Kwankwaso to declare for president Thursday

Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

The governor of Kano State, Rabi’u Kwankwaso, will on Thursday formally declare his bid to contest the 2015 presidential election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, his campaign handler, Olisaemeka Akumaki, has said.

Mr. Akumaki told journalists in Abuja that the governor had concluded consultations among his associates across the country and that they had given him the nod to enter the presidential race.

By the decision, Mr. Kwankwaso would be joining other members of the opposition party who plan to run for president.

The others include former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, who has since September 24 made his intention known; former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, and publisher of Leadership Newspapers, who will openly declare on October 15 and 28, respectively.

Mr. Akumaki said Mr. Kwankwaso’s chances of clinching the ticket of the APC were bright not only because of his age, but also because of his experience in politics.

He said, “Now in as much as we agree that Buhari is a man of integrity but you will also agree with me that age is not on his side. He is 73 going to 74 years and Ex-Vice President Atiku Abubakar is about 70 years old. But Kwankwaso will be 58 by October 21st.

“Kwankwaso has long years of experience in politics. He has been a parliamentarian, a governor and two-time minister. When he contested governorship election in Kano state and lost, he congratulated the winner and waited for eight years before staging a come-back to defeat the incumbent. The governor is a grassroots politician and one who tries to carry his followers along in his undertakings.”

Mr. Akumaki also said Mr. Kwankwaso was more positioned educationally than his competitors and that the governor also has strong political structure to actualise his ambition.

He said, “From the angle of qualification, the constitution is very clear on this. A man who has a doctorate in Engineering, academically he is qualified; a man who has not been convicted by any competent court; a man whom the EFCC and other Federal Government anti-graft agencies have investigated and nothing was found on him is eminently qualified to contest for the president of the country.”

The campaign coordinator faulted those who described the Kano State governor as a dark horse in the presidential contest and that he was sure that some members of his former party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, would still want him to aspire to the nation’s highest political office, despite defecting from the ruling party to the APC.

The governor’s media aide, Halilu Dantiye could not be reached despite repeated calls to his mobile telephone.


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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    We can only wish him the best of lucks.

    May the best man for Nigeria emerge eventually.

    • Wähala

      #AnyBodyButJonaDumbo2015… biko!

  • Chief Ovie Obaro Etukudoh (JP)

    It is amazing and sometimes irritating to learn about some individuals who intend to govern continent Nigeria. On what basis does this individual qualify? One who can not even show the slightest decorum for a sitting President now wants to become one…and expects recognition and respect from others. This is arrant nonsense.

    By the way, what is his pedigree? Na how much human or material resources is he bringing to the table? Nigeria is a company. Majority shareholders in terms of ratio of contribution to continental resources MUST determine the basis for consideration and ascendancy to the office of the president. This is the standard global norm. We should stop giving attention to people who are below mediocre level in terms of governance of a continent like Nigeria. Kankanwonso is clearly deficient in this regard in my own opinion. He has no iota of continental outlook. None whatsoever! Nonsense!

    • joeokon

      Ovie or Etukudo or whatever name you call yourself, you are so fake in the first place. How does Ovie Obaro agree with Etukudo? Of all your above prerequisites, how many did GEJ possessed in 2011 when he aspired and became President? How many does he presently possessed to qualify him for a second term? If he never possessed and still does possessed any of these and all the Ijaws are still demanding for his second coming, then you have no moral right to ask any candidates of his qualifications. All what Nigerians need is CHANGE for better socio-political governance. PERIOD!

    • Wähala

      Tief Ovio, your pungent mind is phiooo as we say in Igbo land. Empty! Comparatively, Gov. Rabiu Kwankwaso has achieved more as a Governor than Dumbo did when he ran Bayelsa State… and now. Do you know the population of Kano State to ask that silly question about human resources? One LGA there is far more than your enclave in the swamps yet, you have the temerity to talk about material & human resources. Kwankwaso was a Defense Minister long before Pitakwa University tore a piece of paper with ‘PhD’ written on it for your moron to parade about with. What is “continental outlook” biko? Dumbo is an international, not continental disgrace to humanity… not just Nigerians. You Aborigines are so daft I still insist: Nigeria must gather all near-naked Aborigines on their canoes and shoo them off to Papua New Guinea… animals cannot continue to mix 6 mingle with humans. Wallahi!

      • the truth

        your low psyche and comprehension of events is really worrisome. u claim
        to be an elder statesman in this forum but i am beginning to doubt that
        assertion. As you said thinking is not for everyone and i feel you fall
        into that category. When you make claims about two individuals at any
        capacity, they must be in variance. Goodluck was only governor of
        bayelsa state for 2 years and kwankwaso has been governor for 8 years,
        so how can you compare both governors on stewardship when the years
        served are vastly non coherent

        • Wähala

          Liar! Point to where I’ve ever claimed being older than your papa and mama on this forum…
          I’ve told you, go on hunger strike and stop reading my comments, then see if you can survive…
          On average, I’ve written far more award-winning comments here and elsewhere than you can counter… and, than anyone else you can muster. That speaks volumes about my intellectual prowess but not to dwell on that, how long did Govs. Fashola, Oshiomhole or Okorocha need to impact on the citizens they lead? Can you mention just one achievement of Dumbo as Governor of Bayelsa for all eyes to read? As President, should the East-West Rd. (along which his mother-in-law died) still be on drawing boards? Rather than trade wits with a clearly superior mind like yours truly, why don’t you get a heart attack so I can have my peace of mind… I’ve never offered you odeku to read my comments so, buzz-off and go complain to the Editors at Premium Times. Olosi, omo ita… Dindirin!

          • the truth

            award winning comments which include excerpts like “Nigeria must gather all near-naked Aborigines on their canoes and shoo
            them off to Papua New Guinea… animals cannot continue to mix and
            mingle with humans. Wallahi!” is that what you call international prowess, do you call that a superior mind. I think that point of view could pass as a superior mind in 1759 not 2014. i wonder how you are this award winning commenter and you still refer to other nigerians with derogatory terms. my brother this is a forum “do you know what that entails” your views are viewed by people all over the world, and when you openly show a lack of decorum and common sense it is good to put you in your rightful place.

      • the truth

        you may disagree with anybody but insult and abuse shows you are not different from the agbero boys at the motor park. how can you call your fellow nigerians such derogatory names. I really pity for you, because you claim to be in europe, a place that encompasses so many cultures and nationalities, and it is painful that you did not assimilate into that. your assertions make you look like an ethnic bigot. you are the biggest disgrace with comments coming out of your mouth. this forum are for matured minds and not ethnic zealots like you. i am
        really dissapointed in you, and if you have any atom of class in you,
        you would make amends. there are some people here who expect more from
        people like u. how can we change nigeria when we have myopic and shallow minds like you who only see their ethnic group as everything.waiting for your response

        • Wähala

          I am the only man online with a name every Nigerian understands its meaning, and that is a conscious choice. I live up to my name and use harsh words to fend-off e-rats paid to distort the truth like your minion self. By-n-large, I have been called Sen. Chukwumerije, El-Rufai, Fani Koyode, Joe Igbokwe and all kinds of speculative names… one constant though: These men are not associated with intellectual deficiencies, if anything, they’re all accomplished profis in their respective fields. Respect is earned and reciprocal if and only if… A President that has brought so much disrepute to 180million people deserves zero respect from sane Nigerians. You can worhip him and anyone else whose ahss you choose to swipe, me-ma carry a baseball bat and take no prisoners… Again, stop responding to my comments if you don’t want my foot in your hairy ahnus. Aschloch!

    • Otile

      I am sorry my brother, the attack on you by foul-mouthed Wähala and his partner joeokon is like gang rape, Wähala poking in front and joekon poking from behind. You are right on every point you raised here, while they brought nothing but insults without any positive thing to contribute.

      • Wähala

        Since you’re so sorry, why not substitute your Mutti for the fake chief…
        This time, I will start from the back portion…

        • Otile

          How can you do that, I thought you said you are a Christian, a Catholic for that matter. Dipping from behind is unchristian, you must go to confession after you withdraw.

          • Wähala

            Sorry ooh!
            I withdraw. Just stop pissing me off!

          • Otile

            Don’t use that language ‘pissing off’. Speak like a Christian. Amen amen I say unto you, you must confess every sin both mortal and venial. Christ is calling you to repent.

    • Abate Dokpu

      Ovie, I am sure your name is an alias. If you are Ovie, you cannot be spewing such bladderdash. Kwankwaso is miles ahead of Jonathan in terms of quality and qualification. Let us take a close look at Kwankwaso. He has a Masters Degree in Water Engineering and worked in the Kano State Civil Service and rose to the position of Chief Engineer, an equivalent of a Director. He resigned and contested and won election to the House of Representatives where he became Deputy Speaker. He was a member of the Constitutional Conference and became Governor of Kano state in 1999. He lost re-election, congratulated his opponent and moved on. He was Minister of Defence between 2003 and 2006. He thereafter served as special envoy to Sudan and Dafur and member of the Board of Directors of NDDC at various times. In 2011, he was reelected Governor of Kano state. He has transformed Kano state in every way. Infrastructure (roads, flyovers, street lights, 3 new cities, Northwestern University, schools, etc) human capital (over 4,000 scholarships for Kano residents (indegenes and settlers including Ibos) in universities all over the world, built over ten institutes (sports, security, etc), provides meals to pupils in Kano primary schools, provides free education at all levels, etc. He abolished state sponsorship of pilgrimage, abolished the office of First lady, abolished security votes, and publishes minutes of EXCO meetings. He is courageous and not afraid to take difficult decisions. Do you compare this man to your clueless, lethargic, and do-nothing Jonathan? Jonathan – an accidental Deputy Governor by the grace of Justice Igoniwari, an accidental Governor by the grace of Obasanjo, an accidental Vice President by the grace of Obasanjo and EK Clark, and an accidental President. PLEASEEEEEEE give me a break. Wise up.

      • Otile

        Don’t arrogate your master to these lofty qualifications. You can say that he was awarded a Masters Degree, but he did not pass WAEC or GCE o level. He was rushed thru what they call School of Basic Studies and fast-tracked into ABU. He did not attend University of Lagos, Ibadan, Ife, Nsukka where people study to get a degree.

        As for all these exotic positions of being minister, head of this and that, it does not take much for a Northern Muslim to head anything in continent Nigeria. Federal character alone paves the way for them to become demi-gods in the continent.

        • Abate Dokpu

          Just so you may know, Kwankwaso received his Masters degree in the United Kingdom. This is not to say that ABU is not a great institution. Do you compare his credentials to your inept, clueless, and lethargic Jonathan who rose to power on account of his “good luck”? Jonathan’s “good luck has turned out to be Nigeria’s worst bad luck.

          • Otile

            You are talking about about another R. Kwankwaso who studied in UK, don’t confuse him with the arrogant governor of Kano. Rabi’u was a rascal at Basic Studies, abusing fellow students there. Show us his WAEC or GCE o level.

          • Abate Dokpu

            Kwankwaso was elected as the Executive Governor of the northern Nigerian state of Kano between 1999 and 2003, under the flag of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He lost re-election to Malam Ibrahim Shekarau whom he removed from the highest civil service position of permanent secretary to a Lecturer in a higher institution(College of Arts and Science, Kano). His tenure as the Governor of Kano State was very eventful because there were several groups opposed to his high handed governorship, and his attempt at supporting president Obasanjo who hails from a different tribal group. His party the PDP also became split between his supporters and those who opposed him.[citation needed]

            He was re-elected as Kano state governor on 27 April 2011 and sworn in on 29 May 2011 for a second term in office

          • Otile

            You know the kind of voters Kano has, majority of Kano people can be easily led by the nose believing the imaginary achievements of Imam Kwankwaso. When he adds taquiyya you are looking at 95% majority votes.

          • Abate Dokpu

            Kwankwasos’ 2003 bid to serve for a second term was unsuccessful. Despite his achievements in the areas of Education,Rural Electrification and Health. He was able to establish a State University of Technology at Wudil, he introduced Free Feeding for Primary School Students in the State which led the United Nations to recognise his effort in that direction. His electrification programme in the rural areas recorded a great success. He was able to give the Federal Government a property that was turned into the Nigerial Law School at Bagauda. He built a number of bridges in the rural areas and introduce free natal programme for pregnanent mothers. He was then appointed as the Minister of Defencein President Olusegun Obasanjo’s cabinet in 2003. In 2007, he was appointed as the Presidential Special Envoy to Somalia and Darfur by the Obasanjo administration after losing the bid from his party to contest the 2007 general governorship election. He continued to use his influence at the Federal level to undermine his opponents especially the Kano State Government. He resigned his ministerial position to contest the election in 2007 but he lost because he had been indicted by a Government White Paper.His running mate in the elections Alh.Ahmed Garba Bichi contested the elections with Alh.Jibril Gwale as a running mate.[citation needed]

            Kwankwaso is now the party leader in Kano and is currently nominated into the party’s most powerful political circle in PDP, the Board of Trustees. Recently, he has also been shortlisted for ambassadorial appointment by the Yar’adua administration.But refuse to accept the ambassadorial which consider the position stoneblock for dominating his political rivalry of his home state but later 2009 accept to serve as a board member representing Northwest region of Nigeria in the Niger Delta Development Commission(NNDC).

            Kwankwaso was reelected for a second term as Governor on 26 April 2011. He won with a difference of sixty three thousand plus votes, his party won three quarters of the house of assembly seats, by winning 30 out of the total 40 seats in the state.

          • Otile

            How much did the moslems pay you for this writeup? Sure you can make the devil look good.

          • Abate Dokpu

            Otile my brother, I did not write this. I copied and pasted it from Wikipedia. Just go to Wikipedia and type Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso in the search box and this will come up. This is an independent opinion. Even if you are Jonathan’s supporter, please acknowledge a good man.

  • the truth

    nice one kwankwaso, please do your best to win the nomination. we want you against jonathan come 2015. no hanky panky apc. this is the man, the choice of the people, kwankwaso for apc nominee 2015

    • Otile

      You said, …we want you against jonathan come 2015… Who are we? A debate between Imam Kwankwaso and President Jonathan will be an eyesore, it will be insult versus civility. We the people will not let that happen.

      • endingNaija

        Otile , you mean the kind of “civility” in discourse that has been coming out the mouths of (i) asari dokubo, (ii) mani_kay, (iii) mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_na Awusa, peter2000, (iv) redeem, (v) Doyin Okuugbe-sorry Okupe, (vi) Reuben Abati, (vii) Metuh, (viii) otile, (ix) the truth, (x) akpos1, (xi) wendell or what is that one called or my OIL in My backrayd kind of “civility”? You must be kidding!!! Let me tuck in a universal proverb for you-“the whale has a long memory” Can you see my list? We follow you guys! keep on the babarism on behalf of Goodluck Jonathan as he will come in to look the faces of Nigerian tax payers who pay his salary and say “I do not give a damn”-Goodluck Jonathan-not “giving a damn” and saying that to faces of your employers-Nigerians-is the epitome of Goodluck Jonathanian “civility”-the whale has a long memory my dear friend otile

        • Otile

          You and I are not talking about the same thing. The article is about loud mouth, arrogant governor who is going to embarrass his Party at a debate not about ordinary commentators you enumerated here. The best thing you his minions can do is to put him on a leash to avoid disaster. E gbo mi nko?

  • Wähala

    Who the cap fits… #AnyBodyButDumbo2015!

  • Usman

    That is excellent, the man is my candidate, he has proven himself severally, confident, energetic, hard working and patriotic, his exceptional transformation in Kano is superb, built two Universities, over two higher education schools, more than 50 secondary schools, sponsored over 3,000 postgraduate students based on fairness, built three ultra modern cities, three over head bridges, created thousands of jobs and many more, what else do we want?, I used to think he was over ambitious, until I recently visited Kano, keep going, I am 100% in support

    • Abate Dokpu

      Gbam! Right on point. Kwankwaso is the man Nigeria needs to sweep out the rot of the inept and lethargic Jonathan maladministration.

  • Usman

    If Kwankwaso is corrupt or had ever been involved in some sheddy deals, the word EFCC and ICPC would have since been whispered into his ears like Sule Lamido and co to silence him, his ability to speak up and challenge the elite is a testimony to that

    • Otile

      Imam Buhari knew very well that Abacha looted, yet he did not whisper into the ears of Nigerians. EFCC and ICPC are aware that Buhari looted at PTF but they have not whispered into his ears like Sule Lamido. EFCC and ICPC saw with they own eyes when Lamido Sanusi stole N200m from Central Bank, when confronted he gave N100 to Imam Kwankwaso pretending that it was a gift to citizens of Kano who suffered attack from Muslim terrorists, yet they have not yet whispered into his east to give way for honest people to run. What happened to the humongous oil money allocation Federal Government is giving to Kwankwaso monthly, why are the people still poor? Since he came to power, Imam cannot boast of even digging 10 latrine pits for the desperate people of Kano.

      Rabu’i Kwankwaso is not running for real, he is seeking Buhari’s attention so that Imam Buhari will notice and buy him out and the rest will be history.

      • Umar Dendi

        shege! the sale sword is back with the same old senseless, irrational rants.
        Come to Kwankwaso’s Kano and see wonders yaro!
        You closed minded bigots have forgotten about all that Soludo did with national funds at Enugu right?
        go worry about the jungle dwellers at otuake!

        • Otile

          Mutum wanan shashasha, you have reared your ugly head again. Why not refute my points with facts instead of resorting to insults? Barawo banza. You are nothing but dan iska. Go back to your your country Chad and never respond to me again. Ubanka ya mutu.

          • Umar Dendi

            Shege! still trying to speak Hausa i see?
            Go learn a few more syllables before you try to insult me…
            If you bush meat eating freaks have the brains for that!

            Go back to my country? i thought you were from that defunct nonexistent non entity you idiots called Biafra?
            Barawo? like that shoe-less fellow from otueke?
            Shege. DeresGodWooooooooo!

          • Otile

            The only reason you understand a few French words is because you are from Chad. What drove you and your people out of Chad, hunger? Dan iska.

          • UchenaChucks

            omo u’na don loose wo
            make u’na stop embarrassing ure sef

    • Abate Dokpu

      Gbam! Right on point.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    It is not in doubt that Bola Tinubu will remain relevant in national politics as long as power is not in hands of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani …………… the moment the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani recapture Aso Rock ….. it is at that moment that the reign of Bola Tinubu in national politics ends; and it will be a far bitter end than MKO Abiola’s.

    Making Buhari President (God forbid) is equivalent to handing over Nigeria to the three musketeers: El Rufai, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and Buko-ole Saraki.

    Take it from me without any doubts …… once power enters the hands of Nasir El-Rufai …….. Nasir El-Rufai who has no respect for God and for man will easily throw Bola Tinubu and others “UNDER THE BUS”

  • sir Oscie

    Kwankwaso’s bid is a ruse, He is paving way for Atiku by taking away the Kano delegates from Buhari. Kano is Buhari’s strongest area of support where he could be sure of 100% support. Even Katsina can’t give him that as Atiku can pinch from there..
    Kwankwaso is doing this for his political future and making the race a smooth run for the TURAKIN ADAMAWA.
    Anyway, it serves Buhari right!

    • Abate Dokpu

      Your wild imagination. Keep on dreaming. Kwankwaso is the most electable of all the candidates in the race. He is young (58 on October 23), eminently qualified, hardworking, and not corrupt. He has a Master degree in Water Engineering from the United Kingdom, rose the position of Chief Engineer with the Kano State Civil Service, was dDeputy Speaker of the House of Reps in 1992 to 1993, a delegate to the Constitutional Conference in 1995, elected Governor of Kano State 1999-2003, served as Minister of Defence 2003 to 2006, served as Special Envoy to Dafur and Sudan and Meber Board of Directors of NDDC at various times, and re-elected Governor of Kano State in 2011. He has transformed Kano in infrastructural and human capital development. He is courageous and not afraid to take hard decisions. He abolished state sponsorship of pilgrimage in Kano, abolished the office of First Lady and abolished Security vote. He publishes the minutes of EXCO meetings. How can such a man be fronting for Atiku? Nigerians should fast and pray for Kwankwaso to get the APC ticket and kick out inept and lethargic Jonathan from Aso villa and experience real transformation. God bless Nigeria.

  • helen

    We are solidly behind you Sir, indeed you are one in a million!!!

  • Orphic

    That’s why I believe Nigeria is not serious about fighting corruption. The type of corruption Nigeria wants to fight is political corruption, that is corruption by one’s political opponents.
    In advanced countries, the first line of corruption fighting is the tax authorities. They are the ones who can subpoena documents, ask anyone how they have obtained income and how they can justify their expenditure and assets against their lawful income. The US IRS is a very powerful institution, when even the FBI – the US’s EFCC, could not convict the gangster Al Capone, it was the IRS who launched a tax probe on Mr Capone that resulted in his imprisonment for tax evasion.
    Proving a fraud has taken place – to a court, is harder than showing that a person is spending more money than they can justify – tax evasion. By concentrating on fraud prosecution and neglecting the prosecutorial powers and reach of the FIRS, the government displays a half hearted attempt to curb corruption and allows fraud suspects to get away by not raising the tax evasion issue. Even more than EFCC, the FIRS should be empowered and equipped with manpower – accountants, tax specialists, to launched tax audits into the affairs of any persons – irrespective of office – to determine if their income and expenditure has been lawfully obtained and if they have paid the tax due on any such income and capital gains.
    This FIRS agency has been sleeping and it is time it is woken up or what else can you think when the likes of James Ibori and Alams never faced tax investigations even when they were caught with large amounts of money incongruous to their income.
    The result would be the immediate curtailing of frauds. Anything less, is just political football playing and posturing.