Gbemisola Saraki joins Kwara governorship race; set to battle brother again

A former senator, Gbemisola Saraki, has signified her intention to contest the Kwara state governorship election in February 2015 on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

She disclosed this in a letter to the chairman of the state chapter of the party and its Elders Committee, saying she resolved to contest after state-wide consultations, which she said took her several months.

Ms. Saraki contested for the same position in 2011 on the platform of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN, but was defeated by the incumbent, Abdulfatah Ahmed, who ran on the ticket of the PDP.

Mr. Ahmed has since defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC, on which platform he is running for a second term.

“I have the pleasure to inform you that after several months of statewide consultations, I have resolved to contest for the position of the governor of Kwara State under the platform of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the 2015 General Elections,” Ms. Saraki said in the “Letter of Intent,” dated October 2.

“This decision is informed, on the one hand, by calls by family members, friends and several thousands of members of our party who are convinced about my capacity to lead the state out of its present state of hopelessness and stagnation which the ruling party has deliberately thrown it into.

“On the other hand, it is informed by the positive reactions received so far from majority of elders and stakeholders of our party, and other members of the public during my statewide consultations.

“Thus, in obedience to their clarion calls, and a personal conviction that Kwara State can be better governed, I have decided to offer myself to the service of the good people of Kwara state.”

The former senator, who is a younger sister of a former governor of the state, Bukola Saraki, stated that as an aspirant, she was under no illusion that the stakes were high.

“But I also know that we face an electorate that has been exhausted by broken promises, bad governance, collapse infrastructure, an ailing economy, and a host of other problems that seem to defy solutions.

“But with God on our side, and the unalloyed support of our party, I believe I would bring my experience and connection to bear to salvage our dear state from the brink of collapse,” she said.

She assured that party leadership that she was committed to free, fair and transparent primaries among her co-aspirants in the PDP.

While commending the party from exempting the female aspirants in the state from paying the mandatory minimum levy of N500, 000, Ms. Saraki, however, noted that she had contributed more than that amount to its progress.

Ms. Saraki, daughter of the late strongman of Kwara politics, Olusola Saraki, was a member of the House of Representatives between 1999 and 2003 on the platform of the defunct All Peoples Party, APP, and later moved to the Senate where she spent two terms.

Her efforts, backed by her father to succeed her elder brother, Bukola, in 2011 failed as she was defeated by Mr. Ahmed.

Mr. Saraki, like the governor, is now in the APC.


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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Interesting, albeit not surprising.

    She has Mr. Belgore Jnr, among others to contend with.

    PDP Kwara has a mountain to climb.

  • sharp shape

    I support the PDP but I think the entire saraki clan should be sent to political oblivion ! It’s time nigerians come together and say a firm no to any corrupt political dynasty be it north south east and west ! These brats cannot also have a whip on our backs the way their fathers did ! Ilorin mesu gambari ! No bukola ! No gbemi ! Insha Allah Kwara will be free !

  • George

    A good pussy is better than honey. Is she going to contest as a windower, or ex, or single lady.

    Women with wahala

  • True Nigerian

    If Gbemi is given the ticket and she wins, most Nigerians like me would be asking the question: are there still any Kwara state voters that have some sense of self-worth in that Kwara State? She only returned to the PDP about 5 months ago after running away because of the failed plot to “inherit” gubernatorial office from her father, as if this country is a Monarchy, rather than a democracy. And just 5 months after her return, she is embarking on more opportunism by running for governorship under PDP. That is after 4 years of her brother leaving the office in which he stayed and stole from for 8 years. Before that, her father was literally hand-picking the governors, senators, reps, commissioners, etc for the entire people of the state. Are Kwara people black South Africans of the 1960s to 1980s? Don’t they live in Nigeria? Aren’t they Nigerians? Don’t they have a sense of pride and self esteem as a people? Are they so slavish in their own democratic psyche to the extent that they can’t even show their independence even if it is offered to them on a platter of gold? It will be utterly shocking if the PDP gives their ticket to Gbemi Saraki who merely represents the same Olusola Saraki legacy of nepotism and despotic impositions. And even if PDP makes that mistake, it will be more shocking for the people of Kwara state to endorse the emblem of theior own slavery and portray themselves as the big fans of Olusola Saraki’s legacy of “political slavery” on the people of Kwara. It means the people have no self-worth!

    There are two excellent gubernatorial materials in Kwara: Mr John Dara and Mr Dele Belgore. But Dele Belgore is only a recent decampee and has no foothold in the PDP game in Kwara. If PDP and the people of Kwara cannot choose one from those two, they can as well consider waking late Olusola Saraki from the grave and ask him to continue lording it over them or to continue doing it by proxy through his son who is still the defacto governor of the state.

  • Abdulkareem

    People just just hide behind the anonymity of the computers to write un inteligilible analogy. No matter the lens with you you view It, the Sarakis have made the positive impactside In the lives of KWARANS. Their being in the saddle for long Is a testimony of their popularity. There is just no how they would stay this long without popular supporter, there has never been any time Kwarans were forced against their freewill. So, why not leave the people to their destinies? What dabble into what you lack every iota of knowledge on?

    Back to the main Issue, Gbemisola, like a null other persons that have indicated Interest In the PDP gubernatorial contest so far, have the right to seek to lead the state, irrespective of her gender or even surname. For anyone that cared, she Is the most competent of the lots presently parading themselves for the post.

    • Jonah

      My friend, the trouble is that I don’t know which one is more unintelligible between your own analogy and the ones you have referred to as unintelligible analogy. But from where I’m looking, your own view is the one that needs a rethink. You are here talking about positive impact and popularity. So let’s look at those two terms and help you to see the glaring items on your blind spots. Positive impact is a relative term; popularity is contextual and comparative too. So, it also depends on your own lens too. Is that clear enough to you? President Jonathan has performed too; hasn’t he? At least, I know his fans say he has done so. But look at Nigeria with its bloodied face, nose and eyes buffeted on every side with mindless graft, international embarrassments on daily basis, ministers and advisers that have been criminally indicted for hundreds of billions of naira in theft, widespread insecurity and monumental incompetence in the face of it, fuel price doubled and yet fuel scarcity happening occasionally. Compare that to a Yaradua govt that reduced fuel price and yet there was not even a second of scarcity. But yet, Jonathan’s fans also argue that he has performed, and they are right to an extent because there are a few good things he has done. But when the yardstick is a reasonable man’s view, he is monumental failure.

      So the point is this: what you call “positive impact” and “popularity” may qualify as an eyesore to other normal people; that is, assuming you are normal (not that I am assuming that you are abnormal). I am just wondering! Head or tail, what you people in Kwara regard as Saraki Dynasty is an eyesore in the context of democracy. Okay? Graft, mindless graft! Is that positive impact and a basis for popularity? Societe General bank fraud, and the agric fund fraud, are just to mention but a few. The other day, I was reading reports of how Kwara state wealth has been horribly mismanaged and how infrastructures have been avoidably and needlessly allowed to rot. If you ask Mr Bio who was forced to resign from his ministerial position in order to be used a pun in Bukola’s psychopathic quest for power in Kwara state, you are not going to be calling that popularity, performance or positive impact.

      Considering the above facts, if Nigeria were to get today a leader with integrity, patriotism and justice as his driving principles, many of your heroes in Nigeria, including the Saraki’s would be in lengthy jail terms; and maybe that would probably open your eyes to the offensive stench of the stinking rot you refer to as “positive impact and popularity”. And then you will see how unintelligible your own analogy is.

      And talking about Gbemi’s right to contest. Who is arguing with you on that. It depends on the measure of your ethical yardstick – a problem that most of your compatriots share with you. For instance, when it suits their ethnic and religious hypocrisy, they routinely deny that there was a zoning agreement in PDP and that even if there was one, that it doesn’t matter. Yet, in their states wars are being waged because of debates on which local governments and tribe should be allowed to produce governors based on equity and fairness in the politics of the states. So talking about rights to contest, Jonathan has a legal right to run for Presidency too. But does that equate to a moral right to run too? I suppose you don’t know if there is any difference between those two terms and whether that difference means anything to you! Bukola is still the governor of Kwara (by proxy) and you want his sister to continue her brother’s 12-year tenure of theft, misgovernance and family enslavement of Kwara state based on what you call popularity and positive impact. Well, your logic is warped! And I’m afraid it shows symptoms of Stockholm syndrome!