APC’s Audu Ogbeh apologises over #BringBackOurGirls gaffe

A leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Audu Ogbeh, on Tuesday apologised to the BringBackOurGirls campaigners for insinuating that the group is an appendage of the APC.

Mr. Ogbeh, had during the former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari’s declaration for the APC presidential ticket, extolled the group for its selfless campaign to secure the release of the over 200 Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram insurgence over six months ago.

“We believe that one day; they (Chibok girls) will be reunited with their children even though those children have seen a lot of trauma,” Mr Ogbeh had said.

He also said the group’s leaders are members of the APC.

“We commend the #BringBackOurGirls movement led by members of this party; we thank them for their commitment to Nigeria because they remain the only living evidence that Nigeria has a conscience.

“We hear that the Federal Government wants to take them to court, let the courtroom be large enough to accommodate all of us when they sue them,” he concluded.

Following Mr. Ogbeh’s statements, many Nigerians lashed out at Mr. Ogbeh and APC, saying the party was attempting to make political gains out of the girls’ misfortune.

The presidency said the comments merely confirmed its belief that the protest group was politically-motivated to undermine President Goodluck Jonathan’s government.

Presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati, in a tweet on Thursday said the group and the party are merely politicizing Nigeria’s collective agony to score political points.

“Our longstanding view of BBOG movement’s hidden agenda to unseat the Jonathan administration received full Justification yesterday.

“Roles played by Dino Melaye and the presence of BBOG’s initiator Hadiza Usman at Buhari’s declaration is proof of their true aim of politicising the agony of the Chibok girls and their families.

“This is now fully apparent, the true agenda and prime movers of BBOG movement,” Mr. Abati said.

Referring to APC chieftains as #BringBackOurGirls activists, Mr. Abati urged Nigerians to reject the group’s “political partisanship and unjustifiable” bashing of the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.

In her reaction, Ms. Usman lampooned the presidency for attempting to discredit the group on the basis that some of its members belong to the APC.

In a two-page reaction, the initiator of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign confirmed her membership of the APC but denounced the insinuation that the group is political.

Ms. Usman stated, “Let’s be clear, when I worked to mobilize women, men, and Nigerians at large to come out on April 30th to protest that the government should intensify efforts to #BringBackOurGirls, I did so not as an APC member, but first as a human being, as a woman, a mother, a Nigerian and an African.

“It was never about politics or my political affiliations; it was rather about our shared humanity as human beings.

“As a mother, I have experienced the trauma of not knowing where my child is for few minutes; does it then surprise many why I would be moved to act on behalf of mothers who are yet to see their daughters for over 189 days after?”

Ms. Usman said members of the group are concerned citizens who are interested in the unity and development of the country.

She noted that those who appreciate the role an educated girl-child would play in the nation’s development would readily support the campaign to free the abducted girls.

“That these girls dared education in the face of terrorism, intimidation, insecurity, and other life-threatening circumstances, is a rare display of courage, doggedness, and hope.

“This is why I, alongside other #BringBackOurGirls campaigners, daily advocate to make sure these girls are not forgotten, but that they come home to contribute their quota to national development.”

But Mr. Ogbe in a letter dated October 20 and addressed to the leaders of the #BringBackOurGirls group, offered apologies for his earlier statements.

“I feel obliged to let you know that my statement at our function last week was not intended to paint your group as an APC sub-group.

“This is because, from what we now know, less than two percent of the group are our party members, but members we value highly.

“The rest of you are and may not even belong to any political association whatsoever; this is not to say that you have no right to be if you choose to.

“If my statement caused you discomfort, I do apologise, but reiterate that I have nothing but respect and admiration for you for keeping a six-month vigil and telling the world that the Nigerian conscience is not totally dead.”

The APC chieftain noted that the world is watching Nigeria and making judgment while wishing the #BringBackOurGirls campaigners God’s blessing and protection.


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  • GbemigaO

    Ms. Usman. You have lost any moral right to defend yourself.

    • Tonnero

      And you say this because?

      • Pacificring

        when Al Gore marched against Global warming, he was not directing the protest to Democrats or republicans but to business owners and industries, that and this are 2 different scenarios

        • gboromiro

          No Sir, they are not. Apart from advocacy to the general public , he challenged the democrat govt of the day to get up on its butt and do more. Guess what? he succeeded.
          Are families of the victims now APC members as well? Had the response of the administration been biz like, would there have been sustained support for the group

  • John

    I honestly thought they were apolitical until I started seeing my Sister Obiageli at APC events. Even then, I thought she must have been influenced by El Rufai her former colleague. Disappointments all over the land. It was Mr Integrity and $620,000 before and now it is BBOG and APC. So sad.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      John, does all of that inviolate the need to bring the girls back?

      • Baba Messi

        You always ‘remind’ people to stick to the topic of discussion.
        We all agree there is a need to bring the girls back. There is no disagreement on that oga lawyer.
        The issue at hand is the EMBARRASSMENT caused the #BBOG group by Ogbe’s ‘gaffe’ and how this justifies the earlier position that the group has been politicized.
        Oga charge and bail lawyer, na d KoKo of the matter be dat!

        * welcome to your evening session of 100 rounds of comments/insults.
        Oya, start your work!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          If you are looking to trade insults, pick a quarrel with your wife.

          At least you can look forward to kissing and making up after that.

  • Baba Messi

    “You be tif..i no be tif”!
    ” you be robber..I NO BE ROBBER!”
    “You be armed robber..I NO BE ARMED ROBBER”!

    Hahaha! I dey LaffoooO!
    Wind don blow..foul ny*sh don open oo!

    From the abundance of their BLACK Hearts, they speak.
    The beginning of a matter is not quite as important as its end.
    Yes, Hadiza started with a noble idea. But could the modus-operandi not have been negatively tainted by their partisanship??
    The three most visible members of the #BBOG are Ezekwesili, Hadiza and Dino.
    Hadiza and Dino are staunch APC goons.
    Any sane person will know a character like Dino CANNOT carry out his #BBOG activities without channeling it in a way to put the FG in bad light.
    Yet when the DSS thru Marilyn Ogar called them a franchise and said they had affiliations to the APC, some clowns were disturbing us with their stale breaths!
    When those DSS guys talk, I assure u they have their dossier intact.
    Two out of three most visible #BBOG leaders are confirmed APC minions, and some pretenders claim this will not affect the polarity of the group?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Guess the next thing you guys would say is that it was Ms. Usman and Mr. Dino that also kidnapped the girls.

      • Baba Messi

        Uncle, welcome to your evening session of 100 comments/insults.
        ON YOUR MARKS..SET..GO!!!

        *see my reply to one of your comments below.
        It’s late at night in the part of the globe I am..but u have a long nite to go before you hit yur hundredth comment target.
        I might reply you when I wake up.
        Keep a cup of black coffee by your side o. And monitor yur B.P. Every hour.
        It’s well

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          I feel sad for you if you feel every comment that is not in line with your own opinion is an insult.

        • Benny

          Don’t mind this internet rambling ” lawyer”. I wonder what time he has got in a day to practice his ‘charge and bail” vocation! Always defending the indefensible. Every discerning minded Nigerian knows that APC and their cohorts are suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) They assumed that they have a genie or some magic wand to the myriad of problems beleaguering this contraption of a nation called Nigeria. What a bunch of sore losers!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            It’s so amazing that all you PDP e-rats only come to gnaw at nights.

            Just like your nocturnal namesakes!

            Are you back in your creepy holes?

            Do you guys get paid anything serious for being nocturnal trolls when your wives are having it off elsewhere?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Benny, just out of curiousity, do you know the meaning of the word “Narcissistic” that you bandy around and the context within which you have employed it?

            If you guys keep on harping that APC is fixated upon PDP faults- which are too numerous – how could the party be “Narcissistic”?

            Food for thought, when you wake up after your night duty.

          • Benny

            Oga baby lawyer, I really doubt if you are a qualified lawyer or just tripping yourself with this outdated Queens “esquire: appellation! If you don;t know what Narcissistic: is then, you have an option to consult your dictionary. There are gamuts of it online at your beck and call. I repeat, you and your co-travelers are suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (NPD). You guys self-adulation is sickening to high heavens. Keep wallowing in your dreamland that 2015 belongs to your mentor.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Grandpa, it’s daybreak now.

          Did you survive your night duty stint as a security man?

          Did you keep yourself awake by wondering about what was going on with Mama Messi and your houseboy?

          Don’t worry too much, the baby’s nose may even look like yours if you are lucky!

  • @Amuwospeaks

    PDP has failed in bringing back our girls.. more than 200days and the girls are still missing. Threatening protesters, and they wants continuity when we have an option of change…

  • Buhari the Sharia Virus

    It is a do or die. Fire for fire. War for war. Freedom never comes free of charge. The war is inevitable. Lets meet at war front. How can GEJ be responsible for the 35 years of Northern Muslim Misrule?

    Our problem is not GEJ but Sharia Virus. Sharia virus had kill more people than Ebola and corruption combined. Sharia virus has been killing non-Muslims in Nigeria right from the days of Usman Dan fodio. Up til date the Northern Muslims are yet to develop a vaccine for Sharia virus.

    What are Northern Muslims doing to rescue Chibok girls from Sharia advocates (Boko-Haram)? Chibok girls are victims of Sharia law and Islam. Northern Muslims adopted Prophet Mohammed’s law(Sharia) as against Nigeria constitution.

    Prophet Mohammed is in charge of Sharia law not GEJ. According to Northern Muslims, Sharia law is superior to Nigeria constitution. Thus, Northern Muslims should seek help from Prophet Mohammed not GEJ. GEJ have no power under sharia law but Nigeria constitution.


    Say No to Sharia rule.

  • Wise Head

    Somebody should tell Mr. Audu Ogbeh that it is too late. He has said it and that is it. All the damage control he is attempting to do now puts him and the APC in a more ridiculous position. The only loser in this whole scam is, however, Obiagaeli Ezekwesili. Not even Obasanjo whom she worships like a god and obeys with all her soul can retrieve her from this horrible mess. This is what happens when you stretch dishonest politics and advocacy beyond their limits. The next chapter now is: How much is the APC paying for this? And where is Emman Shehu? I wonder what would be happening to him now. He should be providing the answer. Yeye dey smell.

  • wode

    Audu Ogbe still remains one of the very few prominent Nigerians that I respect so much. This is another feather added to his hat. No one can not make mistake. The biggest strength is not in not making mistake, it is rather being able to realize when corrected and admitting the shortcoming.

  • Daddy

    Any deeds done in secret is subject to revelation by the Almighty God. The federal Government has been complaining for long that this group is being sponsored. You can deceive human beings but you can never deceive God. On the sponsors day of declaration for one of their candidates the Almighty God decided to reveal what the opposition is doing to the Federal Government by sponsoring the Bring Back Our Girls Group in disturbing the peace of the nation. The opology by Audu Ogbeh is just like trying to take back the saliva he has spitted on the ground and which is impossible. What of the name of the lady he made mentioned that she is a member of their party? Is he now denying that she is not or he lied against her? God in His infinite mercy will never allow the likes of Ogbeh to disintegrate this country on their misdeeds. Stop deceiving us with that opology. Even your children will not agree with you that you made a mistake. What we want is that your likes and you should repent and stop inciting people against the Federal Government.

  • luciano

    To be honest I don’t understand bbog anymore though they are fighting for our girls freedom but if truly they are working for APC then it is really bad.

  • Nwokolo

    Sir this is what makes a man great. Apology accepted. Audu Ogbe you are a decent man that apologizes in Nigeria, not those THAT WILL NEVER GIVE A DAMN!!!

  • Romberg

    Angel on Sunday, liar on Monday.

    • emmanuel

      Femi Aribisala pls be patient with ignorant people who respond to your articles. They don’t know what they are doing. Keep it up bro. Really love your articles. God keep and bless you and others that are hated for speaking the truth.

  • just kennie

    Hmm, no one is commenting on the post of the self acclaimed pastor any longer, I can feel his pain and anger in his write up that has succeeded in ironically incriminating past governments for all the reason given.
    I also feel the frustration of the ever disappointed readers.
    The truth is, Femi has mentioned reason for their agitations, and they are mainly, lack of infrastructure, lack of presidency, inadequate representations. All this points to the 16 years of misrule if his dear PDP.
    If the gov watch the agitation and allow it to degenerate, it’s children of anger and hatred like Femi that will first of spit fire. An agitation with no clear cut agenda, an agitation that lacks the voice of any respectable Igbo leader, and agitation with no defined border map, but only trying to force its hatred down the throat of the SS ppl.
    Last one for ‘pastor’, agitations are firstly concluded and passed through the representatives are leaders and not tout and miscreants that have been improverish by successive governments.

    • AfricanChild

      He’s just a nuisance. I’m ashamed on his behalf.

    • Edu Dike

      just kennie; u really need to go back to school if not that true school andor proper education is dead in Nigeria’ u need to be acquainted with history for saying Biafra lack defined border map – SORRY YOUR FATHER’S FUNDING OF YOUR SCHOOLING IS THROWN TO THE LAVATORY – SO SORRY TO UR GENERATION

  • Felix Udoh

    You have captured my thoughts exactly and there is nothing to add. As far as Nigeria continues with so much injustice, rewarding of the unproductive and parasitic north and this feeding bottle federalism, we can only be heading for the abyss.

  • Ade

    The epistle of the satanic pastor.

    • eBusinesz

      You have said Nothing Bro
      Can MMA2 be closed for Enugu Int Airport?
      Can Apapa port activities be transferred to Onei?
      Can every state own its resources and then create as many number of LGA they can cater for
      If we can stay in this marriage with few of the condition above then we are sincere

      Simply put Nigeria is just not Ok with the way its constituted

  • Paul Graham

    Mr Aribisala, you were pro Jonathan and possibly had access if not to Jonathan but to the likes of Okupe. I wonder why your likes did not make it your duty to point out lack of federal presence in the Southeast and of course the bad roads which PMB inherited. All the issues affecting the region were there during PDP’s misrule which you were indirectly part of and were never addressed. Ndigbo are no second class citizens and now that you are indirectly fanning the amber of Biafra, a piece of advice for you. Mind your business. A region that produced a Vice President in the person of Alex Ekweme and five Senate Presidents namely Pius Ayim, Chuba Okadigbo, Evans Ewerem, Ken Nnamani and Adolphus Wabara cannot be said not to be well integrated into the political system. All over Nigeria Ndigbo has set up mini kingdoms and installed various Eze Ndigbo which the host communities allowed and embraced. I personally paid a visit to the Alafin of Oyo his royal Highness Oba Lamidi Adeyemi alongside my personal friend who the Alafin bestored with the tittle Asiwaju Ndigbo of Yoruba land. The old Oyo empire did not extend to Nnewi my friend’s hometown yet the paramount ruler embraced and accommodated him notwithstanding his state of origin. There are issues regarding the Southeast but has to be addressed lawfully. I will support the creation of any state if there was a referendum and majority votes for it unlike the Biafra issue. At no point did a referendum for Biafra held and Ndigbo did not mandate anyone apart from elected officials to represent their interest. Stop crying more than the bereaved. The fact that a Blackman is the President of U.S has not stopped discrimination against blacks. If the IBO man is made President today, can they effect any change without the support of the other tribes?

  • Mons

    ”Nigeria cannot survive without the Igbo” ”Nigeria Cannot Do without the North.” same thing, this man is a confused man who does not even know the meaning of his name. He need to go back to school to learn what constitute treason, terrorism. You should go back in history and read about Abiola, Saro Wiwa. Even if you are paid to write, you still need to think.

  • eBusinesz

    The Truth is always Bitter!!!

  • Edu Dike

    Thanks Femi for this piece; But just note that Biafra agitation is beyond 5 Igbo speaking states; it goes across; Ijaw- Kalabari’ Itsekiri’ Izobo (Urhobo)’ Igbanke’ Ikwere’ ibibio-Efik’ Igala’ Igbo etc; The map of Biafra was in existence before 18 century and was embedded in the African map then’ long before the intrusion of Britain and their evil Amalgamation; the word amalgamation as it were in 1914 clearly defines that we were never the same people with the Northern caliphate; also note that there was signed document that this British contraption call NIGERIA will exist for only hundred years; that expired last year 2014. Believing you are quite intelligent’ i want to leave you and other readers here with this PUZZLE; What is the meaning of NAIRA and KOBO? why is there Arabic inscription on the Nigeria currency? why did Goodluck Jonathan lead administration remove the Arabic inscription on the Naira notes minted during his regime? Biafrans knows the answers to these and they form part why Nigeria must be disintegrated. Nigeria has no requisite foundation for growth; hence she is not making any headway rather retrogression; she was created just as Britain’s LEISURE PARK AND HARVEST FIELD. Please make further research on your own your findings will shock you to bones. inbox me at twitter if you would like us to discuss and share views on this matter’ we can take it up from there; @gmergers

    • NoSpinEd

      You might want to consult the Ijaws, Itsekiri, Urhobos, Ibibio,etc. about this. You may recall that they were not consulted the last time. I doubt that they are any more enthusiastic about an Igbo dominated Biafra now than they were then.

  • Ajantala

    Aribisala is mostly full of trash. Anyway, you already written you don’t view Buhari as your President. It’s very hard to be objective in your writings when you have to depend on political patronage for your daily bread. Yeah, Jonathan is your hero. Sorry.

  • Doc Jtroy

    Great article. IMO Nigeria would be stronger together, just kill of the corrupt politicians.