Group issues 7-day ultimatum to Governor Fashola to arrest, prosecute T.B Joshua

Pastor T.B. Joshua

The Vote for Service Initiative, a good governance and human rights advocacy group, has issued a seven-day ultimatum to Governor Babatunde Fashola to arrest and prosecute Temitope Joshua, popularly known as T.B Joshua, the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations.

In a letter dated September 25 and addressed to the Lagos State governor, the group also asked the state government to make public the outcome of its investigation into the cause of the collapsed building.

The group also accused the state government of delaying investigations into the collapsed building based on “the mantra of ‘Touch not my Anointed.’”

“We are Vote for Service Initiative. We like to remind your good office that, it was in this state your attorney general and commissioner for justice prosecuted and convicted Rev. King to death by hanging for (killing) one of his devotees with ignited fire.

“It is also the same attorney general office that prosecuted recently Mr. Arowolo to death by hanging for killing his wife with knife and cudgel, how much more the man that (killed) over 115 souls through criminal negligence and brazen impunity,” the group said.

The letter’s four-point demand also called on Mr. Fashola to issue a public apology to the people of Lagos State for the late implementation of Section 74 of the Physical Planning Law of Lagos State, as well as compensate the victims affected by the incident.

“Failure to which we will be left with no other option than to approach the competent court of jurisdiction for an order of mandamus for your good office to implement the law you signed in 2010 without delay,” the letter added.

A five-storey building inside the church’s premises in Ikotun, Lagos, collapsed on September 12 as three additional floors were being added to the original two-storey structure.

Eight-six dead bodies were recovered from the rubble and 131 rescued, according to the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA.

On Monday, Jeff Radebe, a South African minister, said that 115 people, including 84 South Africans, died in the incident.

Both the Lagos State government and the Nigerian Institute of Building have stated that the church did not get an approval before embarking on fresh construction on the collapsed building.

However, earlier this week, the Lagos State government announced it had suspended investigation into the cause of the building collapse.

Lateef Ibirogba, the state Commissioner for Information, said the outcome of their investigation would be withheld pending the outcome of another committee set up by the federal government.

In their letter, the group described the situation as “laughable,” adding that the Lagos State Law on Regional and Physical Planning and Urban Development 2010 as amended had already spelt out government action after a building collapse.

The section, according to Mr. Ilori, stated that “any collapsed building in the state due to the negligence of owner or developer, such land shall be confiscated by that state through the ministry in charge.”

“In view of the above quoted relevant portion of the law, an attendant fact that the said collapsed building was due to the criminal negligence of the owner/church in charge as represented by the leader Prophet T.B Joshua or his representatives…

“Having clarified from all other relevant agents of the ministry of physical planning like LASBCA, surveyor institutes and others that no record related to approval or otherwise of the collapsed building, it is incumbent on your good office or/and your approved ministry to have implemented the relevant section of the law as stated above,” the letter said.


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    useless group

    • the truth

      would you be saying this if your relative was part of those killed? it
      is heartbreaking when we see the right thing been done and we turn a
      blind eye because it doesnt affect us

      • Don Messi

        They turn a blind eye because it affects ‘their party’.
        Pretenders and hypocrites!

        • Otile

          What are you going to do when your party loses big again next year?


    Everybody in Nigeria want to be heard no more shame useless group

    • T.B Joshua should start raising-up those who died in his building, since he raises the dead.

      Nigerians and West Africans called for ZMapp and other experimental drugs.

      Why have Nigerians and West Africans refused to call on their ANOINTED ONES
      (e.g., Adeboye and Joshua) to start laying hands on Ebola patients?

  • Don Messi

    Lagos State, the model of ‘good governance’, as touted by APC.
    What a huge shame! It worries me when I see how Nigerians thought processes are clouded by sentiments and extreme prejudice.
    If some Naijas in APC will curse and abuse some of us who call evil what it is, whether it’s PDP/APC, then they lack sincerity, honesty and integrity.
    Why do they find it convenient to point fingers at GEJ’S lapses, but any that has to do with APC, they become dumb??
    Why has lai(lie) Mohammed not deemed it fit to rant about Fasholas visit to the synagogue where he had to ‘dodge’ thru a side alley, dive into his car and zoom off to avoid speaking to journalists??
    What moral right does a party that runs away from a simple and clear case as this have to point fingers at others??
    Nigeria has failed not for lack of appropriate laws, but for lack of will by our ‘leaders’ to enforce them.
    The APC Lagos state guvrnmnt has NOT shown themselves different from the PDP led federal government here.

    • the truth

      it is really shameful. in a civilised country tb joshua would have been arrested.

      • Don Messi

        And prosecuted..

        • Otile

          And beheaded, as you would wish…

    • KD

      @ Don Messi, do not let your differences/hatred for others becloud your senses (if you have any). Did you read the this part of the article?

      “Lateef Ibirogba, the state Commissioner for Information, said the outcome of their investigation would be withheld pending the outcome of another committee set up by the federal government.”

      Doesn’t this tell you that your bosses in PDP are hindering the investigations by Lagos State Govt?

      Most Nigerians just went to school, they are not educated at all! No wonder your country is in this mess!!

      • Otile

        Sign over your check to APC quietely, and leave us alone. No PDP member pulled the building down. We know your ultimate target is Dr Jonathan. You all are bitter that he crushed your APC flag-bearer.

        • KD

          @ Otile, you think everyone’s mentality and sense of reasoning is as warped as yours?! Unlike you, I don’t think along party, tribal or religious lines. You are the one suffering from that sickness. I reason based on facts. Ok?
          I repeat, you wasted all the years you spent in school. I didn’t say a PDP member pulled the building down, I only made a reference to a statement in the article. I’m not holding you, as I don’t live in your jungle with you. Empty barrel!!

          • Otile

            Try to make some sense. Piling insults on another person is not the answer. Such behavior depicts you as one with low self-esteem.

    • Uzoma

      I don’t think it’s too late. If this country is a State of laws, then it is only proper for Fashola and other authorities to wait for the outcome of the probe into the immediate and remote causes of the collapse of the building.

  • Salim

    TB Joshua will eventually face the court over non-compliance, negligence and manslaughter in Nigeria or in SA. SCOAN land will be seized and turned into a park. He cannot travel to some countries once he ‘s sued in SA. With SA having bilateral extradition agreement with many countries. He cannot escape this horrendous act of negligence In Jesus Name, Amen!

    • Otile

      What was Zuma or Duma doing in South Africa in the first place? He has been quaffing and eating pigs with racist men neglecting to take care of his people. Rev TB Joshua did not pull down the building, mind you. If Duma had taken care of his people they would not be fleeing Zululand seeking help outside. What are you saying about the way Zuma is chasing women in Zululand?

      • D1

        Holy lord! Ode ni bobo yi sha! No wonder

        • Otile

          Omo buruku, o wa odo ni Najeriya. Odale

          • D1

            Iya lai ya e ni Odale. Ko baje fun e. I don’t need to get into this with you, I know from your comments, on SR, PT et al, that you are deranged omo Ibo. Olosi!

          • Otile

            Omo Odua, I know you hate me because I am a Biafran. I will continue to prick your conscience until you change. Baba ni ole nla. From time to time I visit SR, PT and others to keep you people straight. Only that when I hit you bigots big they don’t publish my comments because they know that some of you will suffer heart after learning the truth. Odale odigba.

          • D1

            You don’t even know me, just commenting rubbish for the sake, my wife is Igbo, ok. Dream on Biafran. Good bye

          • Otile

            How did you get a good Biafran wife? Because you know she’s going bear you good bright awon omo. Good for you, my brother-in-law. For the sake of my sister I will not bother you again. It’s over. I am sorry.

          • D1


          • Otile

            You have a good weekend, friend.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Lagos government will not arrest him because Fashola is a Muslim. If Fashola went ahead to do that, you’d see many people that would come out to shout, ‘Christians are persecuted’! You know that what rules Nigeria is truncated and jaundiced type of religious adherence. Here is a man who brazenly flouted construction laws and who knew full well that such infraction would, one day or the other, cause a serious mishap. Yet he went ahead to do it, probably believing that God would take care of his dirty acts! It is very disheartening to see and hear Nigerians coming out in defence of these erring pastors or ‘men of God’. They will quote immediately, ‘do not judge them’ or ‘speak no evil of an ‘anointed’ one of God’, or something like that. And that’s why these pastors go ahead to continue to commit unspeakable atrocities. For example that of the CAN President is still swaying and blowing round the air like foul smell from decaying flesh. Yet, people are saying, ‘speak no evil of man of God’! And the funny Christian Association of Nigeria has not come out to make a definitive statement on this type of filth. It’s just very disappointing.

    • D1

      Iro ni jo, it has nothing to do with religion. This is trying to protect the ‘mini-god’ from prosecution due to paddy paddy and politics of 2015. Just imagine, after this grievous act and flouting of the construction laws that Fashola, himself have enforced severally in Lagos on the masses, suddenly kept quiet on this issue, trying to wish the whole matter away and thereafter, our dear presido visited to commiserate with ‘our man of god’, feeling awed in his presence. Hey, wish I have the kind jazz this guy they use! All for the politics of 2015 so that he command his flocks on who to vote for. Eeepa!

      • Otile

        Why are you APC minions so bitter? Olonwu maje.

        • D1

          Otile, i don’t want to start any back and forth with you, but know this I am not partisan at all. I don’t even reside in Nigeria. Read my post again and decipher what it entails. It’s no brainer.

          • Otile

            I know you are residing in your comfort zone in London taking cheap shots at the man of God who is doing his best to help the troubled. It is easy for you to do that, it’s no brainer.

          • D1

            You got it wrong, not even residing in London. If your papa GEJ, that you are crazy about, which speaks for itself, can pay me for my service I will be controlling your head, no doubt. But with goons like you, thank God I left. Enough said!

          • Otile

            You don’t get it at all. Whether you live in the White House or Helsinki or Auckland in 9ja we say you live in London, understand? But you cannot run away from your motherland for ever, as the Igbo people would say ‘Agarachaa must come back’.

    • Otile

      Don’t preach to us about religious bigotry. Leave the man of God alone, at least he is trying to help people all over the world to solve their problems. He did not deliberately pull down the building. It was an act of God. This is not like you fanatic Muslims attacking and burning down churches. Stop preaching to us one of your satanic verses. Stop mocking God. Islam is not the answer. Islam is poison.

  • Scalywag

    This false prophet should be arrested together with his contractors and consultants. The battered image of Nigeria is again in international spotlight for the worse. We must not allow ourselves to be continously perceived as a country that has no value for human lives and where anything goes. The staff of the Development Control department of the rellevant government Ministry must also be sanctioned for dereliction of duty, for failing to detect that a structure intended for use by the public was being erected without necessary statutory approvals which led to the unfortunate collapse of the unsound structure. The provisions of the law must be applied no matter whose ox is gored.

  • lastp

    People is not Fasola job to arrest him. We have state attorney general, he is the one that will look at all legal aspect of the case and decide to file a law suite. Yes, Fasola can pressure the attorney general of the state, But it him attorney general that will file the law suite, not the governor office