Adamawa condemns state’s pilgrims for holding aircraft hostage

The Adamawa State government has condemned the attitude of some of the state’s intending pilgrims for holding an aircraft hostage at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport.

The pilgrims reportedly became frustrated, Saturday, when instead of ferrying them to Saudi Arabia, the plane took them to Kano.

The pilgrims, perhaps afraid they could be abandoned in Kano, held the plane hostage.

However, the Adamawa State Acting Governor, in a statement by his spokesperson, Babayola Toungo, on Sunday said much as the government sympathises with the plight of the pilgrims, it finds it reprehensible for those embarking on a spiritual journey “to behave in a manner comparable to children”.

The statement added that the pilgrims who held the plane hostage in Kano were earlier briefed on the travel arrangement and the efforts the government is making in collaboration with the National Hajj Commission, NAHCON, to ensure that no pilgrim from Adamawa State is left behind.

It said those taken to Kano were informed that they would be airlifted from the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport to Saudi Arabia via a different aircraft from the one that ferried them from Yola to Kano.

It also said the plane that took them to Kano was to come back to Yola and pick about five hundred and eighty passengers to Jeddah.

“This was explained to them in no uncertain words,” the statement said.

Giving reasons for the arrangement, the Adamawa Government said the Yola International Airport has no landing capability for a plane the size of the Boeing 747 in the night and therefore the need for the plane that went to Kano to be back in the day.

“By holding the aircraft hostage in Kano, the pilgrims have unwittingly distorted a carefully reworked schedule that shall ensure that all of them are airlifted before the closure of Saudi airspace,” the government said.
The government said though it is still working round the clock to make sure all the intending pilgrims are airlifted, it however expressed “its disappointment in the strongest terms possible of the behaviour of our pilgrims.

“Pilgrimage is supposed to be a spiritual journey and one is expected to be spiritually ready for such a trip.
“A pilgrim is supposed to be an epitome of piety, comportment and orderliness but not certainly what was displayed in Kano. As ambassadors of Adamawa State, all are expected to be embodiment of decency and decorum,” it said.

Nyako sides with pilgrims

In a swift reaction to the position expressed by the acting governor, former Governor Murtala Nyako supported the pilgrims’ action.

In a release by his spokesperson, Ahmad Sajoh, Sunday, Mr. Nyako said it was unfortunate that pilgrims from the state were ferried to Kano instead of Saudi Arabia.

He also accused the acting governor for choosing to play to the gallery by condemning the action of the frustrated pilgrims.

“The behaviours of the pilgrims may be unacceptable but almost everyone in their circumstances would have behaved in the same manner,” Mr, Nyako said.

He also said the pilgrims who were almost abandoned by their government in Yola cannot also understand why they will be flown to Kano instead of Jeddah.

” Even while in Yola these pilgrims had difficulties surviving if not for the support of relations resident in the city. What will happen to them while in Kano? This was at the root of their concerns which they were sure will not be addressed by their politically obsessed regime,” he said.

The former governor accused the acting governor of paying more attention to politics than governance and welfare of the citizens.

He said for over a decade, pilgrims from Adamawa and Taraba states have been ferried to Saudi Arabia in a seemless manner.

“It is only this year when Adamawa state governance is fired by just the ambition of an individual rather than the collective interest of the people of the state that such a situation is being experienced.

“For the first time in the history of the state that even the annual flag off ceremony was not undertaken due to over emphasis on political matters.

“Let the world know that it is the excessive focus of the current regime on politics and the vindictive changes which include last minute change of leadership at the Pilgrims Welfare Board that created the hardships experienced by Adamawa pilgrims including the Kano debacle,” Mr. Nyako said.

Mr. Nyako also stated that the pilgrims had complained about the shoddy arrangements at different times but they were ignored.

“This government is too preoccupied with politics and political campaigns to show concern for anyone or anything that concerns the interest or welfare of the people.

“Worst still their spokespersons often use very uncomplimentary language when addressing others without recourse to decorum or self respect.

“In the case of the pilgrims and their conduct in Kano, it was borne out of total lack of confidence in the capacity of the present government in Yola to either protect their interest or even advance it.

“It is therefore like adding salt to injury for anyone to express anger rather sympathy for their plight,” Mr. Nyako said.


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  • The Last Don

    No news here. After all we are all aware hostage taking is their specialty.
    As for this Nyako sef, wia is he hiding and talking from after the uppercut from the so called ‘dumbo’???
    Nawao. What an irony.

    • the truth

      U got me rolling

  • Otile

    Are there no good mosques in Kano, why are they going to waste our oil money in Arabia. I know all of them are sponsored by the state using oil money.

    • Abiodun

      Good mosque and Hajj Pilgrimage? You should have concealed your ignorance.

      • Otile

        You fanatic Muslim should enlighten us. We are ignorant about the tricks and deceptions in Islam. It is up to you to show us which is which, mallam or alfa Abiodun.

  • Amir

    Satanic verses according to Sala(man) Aribi. Prepaid writers and the spirit of dementia! Here comes the double faced ‘angel’ of falsehood.

  • Kayode

    Witness the easiness with which this confused impostor describes the practice of witchcraft, his real profession. God forbid and disgrace the sorcerers!

  • Arabakpura

    What degree is Femi hoping to get with this dissertation? Doctor of Evil?

  • Ahmad Kehinde

    Now I am beginning to sincerely belief that this man is sick upstairs. He needs to be rescued fast by being taken to the psychiatrist.

  • Outraged

    Premium Times, this man has mental problems

  • muazu wali

    You have explained the broom in the context of your culture. It is wrong to assume that the broom is regarded in the same way by other communities, Hausa, Flulani and others. This superstition does not apply to APC broom! In northern Nigeria we stand for the broom that sweeps away evil and not which spreads it.

  • saadu haruna

    This your useless article portends how u members of the PDPigs are subscribed to witchcraft, do to the fact that u have a thorough knowledge abt it and that is what u r analysing. U r a moron and a disgrace to your family. l pity an elderly person like to relegate himself so low and subscribe himself to lies n propaganda. U r jst a disappointment to yourself n ur family. If u r devoid of wisdom to express pls keep ur mouth shut n digest ur dirty words. What a hypocrisy, when people are happy things begins to take shape in just 100dys talkless of the whole tenure.

  • Common sense

    Imagine all rubbish not a single substantiating evidence to back his claim.of all tha angle to critisize he chose the broom which has been in use by many civilization through out the millennia. It’s a pity premium times could even afford to publish this waste of space. Journalistically the most corrupt word joiner (writer classification is too good for u) ever

  • Lead Olatunji

    It is evidently clear that the author of this piece has got no work to keep him busy. He has indeed wasted his time, energy and resources to Dona fruitless and baseless research. Femi Aribisala has indeed lost it. Seeking redemption and ideological clarity will not be a bad idea. Apart from being a hardcore supporter of PDP, you are also an anti progressive author. This is baseless and subjective journalism that has no place in thescheme of things
    I can’t even believe I just invested my precious time reading your rubbish article .
    Go back and do your home work. Then you will know that the PMB administration has achieved even beyond expectations in the last 101 days in office compared to what your acclaimed accomplisher GEJ has done all through his tenure.

  • Frank Ndiomu

    Jobless man. Instead of you to go to church you are here writing rubbish just because posting is free.

  • Ogundimu Olusesan

    Insanity of the highest degree. Outright nullity and a baseless claim. Evidently another pattern of “Hate Campaign” directed to curb the growing fame and progress of APC and the government of President Buhari.

  • don boss

    Your claim lack in merit and you are hereby disqualified. Femi aribisala! Are you a pastor or politician? People ought to have avoided you like EBOLA / PLAGUE ‘cos you are contagious to the development of our dear country. You have also used that your dirty mouth to abuse man of God (Adeboye) are you possess? Or maybe people deceive people (PDP) had deposited huge amount of dollars in your account? EFCC kindly verify Femi’s account.

  • Chuks

    This psychopath can still not understand what hit him on the elections. He has blamed Jega, card reader, northerners, Tinubu, and all but his non-voting self for shattering his dream of joining the propaganda unit of the incompetent presidency. Now he is blaming witches and wizards for his misfortune. Employed at the foreign ministry at a young age, his superiors only noticed his permanent gossip syndrome, wizardry at writing false petitions and backstabbing his colleagues, and ignored him for any responsible position. He carried his frustrations into the church where he hideously pretended to believe in Christianity, but was again identified as a ‘sorcerer’ and literally excommunicated. He turned against pastors claiming his notorious ambiguous position until recently when the 2015 elections caused his hopes and brain to descend on a free fall. Now he is a full time hate campaigner. Please Buhari to the rescue with free Medicare to emerging lunatics.

  • Stantheman

    Lmfao! I couldn’t but laugh all through while reading this piece of ridiculous article. Seriously, Femi Aribasala has lost it and urgently needs psychariatic attention. From all indications, it is obvious he’s the one who has been spell- bound by his god ( the world notorious clueless one – GEJ). Having exausted all reasoning to explain why there was a sweeping victory for PMB in the recent elections, he has now turned to witchcraft and superstition to justify the overwhelming decision taken by Nigerians to better their lives. It’s a shame, it’s really a shame!

  • Johnny

    It’s either Mr. Aribisala wakes up sometimes with the intent of generating controversies so as to receive feedbacks. Or he places a bet with someone to see the number of reactions (mainly negatives) he would receive. The pathetic thing about it is the non-productive addition to the national discourse. If a lesser mortal, an unknown quantity sends this write-up for publication, it is not likely the Premium Times would deem it good enough for publication. Of what importance is the discussion about witches add value to a 21st century discussion?! Too bad.

    • Mentor

      Very good points. He is able to write whatever he likes because he is regarded as a columnist. Premium Times would never publish this particular article if it has been authored by another person.

    • keyStrokes

      Mr. Johnny.

      No need sweeping the truth under the carpet… That man is right.

      Think about it: What does waving brooms in the air signify? Ok! May be u don’t believe such things exist. But is it not possible that there may be some element of truth.

      A whole national leader of a party openly telling his supporters to prepare their charm. So charm is part of their activity. He couldn’t even hide it which means it’s some sort of open secret among them.

      My brother, whether you accept it or not, Nigeria needs cleansing.

      How am i even sure that you’re not one of them?

  • Goodyouth

    Perfectly articulated. its a pure truth. why I dislike some PDP members and GEJ admireres is their usual habot of ignoring this kind of write up without comment; leaving this bororos/hausa alone to comment and make it seems the writer has no supporter. If u read this article and u believe what he said its true, coment. give him kudos. dnt just ignored as GEJ did and allowed their spell to prevailed

    • Bimbo

      If you have an education, your parents wasted money! They should have given the money to an orphanage.

      • JUMAIN

        aha!! ha!! lol.. ur head dey there.. abeg tell am

    • okekenwa

      90% of nigerians are cultists. So don’t expect much positive reaction from this type of exposure.

  • Bimbo

    This silly man does not know whether he is a Christian or occultist? Whether he is a pastor or politician? Whether buhari wants to islamize or occultize? This is definitely a new low for aribisala. Ideally, if he had any shame he would give up his fruitless slandering and propaganda! But he doesn’t have any.

  • Lanre

    Very interesting article.

  • Daniel

    Let the wise take heed.

  • TKBaba

    The same Nigerians that are deeply religious whether Christian or Moslem…are the ones…

    1. Looting the treasury at all tiers of government.

    2. Engaging in oil theft.

    3. Looting through the fraudulent oil subsidies.

    4. Looting of Pension Fund mearnt for workers.

    If I may ask Femi Aribisala…if Nigerians are so religious, why is the country in a MESS today?

    Nigerians leaders that have used Nigerian funds to make pilgrimage to MECCA and JERUSALEM year-after-year are the same people mismanaging Nigeria and the future of average Nigerians.

    • Pause

      APC’s/brainless Buhari’s/Your OCCULTIC assaults can only influence 15 million Yariba slaves, “educated” semi-literates like Tinubu himself, almajiris, & Islamists.

      Other Nigerians are wiser than you may ever realize. Wise people know that a good person can’t throw away the baby and the dirty bath water; that if certain bad actions were taken by those you castigate in the pages of newspaper, there are courts to bring them to. If APC/brainless Buhari can’t do so, then they are the DEVIL INCARNATE themselves.

      APC/brainless Buhari utterances and actions show a group which has no respect for reasonable men & women of goodwill. NIGERIAN TAUGHT BRAINLESS BUHARI A LESSON IN 1985. THEY WILL TEACH HIM A LESSON IN DEMOCRACY. NO DOUBTS!!

      • TKBaba

        Femi Aribisala failed before election and he will fail in his new clueless project.

        • Pause

          Son of two occultic mumu parents,

          You can’t regard any other party as OCCULTIC without evidences. This is not a wishful allegation because there is ample evidence that OCCULTIC APC engages in the practice of bewitching folks like you or using folks like you who are deep in occultism as their e-agent. For example, WHY SEPTEMBER? ASK YOURSELF WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT SEPTEMBER???

          If brainless Buhari found “competent” or should I state “occultic” ministers in August why must he wait till SEPTEMBER regardless of how much billions of dollars his inactions are costing Nigerians? tell readers what your MOON & SUN worshippers are waiting for…….as I stated, they are operating in the wrong COUNTRY….you would see…OCCULTIC MUMU

          • TKBaba

            FYI…The brainless Buhari is your Presidnet until 2019.

            Thank God Nigerians rejected the corrupt goverment of PDP.

          • Pause

            Exactly…..that is why democracy is not a perfect system….a brainless Buhari could “win.”

            Nigerians did not reject PDP but it is good that PDP was defeated. If PDP is good it would pick up the lssons that GOD has sent to them. For that I thank GOD.

            But APC & brainless Buhari are EVIL. By this election, GOD has revealed to Nigeria the faces of EVIL in Nigeria including Yariba slaves, “educated” semi-literates like you, almajiris, & Islamists. IT IS GOOD WE ALL KNOW THEM & THEIR STRETCH at home and abroad!!! We shall reclaim Nigeria. We did it under the military EVIL and we shall do it under “OCCULTIC EVIL” disguising under democracy.


            It takes haters of Nigeria to “whitewash” brainless Buhari as a person to rebuild Nigeria. He has no capacity nor intellect to do so. AND EVIDENCES ARE GLARING JUST OVER HIS ACTIONS & INACTIONS IN THE LAST 4 MONTHS ALONE.

  • Datti

    You know Aribisala is still hurting: APC denied him of being the press boy of his grandson Metuh, who was his landlord sometimes in the past.

  • Jika

    The only thing consistent about this guy,is his inconsistency.Before now,he used to tell anyone that cared to listen that,APC is a Muslim fundamentalist party.Today,he is saying that APC is a cult and it’s membership are occultic.How can you ask Christians and Muslims to heed your call when in more than several instances you denigrated Jesus Christ(even though you claim to be a pastor),and ,abused Muslims and Islam in the past.I bet all good Christians and Muslims see you as confusion personified.You really are a pathetic fellow.

  • Pause


    Nigerians must ask why SEPTEMBER!!! Why not August or say, for example, whenever I find “competent” ministers? How did brainless Buhari know that he would have the “competent” ministers in SEPTEMBER?

    Clearly brainless Buhari is A MOON & SUN worshiper. Their BROOMS & PRINCIPALITIES can only work on poor fully bamboozled Yariba slaves, “educated” semi-literates like Tinubu himself, almajiris, & Islamists.

    For those Nigerians that serve the Almighty GOD, they are in MAJORITY as unfolding events in the country would continue to reveal. NO WEAPON FASHIONED AGAINST NIGERIA by worshipers of BROOM, SUN, & MOON shall prosper. If they like let them consult with SATAN in the deepest part of HELL.


    • TKBaba

      DUMMY…So you and your corrupt associates don’t want the new administration to review your handover notes?

      Once again you have failed. Buhari will only appoint credible people that will help his new government to make Nigeria work for average Nigerians across the country.

      Femi Aribisala tried before election and failed. He will fail again.

      Power belong to GOD. An as such, God has the final say on who gets power.

      You can not fight against the WILL of God.

      • Pause

        Son of two Occultic mumu parents,

        Using the name of brainless Buhari & words such as ‘credible’/’competent’ is an oxymoron.

        It takes a guy like you who believes that 72 virgins and long-penis bachelors are waiting for him and her, respectively, to present brainless Buhari as a person to rebuild Nigeria.

        Stop attacking Femi Aribisala because he is just a messenger. As the English would say “A bad workman quarrels with his tools.”

        Winning an election voted in by Yariba slaves, “educated” semi-literates like you, almajiris, & Islamists is not a sign of GOD’s support. SATAN can help an occultic person win an election.

        God assures us that no weapon fashioned against children of GOD by Satanic machination shall prosper. ON THAT NOTE WE SEE BRAINLESS BUHARI & LAAAF

  • Tunde Olayode

    Femi Aribisala has lost his mind; very sad.