Boko Haram is Nigerian Govt’s ploy to cause instability-Atiku

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar

A former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, said the Boko Haram crisis was a deliberate ploy by the Goodluck Jonathan-led Federal Government to cause instability in the country for selfish political reasons.

He disclosed this while speaking on the Voice of America, Hausa Service ‎on Thursday.

“This thing (insurgency) almost came up during our time but we crushed it
in less than a month. We have a military that is known and respected the world over for peace keeping.

“The military has the right leadership and the required arms; they can end this insurgency. But the government is promoting this insurgency for selfish reasons,” Mr. Abubakar said.

On whether he had the solution to end the crisis if he became President, Mr. Abubakar said that would not be impossible as he had on one on one basis, given advice to the Mr. Jonathan on how to end the crisis but his advice were never taken.

He insisted that the government should be accused of complicity in the crisis which had, for some time, appear to defy solution.

He called on Nigerians to be united against bad governance and terrorism.


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  • Tufiakwa

    Atiku has gone back to smoking ganja. And this one wants to be president?

    • Abdullahi Mohammed Salihu

      u may be right,but truth can be accepted, if it is true even from Lucifer.

      • TUNDE


      • the truth

        u would always play the ethnic and religious card. who in his right sense ould believe this bs atiku just said. wasn’t it this same atiku that put us in this mess in the first place. let him go answer the us senate which indicted him for money laundering

    • Chris1408

      He’s sure smoking something. Exactly why I said APC/PDP are the same worthless politicians. Neither party means well for Nigeria.

  • Patrick Esheyigba.

    Does this make any sense. What a shame for someone aspiring to rule the country. APC should set standards for their aspirants to present a formidable force against a working PDP govt. Not this rabble rouser who is blinded by sheer hunger for power and not passion and ability to rule.

    • kwango

      Another zoo inhabitant freshly let loose! When will you learn to consult your brain before you manifest online with stupidity?

  • the truth

    Atiku I know you paid premium times with brown envelopes for this continuous patronage,even your sneeze is put as top news.nigerians won’t be f**led by your thirst for power.go and answer the US senate and your indictment by the is senate for money laundering

  • ifebuche

    And he wants to be president o.

  • redeem

    what is the meaning of what he is saying–is this the type of man who wants to be president———-how did obj crash boko haram and sharia law————-if a man like atiku can lies like the way he is doing now then we are in big trouble should he find himself in aso rock————-which I very much doubt—-

  • Chris1408

    Boko Haram started before GEJ administration. Under Atiku and Obj watch. Lies, lies and more lies. Obj and Atiku killed the moderate leader and more radical insane shekau became leader. Atiku is part of Nigeria’s problem.

    • the truth

      for once we are agreeing.

      • Chris1408

        Lol. Coffee or Pepsi is still on when I come to Louisiana.

        • the truth

          bro make we meet for texas, louisiana and their problems, coffee or pepsi its all on

          • Dr Obim

            Bros Chris & Truth , we the people hope that.your proposed meeting in Texas &Louisiana’s cafe’ will be transparent with no hidden treasures of Nijia oil cargos.(lol)

          • the truth

            It would be transparent and free from mago mago

    • True Nigerian

      No, you are utterly wrong! Even though I do not want one more day of Jonathan Presidency after May 29 2015, I also do not like Atiku and therefore do not want him to be the replacement for President Jonathan. Both of them are irredeemable common thieves and corruption barons, which makes them equally dangerous to Nigeria.

      But I have a problem with mispresentation of facts. When you deal with facts, you have to make sure that they are absolutely right. OBJ and Atiku didn’t kill the so-called moderate leader of Boko haram. It was Yaradua’s government that did that. By the way, the so-called moderate leader was far from moderate, and was indeed quite violent. He led a contingent of boko haram fighters who were exchanging fire with the police. That was why the government went after him. After a few days of fierce armed encounter, the police (backed by the army) overpowered them and that was how he got arrested. But then they murdered him in custody, which is exactly the same thing they have just done again to those Muslim sects in Zaria whose leader lost 3 of his sons to extra-judicial killings that were totally unwarranted. You (I mean the army and police) arrest someone, he is not armed, you take him to custody and then you just shoot him dead. What kind of country is that? What kind of civilisation is that? You can argue that it has happened in Detroit or Missouri or wherever else. But in those places you could see thousands of people who are not the victims coming out on the streets to ask questions and state quite strongly that it will never be accepted in their society. But when Northerners are killed in that way, everybody keeps quiet in the rest of Nigeria, especially the pro-Jonathan commentators on this forum.

      I am a Christian from the South, but I hate injustice. I detest it. What is happening in the North and the woeful denial of its occurence by Nigerian government should be considered with revulsion in the South. Sadly, that’s not the case. Jesus would not have supported it or kept silent either if he was still here in person.This is why I refuse to join issues with any Southern Nigerian who thinks or suggests that the preventable mindless bloodshed and abductions going on in the North, partly as a result of preventable army corruption and horrendous government leadership should be excused on grounds of Jonathan being a representative of Southern faith and Christianity. Our Christianity in Nigeria is rotten!

    • sir Oscie

      How did they fair then? This administration gave the insurgents live and a ground to operate on, Before now they were like the OPC in the west and MASSOB and ZIONIST in the east that are waiting for the opportunity to make a point all to no avail and no govt wants to cash in on them and use them for its dirty deals as boko haram is now being used by the government or are you telling me they are stronger than our govt to have lasted this long.

  • redeem

    Max Gbanite, a strategic security consultant, claimed that allowing the implementation of Sharia Law in some parts of the north during the Mr Obasanjo and Atiku regime, led to the development of Islamic sect that are now staging insurgency against the Nigerian government.

    The security expert made the allegation on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, where he alleged that “he (Obasanjo) allowed Sharia to take effect because of an alleged unholy alliance between the then Governor of Zamfara state, because they did not want the then National Security Adviser (NSA) to have a role in government, therefore he called a political Sharia.”

    The political Sharia, he claimed moved to Borno state, which is now the home ground of the Islamic sect.

    He blamed the emergence of Boko Haram on what the administration of Mr Obasanjo failed to do, saying that “Boko Haram is a new phenomenon that wouldn’t have degenerated to the level we have it, if Obasanjo in his eight years in power, did what was fundamentally right in promotion ofdemocracy.”

    Insisting that he is not President Jonathan’s ‘fighting dog or attack crocodile’, Mr Gbanite decried the former President’s mannerism and his Vice Mr Atiku of going on an international media to lampoon the current Head ofState.

    • Chris1408

      Obasanjo destroyed the current democratic system. He laid a very bad foundation others are now building on. Atiku was part of the government.

      • Dr Obim

        Bro Chris,let’s agree to disagree that Obj might not be my favorite but he ushered in Democracy after decades of multi cop de tats.I comment him for Complying with US referendum.Otherwise Nigerian Military comanders would have overthrown & Crushed Democracy now.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Atiku looses credibility anytime he opens his mouth

    • rawsilkysmooth

      That is simply because he is not a very smart individual.

    • the truth

      he is a born looser. a man without principle. how can you move from one party to another in four occasions, atiku changes parties like his boxers. my brother if you have been told you are not qualified for the same job with the same resume, i think its time to find another job.

    • Mr. Abdin


      • Gideon Orkar

        I beg na which language this “body language” be?

  • the truth

    atiku i wish you could have the time to read the comments section whenever you pay premium times to publish your stories. if there is one thing most people agree on on this forum is a concrete no to your aspiration. we all know you are a thief, u were indicted by the us senate for money laundering. because of you i lost a senator representing my district for his corrupt practices with you. your thief thief engulfed a white mans office. you are a professional foreign based thief.please no to atiku.

    • Chris1408

      Atiku will never win an election in Nigeria, even if chickens and goats are voting. Atiku can’t win election in Adamawa. They are still waiting for him in the USA. His prison suit is still in the hanger

  • Guguru

    Atiku, thank you for saying the truth.

  • Wise Head

    2015: Atiku for President? I dey laughooooooooooooooooo!!!

    • Dr Obim

      Yeah! That’s why he is in Ekiti commissioning a 300Bed hospital. Does that make any room for a debate?Note that Ekiti is nowhere close to the Northern states.

      • Wise Head

        I dey laughooooooooooooo! And what are APC chieftains doing at OBJ’s house? Trying to convince him to “accept Atiku”? I dey laughooooooooo!!

  • Joe

    This Atiku is not in his right mind. Was it Jonathan that said “he that makes challenge impossible, makes violence inevitable”?. Atiku, one thing is certain, you can never be president of Nigeria, just like you cannot go to USA.

    • Dr Obim

      What really matters now is Freedom for Brave Combat Soldiers unjustly sentenced to Firing Squad.President Jonathan ought to Commute their Sentences.These 12 men were fighting to save the citizens from the Nation’s enemies -Boko Haram.

  • awta

    Personaly I could care less who becomes president of this failed nation we call Nigeria. PDP, APC, Souther,Northerner, Chriastian, Muslim… its has become glaringly and painfuly obviou to anyone with a sound mind that it doesnt matter, they are all one and the same. All have now occupied the presidency but none has made any impact. Iam proud today that I have never voted and never will under this disposition.

    What does worry me however is the politicization of this insurgency that is threatening the very existence of my beloved state of Borno. Giving the power I will not hessitate to declare outselves independent from this so called nation we call Nigeria.

    • Dr Obim

      Brother awata , I share your genuine concerns & apparent frustration about the abuse of the people and the great state of Borno.Much as I love President Jonathan,I have to admit how disappointed I feel now over the poor & incompetence dealing with Boko Haram (salvage terrorist group)

      • awta

        Thank you my brother. It is because of people like you that I am still able to answer “Nigerian” to the question of where I come from without puking.

    • the truth

      Who do u think is doing more of the politicking

      • awta

        All I know is if those in power want to end this ones and for all they can.

    • Zirem

      Am sorry to say but its this line of thoughts that brought us to where we are. How can you not care who becomes your president? Every community needs to be govern for peace and order and it is the responsibility of the people to chose and check who governs. If you really are worried about your country or even state Borno then you need to change your line thought, We need to be in touch with what’s happening to our country n people, cos problem might look so distant, but will surely get to us. So we need to stand for something. #ANigeriaForAll

  • kenny

    This man has got nothing to offer

  • Abiodu

    Mr Atiku do you have any solutions for these boko haram?



    • Dr Obim

      Concerned citizen, I believe in God Almighty (Jehovah Jahre) who is the Creator of the heaven and the entire Universe.That said , how many Gods(gods) do you believe in?

  • the_adviser

    It is disconcerting when the camels are passing through the eye of the needle at least in this country.

    • Dr Obim

      Adviser, ehheeh, quite interesting but Nigeria is another USA too.Let no one be fooled about who’s funding Boko Haram.Why are the Combined Forces of World Super Powers unable to Crush a small Terrorist Boko Haram? Ponder on it.



    • Zirem

      If Atiku was guilty of all people say about him, he would have been dead by now, with all the prayers, but when you pray for a particular thing and mention the wrong name it still goes back to the people behind it, God is revealing already.

      • Dr Obim

        Zirem,you are absolutely right! Look up John 8:36 “God’s Truth will set you free to become all He created you to be”

    • Dr Obim

      It’s seemly so,People. Now what is Atiku doing in Ekiti commissioning a 300bed hospital?



  • Ibrahim Hassan

    Culled from Nigerian Tribune Ko?