Emir of Kano, Sunusi, decries Boko Haram killings

The Emir of Kano, His Highness Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

The Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sunusi II, has decried the incessant killing of innocent children and women in mosques, markets and schools, and has urged Nigerians to pray for peace and stability in the state.

He made the call while addressing Muslim faithful after the Eid-El-Kabir prayer held at the Central Mosque in Kano on Saturday.

He noted that something urgent must be done to bring to an end to Boko Haram attacks.

The emir urged the people of the state to always live by the dictates of Islam and avoid acts that could earn them the wrath of God.

He charged the people in his Emirate to always be law-abiding and live peacefully with one another for the development of the state and the country.

He similarly enjoined parents to invest in the education of their children particularly the girl-child.

The emir called on well-to-do individuals in the society to assist the poor during this period so as to enable them celebrate the occasion with ease.

He commended the people of the state for their support to immunisation of children against the various killer diseases.

The emir prayed for the successful return of Nigerian Pilgrims from Saudi Arabia after the completion of this year’s Hajj.

The Kano State Deputy Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, urged people of the state to continue to pray for continuous peace and stability in the state and the country at large.

“We should continue to pray so that we will have permanent peace and stability in the state, the northern part of the country and by implication in the country as a whole,’’ he said.

He used the occasion to congratulate the Emir and the Emirate Council for successful Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

The prayer was also attended by other top government officials and members of the Emirate Council among others.

Security was tightened at all the prayer grounds in the Kano metropolis in a bid to ensure maximum safety during the Eid-el Kabir celebration.



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  • Jones


    Can (Emir) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi Lamido tell us one person – just one person who
    was killed by Boko Haram inside a mosque in Nigeria – just one person. We are all ears.
    The truth is that since Boko Haram started rampaging across Nigeria, not a single Muslim
    was ever killed inside a mosque. Boko Haram never ever killed a Muslim inside a mosque.
    We challenge (Emir) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to come up with contrary evidence on this point.

    • James Breen

      Jones – So was it justifiable to kill Christians or any human being, whatever their religion ?

      • Remi Taire

        @ James:

        You know what, James, i never thought of it until Mr. Jones raised this point.
        Boko Haram militias might have killed tens of Muslims on the way to a mosque,
        or even killed Muslims going home, after prayers in a mosque, but truly, i myself
        cannot recall Boko Haram ever attacking Muslims at prayers inside any mosque.
        Whereas, Boko Haram routinely enters into any church, anywhere, and kills Christians.
        That fine point struck me like thunderbolt and tells me that Boko Haram reveres mosques
        but Boko Haram disdains all churches. That tells me that Boko Haram is an Islamic Jihad.

        • Yunusa Abubakar

          @ Remi
          then you are ignorant of the killing of Sheilh Jaafar and Sheikh Albani two reknown Islamic schorlars in a mosque and a many muslim faithfuls at seperate incidence. if you are ignorant you ask and stop misleading people

          • Otile

            When did these killings happen?

          • Dan maikoko

            One in 13th April 2007 when Sheikh Jaafar Mahmud Adams was shot several times, in the lower part of his body, inside a mosque, as he prostrated during the dawn prayers on friday. At least 5 other people were shot with Jaafar. The second was the february 2014 killing of Sheikh Muhammad Awwal Adams (Albani).

          • Otile

            Where did this take place?

          • Factual

            B I G O T!!!

          • Otile

            Does asking factual questions make one a bigot? If you are going to be writing about some imaginary beheading in imaginary mosques of unknown time frame, you better better stop because we don’t buy the crap of taqqiya anymore.

          • Dan maikoko

            Google it. You lazy fanatic. I have given you the date, names of the victims, time and method of killing. If you can post a comment then it is not the fault of taqiyya that you dont know how to google.

          • Otile

            “Google it” is a lazy man’s answer to every question. What are the name of those Muslims beheaded in mosques? At least they have parents and other relatives who would know their names. Don’t give me more of those run around, I am tired of your taqiyya.

          • Joe

            Those Moslem sheiks that were killed were preaching messages that are contrary to boko haram’s beliefs and ideology. Religion is not of God, but of man, and that is why from Adam of old testament to Jesus Christ( the living word),God never formed or created “religion”. God is not interested in religion?. God is interested in fellowship between Him and man. Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is the revelation of God’s spirit in human spirit.

          • Dan maikoko

            So even christians have fanatics of the BH type?Christianity is not a religion! And BH says all muslims are hypocrites except members of their sect.

          • Otile

            Then what are you trying to ask?

          • Factual

            Since you are stark ignorant, you better stop typing rubbish here. You can find out about these killings from Maryln Ogar, the spokeperson of SSS, the Nigerian security outfit.

          • Otile

            Do you think I as an ordinary citizen can walk into SSS headquarters and start demanding from Officer Mayrln Orgar a list of Muslims beheaded in mosques by Boko Haram? You are nuts.

        • Otile

          “…Boko Haram is an Islamic Jihad.” All along what did you think the struggle is all about? Just give them their Caliphate, the beheading will stop.

          • James Breen

            Otile- Can you answer me one question. What gives the right for people of one religion to kill people of another religion simply because they follow another faith ? The geographic boundary of their caliphate is what exactly ? The entire Nigeria ? Since when did Nigeria belong to one religion ? On the issue of killing infidels, how does that reconcile with the fact that there are countless mosques in Christian countries. So the Quran instructs the killing of infidels. What then happens if the Christians retaliate. Remember, the Christians hold the most devastating firepower known to man, nuclear weapons, conventional weapons. They also have the most superior technical equipment, personnel, soldiers who are expert in every type of warfare. What happens then if all those resources and weaponry are released. Then what ? More people are dead, both Christians and Muslims, and where is the caliphate then. In smouldering ruins ………….

          • Otile

            I am not saying that killing people on religious grounds is right. Yes, Northern Muslims have a recognized geographic boundary. The Northerners joyfully accepted sharia in 12 Northern states. Are you not aware of that? Do you think the Muslims fought hard to get sharia for fun? In Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan where pure Islam is practiced strict sharia is enforced. This is exactly what Boko Haram is tending to achieve in those 12 sharia states. There will be no peace in the North until they take their states. You either give them what belongs to them or the struggle continues.

        • James Breen

          Remi- You are absolutely correct. Your point struck me too ! What is clear is that there is an unrealistic goal on the part of many people. It is one thing to reclaim land that you believe is yours. It is totally another thing to claim and expect to claim land wherever it be and claim it to be yours. Not only is it unrealistic it is impossible to achieve. There are some reports that some Islamic groups wish to establish a world wide caliphate. How is that going to work. Are they going to walk into China and demand/establish a caliphate ? What about Russia ? United States ? France United Kingdom. Do you really think the five Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council are going to allow their countries to be turn into caliphates ? It simply is not possible and therein lies the problem. It is am impossible and unattainable dream and many people are already dying because of it.

      • Otile

        Well according to the Holy Quran infidels must be killed off. In Islam there is no more supreme law than the teachings of Holy Quran. Even a Nigerian Senator from Zampara said it that he will only obey the law of Islam not the Constitution. They agreed he was right and they allowed him to commit matrimony with that young girl from Anglo Egyptian Sudan.

    • Garba lawan

      You are really dumb like your myopic leader, you will never see light and you will forever live in darkness because your hate for Islam and its leaders and followers has blindfolded your heart and eyes.
      How would you challenge the Emir for telling what’s is crystal clear to the whole world ? Boko haram has attacked many mosques and killed at one instance 55 worshippers in maiduguri and another 43.
      Just check it google it – Boko haram attack mosque!
      Boko haram is not Islam and is not for Muslims, in fact BH killed more Muslims than Christian and this is confirmed by the Nigerian Government.

      • Ade

        Allah is an Idol, worshipers of allah are idol worshipers.

      • Otile

        Yeah, but the Nigerian Government goes along with whatever the Muslims say.

      • Sylva

        What is crystal clear aboki? Reasoning upside down.

    • John

      You clown the first victim of Boko Haram was Sheikh Jafar Adams who was shot right inside the mosque in Kano. Very few Christians have been killed by Boko Haram and GEJ confirmed that himself. But whether Christians or Muslims victims are they not Nigerians. After all we now know those behind it – don’t forget the CAN jet that went to South Africa to buy weapons and also the revelation by Rev Davis of Ihejirika and Sheriff involvement in supporting Boko Haram.

      • Gbolahan B.

        @ John and Garba:

        Guys, you are missing the point here, i’m afraid. What Jones said is that no killings INSIDE a mosque were ever done by Boko Haram. The July 2014 id-el-fitri foiled attempt by Boko Haram to kill non-conformist Muslims at the Isiyaku Rabiu praying centre was carefully calibrated by Boko Haram not to desecrate the praying centre.

        What Boko Haram did in that case was to place an explosive-laden car metres from the entrance into the praying centre. There is no example of a mosque attacked from inside similar to what Boko Haram did INSIDE Deeper Life Church in Okene, Kogi state, where the Boko Haram armed militias entered into the church during prayer service and killed every priest and Christian worshipper INSIDE the church.

        • kick ’em out

          And who are the real Boko Haram? What can you say about christians that were caught trying to plant bombs in Bauchi and Jos? They were the really BH, I guess.

        • emmanuel

          The securities have always foiled attempts at bombing mosques since the insurgency started, but that never happened for churches.

          It is all political propaganda for balancing acts.

      • Aliyu

        Sheikh Jafar Adams was actually killed in his private residence – in his private mosque there.

        • Dan maikoko

          Yes. If you can call one of the prominent friday mosques in Nigeria a private mosque, then Sheikh Jaafar was killed during friday dawn prayers, in his private friday mosque at Dorayi quarters. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Meanwhile we will continue to pray for the ultimate exposure and Divine punishment for those behind his killing and their sponsors.

        • kick ’em out

          So was it not in a mosque?

          • Al Hassan

            @ Kick ’em out:

            A private mosque built inside one’s own house is a prayer centre and part of one’s residence.
            It is not a mosque open to anyone else to visit or enter for that other person’s religious obligation.

          • kick ’em out

            But Mallam Ja’afar was killed in Dorayi Juma’at mosque which is not his private mosque. I advise you find out more about where he was killed.

        • Alhassan

          You keep quite if you dont know what to say, are you from kano or where you in his private mosque, and what do u mean by private mosque?. Better stop exposing ur ignorance

          • Onike24

            There is no such thing as a private mosque because it is for all; however a mosque may be within a private residence and many many Nigerian Muslims that can afford to have one. Just as the wealthy Christians have a dedicated Chapel within the grounds of their private residence. Some things we argue about are actually rather simply……

          • emmanuel

            I nor know why this your Islam thing dey sweet you, after all those who own Islam in Nigeria nor recognise Yoruba Muslim as one of them.

            I beg face political issues and leave off Religion jare!

      • Nwa Aba #Lets Break Up Now

        is Jafar Adams a muslim?
        sorry i’m confused

      • emmanuel

        John, Maria, Helen, Amaka, Comfortkay all agents of the Jihadist in this forum who disguises are Non Fulani. We know una!

    • Kick ’em out

      You don’t seem to be in living on this planet. “We challenge (Emir) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to come up with contrary evidence on this point”. – Jones. What do you mean by “We”? Just speak for yourself. Say it You hate Sunusi. That’s all.

  • Sunkani

    What are you saying? You should hide your ignorance and keep silent since you don’t even seem to be in this world.

  • Suraju

    So every person in Kano state should live ‘by the dictates of Islam’. I think Sanusi is emir of Kano where Christians and Moslems co-exist. Has he suddenly turned himself to the governor who addresses the state or the king on only moslems, or he does not have any regard for the christian minority? Boko haram members are so religious that they are interested in killing CHRISTIANS and their interests cum supporters. I can not advise we take chances, I am of opinion that there will be peace if we (moslems) pray in the mosque without any security. All we need is true love and tolerance.

    • Banji

      Sanusi Lamido Sanusi never deplored Boko Haram killings in a church, did you notice that?
      His silence on the Christians in the north speaks louder than words and says all i need to know.

    • larry

      sanusi is a fake emir ,we all know the ture emir.

      • checkmate

        What is your stake in Kano? How is he fake?

        • emmanuel

          Checkmate the South is your job? Why should a good person have a stake in a city founded in sin and blood? Do you not know the history of your city?

          Kano is still the capital of evil, because that is where everyone has agreed in the pit of hell that their population is about twice that of Lagos, which the world knows is absolute falsehood.

          When Gadaffi commenced his Africa jihadist attempts, he did not know that world was watching him and eventually allowed his co-travellers to kill his dream.

          Those who planted Boko Haram and those who adopted them for use would all lick their wounds or may eventually not experience the wounds alive.

          Nature has risen in defence of the oppressed Niger Delta people and Nigeria may never experience meaningful developments an d peave until we get our due. That is the retributive natural justice.

      • kick ’em out

        Who are “WE”? …. the JONAHARAMISTS?

  • Jaspa Matanga

    The boko haram masquerade is slowly revealing who he really is. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is against boko haram killing people in any place except IN CHURCHES. Hahahahahahah. The Church of God is marching on and will survive boko haram and their sponsor sanusi lamido sanusi

    • Garba lawan

      One thing with Emir Sunusi is that Allah has and will always vindicate him. When he told us that Jonathan has looted $20 billion you thought he was lying and now he was vindicated with CAN chairman’s private jet laden with raw dollars meant to purchase weapons for Boko haram.
      When all Nigerian in mosques and churches pray that Allah should expose the sponsors of Boko haram Pa Ayo was caught red handed carrying cash to buy weapons for Boko haram. The worst part of it is that that private jet was meant to spread the goodness and gospel and now turned to monkey business, smuggling, armdeals,looting of treasury, corruption and outright and naked stealing all in the supposedly the private of Jesus.
      Now our major problem and concern is we are not sure wether or not all those buses inscribed on them MISSIONERIES if they carry weapons like Pa Ayo’s private jet or not.

    • Dan Fulani

      Jaspa, can you swear to your God that the C.A.N Sect Gen who is right now under arrest in South Africa and the CAN President are not the Boko Haram leaders?

    • Wähala

      Deri Orbuka aka redeem…
      Keep fooling yourself and yourself alone. Emir Sanusi is morally head & shoulders above all those riverine Kings piled together. The real Boko Haram is shoeless Dumbo and fried-hair ole Oritsejafor… gun-runners & money laundering wetbacks. Remove ‘God’ from your names and reveal your true traits as nothing but miscreant thieves… born-to-bunker creek crooks. Drunkards!

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  • Dan Fulani

    C.A.N President’s Jet and his Sect Gen were recently arrested in South Africa. Were they on pilgrimage?

    • Nwa Aba #Lets Break Up Now

      Sunusi II, has decried the incessant killing of innocent children and women in mosques, markets and schools,

      but support raping killing of Christian
      Their is Godoooooo

      • Bisi Makanjuola

        @ Nwa Aba:

        Sanusi Lamido’s religious bigotry nullifies his middling schooling in Zaria and Sudan.
        But more than anything else, Sanusi Lamido needs a court trial to cleanse his name.
        It is not in his long-term interest to be terminally suspended from Central Bank of Nigeria.
        If he cares for honor he will voluntarily submit to the criminal justice system forthwith.

        Only a final court acquittal on the merits can dis-entangle Sanusi Lamido from the
        intricate web of frauds at the Central Bank. Nothing he says by himself carries weight

        whilst he’s under a cloud of an accused criminal.

        It is beyond a doubt that Sanusi Lamido’s own deeds, plus the choices he made,
        altogether put him in bad standing. That’s why he needs a court trial the more.
        The total amounts in question total a trillion Naira in mostly un-proved expenditure.

        Nobody can walk free with 650 billion Naira and expect to smell like roses.

        At any rate a true intellectual should never be implicated in such serial infamy,

        because a reasoning person – an intellectual – not given to greed, will avoid

        foreseeably un-savoury consequences.

        • Goddy

          It is just a matter of time. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi must face trial.
          His reprieve for now is an affront to the criminal laws of Nigeria.
          If he’s let-off for 650 billion Naira un-accounted, Nigeria will die.

          • Paul

            Are you guys serious? How can Sanusi Lamido’s name be ‘cleansed’ on all of the 650b Naira?
            If he gets convicted, and sentenced to 10 years in prison, how will a jail term ‘cleanse his name’?
            You think Sanusi Lamido doesn’t know what he’s doing by picking race to Kano to hide inside palace?

    • Ade

      Prophet muhammad is the son of the devil. His birth brought misery to the world. Quaran is Satan verses

  • felix balogun

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  • u s man

    For Goodness sake, why always attacking this guy bc of his truthfulness, b c he exposed the rot in the govt, that is why this country will never get it it right as a country.

    • emmanuel

      Some two and half years before the death of Ado Bayero some smart persons attempted to take care of him and his two sons, why? That was partly was led to his early death. I am sure it was Asari Dokubo and Oritsejafor that organsied that so that they could take over his throne.

      Boko Haram now kill more Muslims than Christian, hence they adopted over 97% of Christian girls among the adoptees at Chibok.
      You guys are so committed to the god of lies and that has blinded you to the fact that the world now sees you as too greedy and just want to help fast track the early dismembering of Nigeria.
      If you Fulani guys are wise and have had your failed kinsmen at NSA’s, COAS, head of DSS and military heads of state etc and are smart, you would know that what the AFP, Western world etc are doing on this crises is to make your people unelectable for Nigeria presidency and have made the South, Middle Belt and the Christian North to withdraw all support for you?

      All the bickerings here are unecessary. We are unfit for each other and the earlier we part ways the better. An arrogant poor man is a danger to his neighbour

  • Truthometr


  • u s man

    Rev. Dr Davis the Australian negotiator have revealed those behind BH, coupled with the jet involved with arms deals. I urge Nigerian to keep praying hard so that God will exposed the rest.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Sanusi Lamido Sanusi set the Boko Haram killing rolling when he beheaded an Igbo man -Gedeon Akaluka- in Kano. So, what is he talking about.

    • kick ’em out

      Who is killing Muslims in the North East now? I know you will say JONAHARAM and his FRIENDS AND ACCOMPLICES; IHEJERICRIMINAL, MAD SHERRIF and THE CAN PRESIDENT OLETSEJAFOR, the MONEY LAUNDRER AND GUNRUNNER. By the way, where is ASARI DUMBKUBO? It has been long he didn’t say anything.

      • Garden-City Boy

        How I wish they really did. Do muslims deserve to live?

        • kick ’em out

          Who are you fooling?Mr. BIGOT, you have a lot to do.

      • Garden-City Boy

        How I wish they really did. Come to talk of it, do they deserve to live……muslims?