Jonathan to release Chibok girls for ‘maximum political advantage’ – APC

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has urged President Goodluck Jonathan to release the school girls who were abducted in Chibok over six months ago, if indeed he knows where they are, rather than seeking to make political gains out of their release.

“Mr. President, tongues are wagging that you know where the girls are and that you want them to be released only when it will give you the maximum political advantage. We don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is, please release the girls now,” the party said in a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed.

“It is cruel and unconscionable for anyone to use these girls as pawns on a political chess board. They have now been in captivity for over six full months. Please end the agony of the girls’ parents and indeed of all Nigerians,” it said.

APC said the body language of President Jonathan, since the unfortunate abduction of the girls, points to the fact that he knows more than he is willing to admit on the unfortunate issue, and that he has exhibited an unprecedented nonchalance over the plight of the girls.

“First, the President waited for all of 19 days before even admitting that the girls have been abducted, losing a critical window of opportunity to rescue them from their abductors. When eventually he was forced by global pressure to admit that the abduction is real, Mr. President and his wife chose to subject the girls’ parents and others to untold verbal assault and mental torture.

“A little over a month after the girls were abducted, the Chief of Defence Staff said the security leadership in the country had located where Boko Haram is holding the abducted girls. Since then, Nigerians have been waiting for the girls to be rescued, to no avail. No one has told Nigerians the problems that are mitigating against the release of the girls, be it logistic or otherwise.

“More recently, on Sept. 23rd, the military tweeted the imminent release of the girls, only to retract the statement shortly thereafter. However, in the intervening period, thousands of ‘supporters’ of the President had gathered at the Pierre Hotel in New York to welcome the President (who was then in New York for the UN General Assembly session) after the release of the girls, while media interviews had been booked for him. No one has told Nigerians why that ‘imminent release’ of the girls was botched.

“Also recently, a flurry of nocturnal activities have been going on ostensibly to negotiate the release of the girls, even after the same government that is apparently behind the activities had bluntly ignored wise counsel and said it would never negotiate their release.

“Finally, President Jonathan, in his characteristic ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude, refused to meet with the selfless men and women who have been championing the campaign for the release of the girls on the sixth-month anniversary of their abduction. Instead, the President sent a team of impudent ministers who went to lambast the altruistic campaigners and call them names. Juxtapose that with the global solidarity shown to the campaigners from non-celebrities and celebrities alike, including Alicia Keys, and you will realize how insensitive this Administration has been.

The party said from the ongoing, it is clear that President Jonathan has consciously manipulated the abduction of the girls for maximum political advantage.

“It is clear that President Jonathan has suddenly shown more interest in their release after his consensus nomination as PDP candidate for next year’s elections. Our appeal, therefore, is for the President to allow the immediate release of the girls, rather than wait for when it will give maximum boost to his political fortunes,” it said.

Lai Mohammed

National Publicity Secretary
All Progressives Congress, APC.


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  • Wähala

    Even today is too late!
    Dumbo will not dare milk the girls’ freedom for political capital, it would be amoral after 6mons… but, who knows? The callous clown is like an imbecile child, beyond prediction. A PhD who said because more Nigerians charter private jets, Nigerians are not poor. Dangote making the riches list means his Govt’s economic policies are sound. However, the plight of the Chibok girls is collective guilt on all who sponsor or sympathize with the Boko Haram; those who know their financiers (Prof. Wole Soyinka, CBN Gov. Emefule) but refuse to identify them so Nigerians can serve them justice. Finally, kudos! must be given to those who have kept the candle of hope burning (#BBOG) and their leadership. Methinks, those searching for the girls have been looking in the wrong direction given the level of sophistication involved. Since it’s now evident the PDP and Dumbo are behind their predicament, it would be wise to look in the reverine jungles of Bayelsa State because all pointers show that Asari, Oritsejafor, Sheriff and Ihejirika are the kingpins backing the evil group… Proof: since the South Africa arms fiasco, BH have not recorded any major incursions, no recent bombings, and our soldiers have suddenly gained the upper hand… all of that cannot be coincidence!

    • King Carlos

      bro you are right mehn… there’s so much conspiracy on this issue.

  • dan

    Lai Mohammed is beginning to sound too childish, he seems to be visiting too much of nairaland and other rumor mills on the web. Your party is always trying to score political point with the abduction of chibook girls, yet you accuse the President of it, not minding the security implication to the country. Do you expect the President to come to press with details of how they are negotiating the release of the girls on a daily basis? Is that how it is done in other climes? This is really unfortunate.


      This is a serious issue. Don’t ever attempt to trivialize it on the altar of crass partisanship. The only one trying to score cheap political point are the President and his party, In what other country in the world will a President still be talking of re-election when over 200 girls have been missing for 6 months? President Jonathan should thank his stars that we have a docile and compromised legislature.

      • dan

        In other countries people throw away partisan politics and support the government in power when they are faced with terrorist attacks, they don’t ask their presidents to resign or count the attacks as a failure of the government. Here in Nigeria the opposite is the case, why?

        • tundemash

          Name those countries you were referring to where the President goes dancing skelewu a day after a terrorist attack kills scores of its citizens and expect the position to support it.
          Name those countries where agents of govt. refer to opposition as sponsoring terrorism, does nothing about that (playing politics) and yet expect same opposition to support it.
          Name those countries where over 200 of its citizens are taken hostage and the President has refused to be on ground to personally assess the situation.

          • alimi Urdu

            Your Muslims parents are terrorist and all of you shall die of violence

          • tundemash

            F00l, so only muslims are against the dummy President? What has religion got to do with the incompetence of the Otuoke Clown? Alimi the mugun !

        • Wähala

          Why did the President tell Nigerians he knows where the girls are yet, has done nothing in 6mos to rescue them? Has he deemed it reasonable to even visit Chibok in the 6mos our girls were kidnapped? It took the efforts of a teenager from Pakistan to force him to meet the grieving parents… didn’t fat Alex Badeh tell the world the Army had located the girls in three camps, why have they not acted on that actionable information? What about the identified sponsors of the insurgents, what has your irresponsible president done about them? In sane clime, Dumbo will be in chains heading to The Hague for his crimes against humanity. If your sister were among those girls, would you be posting gutter trash publicly? Many people, all sycophants must be banned from thinking… beginning with you!

        • Wähala

          In other countries a president leads, the people follow…
          In sane societies, Dumbo would have impeached for failing to live up to his oath of office…
          In many other climes, the plight of those girls would have been top priority, not meanless politics of re-election. There in Nigeria, fanatical sycophants like you ought to be gathered like logs and set on fire… clown!

        • King Carlos

          Oga dan…. which other support does Jonathan needs to release the girls? So Nigerians are not patient enough abi… if our society was a sane one, jonathan and his government would have been long gone. If David Mark was not a thief and corrupt official, jonathan would have been impeached and he would have been shuffling from one court case to another.

          do u really know the number of innocent souls that have been lost through the action of the terrorists?

          When in Tunisia, just the death of Muhammed Bouazisi in the city of Sudi Bouzid led to the overthrow of the government in Tunisia.

          do you know how many lives have been lost during the reign of Jonathan? You are probably ignorant of events in your society.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          You are right, Dan. Except that in those countries, the President will not be dancing Skelewu on the second day of the girls’ disappearance, the President will not wait for all of 19 days to admit that they have been kidnapped and the President’s wife will not be lambasting anyone over the plight of the girls!

  • @Amuwospeaks

    I can remember vivdly IBB’s comment when the issue of BH started, he said if terrorist attack last for more than a day, the president knows about it. Because he has all the forces in his purview.. And the president has claimed he knows the sponsor of BH and fails to tell Nigerians and act on it..

  • alimi Urdu


  • Wesley

    Sir, after one year, what is your opinion of Mr. Ambode’s government?