PDP tackles Buhari over claims on electricity, economy

Olisa Metuh, PDP National Publicity Secretary.

The Peoples Democratic Party is pleased to welcome to the 2015 presidential contest, a former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, who declared his intention today, Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

While we congratulate and wish him well in his ambition, we have noted some distortions and misrepresentation of facts in his speech and consequently wish to put the record straight.

According to General Buhari, Nigeria was generating 4000 megawatts of electricity in 1999 but has today fallen short of that capacity under the PDP.

However, the fact remains that as at May 29th 1999 when PDP took office, Nigeria was generating 1600 MWs. We urge Nigerians to fact-check on this. Corroboration of this figure can also be sought from the World Bank, the IMF and multiple other authoritative sources.

In contrast, it is common knowledge that under the transformative leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria now generates 4,568 MWs of electricity; a triple of what was generated in 1999.

Again, General Muhammadu Buhari stated that a growing economy which the PDP inherited in 1999 has been destroyed within 15 years in office. This also does not represent the reality on the ground.

The fact which can be verified from the hand-over notes from the military as well as from the World Bank and IMF is that Nigeria was the third largest economy in Africa in 1999, behind South Africa and Egypt. The nation was also rated number 48 in the world, our Foreign Reserve at $3.6 Billion while our foreign debt stood at $36 billion.

However, it is incontrovertible that in the last 15 years of PDP leadership, especially the last three years of dynamic and purposeful administration provided by President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s economy has become the largest in Africa and the 26th largest in the world. Similarly, our Foreign Reserve is now over $39 billion dollars, and our foreign debts reduced to less than $7 billion from $36 billion.

Besides, General Buhari also told supporters that Nigeria’s agricultural sector has gone down under the PDP, a statement which also does not reflect the reality on the ground.

Verily, the fact remains that in the last 15 years under the PDP, indeed, the last three years of vigorous application of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda, there has been an unparalleled government input in agriculture, thereby pushing production to an all-time high. Moreover, Nigeria food import has reduced from N1.1 trillion in 2010 to N684 billion.

While we understand that the APC is hell-bent on using every opportunity at its disposal to discredit the PDP in quest for political control, we urge their handlers to always cross-check their facts and stop making mockery of respected Nigerians in the mould of General Buhari.

Finally, the PDP again welcomes General Buhari into the presidential race and hopes that in the future, he will not allow himself to be further embarrassed in the course of his campaign.

Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary, PDP


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  • Preco01

    Surgery is not easy especially if you must remove a diseased part( Nigeria is totally diseased). Mohammadu Buhari is that surgeon Nigeria needs now, after which we would need well trained intensive care nurses.After the healing and caring process Nigeria will need well trained follow up doctors and nurses. Right now, the scalpel belongs to Buhari!

    • Mosaku 147

      Good talk.

      • Adamu Aminu Abdullahi

        Chai! I like people with good head

    • Mobolaji Osikoya

      God bless you preco

  • buzu

    Well this is the first time pdp says sumthing meaningful by olise metuh this is what we need in politics (maturity). Well done and does in Apc take note on their comment and reply accordingly.

  • the truth

    . Let us check the facts from the world bank and imf. Now somebody is lying to the nigerian populace, is it buhari or metuh? I would welcome buhari and apc telling us where buhari got those facts and figures from.

    • onyeze

      The better question to ask is this. Let’s assume only 1600 mega watts of electricity was generated in 1999. In 15yrs and after $20 billion dollars, you are generating 4500 mega watts….is this something to brag about for a young Goodluck and PDP government? Why is it that a few people are becoming billionaires and the rest of us are suffering in poverty? Our president recently said he delivered in everything he promised….are you really kidding me? Are you really better off today? Are the young people better off today? only in Nigeria do people graduate in Engineering and start looking for teller/cashier position at a bank. People steal and we reward them with “chieftancy” title. Come 2015, God willing, it will be a new day and I can’t wait for a new Nigeria.
      I understand some of the people here are paid by GEJ spokesperson to flood online forums and write whatever they can in support of the government. I guess that is what they call transformation agenda.

      • tundemash

        Guess what ? Even the clown “the truth” gave you an up vote. Facts are sacred ! He’s run back to Amnesty Camp for more copy & paste nonsense to push unto this forum later.

    • tundemash

      Clown, the fake truth teller, can you tell us how much has been used to generate (4500 – 1600) 2900MW of electricity in 15years ?
      If it takes these your master rogues 15 years to generate 2900MW at the rate of 193MW/year, it would take them another 207years to generate the necessary 40000MW Nigeria actually needed. Like @wahala usual say, thinking is not meant for some people ! Crumbs has beclouded your sense of reasoning.

    • Mobolaji Osikoya

      I have told you to stop using that name and change it to false. GEJ told us that by December 2012 we shall be having 10,000mw of electricity. Later he shifted it to December 2013. After selling PHCN to his cronies, he said he has instructed his cronies that by June 2014 there shall be uninterrupted supply of electricity. Now he has shifted it to 2017 when he will not be in power. All we are asking for is for him to come out and announce his intention to run and we are ready for him to tell us the difference btw stealing and corruption since he said Nigerians do not know the difference

      • the truth

        Please can u tell d world what is false about the comment I made

      • the truth

        And please can u also tell the world where Jonathan said all u just inferred.I need sources

        • tundemash

          afrisus dot blogspot dot co dot uk/2013/04/jonathan-promises-uninterrupted-power.html

          So what can you do about that now, Mr False ?

          www dot premiumtimesng dot com/news/136535-scorecard-three-years-after-jonathan-yet-to-fulfil-promises-in-power-oil-and-gas-sectors.html

          • tundemash

            @the truth
            Now you ve got sources, you have suddenly got dumb ! By 2015, that your pay-per-post job will seize with the stoppage of the amnesty fund, we shall see where you will end up having sold your future and that of your generations unborn for crumbs. May your life be transformed same way Nigeria is being transformed by the Otuoke Clown and the PDP criminal gang. Say amen to that if your objective is just about “stomach infrastructure”.

          • Ayo Killany

            Oh ! they do know how to do that extremely well whenever they can’t keep up with their lies and deceits.

    • Sahib Yahya

      Wether anybody likes it or not, one thing can never ever be taken away from the people’s General, i.e he’s not a thief, please ask Baba Obasanjo. At least we can presume what Jonathan nd his cronies can do going by their antecedents. We’re still waiting for our girls to be returned, the missing $20bn, nd at least the names of the two passengers on oritsejafor’s plane.

  • Mosaku 147

    Why is PT always holding my post? I am beginning to suspect this is pro-Jona medium.

    • Wähala

      Many are called… few are chosen!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    The real issue is that I am very very angry …………. how can APC present a man whose true age is in the range of 83-87years (official age: 72+) .

    They can as well go and bring back Christian Chukwu, Segun Odegbami, Adokie Amesiemaka, Emma Okala, Henry Nwosu etc. etc. to the national team – the Super Eagles !!! ……. after all ……. just like Nigeria ….. the Super Eagles are not doing so well presently.

    We must keep a record of all the wayward young men that are foolowingBuhari who cannot demonstrate any tangible thing he has ever done in Nigeria since he left office as Head of State …. 29years ago.

    • Efe1

      Bankole was a young and fourth in command if i may say so. Tell me what he achieved with is young age

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        But there are other young men

        • Efe1

          Like who? Metuh i suppose

        • tundemash

          When are u going to Eagle Square to declare too ? Or are you only good to be captain for Amnesty camp ?

          • Wähala

            Hey Man! Nice to know you’re still alive. Where have you been? Was wondering about your well being and whereabouts. Sha, great to read from you…

          • tundemash

            I have been good. Just got annoyed with the stup1d masses as per the “stomach infrastructure” vote in Ekiti and decided to ignore everyone.
            Trust I was always here seeing how you were dealing with the e-rats and amnesty camp miscreants. I could see you have shot down Deri (alias Redeemer) and Reno has replaced him with the confused soul who called himself “the truth”.
            When the history of Nigeria’s liberation is written, your name should be side by side with the Ganis, Felas and other warriors! You have come a long way, many on this forum might not know.
            Kudos !

          • Wähala

            Ekiti was a temporary set-back, my friends led by Senator Femi Ojudu are on it, Fayose will be tossed from office whenever the courts reconvene… he was an indicted and unqualified candidate. Besides, you don’t rumple-up a Judge and expect to run an all-inclusive government. Naija History cannot be written without “The Tripod” and I’m still missing @Delta Queen. Ma’sha Allah, she’s on ‘maternity leave’ and not AWOL or victim of ugly Marilyn Ogar ati DSS… thugs. However, another firebrand, @Maria, is feisty and even more intelligent… maybe, we should call her into camp and test her mettle. Sha, great to have you back… it’s never over until Mama Bisi kiss de floor with her long tail. LOL!

          • tundemash

            No worries. I may pop into Deutschland sometime soon to have my own Odeku at the famed mama bisi’s shop.

          • Oleku

            See them trolls, yeye dey smell

          • tundemash

            I am not worried about you. Even the looters you worship claim your life is worthless. If you die today, a cock will not even crow but when the children of the looters die, machineries of govt. are set in motion.

    • Mobolaji Osikoya

      If you do not know about what he has done for the nation since 1985, then you need to go and ask around your neighbourhood about his role as the Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF).

    • Ezeagu Jude Izuchukwu

      Mr. Age is never a criteria for one to govern. Wisdom is not abt age. since 1966 coup. youths have been in the affair of this country Aguiyi Ironsi, Gowon, Murtala Mohammed, Obasanjo (during military regime), Shehu Shagari, Buhari, Ibb, and Abacha were all in their mid-late thirties upon assuming power. wat was thre achievement then.Hw old was Abraham Lincoln, Attah Mills and so on before becoming president.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    “especially the last three years of dynamic and purposeful administration provided by President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s economy has become the largest in Africa and the 26th largest in the world. Similarly, our Foreign Reserve is now over $39 billion dollars, and our foreign debts reduced to less than $7 billion from $36 billion.” Alhaji Metuh


    Dear Sir, you are being clever by half!

    You referred to the 1999 handing over from the military s a reference point, but clearly side-stepped the retrogression that Nigeria has suffered under the current regime.

    Can you please tell us how much GEJ inherited in the kitty handed over by OBJ; ditto for the debt?

    GEJ blew all the money ($49bn) in the kitty within 18 months. How much debt did he inherit? Zilch, in case you forgot.

    But being such a wonderful Mathematician, you have erased by government magic, a minimum of $17bn without even looking at what should have been gained in the locust years of GEJ.

    We are not fools.

    • growthengine

      Kay, Metuhs response was a PDP response. They have governed uninterruptedly since 1999, he deserves to claim the good and the bad over the period in question which was the reference of Buharis jab. Buhari should indeed check his facts. He should point out the lows of the PDP, their under belly, I am sure he may find them, if he tries to be more accurate. Generally we are much better off than we were in 1999.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Better off than we were in 1999 is a fact I agree with, growthengine.

        I hope you would agree with me that the progress of that growth has not only been stultified but dragged backwards in the GEJ years.

        • Richie


          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Na ajasi be that o!

            Wetin I do?

      • Efe1

        At what price? In a hip of rubbish you can still find something of value. Whatever good that came out of pdp 15 years was not intended but accidental.

      • Omo Akin

        These are facts: Electricity was more stable in 1999 than now, and that is after PDP had spent over 16 billion $ on power as of 2007. Nigeria earned oil revenue in the 15 years of PDP than it earned from 1970 to 1999.
        What was one naira worth in 1999 and what is the value of one Naira now after 15 years of PDP. Under PDP reign, Michelin, Dunlop moved operation to other West African country, many other factories closed shop as they could not survive the harsh business environment – no power, no roads, no security, no water!
        Metuh cannot understand this because like the ostrich, he buried his head in the sand. Check out the contradiction: Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa but generates less than 50000 megawatts for its 170 million people but South Africa with less than one third of Nigeria’s population generates more than four times Nigeria’s electricity. Metuh and PDP have no shame at all.

        • MrFesh

          Are we talking price or are we fact checking Buhari’s claims?

          • Richie

            ……don’t mind the guy who is bringing in a universal inflation rate into an argument that requires facts…..differing years must have price changes…..that is universal economics…..no party can do anything on that……but in differing years u can compare figures……and then interpret the figures….

          • MrFesh


          • Ette

            Pity you are asking about price. May be you are ignorant of the fact that indices like inflation rate, exchange rate, unemployment rate, per capita income, standard of living, minimum wage, are determinants of economic growth, and all these indices were better in 1999 than they are now. So PDP has failed woefully.

          • MrFesh

            Keep crying. Simple question it was. You keep deviating from the point at hand. Sign of lack of bearing and points.

          • tundemash

            Simple questions to check your sanity;

            1. How much was a bowl of rice in 1999 and how much does it cost now?
            2. What was the rental cost of a 2 bedroom flat in 1999 and what is it now ?
            3. What was the cost of a litre of fuel in 1999 and what does it cost now ?
            4. What was the cost of airfare/road transport Lagos-Abuja in 1999 and what is it now ?
            5. What was the Naira/Dollar exchange rate in 1999 and what is it now ?

          • Oleku

            Tundemash ati endingNaija you’re talking BS as usual. Do you expect prices of goods and services to remain same in a 15years period? You claim to be living in Britain, does the price of an apartment in London in 1999 same as today? Does the transport charges of an Oyster card then same as present? Does the prices of goods on sainsbury’s, tescos etc same as now? Tundemash relax treachery does not pay

          • MrFesh

            Classical Olodo. Deviating more and more from the point.

      • MrFesh

        That guy doesn’t do reasoning beyond his perspective of what it is. He specialises in introducing extraneous materials on topics. Save your previous breadth.

  • MrFesh

    Classical Nigerian critics who do it just for its sake. This release was challenging ‘facts’ reeled put by their preferred presidential candidate which or roundly disapproved but what you see is folks talking Other things not in perspective here.

  • AbujaKenneth

    Please do not advise them to cross check their facts, it is the beginning of their failure. Nigerians have long rejected any person that will be just figure head. Some one that is happy answering President while his lieutenants are laundering the economy. We have seen it on two occasions with Buhari. Gush I just cannot stand APC and their antics. There is something inherently wrong with that party. Check out all the states they are controlling including Lagos, it is all about facade. Fashola has done well. At where? Is it Okoko or Epe or Ikeja that he has transformed? No where.

    • Femi

      If Fashola has not transformed Lag as you expected, we in Lag knows his doing well. What has Lag benefited from FG or the Transformation agenda that the PDP government is using to loot the economy? The ECOWAS road that has almost turned to abandon project is Fashola responsibility or FG? You talked about someone answering President while is lieutenants are laundering the economy and you are pointing to Buhari; what are GEJ’s lieutenants doing? Protecting the economy… Lol; Stella Oduah, Aruma Oteh, Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke to mention a few what are their impact on the economy and who’s lieutenants are they? Who formed PDP? Who formed APC.
      Facts and figures on ground PDP as a political party is a disgrace to democracy.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    It took 15 years for the PDP government to generate 2400 MW of electricity! What an uncommon achievement by Africa’s largest party. The PDP nightmare will be over in 2015, Deo Volente.

  • Lanre Obafemi

    Well done Metuh. Nigerians know how to deal with liars. We simply reject them at the polls. GEJ until 2019.

  • Powerman

    The Problem with Nigeria and Nigerians is that we are never ever honest to ourselves and the Nigerian public. Our comments on issues are always skewed in favor of Political and religious leanings. When we criticize, we do so only against our perceived political or religious enemies and fail to look at realities on ground. We even turn our eyes the other way when ever our political and religious cohorts are not doing it rightly. what a shame!

  • Romberg

    I don’t have to comment, but sometimes you can’t help your conscience seeing stupidity thrive.

    Another sickening article. From the map to the theory of diversification, there a whole lot of misinformation in the article. Nigeria needs a new resource map, the 1970 version published in article is useless. What stopped textile, cotton, cocoa and peanut production in Nigeria? Do you know? Can we just wake up tomorrow and bring these things back to live? Do you know the price of these commodities now? Even at $10 a barrel, they still can’t compete. And where are the farmers? Can you farm? Where are are fertile land? Like 1970s?

    It’s funny seeing infrastructure construction as a way to jumpstart an economy in the shape of Nigeria’s. We know public projects in Nigeria. They will never raise government income. How then do we pay for the projects and maintain them? How about the infrastructures we currently have, how have they impacted our economy? Low quality, poorly designed and overused – just a way to enrich the pockets of a few people. How does that make a nation great? Where is the knowledge to create the infrastructure we truly need – which local contractor in Nigeria can compete with the multinationals? They have been with us for close to century, yet our technology has not changed. The multinational don’t even contribute to our education…. Yet we help them to enrich their nations through our foolishness….

    The journey to true diversification of Nigerian economy does not start with the budget or some laughable theorisation. We need the right method and strategy. The most basic way is to increase volume of trade and to improve and trade environment. Imagine five free trade zones that can help our businesses produce – that is without hounding people around with bureaucracy and demonisation. Just allow businesses to do their thing.

    I also think we need to grow our knowledge base. Call it special (intensive) knowledge centres – not paper degrees where our professors are empty. I mean knowledge in skill areas we really need, where graduates will be job creators and not job seekers. I don’t mean the underfunded NDE programmes, I mean re-invented and better organised.

    Nigeria can generate 50% of its current GDP from fighting lawlessness and corruption. For example, if Nigerians are to pay N10 for every traffic office (overspeeding, rego fraud, overloading, drink driving, wrongful parking, driving without licence, public nuisance, one-way!). Then, encourage PPP and remove fuel subsidy. Just forget about oil.

    Let government guarantee honest loans for industrial production. Reduce self induced inflation and cost of finance to as little as 3%. Give successful companies tax breaks if they employ people, and commit to our power infrastructure and community development.

    In essence, it’s not only about natural resource. Farming is no longer our way. Do you know how to cook pounded yam? I know today’s ladies will prefer processed junks such as noodles and ‘pando’ than to go natural. Please think about these things.