APC rattled by Jonathan’s adoption as PDP’s sole candidate — Gov. Akpabio

The chairman of the PDP Governors Forum and the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Godswill Akpabio, has described the decision of the National Executive Committee of the PDP to adopt President Goodluck Jonathan as the sole presidential candidate of the party for the 2015 general elections as a well calculated exercise in democracy.

Governor Akpabio, who made the declaration today in Akwa Ibom during the PDP Performance Publicity Tour led by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, said ” the opposition is rattled ” because of the ability of the governors and leaders of the PDP to sacrifice their individual ambitions and rally behind the President who has ” performed exceedingly well.”

” The adoption by NEC is democracy in action. In America that we are copying,the incumbent president does not go through primaries. We are not saying that the President will not face the general elections. So the idea of him spending presidential time instead of facing insurgency, food insufficiency and other things that may affect the country and begin to campaign for the party ticket when he is already the incumbent president is what we want to avoid . I think this is a very fantastic model of internal democracy.”

” What we only said and did is , let’s sacrifice our individual ambition so that Mr. president will have a second term . We are not saying that other people should not contest election, but saying that as PDP governors, that we want to join hands and support him to win the second term. It does not mean that any person who wants to contest should not
contest. We are indeed deepening democracy by sacrificing our own ambition. ”

The governor added that the PDP governors by that decision also resolved to stabilize the party and avoid the unfortunate situation that leaves the party fractured after primary elections.

“Instead of fracturing the party at the end of the convention, we want to move as one family to elect the presidential candidate at the convention. And that is democracy in action. So I don’t think anybody should criticize it, rather we should be commended for not behaving like past governors who by now , nine or fifteen of them would have declared
> for presidency and then confusion will start in the party. So the people who sacrificed their ambition to support the president; should they be castigated or commended? I must therefore thank the PDP NEC for adopting the position of the PDP governors . It is left for the National Convention to ratify. This is an evidence that Nigeria is changing”

” I think the opposition is rattled . Any time that the PDP makes a move and the opposition is criticizing, then you know that that thing is biting them and if they praise you, you should be worried. ”

Earlier, the National Publicity of the PDP, who led the Performance Tour, commended Governor Akpabio for the world-class infrastructures which he said have turned Akwa Ibom into a national and international destination.

“This is our legacy . This is the legacy of our great party, the PDP .

We can’t thank this governor enough for the faithful implementation of the manifesto of the PDP. Our great party can’t thank him enough for  making us proud, for faithfully serving the people and improving their  lots beyond the national average. “


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  • Chris1408

    Why not copy America in terms of development, security and infrastructure.

    • King Carlos

      Thank you for that. .. they are quick to invoke America at the slightest opportunity. But fail to emulate their governance patterns.

    • redeem

      what about fiscal federalism–ati resource control———-is that not what is obtainable in the USA- where u borroiwed yr constitution from—thieves

      • Wähala

        Why not Divide-n-Go so you can drink that your oyel make we ressi ???

    • the truth

      in the us, the oil in my property is mine, government cant come take it.that is why u see the rich bush family, and the perrys but do you know what the fulani oligarchs did, in the discovery of oil in oloibiri they passed a draconian law “the land use act” which granted all lands to the government, thereby making it impossible for the niger delta people to control their resources. to you is that fair?

  • redeem

    9] Periodic maintenance of Jebba-Lafiaji Road in Niger State.
    50] Periodic maintenance of Takai-Albasu-Gaya Road in Kano State.
    51] Periodic maintenance of Nafada-Gombe Abba Road in Gombe State.
    52] Periodic maintenance of Hong-Mubi Road in Adamawa State.
    53] Periodic maintenance of Okpala-Igwurita Road in Imo State.
    54] Periodic maintenance of Ado-Ilumoba-Agbado-Ikare Road Section A in Ekiti State.
    55] Periodic maintenance of Dingaya-Galambi-Rungo Road in Sokoto State.
    56] Periodic maintenance of Rumukurshi-Chokocho Road in Cross River State.
    57] Periodic maintenance of Akure-Owo Road in Ondo State.
    58] Periodic maintenance of Ado-Ilumoba-Agbado-Ikare Road Section B in Ekiti State.
    59] Periodic maintenance of Kurfi-Chiranchi Road in Katsina State.
    60] Periodic maintenance of Lafiagi-Mokwa Road in Niger State.
    61] Periodic maintenance of East-West-Odi Road in Bayelsa State.
    62] Periodic maintenance of Lafia-Doma Road in Nasarawa state.

    God Help us, the objective of ensuring that our roads will Never again, be seen as Death Traps will be a thing of the past. Over 128 other roads are nearing completion. The development will ensure that the traveling time of Nigerians across the states have reduced massively and those going home for annual celebrations will Never again stay 2 days on a 7 hours journey.

    • Gbo_lee

      Please stop deceiving yourself…you are one of the Nigerians that have limited vision for this country. You never see beyond what your bosses want you to see. For how long have these roads being awarded? How good is the work being done on the roads? I travel Lagos-Ibadan frequently…that road has been awarded for years,to different contractors…and PDP once they give out the contract will say they have done in…what about monitoring of contractors,evaluation and audit of project…these things are neglected and that is why these roads are either not completed or completed and Then same road reawarded for repairs few years later….from your list…none of those purpoted projects has been completed as well so pls Dnt be deceived

    • Efe1

      So GEJ job is solely to renovate road? How can you sincerely come here to insult our sensibility wilth this rubbish? A country as big and wealthy as Nigeria can’t in 2014 be talking about road renovation.

  • Wähala

    Akpabio must be choking on dog meat to assert that Dumbo has performed “exceedingly well” in light of the plethora of problems regional (Aborigine) presidency has meant for Nigerians. Akpabio and Metuh are Siamese twins born to lie… they were joined in the head at birth. Truth is, PDP Governors arm-twisted auto-tickets for rookie governors, first-class tickets for 2nd-term thieves wishing to join Sen. David Mark at the Senate who himself is guaranteed ‘no-contest’ status; but the most damaging “sacrifice” Nigerians have to choke down is the fact that PDP elements will be immune to prying eyes of the EFCC, ICPC, IGP and other investigative agencies fighting corruption. Translation: Govs. Aliyu and Lamido’s case files with the EFCC will continue gathering dust courtesy of PDP’s internal democracy. Add to that… their “sacrifice” of internal democracy means the cream de lá crème (Bestens) have been negated for a moron without leadership charisma. Godwin Akpabio and Oly Metuh are lawyers, career liars, takes a crook to free a crook from court and prison… takes corrupt Governors to return a corrupt C-in-C to the podium. Birds of the same feather are caged together indeed!
    That said…
    Adopted or orphaned, Dr. Dumbo is patently not qualified to vie for President and get sworn-in a third time. A precedent exists in Lagos State (Marwa vs Nyako) with a Supreme Court ruling hanging on the PDP. Also in Kogi State where the Appeals Court ruled in favor of the sitting Governor… but with a caveat! The court said we are now operating with a new Constitution and that allowed the Governor to run for re-election. And, that brings me to the just concluded National Conference… Dumbo made the U-turn and called for the conference specifically to tinker with our Constitution after his Presidential initiative via Ekweremmadu failed to move the Constitution Review Cmte already in session. If the proposed amendments to the 1999 Constitution are not adopted, Dr. Dumbo will have no choice but to pack his zoological equipment and return to his Otuoke enclave and his endangered Aborigine species… Shikena!
    This is advanced analysis for graduate students only! No time for miscreants, so don’t bother responding to this if it is beyond your mental capacity.

    • naija247

      what is your own? Don’t you have a job. Go back to Cameroon, you imbecile.

      • Efe1

        After all Wahala said, is that all your smashed brain can come up with? All these jonatharian are natural dullards. Empty and noisy like vessel.

  • Spoken word

    Akpabio must be hallucinating. all the money he has stolen has obviously blocked his brain from functioning.

  • the truth

    akpabio said it well. the opium is on the opposition to find a suitable candidate to face the incumbent. this period for jonathan would be to tour and fix the nation, and he is doing that with the recent gains in boko haram

  • kunle

    dr ardo, pdp governorship candidate and a historian has debunked the pdp claim to copying the american system . becos he gave proofs that incumbents in american has as recent as 1980 being challenged for their party nomination. ronald reagan challenged gerald ford for the republican party nomination

  • True Nigerian

    The disgusting hypocrites who cite American examples only when it suits their poor brains and despicable parochial ways.
    America has jailed even their own citizens (eg Jefferson) for crimes he committed in Nigeria against Nigerians. Have you id*ots done so with Nigerians who were his accomplices? America puts criminal barons into jails which is where they belong. But you animals are empowering dangerous criminal barons as the controllers of political machinery in the entire southwest of Nigeria; and it is being done with Presidential fiat. Can a wanted criminal stand side by side on the same podium with any US President?

    If a man, no matter how highly placed, violates the most basic construction law and therefore causes a fatal building collapse in America, would an incumbent American President go and hobnob with such a man instead of sending the FBI after him so that he would be put into a jail or at least discharge the legal burden on him?

    Will an American President ever appear on a national television to bully the entire country for asking him to sack and prosecute a minister who has at least 5 official indictments of corruption running into billions of dollars?

    And for the unthinking loquacious f**l called Akpabio (who once compared Jonathan to Jesus), does an American governor hand-pick his successor in US democracy whilst warning all other aspirants that they would die for aspiring to run? Is the ignorant mumu aware that the American ruling parties would have primaries if someone challenged the incumbent? Is the bag of ignorance called Akpabio aware that in the moments that US presidents were not challenged, it was not done so based on a deal that all outgoing US governors must hand-pick their successors and impose them on the people through rigging? Disgusting hypocrites!

    If a ragtag group of criminals kidnap nearly 300 innocent schoolgirls from their dormitory, would any US President spend more than 5 months without going to that community, no matter how dangerous the place appears to be? In the last 10 years, US Presidents have visited Afghanistan at least 3 times each.

    Worse still would a US President wait till Malala Yousef visit him and convince him to see the survivors and victims of his own negligent performance on national security; and that is after more than 3 months of the abduction?

    Utterly vile and disgusting fools!

    Anyway, Nigerians deserve the Jonathans and Akpabios of this world! If we don’t deserve them, we would not have them running their dirty mouths as leaders in a country of 150 million people that has at least 10 million graduates and about 139 million victims of the horrific leadership that they represent.

  • abeem

    The adoption by NEC is democracy in action. In America that we are copying,the incumbent president does not go through primaries” Not true, Akpabio, that is a false statement. It is not true that incumbent president presidents does not go through primaries because in:
    1976 – Reagan challenged president Gerard Ford the incumbent republican party president
    1980 – Senator Ted Kennedy challenged president Jimmy Carter the incumbent democratic party candidate
    1948 – Henry Wallace bolted the Democratic Party to run as a Progressive, while Strom Thurmond campaigned as 3rd party candidate after the Democratic Convention.
    Please restrict yourself to what you know best to do – stealing your peoples commonwealth.