Buhari, Atiku ‘serial losers’ – Presidency

Aso Rock alternate spokesperson, Doyin Okupe

The Presidency on Wednesday in Abuja advised supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan not to worry about the declaration by some opposition figures to contest the 2015 presidential election.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, who was speaking in an interview with State House correspondents, described the opposition aspirants as serial losers.

Mr. Okupe described an online media report which claimed that Mr. Jonathan was scheming to illegally extend his tenure as untrue, saying that the opposition aspirants had been rejected by Nigerians in the past.

According to him, nothing has changed to make Nigerians accept either retired Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari or Atiku Abubakar, who have failed in the past in their quest to become president.

Responding to a question on whether Mr. Jonathan should be worried about the opposition, he said the declaration of the opposition was not really something new.

“Most of the candidates of the opposition are serial failures. Atiku has tried twice, he has failed; Buhari has done it four times, he has failed.’’

“If you present yourself in an election, the first time people reject you, second time, they reject you. So, have they gone to school, to Harvard or are they bringing new things.

“We are not worried at all. We are absolutely unperturbed. The president is going to contest against serial losers.

“People who never win elections, people who Nigerians don’t believe in, people who have no leadership anything.

“And it is even now worse for them. This president has been given four years, a platform on which he has demonstrated administrative capability, efficiency and delivery. It is unarguable.

“This party, the APC, it is a new party, it is a good party. They will become relevant from 2019 upwards not now.

“Their declaration and participation is not a threat to us. They have never won an election before,’’ he said.

On when Jonathan would declare for the election, Mr. Okupe referred to a Yoruba proverb which says; “It is the biggest masquerade that comes out last.’’

Okupe expressed the belief that the president, who had been under severe pressure to seek re-election, would not disappoint his supporters.

“The president has been under intense pressure from ordinary citizens, ordinary Nigerians, foreign interests and local interest groups, and especially even his party.

“Virtually every level of party leadership has more or less endorsed the president to run and I believe the president is not going to let us down.

“He has done very well. We appreciate it and we are calling on him to come and run,” he said.



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  • Ervine Okuboh

    The Senior Presidential Assistant may be right or may be wrong in his assertions of the other candidates. However the demonstration of real class on his part would have been to assert that they (the candidates)have a democratic right to present themselves as candidates, without having to resort to personal criticisms of the individuals, which in itself would show statesmanlike behaviour on behalf of the Presidential machinery/secretariat. Personally I would have preferred to have seen him adopt a naturally supportive stance of his boss, but also a non subjective stance on the abilities and prospects of the competitors for the presidency. For example Harold Wilson, the late, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, still holds the record of the most General Election victories in British political history. 1964, 1966, March 1974 and October 1974. However he too failed and was rejected by the electorate in 1970. Granted, Nigerian and British politics are different, but being rejected in one period does not necessarily mean that a candidate will be rejected in a future period. I think it is important that we as a nation can demonstrate to the international world that we can handle ourselves with grace, tact, class and diplomacy of the highest order.

    • MrFesh

      Did he say they didn’t have the democratic right to present themselves?

  • ian

    Haba! This KUPE must have prepared this his dirty speech before the man even declared! Why the haste?

  • Dr. Kay

    Yes oh they are losers to PDP institutionalised rigging apparatchik. 2015 will be different , everyday is for the thief one day is for the owner. No more ojoro again. We are now smarter and Dumbos time is expired.

  • tolishh

    Bros you better worry mr okupe, GMB is for real this time APC ain’t joking

  • Helen

    Jonathan has been under intense pressure to contest by Mugus.

    • Wähala

      …and criminals.

  • Mohammad Lawal

    You see, my worries about this Medical Doctor turned politician is that he still thinks he is in a Hospital

  • Mustafa Oyebanji

    I am not sure if Okupe see the latest online survey between Jonathan and Buhari, the latest one is Buhari 80% and Jonathan 20%. Unless there is a special card that Mr Okupe and his PDP governing body will play like what happened during governors forum election, where 16 is bigger than 19. This man and his colleague Mr. Abati are No. 1 enemy of Mr president because they always like to tell president what they think he will like to hear, and as result, Mr. president continue to make mistake and damaging Nigeria. Nigeria cannot afford another 4 years of this president.

    • MrFesh

      Are you high?

      • Mustafa Oyebanji

        High about what?

        • MrFesh

          More like high on what…

  • the truth

    Mr Okupe this would be a closer race.the margin is closing fast,if there is a time for rebranding Mr president and pdp now is the time

    • tundemash

      No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it won’t change a thing. Stealing is no corruption so says the Otuoke Clown you want Okupe to rebrand … Has Okupe refunded the N2.3b he took from Benue state govt for a road contract not executed ? You want a rogue to rebrand another rogue …. whatever you smoke is too strong for your feeble mind; stop it !

      • the truth

        I would love to engage you in a matured conversation devoid of name calling, abuses or curses but unfortunately I can’t.the day you are matured enough like some forum items we can have a grounded discussion.i begin to wonder your level of eloquence with your frequent abusing in a public forum.please I beg you to learn manners, it includes acting maturely in public

        • tundemash

          Could you crawl back into that hole you came from Mr.. fake truth teller ? A fraud claiming to be matured; only in these strange times where setting up committees are celebrated as achievement by his master looters.

  • Nelson Abila

    Better a serial loser than a serial lair. A loser will win someday with hard work, dedication and perseverance. But a liar loses forever.

    • tundemash

      Late Ghanaian President Atah Mills was a serial loser till he won on his 4th attempt. The PDP rogues are just jittery . Many will go to jail in 2015.

  • TopeLamas

    Jonatthan is d real serial loser cos he never win anything all his agenda r mere losers, he hae no credit to his name unlike buhari who is a man of intergrity, even though he has won any election so far his character, ability, focus is what Nigeria nids at d moment, GEJ cn like to b rounding up in aso rock nw cos he is definately nt coming back come 2015

  • Maria

    “This party, the APC, it is a new party, it is a good party. They will become relevant from 2019 upwards not now.”… This moron is now admitting that APC is here to wipe out PDP…before he used to boast about APC being dead on arrival. Okukpe, what has changed? Are your eyes now clearing? It seems you are praising APC to have a place to decamp to when your useless party is kicked out. I have bad news for you… you will be decamped to the prison not APC.

    • AbujaKenneth

      The man is a moron needed to represent certain section for political reasons

    • djay

      Doyin and do not call him okupe since he said we shouldn’t call him okupe if APC will last 1 year after the merger, now he’s saying Apc won’t win. Nobody can take him for your words again. lol

    • tundemash

      When APC was formed, he boasted if APC was not dead in one year, we should call him a bast*rd so call him his real name : BAST*RD. As per teh serial loser story; former Presidents Atah Mills of Ghana and Abraham Lincoln of USA were serial losers too so no shaking ! Better to be serial losers than serial looters.

  • Saint

    Mr Doyin Okupe is on point, GMB and Atiku are serial losers indeed.. We will see them fall, they doesn’t have any good intention in things patterning to the growth of Nigeria..

    • Mr. Abdin

      I think Okupe is dreaming about Nigeria’s political journey and it is very unfortunate if some one like him is thinking that APC is never a threat until 2019 is making a big mistake. The force of change is blowing and there is need for Nigerians to show the present regime that is a failure. That is why the likes of Atiku, Buhari and kwankwaso will give the them a big fight.

    • tundemash

      But your PDP/GEJ serial looters have good intentions ? Take that China glasses off so you can see clearly.

    • Zirem

      This here, Okupe’s comment is exactly the reaction we usually get from the presidency when ever they feel threatened. Change is here. #ANigeriaForAll

      • sir Oscie

        Well said

  • Mr. Abdin

    I think Okupe is dreaming about Nigeria’s political journey and it is very unfortunate if some one like him is thinking that APC is never a threat until 2019 is making a big mistake. The force of change is blowing and there is need for Nigerians to show the present regime that is a failure. That is why the likes of Atiku, Buhari and kwankwaso will give the them a big fight come 2015. in my side where i come from, the last masquerade is the weakest one.

  • tijan kabba

    Why on earth people waste time to listen to a cretin like okupe is just unthinkable. the man clearly has diarrhea of the mouth. Only the can accommodate such.

  • Zirem

    I can bet on all my material things that Okupe himself doesn’t believe a
    word he said. Okupe should know better than to use the word failure,
    cos we all know whose name is synonymous with failure, cos i still here
    GEJ say i will not i have. Ok, I put this out to Okupe, What will he
    (Okupe) call an administration who has continuously refuse to take
    responsibility of the atrocities(corruption, impunity, insecurity,
    unemployment, etc) going on in the country, while thousands continue to
    die under its watch? If he can give the right answer, then maybe
    he(Okupe) is not a result of a failed administration after all.

  • sir Oscie

    Okupe, You said the big masquerade come out last where you come from but in my place the the big masquerade leads the smaller ones out.
    Anyway lets not talk much now the electorates will make their choice when the time is right. the Electorates need CHANGE and APC will bring it to them.
    Time for CHANGE is now.

  • vTrigger

    It is unfortunate that Alhaji. Atiku and Buhari have demonstrated pure greed that destroys the party before it begins.
    It is really true that these people have nothing to offer Nigerians, and if Nigerians make that mistake, our country will be trhown back to 30 years behind with even more confusion. majority of Nigerians know about it, but we just need to be honest to ourselves. These guys are only good in coup plotting and rigging election. They are wild dictators and chameloens, who are only interested in Nigerian treasures. APC is now showing any wise political future not maturity by bringing these guys our as their presidential aspirants.
    I really pity any Nigerian or party who believes that they can trust the future of this natio on Buhari or Atiku.