate for the presidential election because of the dangers posed by primary elections.


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  • john omonaija

    let atiku step down for people’s General……………..

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Mr. Atiku has the same rights as GMB; please let it be his decision if that is what he wants.

    He should not be forced or pressured into such a move because it would be counter productive.

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe


    A statement issued by Atiku Abubakar to welcome Buhari to the race for APC Presidential Candidate Flag.

    “I believe that the next president of our country, who by the grace of God will be produced by our great party, must be someone who is a unifier, bridge-builder and not someone who bears ethno-religious bias. Above all, he must embody a vision of a Nigeria for all.” ……… Atiku Abubakar to Buhari

    A statement issued by Shiek Ahmed Gumi asking Buhari not to contest 2015 Presidential Election

    “The lack of peace, stability and security is the major predicament of this nation since independence. So when you Buhari were naively used by men to derail one, that is the greatest disservice you committed to the nation the ills of which we are yet to recover from”

    “Your weakness in control of men became evident when the very people that used you to revolt against a constituted authority came back to uproot you from the seat of power. Your own kinsmen. Without a gun cocked in your defence”

    “Nigeria now needs peace and stability first. Then we talk of good governance later even though it’s the source of the predicament we are facing”

    “My brother in Islam, please listen to the words of wisdom. And don’t follow the whims of the riffraff. Before they used you the first time to disrupt the second republic, my father advised you against it. Today I am also advising you against contesting in the 2015 presidential election because you will be used to ignite the nation -a dream well orchestered several years ago- and also be used by bad people as a ladder to grab regional and local powers.” …. Gumi to Buhari

    • Ayo Killany

      Please sir, is Shiek Ahmed Gumi a god or does Buhari not have the right to contest the election under the Nigeria constitution ?

    • M Ajonye

      Haba Dai Salisu, if I don’t know you, I would have said that you’re under Atiku’s payroll to have written this without being rational! Sheikh Gumi, though respected cleric, is entitled to his own opinion, which he myopically expressed and I respect that. So please be objective malam.

    • Enemona

      I see you are all afraid of Buhari for the reason we all know, he’d send you and your corrupt paymasters to jail.

  • the truth

    let’s not forget the apc and lie mohammed gave a press statement that consensus candidature was undemocratic. According to Mohammed pdp was the epitome of what democracy is not excerpts include “While endorsements are part and parcel of democracy, they are never done
    to the exclusion of other candidates. This is simply not democratic.
    When then candidate Barrack Obama was endorsed by his party’s bigwigs to
    contest the US Presidency, the party never excluded Hillary Clinton
    from its primaries. That’s how it is done”

    • Lala

      Is your Phee Dee Phee better?! Remove the cataract from your eyes before swiping the speck from another’s shoulder.

  • @Amuwospeaks

    It is democracy and everyone has a right to vote and be voted for. And APC welcomes people with great mind and idea.

  • Otile

    Vice President Atiku is a nice man. He is not known for religious or ethnic bigotry, moreover he is well educated. Those of us not belonging to any party are looking for the best candidate who can bring peace, tolerance, development, education and civilization. Vice President Atiku possess all these qualities, whereas ex-coupist Imam Buhari is only known for law and order military style. To say the truth, Imam belongs to antiquity with no added value. What is worse, Imam is arrogant, ethnic and religious bigot. The ethnic groups he hates are going to suffer misery on his assumption of office. His victory(but God forbid) will be winner-take-all whereby the Hausa Fulani and Yorubas will have a field day plundering the wealth of Nigeria, while the SE SS and some parts of the Middle Belt will be left desolate.

    For us the choice is clear. Either VP Atiku, Marwa, GEJ or any other credible candidate will be considered. Imam Buhari is radioactive and should be avoided at all costs.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Otile, Atiku is everything you wrote, plus more, in my opinion.

      No doubt, his best foot forward is his ability to manage resources. He would no doubt be a fantastic President, if not for his single, and unforgivable flaw!

      Can we trust him with our commonwealth?

      BTW, GMB is nothing as you have sought to present him.

      Who is GEJ again? The once shoeless, now private jet flying, resource-hat wearing, black attired dude? No Sir!!!

      • Otile

        At least you and I agree that VP Atiku is electable. As for trusting him with our commonwealth, who among our politicians can you trust with our commonwealth? Nigeria is blessed with abundance, loot as they may they can never exhaust our commonwealth.

        Buhari himself exonerated Abacha from looting our commonwealth and some of you still believe him that Abacha stole no money. To date Buhari has not come clean with what he did with $3.5 billion PTF fund, neither did he say why he allowed the Emir of Gwandu launder 53 suitcases full of large bills in pounds and dollars.

        As for GEJ, no condition is permanent. His parents struggling to give him some education might not have enough to buy him shoes, unlike some fortunate group of people through no hard work on their part had free education and left over to buy shoes. You see, that a man is born poor does not mean that poverty is born in him.

        In all things we give glory to God.

        • Lala

          Forget about the lie you are peddling about a fathom exoneration. It is just diversionary since you have no aspersions to cast on GMB’s integrity. We cannot go lower than GEJ has already taken us. So for me personally, it is anyone but GEJ! GMB is the best!

          • Otile

            That’s your opinion.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            it is a better one, Otile.

        • Enemona

          Agree, even Atiku is better than GEJ but don’t worry, your fears will be confirmed, I’m sure Buhari will be APC’s candidate. GMB, the sum of all your worst fears, is the best.

          • Otile

            I have nothing to fear from Imam Buhari, he like his master Abacha will be holed inside the presidential palace watching pigeons and peacocks if elected(but God forbid). During his short reign of terror Gen Idiagbon did the good works while Imam did the clamping down, closing school, building prisons.

      • Mr. Abdin

        Atiku Abubakar is the best man for the job, he remain the alternative candidate among the aspirants in the APC i believe very strongly that he is the candidate that can unify the country. Though the likes of Buhari and Kwankwaso should please step down.

        • Otile

          The difference between VP Atiku is like light and darkness.

          • Otile

            The difference between VP Atiku and Imam Buhari is like the difference between light and darkness.

      • sir Oscie

        A man that cannot manage his own wealth and family after raising to the positions of Gov, Minister, Head of State, Chairman of PTF, Pensioneer and even mismanaged his company in Kano cannot be trust with a country’s commonwealth because he who cannot handle a few will surly not do better with much.
        Buhari has failed himself and associates which made no one come to his aid when he needed funds for the APC form.
        I feel he should withdraw from the race and use the bank loan to better his life and that of the people around him.

        • Otile

          That is the whole truth.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Same way Mr. Jonathan has been buying up all the property around his uncompleted mansion in Otuoke, abi?

          Well done.

          Great thinking.

      • Zirem

        For the single reason that Atiku thrives on profit making, our country will flourish. We wont have redundant resources. So yes, our commonwealth will be safe with Atiku.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Zirem, I am an APC supporter and will therefore not attempt to put Atiku in a tight corner because I am supporting GMB.

          There is life after the primaries and elections.

          Suffice to say, I stand by my earlier words.

  • Buhari the Sharia Virus


    Our problem is not GEJ but Sharia Virus. Sharia virus had kill more people than Ebola and corruption combined. Sharia virus has been killing non-Muslims in Nigeria right from the days of Usman Dan fodio. Up til date the Northern Muslims are yet to develop a vaccine for Sharia virus.


    Say No to Sharia rule.

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  • nuora

    Atiku Abubakar is the only candidate to deliver the Presidency to the opposition party All Progressive Congress, becouse he has the political stamina and sagacity to march the ruling party PDP.

  • Baba Jada

    Why is Buhari and his loyalist employing GEJ’s autocratic form of blackmail. If you think buhari is the right candidate, then he has nothing to fear going to the primaries. Atiku will surely defeat Buhari.

  • Mr. Abdin

    If believes that he has the popularity within the party, primaries is the best option so that the best can emerge amongst aspirants. GEJ has failed the country and has caused division in the polity that is Atiku remain the best man for the job.

  • sir Oscie

    Is this coming out because Sheik Gumi adviced Buhari against running like the sheik’s father did during the last election before he(Buhari) lost to Gej or Are the Buharist afraid of primaries?
    A democrat should not be afraid of contest because it is the only democratic means of candidate selection among aspirants.
    The group claims Buhari got 12M vote during the last election and Atiku got far less, so why are they still afraid of facing Atiku in the primaries if they believe those votes were genuine?
    Atiku has shown his preparedness for public office by unveiling his policies and plans so I will advice the Buharist and their principle to follow suit and stop looking for short cuts.
    Nigeria is for all.

  • Zirem

    It is exactly people like you the cleric (Sheik Gumi) was referring to in his open letter to the general. In his open letter, Sheik Gumi warned Buhari of people pushing for his(Buhari) candidacy for their own personal gains. I read that letter carefully and was humbled by the clerics advise. But for Buhari vanguard to come up with this, then I must say they didn’t read the content of the letter carefully to understand how heavy the message is.

  • Ahmad

    Anyone of them is better than Ebola Jona

  • mike


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  • Nwokolo

    The people on the other side want Atiku and we know why. We want Buhari and we know why. Primaries or no primaries GMB is the man. However Egbe Belu Ugo Belu……

    • Enemona

      Egbe Belu Ugo Belu: English translation please, it sounds like an adage/proverb I could use; the play on words is nice!

      • Nwokolo

        Egbe Belu, Ugo Belu is and abridged Igbo adage. Egbe is a bird (Kite), Ugo is a bird (Eagle). Let the Kite perch and Let the Eagle perch. Live and Let Live!!!! Let Buhari be Let Atiku be, till we decide)

      • Nwokolo

        Egbe Belu, Ugo Belu is an abridged Igbo adage. Egbe is a bird (Kite), Ugo is a bird (Eagle). Let the Kite perch and Let the Eagle perch. Live and Let Live!!!! Let Buhari be Let Atiku be, till we decide)

        • Enemona

          Nice one bro. Thanks for the translation/interpretation. Cheers.