New Adamawa Governor, Ngilari, hails lawmakers for impeaching ex-boss, Nyako

The newly-instated governor of Adamawa state, Bala Ngilari, has praised state lawmakers for impeaching his former boss, ex-Governor Murtala Nyako, eventually paving the way for him to be governor.

Mr. Ngilari said Thursday that the legislators were merely doing their work.

Mr. Ngilari’s comments came a day after a court ordered that he be sworn in as governor to replace Umar Fintiri, who was the acting governor.

Mr. Fintiri took charge after Mr. Nyako’s ouster in July.

The new governor, Mr. Ngilari, was the deputy under Mr. Nyako. He was also booted out of office until the court order Wednesday.

Messrs Nyako and Ngilari remained close although they belonged to different political parties.

In his reaction to the court ruling Wednesday, Mr. Nyako congratulated his former deputy and said he believed the court would eventually reinstate him as governor of the northeast state.

But as he officially took charge Thursday, with a visit to the state office of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Ngilari expressed gratitude to members of the State House of Assembly for performing their “legislative duties” by removing his former boss from office.

The governor said he found no fault in the removal of Mr. Nyako from office because the lawmakers were simply doing their duties.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank most especially the Adamawa House of Assembly who performed their legislative duties that led to the removal of my former boss and by the divine arrangement of God, I am the new governor of Adamawa state,” he said.

“I pray that those I offended should forgive me and I also forgive those who offended me. Therefore we must now work together as a family, l can’t claim to be an island and I need your advice to forge the state ahead,” he said.
In his reaction, the state PDP chairman, Joel Madaki, said he was not favourably disposed to Mr. Ngilari before now, but said when God says yes, no one can say no.

He said the governor’s emergence was an act of God.

He said the state PDP must abide by every bit of the constitution of Nigeria as it has now confirmed Mr. Ngilari as the governor of Adamawa state.

“This is your house, PDP is one party but uses different baton to execute their duties. The leadership of the PDP is fully on ground for you. Talk to us,” he said.

Responding on behalf the state assembly members, Salisu Kabilo, representing Verre state Constituency, noted that the lawmakers will be loyal to the new governor and also called on the people of the state to support the new administration.


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  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    The only option your excellency is to hit the ground running and entrench ur legacy within the limited time.Pls focus on security and completion of ongoing projects or create impact progs .Apply prudent fund managent and be on the side of the people.

    • NazirJos

      Well said. Hope the ears will hear this.

  • D.O.N.

    So, where are the clownish APC people who were ‘celebrating’ over the removal of Fintiri? Is Ngilari an APC member?? Can’t they hear Mr Madaki say it’s just a ‘handing over’ of the baton??
    It baffles me why APC members see white and will like to call it BLACK! Their ship is sinking and they are busy drinking rum with the bearded sailor Baba mai Mangoro? This is the same ill-fated ship they begged Baba Obj to come and be their Navigator! Na rock dem go jam, sink like Titanic!
    Yet they also continue their Rum binging saying Ribadu is finished. I ask, DOES RIBADU STAND A BETTER CHANCE IN 2015 WITH FINTIRI OR NGILARI IN CHARGE?? No one needs a head full of brains to answer that.
    Bottomline : once again, APC has the short end of the stick. They are beginning to look jinxed! I advise anyone who values his/her life to abandon this APC is sinking fast!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “No one needs a head full of brains to answer that.” – D.O.N.

      Thanks for the confession.

      I am sure your soul must feel liberated from the truth that just set it free.

      Anyone else with a full head of brains would see the present FGN and PDP for what they are – a failure and a banding of rogues in high places!

      • Henry

        Oga lawyer, the question had to do with Ribadu’s chances with Fintiri or Ngilari in charge. You either answer that or keep silent instead of being diversionary.
        Your association with that Angry-Peoples-Club is gradually rubbing off on you. You are losing objectivity daily.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          The problem with people like you, Henry, is that you insist in taking APC for PDP’s headache. As if your own heads are not big enough to cause catastrophe for your necks!

          If you wish to discuss Ribadu, that is your headache. The article is not about him, did not mention or even insinuate his person, yet you half brain m0r0ns persist in trying to derail the thread onto grounds that you feel comfortable with.

          Why not deal with the subject of this article?

      • Truth

        Eh yah. Sorry oooo. You must be mourning and licking your wound now. Charge and bail.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          lol, charge and bail?

          Your progenitor happily prostrated and grovelled at my feet last time I bailed him!

          I am sure his dishonourable descendant will untruthfully worship at my feet too in the not too distant future once Mbu bends you over a chair.

          I shall wait with bated breath to laugh at your plight.

        • KD

          Truth (or “Untruthful”), you never cease to amaze one. You pretend to be neutral, but you cant help showing your real color. What wound is there for him to lick You and Henry are one of the people with heads that are not full of brains! Your friend, D.O.N said it o, not me!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Abi o.

            No be talk am, na D.O.N. talk am for animal in human skin with half brain o!

      • D.O.N.

        For a self acclaimed lawyer, your inability to stick to issues being raised is appalling.
        That question was what i concluded EVEN A FO*L should be able to answer!
        Meaning anyone who ‘cannot’ answer that and finds it so difficult that he/she has to meander away is something lower than a _ _ _ _!
        Oga charge and bail lawyer, no one needs a head full of brains to be able to see ‘the present FGN and PDP for what they are- A banding of rogues in high places’ .
        It is just stating the obvious. And for you to conclude that one requires a head full of brains to know that says a lot about your IQ.
        So, oga Charge & Bail lawyer, i guess the difference is yur beloved APC is a banding of rogues in ‘low places’??
        Problem with MOST of u APC supporters is the moment one points out where yur party leaders err, you leave the point raised and jump to attack PDP, presuming any such person is a PDP supporter.
        Shame on you Mr Kay for being so simplistic! A very flawed way of reasoning for a ‘lawyer’!
        *Hope you have gotten glasses to know what a ‘tongue’ looks like?

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          And you think you have displayed an uncommon level of intelligence – I personally think otherwise – with this diatribe against my person?


          You only showed yourself up for what you are – a lowlife scum!

          • D.O.N.

            It was no diatribe my brother. I just employed the same innuendos u displayed above.
            Now oga, point out what I said that made u call me a ‘ half brain scum’.
            What I wrote initially was crystal clear about Ribadu. Yet u a lawyer came up with a different idea. Which is what you lawyers are good at.
            You have alwys struck me as being an APC member with some decency. Unfortunately your association with those angry people is turning u into something else.
            This is a non prejudiced opinion. You are generally becoming intolerant of other views. A sad development.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            D.O.N., that I have APC sympathies is indubitable. As a matter of fact, I have always proclaimed it, but it does not stop me from being objective when there is a need to do so. so there is no point in restating the obvious. I do not pretend to be non-partisan but will equally refuse to sacrifice my objectivity.

            As far as I am concerned, Ribadu is a non sequitur to the res of the article.

            If you wish to discuss Ribadu, why not wait to discuss him on such a thread if I stray onto it?

            My honest opinion is that you are being petulant simply because I refused to discuss the extraneous matter you brought to the thread. I am focused, please do too and let us debate the issue at hand.

          • D.O.N.

            Yet u latched unto my comment on Ribadu to cast aspersions on others.
            Besides, Ribadu’s issue cannot be separated from these developments.
            One must have a broad perspective wen analysing politics.
            Remain objective my brother..remain so

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            D.O.N., your poser on Ribadu and the ‘half-brain’ teaser are distinct subject matters in your earlier submission. Please take a second look at your own submission – I just did!

            There is no reason why both should not be treated separately. One was posed as a rhetoric and the latter, as the poser!

            If you wanted both treated separately, then you should have kept them as part of the same strand. You were not writing sarcasm in that post, neither were you talking ‘tongue in cheek’

            You were being clever by half and I caught you on the hop. If this was a boxing match, that was the moment you lost the belt!

            Stay focused and protect yourself at all times – that is always the referee’s last instructions.

          • D.O.N.

            Mehn! If this was a court case, your client wuld certainly find himself in a jail cell!
            What is all this big grammer for?
            How can u say the poser on Ribadu and the half brain teaser are distinct matters??
            “There is no reason why both shld not be treated separately”, meaning: both shld be treated separately??
            When I said ‘ no one needs a head full of brains to answer THAT’, What is the word ‘that’ referring to oga lawyer?? Is that not referring to the question I asked about Ribadu????
            Nawao! Something is wrong somewhere. Same way u argued about the ‘tongue’ issue d other day.
            Anyway, i guess u lawyers have to sell yur consciences to be able to defend the indefensible.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Shameful indeed.

            Having to swallow your own words!

          • Otile

            I don’t know why you should waste your time trading insults with this f**l. If he was esquire as he claims he would have known that he is
            doing damage to his profession by displaying this kind of st**p*d logic.
            He is all too gleeful to call people names they taught him in
            elementary school. Have you seen a lawyer worth his salt publicly curse
            people with low-level words such as pignod, homo sapiens, half brain
            scum among other unspeakable idiotic words? I guess he is using a fake
            name, just as his is faking M Buhari as his own portrait. It is not
            worth your time responding to him.

          • MrFesh

            I’ve been following that expired (forget esquire abeg) guy for sometime. It started on a news article about Lagos Govt instituting paternal leave for workers and he claimed to own a company employing over 50 and how he gives paternal leave to them all and shiet.

            Well, like I told the other guy, trying to reason with the expired guy is just futile.

          • Otile

            If he is a lawyer, he simply does not know how to advertise his firm. He cannot draw clients by insulting or publicly calling people names especially those who see through his poor logic. I agree with you, he is fastidious, haughty, and sees everybody else as subhuman.

          • Otile

            Before it is over he will be calling you homo erectus and other trashy words that tickles his fancy. Just ignore him.

        • MrFesh

          That expired guy is no good. Just keep your thoughts for people who think straight.

          • D.O.N.

            He used to be the ONLY APC supporter one could have a sensible ‘jaw-jaw’ with on this site. Unfortunately, he has been beaten by the Violent APC bug.
            #SayNoToViloence my brother.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            D.O.N., on the contrary, there are so many reasonable APC supporters online that you can have sensible debates with – I count myself privileged to be one of them.

            Contrawise, there are a whole host of PDP supporters and genuinely non-partisan forumites that exchanges ideas based on civility.

            Unfortunately, there are also so many violent ‘wannabe’ PDP thugs whose concept of debate is of the METUH, ASARI, FAYOSE, MAKU, OKUPE, OMISORE & WIKE school of thought.

            I truly hope you don’t belong to this group because I can give as good as I can take; without flinching.

            The battle for the hearts and minds of true and uncontaminated Nigerians is a roforofo fight and I will not run away from it.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Ifebuche, my stray online dog!

            You are back here yapping and barking at my heels for attention!!

            Why change your nom de guerre to MrFesh when you refused to “fetch” as an old useless dog that could not learn any trick and then still come back barking like a rabies infested canine?

            Ever heard about giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it?

            If you had, you would not have changed from Ifebuche to MrFesh; but here goes – fetch, to heel, sit down, rollover, play dead!

            Lousy dog!!

  • Jakadiya

    “Responding on behalf the state assembly members, Salisu Kabilo, representing Verre state Constituency, noted that the lawmakers will be loyal to the new governor ….”
    Mr Hon Member, better be loyal to your constituency and the people of Adamawa state, not the Governor.

  • Kamal Kamoru Kangiwa

    APC ya mutu.
    R.I.P. APC.
    Na to administer the funeral rites remain.

    “Here lies what could have been…..”

  • the truth

    this should be front page news


    We haven’t heard the last story on the Adamawa issue. Please stay tuned!

  • Madiba

    PDP hatchet men never gave Ngilari a chance to come back claiming he resigned and is gone for good and calling him all sorts of names.But now you will start hearing all conjectures. That is Nigeria for you. Nyako was joined in the suit that brought Ngilari back and he majorly helped the case turn to his favour by telling the court he never accepted Ngilari’s resignation as required by law. Anyone in Nigeria that expected Governor Ngilari to start reprimanding or chastizing the law makers must be living im mars. He is doing what he should do in the Nigerian context to consolidate under the circumstance, Can he say the lawmakers were not doing their job? The Chairman of PDP Joel madaki even said they were not favourably disposed to Gov Ngilari but when God says yes noone can say no! We should all salute and encourage the judiciary as they do their job from the high courts to the supreme court, not beating or tearing there regalia like Idi amin and Fayose.Congratulations Governor Ngilari

  • Watchful Eyes

    You should have resigned and now should still resign on the strength of your own words. How can you find fault in the impeachment of your boss and still stayed watching him do what you didn’t like him do. Sir you are a hypocrite. You should also learn a lesson from the fig tree. PDP says it didnt like you before but is now forced to like you based on the current fortuitous circumstances. Remember one thing, what goes around always comes around!

  • Amunega Victoria

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    • Shehu Monguno


  • AbujaKenneth

    Fintiri fell out when he insisted that he is the governorship candidate against the wishes of the ruling party

    • D.O.N.

      Precisely! That ws y i said Ribadu stands a better chance in 2015 with Ngilari in charge instead of Fintiri. Yet some narrow minded people have been gloating in ignorance. I laugh!

      • jamal

        I dey laugh ooO!

  • Otile

    Oh Yeah, “…the newly-instated governor of Adamawa state, Bala Ngilari, has praised
    state lawmakers for impeaching his former boss, ex-Governor Murtala
    Nyako…” what else do you expect him to do at this point in time? The question is, why didn’t Alhaji Ibrahim Bala Ngilari say something when Alhaji Nyako was wheeling and dealing receiving bribes at the governors mansion? I know Ngilari must now be preparing to go to Mecca to do hajj in thanksgiving to Allah for the fall of Nyako. I thought moslems love one another.

    • Jef

      Ngilari is not a Muslem Mr. Otile. He is a christian attending EYN church.

      • Otile

        I know you are going to say this.

        • Jef

          Bala James Ngilari

          • Otile

            Thanks Jef, I now understand why he looked the other way while invisible hands were exchanging money at the governors mansion. If he tried to burst Alhaji Murtala Abu Nyako by himself they would accuse him of persecuting a Muslim.

          • Lorddaniels


          • Otile

            You have a blessed weekend bro.

    • Lorddaniels

      Ngilari is not a Muslim. He’s a Christian hence the diplomacy the PDP used by not installing him immediately his muslim fulani boss was impeached.


    @ Kay Soyemi/ D.O.N, I follow the argument of DoN closely and it made me nauseating, The topic here for discussion , is the newly sworn Gov Ngilari , who was thanking his fellow pdp legislator for impeaching his Boss Nyanko , so that he has now taken over[ Nigerian Syndrome] Ribadu was never mentioned in this news, the question therefore is how did this half brain, low lifer, smuggle in Ribadu into it and challenging Kay he must discuss it . People like you on any medium are distractors,weeds in the mist of crops, parasites in the house of hosts, muddle up issues because you cannot think straight.
    In future you must wait for news item that talk about Ribadu before you raise any issue about him , stop distracting well meaning discussion from the topic and wasting space reading your gibberish argument that has no meaning , head or tail.
    Stay always on topic , no diversion or distraction . You can take an Open Ed on Ribadu or anything people will read and comment on it.

  • deji

    Igbo man nabbed in Australia with $10m hard drug

    October 18, 2015 by pmnews ·

    A 32 year old Nigerian could be jailed in Australia for allegedly smuggling $10million worth of methamphetamine into the country inside a gaudy fish statue.

    Sydney border force officers found 10kg of the highly addictive drug hidden, also known as ice, inside one of three gold-coloured fish statues destined for a residential address in Kaleen, north of Canberra.

    Police were alerted and arrested the Nigerian after he picked up the statues, removed the drugs, and tried to board a bus bound for Sydney on Saturday. He will face an Australian Capital Territory Magistrate court on Monday.

    The drug stash, which had been imported from China, was found on the man when he was arrested, police say.

    The Nigerian, who arrived in Australia in July on a student visa, faces a maximum penalty of life in jail if he’s convicted of attempting to possess a commercial quantity of an illegal drug.

    In September, two Nigerians were similarly arrested in Australia for importing more than 40kg of methamphetamine into the country.

    The men were identified as 51-year-old Iwuchukwu Odemegwo and Chibuike Anyasor. The duo concealed the drug inside bar fridges and Jackie Chan-branded DVD players.