Despite ceasefire claims, soldiers kill 25 Boko Haram militants in Damboa

Suspected Boko Haram insurgents

Despite claims of a ceasefire between the Nigerian government and extremist sect, Boko Haram, soldiers on Sunday night shot dead 25 members of the sect during an attack on Damboa town of Borno state.

This was disclosed by security officials.

The attack on Damboa crystallised the doubts thousands of Nigerians expressed over the announced ceasefire deal the federal government said it signed on Friday with Boko Haram.

An official of a local vigilante group, Muhammad Gava, who first confirmed the attack to PREMIUM TIMES in a phone interview, said the terrorists stormed Damboa at about 5pm on Sunday.

“My members of the vigilante group in Damboa had informed me early this morning that the attack was repelled and more than two dozen of them were killed, said Mr. Gava.

He added that “the gunmen, according to our Vigilante members in Damboa, came from the direction of Sambisa forest and driving several pickup vans and some military-like armoured personnel carriers”.

An official of the State Security Services confirmed the incident to PREMIUM TIMES but pleaded not to be quoted as his superiors at Maiduguri office had prohibited him and other officers from speaking to the media on matters like this.

“There was an attack on Damboa yesterday and our soldiers had effectively repelled them and killed 25 of them during a shootout.

“The soldiers were able to recover several ammunition including a Buffalo Armoured Personnel Carrier which the terrorists abandoned,” he said.

Boko Haram on July 17 hoisted their flags in Damboa after a deadly gun battle that killed several soldiers and a Lieutenant Colonel commanding the military base in Damboa.

Damboa is 85km away from Maiduguri, Borno state capital. It also shares borders with Sambissa forest where Boko Haram has its largest training camp.


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  • the truth

    there must be peace. from reliable sources, some groups are pressuring boko haram not to abide by this peace deal in other for them to continue their propaganda. we as a country and people will overcome terror and evil. nigeria will grow, god willing.

    • Ay

      Reno Omokri … Since you know the groups, why dont you mention them. When your master is ready to dismantle the insurgence he put in place, he will surely do, that’s if it’s not already out of you people’s hand!

      • Omo Oodua

        dead dog!

    • Mosaku 147

      You dey fear to say APC?

  • tuco

    I just can’t fathom what is up with this sambisa forest that our gallant soldiers can’t comb and finish this ragtags once and for all. This BH appears to be very stubborn and a hard nut to crack, it was actually unthinkable that a few group of ragtags can emerge in this country and prove stubborn for the Nigerian army, Its surprising. Definitely there is much to this than we can see, there is some kind of conspiracy. Premium times, i doubt if the pic you used in the article are BH, i strongly suspect those are niger delta militants.

  • BTT

    BH is disunited and dismembered now. For me, the name Boko Haram is simply a brand of Nigerian Northern terrorists. If shekau still exist, it seems he does not have full control anymore. Therefore Nigerian Army should not be misled by the so called peace-deal while terrorists used that avenue to build arsenals and take over more cities…

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The title of this story seems to suggest that the soldiers violated the ceasefire agreement. I wonder what the author of this story had in mind? Did he expect that the soldiers would have allowed the Boko Haram terrorists free rein just because there was a ceasefire? Good Heavens!

    • Omo Oodua

      Thats exactly what Premium times are trying to portray here. They are the mouthpiece of Boko haram, and were not happy that the soldiers attacked and killed their brethrens. Premium Times are the ones fuelling this Boko haram crisis and will never want it to end because that is what they have been paid to do by APC!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Guys, please put on your thinking hats and look on from outside for a moment.

        Has it occurred to you that it is Monday night and no Chibok girls released by boko haram as ‘hooted’ last week.

        What other way to distract your attention from that glaring failure than a phantom attack and repel story?

        • Otile

          I did not realize you can be humorous too. After reading your comment I almost laughed my head off especially when you asked the rhetoric question: “What other way to distract your attention from that glaring failure than a phantom attack and repel story?”

          You make it sound as if the government does not want the ceasefire to hold. But everybody knows that that there are fringe elements from both sides who are trigger happy. These fringe elements can start firing rockets and machine guns at the drop of a hat.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Otile, my son, please sit down and let me tell you a story as our forefathers did with our fathers.

            “A cow gave birth to a baby; and the baby was fire. It’s mother wanted to lick, but it burnt her. She wanted to abandon it, but she couldn’t!”

            Do you know why she couldn’t leave it?

            Because it was her baby!!

            Go figure.

        • Omo Oodua

          Hope you always put on your Mungo park wig also before making comments. Thank you.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Seems like you forgot to put on your inherited reading glasses aka coca cola bottle bottoms before reading today.

            What happened?

            You need the glasses to see your glasses too?

        • Lala

          Always on point bro. Kudos.

      • Lala

        Go and sleep jare. Does FFK not write rubbish on PT. If u don like go and read vanguard forum. Or better still, form your own online news medium.

  • Buhari is a Jihadist

    The Ebola virus is better than Sharia Virus. We must defeat Sharia virus law.

    • Dr. Kay

      You are so pathetic . Ebola virus better than sharia virus, you are so insensitive that in your partisan reply you have to write these inflammatory response. You have no respect for those whose life have been cut short by Ebola virus that you now romanticizing with it in this despicable way. Your love for these your internet job of countering anything the opposition to PDP makes has turned you into a cold hearted beast Init?

      • Lala

        That is why I am always angry with dem o. Worst of all, these e-rats insult our collective intelligence.

        • Buhari the Sharia Virus

          Sharia virus had kill more people than Ebola. STOP THE SPREAD OF SHARIA VIRUS BY NOT VOTING FOR BUHARI. Buhari is an advocate of Sharia.

      • Buhari the Sharia Virus

        Ebola virus started and we were able to contain it in less than 4 months. Plus there is a trial vaccine. Sharia virus has to Vaccine. Sharia virus had kill more people than Ebola. Sharia virus has been killing people in Nigeria right from the days of Usman Dan fodio. Up til now the Northern Muslims are yet to develop a vaccine for Sharia virus. STOP THE SPREAD OF SHARIA VIRUS BY NOT VOTING FOR BUHARI. Buhari is an advocate of Sharia.

    • Lala

      Oya begin pack your load cos u will not survive 4 years of GMB in Aso Rock!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • G4

    This is the problem with this Govt, its like none of them have ever read a single page out of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Even after several embarrassing retractions on the same issue, they have not been disciplined enough to learn their lesson, how do you as a responsible adult keep announcing you have agreed with the group and the girls would be free imminently??? Do they not even think that people will take them more serious if they first had the girls in their possession and then announced it, who the hell has confidence in people that keep announcing victories without first getting the results to show for it only to retract. Real definition of a kindergarten govt we have here

    • Lala

      Bro, I am in agreement with you 110%

  • bayo



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  • Dr. Kay

    Why are we not asking the pertinent question #bring back the girls? We were told that the terms of the cease fire was crafted in such a way that the girls will be released in batches starting yesterday(20/10/2014). 24 hours and counting no sign of the girls instead we hearing of attacks and counter attacks. When we said the ceasefire was a fraud , people thought we are Mumu, abi be ko ? Now that we are still waiting for the girls ,I hope we Nigerians are now getting the full picture of how wicked this administration is . We must be patient to flush these absurdities out of our collective psyche. A self centered, me ,me ,me ,and chop chop bunch of thieves, they’ve rap..d our collective national Pride and made us worthless human only surviving on crumbs and pittance. If possible we will be denied of oxygen cause they will accumulate it for their own selfish ends . Enough is enough, stomach infrastructure will only last for a week , fellow country folks , let’s do the right thing and send these corrupt janjaweeds out of power into kirikiri overalls.

  • Lala

    Ab initio I knew in my heart that the ‘ceasefire’ was a farce. Fellow Nigerians, come february 2015 let’s collectively flush ineptitude and cluelessness down the toilet.

  • MrFesh

    Premium Times why not try this caption as an update:

    “Despite ceasefire claims, soldiers kill 25 Boko Haram militants in Damboa for FUN”

  • Mr. Abdin

    Happy Birthday to Turaki Abubakar for attaining the age of 69, more and happy returns.

  • sir Oscie

    Great article Mr Okoroma Louis.

    Happy Birthday to Turaki Nigeria, Many more fruitful years boss.

    I wish him more of God’s favour at 69 as he ATIKULATE to Aso Rock.

  • Ola Adeoye

    This kind of puff piece has no place in Premium Times. It ‘s clear Louis Okoroma is a shameless brow-noser.

  • Zirem

    Happy birthday to a great man, a man with a heart of gold, Atiku Abubakar, Turakin Adamawa. May you find fulfilment in all u do.