2015: Buhari’s loyalists pledge to buy APC nomination form for him

Muhammadu Buhari, APC presidential candidate

The Bauchi State Chapter of the Buhari Campaign Organisation has pledged to buy nomination form for a former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, to contest the 2015 presidential election on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC).

Danjuma Dabo, the Coordinator of The Nigerian Solution Network Group, made the disclosure on Saturday in Bauchi during a solidarity rally in support of Mr. Buhari.

Mr. Dabo said whether Mr. Buhari was willing to contest in the 2015 polls or not, the organisation would source for fund to foot both the campaign bills and purchase the nomination form for him.

The coordinator of the group, who said the N27 million fee for the purchase of nomination form was too high, added that it was above Mr. Buhari’s financial capability.

He then urged party supporters to contribute funds for activities and to enable the organisation to raise fund for the former head of state.

Also Bala Jibrin, a retired captain and guest speaker at the rally, faulted suggestions in some quarters that Mr. Buhari was tribalistic.

Mr. Jibrin described Buhari as “a statesman who refused to associate with those playing tribal or religious politics’’.

He assured that if elected, Mr. Buhari would salvage the country from its current state of insecurity, agricultural backwardness and revive other sectors of the nation.

He said it was the right time for the electorate to try people like Mr. Buhari, who he stressed would bring the country out of its current woes.

He called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct credible election come 2015.

The retired captain said it was time for the nation’s electoral body to redeem its image in the interest of political stability of the country.



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  • Kamal Kamoru Kangiwa

    Premium Times, Pls chattin this Foto.
    I get uncomfortable wen I see him stick his tongue out at his hapless supporters.
    It’s not good. It’s not good for my party! There might be protest votes bcos of this.
    Sai Buhari!!

    • walejohnson

      This is not his tongue but his lips; please use your pair of glasses if you have any. Thanks.

      • Mayaki

        His lips????
        His lips are so pink????
        I dey LaffooooO!
        APC people can lie!!??

        • Sword of Damocles

          dont get it twisted, i am an APC person ONLY because of Mai Gaskiya. i just simply believe in this man. PT will do well not use this picture of the Peoples General again. i am not one to fawn over a man, but Mai Gaskiya has shown me something about when it(honor) means the WORLD to them. He guards his Honor like he does his family.

          • need4change

            Lip or Tongue- is less important.
            Most important thing is man of integrity&good governance.
            I dont want to sulk and complain for the next 4yrs cos of wrong decision.
            We need CHANGE and not just change but a quick one too.
            GMB ALL THE WAY

      • Abel

        It means so many of us on this site need glasses!
        Guy, that is his tongue.
        Must you lie to defend your hero?

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Abel, Wale has no reason to lie!

          I equally argued about this last week or two ago; thinking it was his lower lip.

          Wale, Abel is right.

          The picture is derisory.

      • Otile

        Imam is waging his tongue at his minions, but they don’t mid.

  • Sword of Damocles

    I am for one am puzzled how in a country as poor as Nigeria and with over 60% of the population living in penury, the presidential nomination forms can cost $167,700(this can buy you a 3br house in Austin TX). I guess they are saying without ambiguity, not everyone can run for President, (only people who have the “wherewithal”, if you get my drift).

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Sad, but true.

      If we the talakawas put our money behind GMB, he would not be beholden to any godfather.

      If Mr. Dabo can give us the account details, I will start the ball rolling with 100k on Monday morning!

      • Sword of Damocles

        this is very important. The campaign must reach out to all citizens including people in diaspora to help out. I really think that this will have the effect of empowering citizens. on a lighter note, dont have a 100k, but i will do my share, like you i also contributed to Nuhu ribadu in 2011, and his betrayal is mind numbing to me. Immense Strength & Honor to you always!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Bruv, let us forget that Ribadu!

          He fooooled me big time!!

          Believe me, no kobo is more important than another kobo spent on GMB as long as it stops him from owing any obligation to any godfather!!!

          • Baba Messi

            Can I have #100k too? I want to run for local guvrnmnt chairman. On the FRESH PARTY.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Baba Messi, jokes apart, Fresh Party belongs to a nouveau rich Pastor.

            Aside that, I do not see what That party or yourself stands for.

      • Vin Kay

        Kudos Kay. Rest assured you are not alone in this. Many people will gladly do that

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Many thanks, Vin Kay.

          Let us just hope we can have a rebirth of ourgreat nation for the better.

          APC (and GMB) stands at the threshold of a momentous point in our history as a nation. I hope it is seized firmly with 20 fingers and 40 toes!

          • Vin Kay

            Our hope, Nigeria’s only real chance!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    The simplest way to make Buhari President of a country is for his supporters to support the restructuring of Nigeria in a manner that will result in the creation of Boko Caliphate with Buhari as President.

    This is very easy to actualize since all other sections of the country have been insisting that they are no longer interested in belonging to Nigeria as a country ……. yet only the Buhari supporters say they will die if anyone tries to restructure Nigeria.

    • Sword of Damocles

      Dont be jittery. to use the word of your thieving leader(President PHD), embrace the coming TRANSFORMATION of our Fatherland by the one, the only MAI GASKIYA!

      • Efe1

        Sai mai gaskiya

    • Mosaku 147

      I will contribute to de-toxicate you instead.

      • King Carlos

        Mee too

    • ogechi

      I think Ur Medulla Oblongata,Cerebela Curicullum,ChiasMa,&Pons Cerebelli,have taken over from Ur CEReBRuM!!!….Ur THiNKiNg IS InVerTeD,…….check ursef!!!!

    • Gbo_lee

      Obviously the fact that you paid 27million naira to cure your murderous,violent,and petty mind and it only worsened your situation means none can even take your recommendation well…grow up boy

  • Tugbi

    Buhari the real friend of the masses

    • Mosaku 147

      Yes oooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • Justina Ovie Obaro (JP)

    Here comes the Robert Mugabe of Nigeria…Nigeria’s very own undisputed presidential candidate emeritus. No be small thing o! Nonsense!

    • Mosaku 147

      Emeritus according to you abi?

    • concerned9ja

      I still prefer him to your youthful, clueless and imbecilic Jonathan. He is a big disappointment and a weakling. Would be sadly remembered for the high profile corruption that has pummelled Nigerians to humiliation. Decree 2 or not, may God pack away GEJ and his transformers for the next election next year.

  • Mosaku 147

    I will gladly put my cash where my mouth is.i will donate to this course if they reach out to us.i think this is how it should be.we the people, if we work with our hearts can defeat 20TAN put together.
    As for those who are not comfortable with the people’s Genaral, I pray you see the light.

  • alao

    The Incorruptible BUHARI. Man of the masses. Hope for the masses and custodian of our original collective integrity and honour. Mr President Sir, we await your first day in office ( 29th May, 2015) by God’s Grace and will.

    • King Carlos

      Ameeeeeeeen….. we need CHANGE

  • D. Davis

    Nov 9, 2005, 03:14 PM
    In August1999 , a British paper printed the following figures, reproduced here:

    Individual Profile In Naira (as at August1999)

    IBB N2462.35 billion

    Abubakar… N0493.85 billion[/B]

    Mike Akhigbe N549.645 billion

    Jerry Useni… N805.9 billion[/B]

    Ismail Gwarzo… N517.0 billion

    Umaru Dikko… N894.65 billion[/B]

    Paul Oguwma… N35.00 billion

    Sani Abacha… N1218.137 billion[/B]

    Mohammed Abacha… N210.7 billion

    Abdukadir Abacha N338.42 billion[/B]

    Wada Nas… N237.4 billion

    Tom Ikimi… N252.553 billion[/B]

    Dan Etete… N327.43 billion

    Dom Etiebet N567.47 billion[/B]

    Al-Mustapha… N199.793 billion

    Anthony Ani… N688.95 billion[/B]

    Bashir Dalhatu… N555.49 billion

    Gen. Wushishi… N228.695 billion[/B]

    Hassan Adamu… N130.5 billion

    T. Y. Danjuma… N342.7 billion[/B]

    Ishaya Bamaiyi— N94.0 billion

    N11.130657 trillion

    Looted Money Discovered in Foreign Banks


    Gen. Ibraham Babangida £6.256b $7.41b $2.00b DM9.00b

    Gen. Abubakar £1.31 $2.33b $800 DM –

    Rear A. Mike Akhigbe £1.24b $2.42b $671m DM1b

    Gen. Jerry Useni £3.046b $2.01b $1.01b DM900m

    Alhaji Ismaila Gwarzo £1.03b $2.00b $1.30b DM700m

    Alhaji Umaru Dikko £4.5b $1.4b $700m DM345m

    Paul Oguwma £300m $1.142b $200m DM500m

    Gen Sani Abacha £5.01b $4.09b $800m DM3.01m

    Mohammed Abacha £300m $1.2b $150 DM535

    Abdukadir Abacha £700m $1.21b $900m DM471m

    Alhaji Wada Nas £600m $1.32b $– DM300m

    Tom Ikimi £400m $1.39b $153m DM371

    Dan Etete £1.12b $1.03b $400m DM1.72

    Don Etiebet £2.5b $1.06b $700m DM 361m

    Maj. Al-Mustapha £600m $1.001b $ — DM 210m

    Anthony Ani £2.9b $1.09b $360m DM 1.66b

    Bashir Dalhatu £2.3b $1.001b $161m DM1.43b

    Gen. Wushishi £700m $1.301b $ — DM —

    Alhaji Hassan Adamu £300m $200m $700m DM —

    T.Y. Danjuma £1.36b $1.02b $300m DM190m

    Gen. Ishaya Bamaiyi £120m $800m $ — DM —

    Sources: London Times

    BODY & SOUL AUGUST 3 1999, PAGE 13.


    • Sword of Damocles

      thank you i have saved this file under “looters up unitl 1999”

    • Vin Kay

      Some of these people are dead, while others are alive. Almost all of those alive are either in PDP government or have sympathies for the PDP-led government as well as current looters. And in how many ways are these of benefit to them? Vanity upon vanity…

  • King Carlos

    Buhari should put together men and women of integrity to help launch a campaign fund. His loyalists are ready to donate to his course, no matter how small. We just want him there.

  • Gbo_lee

    All we are saying….is give us GMB. Buhari is the next step for Nigeria,he is a man of the people and he alone can salvage the country from the hands of these PDP thieves.

    • Justice Ovie Obaro (JP)

      Have you ever heard of Decrees 2 and 4? I don’t think so. Therefore, I recommend that you visit youtube and see graphic video of Fela’s merciless beating and injuries suffered under those repressive and despotic Decrees. Many other victims of his regime are still alive. Perhaps you were not born then…and Nigeria does not teach ‘correct’ history. ….again, this your ‘man of the people’ was an employee of Abacha who is unquestionably one of the most brutal despots from africa…and he stayed put as PTF chief until abacha died. Boy, read history again. Read and stop facebooking. Nonsense!

    • Ed

      If GMB is your salvation then you’ve no hope. The man didn’t have the bus fare. Or the candidate fee .The first thing you people should do is set out hundreds of thousands of bara collection sport.

  • Justice Ovie Obaro (JP)

    Where on earth and outside the earth do you find an 85yrs young man like Mohammadu contesting? From Europe to Asia to Australia to South & North America, we have people slightly over half the the age of this fellow in charge. Only in Africa’s Zimbabwe do we have a young man like Buhari who feels the old and weak are stronger than the young and vibrant. Like Fela would say, ‘them put the country for reverse’.

    Will continent Nigeria survive another escapee President when the need arises to attend to ‘young’ age symptoms in Saudi hospitals that might necessitate endless recuperation? No be small thing o!

    • Umar Dendi

      Sale swords for a failed dictator! have you ever heard of JDR and how old he was when he saved the states from the great depression? of course you haven’t!
      how beneficial was your doctrine of necessity? if you have the wits to be honest with your self

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Is PT able to confirm that this Mr. Danjuma Dabo is the same as the one previously at the Nigeria Maritime Admin & Safety Agency?

    Please we need this information to get through donating to the GMB Fund.

  • Gambo Haruna Jagindi

    Me & My 21 members of my family are buharism for life