Hundreds hold rally in Delta to protest mass unemployment in Nigeria

On a day President Goodluck Jonathan, in his Independence Day address to the nation, thumbed his chest over what he described as his achievements in office, hundreds of unemployed youth gathered in Warri, Delta State, to protest the increasing rate of unemployment in the country.

The youth, drawn from all parts of Nigeria under the aegis of Youth Democratic Alliance International, YODA, said they were using the one-day “unemployment rally” to demonstrate the “shamelessness of our nation.”

They threatened to mobilize all the youth in the country to boycott the 2015 general elections.

Addressing the rally, the President of YODA International, Israel Joe said although October 1 was set aside as a day to celebrate Nigeria’s independence, and indeed declared a public holiday, they were not happy because the rate of unemployment in the country had become unacceptable.

According to him, the country’s youth still wallow in economic injustice and therefore hopeless.

“Today, our nation celebrates Independence Day, tagged: Nigeria @54. It is a day set aside for jubilation and celebration. It is also declared a public holiday. But in many sense, we should not be happy that our nation yet celebrate pretentious freedom with mighty economic chains,” he said.

“The rate of unemployment, joblessness and poverty is unthinkable. The youth of this nation still wallow in the hallow chamber of economic injustice. The economic disequilibrium has been very obvious. The youth are not independent and the nation has presented to us a cheque of hopelessness yet fastening our legs to the iron rod of bankruptcy.

“Where have the youth gone wrong? Where are the jobs we once begged graduates to pick-up? Where is the enabling environment for entrepreneurs to thrive? Where are the accessible soft loans to young graduates? We can no longer endure the language of the society that looks at us daily to our face and tell us “NO FUTURE”.

Mr. Joe said the youth were aggrieved with Nigerian leaders and that they were using the rally to convey their grievances though with love, respect and great humility.

He said the youth were not only demanding economic justice, but were tired and ready to take the bull by the horn, the intimidation and victimization notwithstanding.

He added, “The unspeakable horrors of joblessness among the Nigerian youth is reflected in the gross malady of the Boko-Haram sect and it has widened the gap for insecurity, robbery, kidnapping, cybercrime and many social vices and anti-patriotic activities.

“We cannot as a nation, trivialize the degrading economic tranquility while our nation continues to be the greatest purveyor of economic injustice in the world.

“The conspicuous space between wealth and abject poverty has left an ultimate contemplation in the minds of dynamic youths. We do not detest our policy makers but will not align to the policies that have kept us in perpetual ruins.

“We respect the structures but will not cooperate with the system that has battered us with the whip of dehumanization. We have also come here today to launch the campaign of #BringBackOurJobs. The volatile tenseness as a result of idleness must not be allowed to explode on a defenseless nation.”

The YODA president said it would mobilize youth Non-governmental Organizations, NGOs, and millions of youths to Abuja and states capitals to boycott the 2015 general elections “if our governments refuse to do anything about the massive unemployment and joblessness amongst the Nigerian youth”.

He said, “We hereby call on our leaders and stakeholders to the momentous matter of indisputable urgency and also crave their indulgence to finally #BringBackOurJobs.

Mr. Joe commended the group coordinators and their deputies who attended the rally from all parts of the country, saying they exhibited “acute spirit of patriotism.”

He stated, “Let us return home with victory in our minds and shortly, we shall converge again to stage another massive protest on same and other matters. We celebrate you and appreciate your patriotic concern and patience.”


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  • Wazobia

    Boycotting the elections is ill advised. unless you aren’t sincere with the struggle. Voting OUT PDP is the key to a successful tomorrow. All indices are attached to that singular phenomenon.

    • Wähala

      To flush the PDP down the toilet is the logical approach instead of boycotting the general elections…
      Better still, to storm the NASS and search the sokoto pockets of jumbo-pay criminals responsible for their penury…
      Bottom line: #AnyBodyButDumbo2015! A task that must be accomplished to keep One Nigerian floating. Shikena!

      • zaragoza

        Your head is their. Jonathan paying fish brain like Redeem and co when all they do is copy and paste. No be all messages person they deliver, you go reason first.

  • Wähala

    Despite intimidation and victimization to the point of scamming the youth with fake job promises… PDP and Dr. Dumbo should listen to the youth’s #BringBackOurJobs thema and stop mouthing-off about reducing unemployment by 50% and delivering on all fronts. Hear Mr. Israel Joe speaking for them… “The conspicuous space between wealth and abject poverty has left an ultimate contemplation in the minds of dynamic youths. We do not detest our policy makers but will not align to the policies that have kept us in perpetual ruins.” – YODA

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Wahala, we’re sending you to Sambisa first. Don’t beg me,please

      • Wähala

        Hahahaa chei!
        Do I come across like a coward to you? My way na. ‘point and kill’ once I get the go-ahead to invade that forest… wallahi !

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          I hope say you don spot my Yoruba “goatee” for ground!

          Na beg I dey beg Tunji make him no send you Sambisa.

          If you like, vex say I dey beg for you, but me I no go shame. After all, Gen Diya begged too!

          • Wähala

            Which goatee? I no see any goatee for ya face nah?
            Leave T-bone, I’m ready to be martyred for my cause which is to free those girls or die trying…
            Sha, Rescpect! O’jare.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Yeepa, mo’gbe!

            You don mash my goatee!

            Seriously though, I share your position fully on how irresponsibly the current federal government has acted, and still acting, on the matter of the Chibok girls. They could very well not have existed in Aso Rock books.

      • zaragoza

        Mr Redeem aka Tunji you are welcome, the chameleon with so many names and colour I greet you.

  • Tunji Olarewaju

    Na wa for this people o!Didn’t they know the President has graciously reduced poverty by 50% and has delivered on all fronts?Nigerians are truly ‘ingrates’.Continue the ‘good’ work,Mr President, two life terms for you. As for those ‘ ingrates’,we shall employ them in Sambisa.Chikena!

  • adnoy

    Since 1999 Pdp federal-led govt has consistently been failure

  • Chris1408

    The president and madam okonjo said they’ve created millions of invisible jobs. Don’t boycott the elections, vote out the worthless people at all levels of government. Empower yourselves, make your vote count. If they offer you money, take it, but vote for the candidate that will move Nigeria forward.

  • Jizzle

    Perhaps this is sponsored by the opposition. It is difficult to know what the truth is in Nigeria. The word “Transformation” connotes a complete change such as the kind you will witness in the metamorphosis of a larvae to a winged insect. It is supposed to be so obvious that even a blind man will not escape it since he will also have to adapt to new realities occasioned by such transformation. When very old men, who I am supposed to respect automatically on the basis of their longevity on earth gather to proclaim an invisible transformation, you begin to wonder what will be the fate of a people that has elevated falsehood to the level of “Truth”. I have learnt the meaning of “siddon look”

    • zaragoza

      Abi na. Wetin man go do? Bros we need we to keep agitating, educating and enlightening our brothers and sisters who have been sold with tribal and religious intolerance. If you and I no talk our kids go ask us some day, daddy what did you about it. Be it online or any other forum you have the opportunity of eradicating myopic thoughts and also distribalize their mind-set that it’s not all about tribe or religion, our government can do better. Naija deserve better.

      • deji

        God bless you.

  • Maria

    These are the people Mr Dumbo claimed he has lifted out of poverty…

  • deji

    The same group of youths will attend (SA)TAN rally tomorrow. Suffering and smilling

  • Vandu

    “Nigerian youths must form revolutionary committees in each local government to decide the punishment for
    Nigeria’s government’s roguish officials – past and present. Nigeria should not exempt itself from the currents
    of progress in history. Progress begins by insistence that no man shall oppress or exploit another man in a

    democracy, because cash and other government assets are not the personal property of government officials.”

    ……Patrick Asabe

    (September 28, 2014)

  • deji

    The same group of youths will attend (SA)TAN rally tomorrow.

    Disenfranchised and dehumanized youths, hear them “We
    will boycott 2015 elections” And whom are you hurting by that? Only

    Vote for Buhari to bring back your jobs.

    You don’t have a job because Jonathan and Uduaghan have
    stolen your resources. It is as simple as that.

    Your destiny is in your own hands. If you like sell it for a
    quarter bag of rice and two thousand naira. Na una go suffer.

    • zaragoza

      God will enrich your Wisdom my brother… their’s still hope for Naija.

      • deji

        Amen, and you too my brother.

  • Scalywag

    The great Youth of Nigeria will vote in 2015. But they will vote out unemplyment, insecurity, corruption and hopelessness. They will also protect their votes, having thus voted. They reject the only employment opportunity offered them by the status-quo in thuggery. And woe betide anybody who attempts to obliterate the outcome of their choice! Let them bring their children to work as their thugs.

  • idama

    Israel Joe is a personal friend of mine! But I always disagree with him when it comes to YODA and also his political affiliation! Well this is what I told him personally ” you can aspire to become a human rights activists who virtually complains about everything and do nothing to change d tide or aspire to be the agent if change that Nigerians deeply desire “

    • zaragoza

      Meaning you disagree with him does make his demands wrong. He makes a whole lot of sense due to the little words he said. he’s fighting for you, me and every other youth in Nigeria today. Do you know what my Lebanese engineer told me yesterday, he asked “what are you doing in this country? My brothers working in your country are filthy rich but you are here working and contributing to another country’s growths”. So when myopic minded people like you, Redeem, truth and co speak down on others fighting for a better Nigeria I pity for your future.

      • idama

        He is definitely not fighting for me, but for those with beggarly mentality! If people like Otedola, Dangote & Co were doing this #bringbackourjobs in the 1980’s then Nigeria would have been in deeper mess! The Nigeria youth should focus and brainstorm on how to partner with government for the betterment of the society rather than been a liability to the government! Pls remember the wise saying of a former American president!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    Dubious APC in action

    After APC’s dubious Bring Back Chibok Girls Campaign failed …… they are now opening up a new front ….. again they will fail woefully !!!

  • Abel Wariboko

    Let Nigerians tell themselves.the truth there will bo no Govt that will provide everything for all its citizens. Anybody saying his gpvt.can employ everybody simply does not understand the issues. Even if we close all Govt offices,schpols etc and divide Nigeria ‘s total earning for all its citizens, each person gets about 400k for the year making everybody poor.

    • Factual

      But govt. officials can steal money meant for developments, isn’t it?

      • Abel Wariboko

        As a patriotic citizen expose those officials so that they can be prosecuted. This song of corruption against every Nigerian is becoming monotonous. Even if we put you there I will shout that you are corrupt because you will definitely not be able to make every citizen rich in 4 or even 8 yeats

        • Deltans

          So we should all give up, isn’t it? No way out of it.

        • deji

          You also have a point Abel. But what has happened to coruption cases that has already been exposed? As I write, there is a document online with Jonathan’s signature on it approving one million dollars and issuing it out to Nduka Obaigbena of This Day, to pay for Beyonce to come and perform in Nigeria. Guess what, this was done when Jonathan was Governor in Bayelsa state. Also guess what? The money was to be removed from the Bayelsa state poverty Aleviation account. We can only cry and shout. The judges have been brought. The masses have been divided. EFCC has been reduced to a paper Tiger.
          What of the revelations and the staggering amount of evidence against the corruption perpetrated by Oduah in the ministry of Aviation? What of Oteh, What about Diezeani? What of Abba Morro, who not only collected N1,000 from applicants for a non existing job, but ended up killing over 20 of them in the process. So my friend, what other evidence of official corruption are you looking for? Mind you the money been stolen can be used in improving our infrastucture. Provide subsidized education for the poor masses, equip our hospitals, build our roads, improve our power supply. All this is what will create jobs for our youths. Nobody is asking for handouts from government my friend. So, please dont get it twisted.

    • chris

      i dont think u have done your research very well what is the population of the nigerian people b/w 150- 160 million,do u know how much we make from crude oil sales per day let alone a month? mind you a billion naira is 1000 million so if a billion naira is shared for all the citizens everybody will receive nothing less than 4million naira.

      • Ogbologbo

        old boy, na night school you go? abi you get F9 for maths. 1000m/160m = 6.25 Naira only. The millions cancel out

  • adeyemi samuel

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  • Mr. Abdin


  • bulltron10

    President Goodluck Jonathan claimed that poverty has been reduced by 50 per cent and his administration had created millions of jobs. The President to stop taking Nigerians for a ride, Where are the beneficiaries of the 3 million jobs he claimed? His administration is the worst when it comes to employment.