Ebola: Jonathan deserves no credit as Rivers did it alone — Amaechi

The governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, has stated that Nigeria’s flaunted success in the fight against Ebola is a fallacy.
Rivers and Lagos were the two Nigerian states hit by Ebola outbreak.

The federal government has said the two states are now free of the deadly virus.

Speaking at Wednesday’s formal declaration of former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, to run for president in 2015, Mr. Amaechi said his government spent N1. 4billion to curtail the outbreak of the disease.

He faulted claims by President Goodluck Jonathan’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, that the Federal Government successfully contained the outbreak.

“I hear PDP and Mr. President claiming the glory of having fought Ebola. I asked one simple question: Rivers state government spent 1,406 billion to fight Ebola, the Federal Government brought N200m just last week. If we were waiting for that N200m, Ebola would have spread round Rivers State,” he said.

He said his Lagos state colleague, Babatunde Fashola, was also “fully in charge of the Ebola drive in his state”.

Further deriding the Federal Government, Mr. Amaechi said “apart from announcing the number of patients, what did the Federal Government do for us? So, why did they politicise Ebola,” he said.

The World Health Organisation, WHO, had announced on Wednesday in Geneva that it may declare Nigeria and Senegal Ebola-free within days if they complete a 42-day period with no new cases.

However, Mr. Amaechi in his remarks said the battle against Ebola was not over yet.

“I always tell Nigerians to hold there sanitizer, see my sanitizer because it is not over,” he said.
APC will win in 2015.

The Rivers governor also said the opposition APC will win the 2015 presidential election because the party now had 14 governors who had all resolved to line up behind whoever emerges as the party’s candidate after primary election.

He also urged all the party members to help the governors achieve their resolve by ensuring that they all pick their voters’ card from the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

“Line up behind APC, go back home and get your voters card, we will punish this people with voters’ card,” he said.

He also said the APC presently controls three keys states of Lagos, Kano and Rivers, and warned the PDP against using security to intimidate the opposition.

“They are banking on using security against us but we shall teach them the Osun lesson.

“We will fight with our body and our lives, because there must be change this time.

“There is no aspirant in APC that is not better than the aspirant in PDP.

“APC stands for anti-corruption and the money being diverted to private pockets now can be used to provide light.

“Mr President said to us on Live TV that that he is the most abused leader in 2012 and that by 2013, there will be so much power in Nigeria, that citizens will be dancing for him on the streets, are you dancing now?, Do you have Power?,” Mr. Amaechi asked the roaring crowd.


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  • dan

    1.4b Naira spent in few weeks to fight Ebola? What was the money actually spent on? Certainly, this is not the change we want!

    • Wähala

      That’s money well spent, do you know how much specialized equipment cost? Like he said, the meager N200million Dumbo sent just last week would not have contained the outbreak, give credit to whom it is due.

      • emmanuel

        PT, what is the difference between the man who call the President dumbo and what I just wrote?

        Media sensoring and critics emasculation here.

        • Wähala

          Because one is telling the truth and a Bushman from the riverine is writing on sentiments…
          One is a native Nigerian and the other is a cross-bred Aborigine from Papua New Guinea…
          One is sane and the other is sky-high on mind altering controlled substance, e.g., igbo, gbana, etc…
          You are in Amnesty Camp copying whatever Reno Omokri hands you for crumbs which you depend on. Career tout.

  • Chris1408

    GEJ has failed woefully, so he sees Ebola as a way of claiming success. The success belongs to WHO, CDC, rivers and Lagos states. Just like Amaechi said, Ebola story is not over yet. Nobody should be harping on claiming victory for it.

  • Wähala

    Apart from, “fight with our body and our lives”…Gov. Amaechi is right. Politics should never be about live & death, change via effective outreach and sensitization programs can be achieved without heating up the polity. I would advise Rotimi Amaechi to use his remaining time in office to go round the LGA’s of Rivers State in a drive to make sure all registered voters pick up their PVC’s and actually vote for change that Nigeria deserves. With Saraki and Oshiomhole backing down from contesting, if APC unites behind a credible candidate (not Atiku), Dumbo will be done bcos he’s running on empty!

    • Chris1408

      Anyone that vote for Jonathan must really love misery and suffering, because that’s all his administration has given Nigerians

      • Wähala

        If Nigerians employ the “Osun Lesson” like Amaechi said, there’s no way Dumbo can win…
        The ‘Osun Treatment’ is the art of ignoring battalions of goons and casting your vote; then, monitoring the collating/counting and results announcement ward-for-ward without rancor. Soldiers cannot shoot everyone, especially with International Observers nearby. Dumbo must be dumped for Nigeria to see the light at the end of the 15yr-long tunnel of darkness… wallahi!

        • emmanuel

          Your papa don craze before. Na who be dumbo? Bastard when asewo born for fulani cattle rearer?

          • Wähala

            Cross-breading a chimpanzee with your near-naked Aborigine mother resulted in Ebola Dumbo, your moron senior brother you’re ready to kill for… Chump, how I wish I can wrap my hands around your slimy neck right now! Bushman of Nigeria’s riverine enclaves… swing back home on tree trunks before I lose a fuse on your dirty-drunken self. Mordafcuker!

  • Uzoma OKEZIE. Lagos. Nigeria

    This man is truly a Motor Park Tout.
    How can any person be so crude? Yesterday this fellow was shouting for the Federal Government’s N200million to help fight Ebola, today Amaechi has done it alone and wants the credit alone. I really do not know who told Amaechi that President Goodluck Jonathan is competing with him. Does he not know his level?.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    Truly Governor Rotimi Amaechi urgently needs the attention of a psychiatrist

    • Don Baba

      No no no no. No need of a psychiatrist any longer.
      There is no urgency anymore.
      He has reached the final and IRREVERSIBLE stage!
      It’s gone beyond the physical.
      Only prayers can save him. Pray for him.

  • emmanuel

    No be madness, na money laundering he just do so.

    Amaechi has only succeeded in fooling River State people for about N1.1 billion he stole on the account of Bola, by attacking Jonathan. That way Nigerian’s would end up discussing Jonathan and Ebola and not bother with the stolen funds.

    Amaechi don thief again o. The APC is the house of horror. Haba, guy man. FG gave you N200m and you still stole.

    I beg Fashola tell us how much you use.

  • the truth

    amaechi you spent 1.4 billion fighting ebola? may God have mercy.

    • Wähala

      Hahaha chei… you neva see Oba!

      • the truth

        my brother make we leave party affiliation talk true na. this man spent 1.4 billion naira for ebola. i have always said this politicians don’t care about me and u, all they care about is to service their pockets.

        • Wähala

          They only need the slightest excuse and bingo! Any amount is indisputable. Even if Amaechi built a spanking new hospital in the 2weeks Ebola visited Pitakwa, wallahi, that amount is not justifiable. That’s why I dey laff… Lord, Have Mercy, indeed. Sha, na last lap for’am, the next Govt. will tell us if it’s true or not. Quite frankly, we have no hope… hahahaaa chei, again!

          • the truth

            if you wahala ask ameachi how im spend that money, in go run go press tomorrow say wahala is planning to bring down his government, and how wahala na card carrying member of pdp, before you go know forumites go attack you. my brother this is 1.4 billion naira, the money too big i no fit type am. wetin we dey see for naija ehn. pass me odeku abeg

          • Wähala

            You’re right, I once ran into him in London and his answer to every question was, “when we came on board, these things didn’t exist…” Amaechi met an empty ‘warehouse’ in form of Rivers State… Maybe, he found a cure for Ebola after spending that amount and is waiting to exit Govt. House before applying for patent protection. Clown, indeed. Odeku jare… tall or short?

          • the truth

            my brother tall one, but please make e be odeku oh. because mr otile say you drink mostly burukutu brewed from gwandu, near the chad-niger border. please odeku to drown my sorrow for my country. we go get there one day

  • Wise Head

    Ebola is gone, and everyone is shooting mouth. Amaechi, please, give us the break-down of how you spent the money. I hope no one used ebola to launder funds?

  • zimboza2004

    America that has flown almost 5 patients by private jets and their cure in the best hospitals in the US the cost has not totaled $3,000,000(three million dollars).So can Mr Amaechi give us the breakdown of how the state spent N1,400,000,000(one point four billion naira) at todays exchange rate of N168 to $1 is $8,200,000(eight million,two,hundred thousand dollar).Most times these politicians think Nigerians are fools.It just saddens me that these politicians are going to use ebola as a ruse to embezzle/siphon public funds into their pockets.

    • the truth

      my brother it is really sad. politicians have turned nigerians into fools. how many patients were infected in port harcourt. Amaechi did not build any hospital . we are talking about 1.4 billion naira. he was been cheered at the rally after giving this figures yesterday. it is the same amaechi that told nigerians the reason politicians steal is because the people don’t stone them.

  • the truth

    amaechi is really performing. giving rivers people the true dividends of democracy. a small sum of 1.4 billion was used to fight ebola in the garden city within 3 weeks. amaechi come take a bow. u too much. while taking the bow amaechi abeg u fit breakdown those figures for us. abeg how u spend the 1.4 billion naira. at that rate are we assuming for 3 weeks you spent 66 million each day fighting ebola. u no build hospital, u no build health village, u no build health center. amaechi there is god oh!!!!!

    • kingbaabu

      We heard you the first time, Deri, no need posting the same thing more than once under different names.

  • zimboza2004

    So true…the pot calling the kettle black..When are we going to wake up from our slumber…the rot in Nigeria is too much.The fish starts to rot from the head At the Federal,state and local level these polithieves are robbing the country blind

  • joe

    I can’t just understand the issues being raised by FG/Lagos/Rivers on the ebola glory. Are you guys not happy that Papa God helped us to unite and defeat ebola?. Glory goes to papa God, our heavenly Father. USA rejected FG’s request for ZMAPP, but papa God looked at our situation and helped us, and now GEJ, Amaechi and Fashola are fighting for glory. What’s the matter with you?. Amaechi, N1.4billion seems too huge for fighting ebola in three weeks in Rivers. Fear God please.

  • Roseline

    No mortal man should take the glory of GOD as regards Ebola. we prayed, God heard and did the MIRACLE. TO HIM BE THE GLORY.